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Linus Rage Quits

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  • Opublikowany 27 lut 2023
  • What would make Linus give up on a game 30 hours in?
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  • NavyDood21
    NavyDood21 29 dni temu +811

    I have run into games that felt unfair, because the enemies I was fighting didnt have to obey the same basic combat rules I did. That is when A game stops being fun for me. If the only way to make it harder is for the enemies to "cheat" then it doesnt seem like good design to me.

    • kairyon Aznable
      kairyon Aznable 14 dni temu

      I hate Darksouls enemies particularly in DS3 that dont have a stamina bar, never heard of one, dont care, I will swing 999999 times with no break and there are 15 of my friends coming who dont know what that green bar is either we just keep it empty and dont care. Never felt like that ever in DS1. Like sure I can run passed them and heck its not that hard to kill them but its just not fun when it feels like they dont have to follow the rules.

    • Sarah S
      Sarah S 15 dni temu

      All dark souls games and elden ring comes to mind

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy 16 dni temu

      @SnakeWeed 10 year old spotted

    • Jonathan Trevatt
      Jonathan Trevatt 21 dzień temu

      AOE2 did that in a less agregious way. I think the ai followed the same rules more or less, but instead of rewriting the ai for each difficulty level, they had some element of just giving the ai a resource advantage at the start of the game.

    • Braden Spendlove
      Braden Spendlove 26 dni temu

      i have had this happen and totally agree, but some people like to say thats what makes the game "difficult". and while you could argue that, honestly the point where i quit games is usually where the enemy is "cheating" AND RNG is screwing me. at the same time.

  • Steven Arvizu
    Steven Arvizu 29 dni temu +311

    I actually downloaded that game based on Linus’ recommendation and I also stopped because there was certain points where you can’t level anything up or improve anything about your character, you HAVE to fight a boss, but I sucked at the game and also the moves are RNG so it’s not like I could memorize attack patterns or anything. And there weren’t any guides at the time so I was just stuck and I just deleted it later lol

    • Rasmus Nielsen
      Rasmus Nielsen 13 dni temu +2

      Well great more space on your harddrive :)

  • Voggers25
    Voggers25 18 dni temu +14

    This is why I feel like From Software perfected difficult boss design with the souls series. They give you an extremely strong mechanic - the dodge - that makes you temporarily invincible and lets you avoid anything. Because of this you can beat any boss, at any level, depending on how skillfully you can make use of this mechanic. All character progression does is make the game easier, but beating the game is certainly possible regardless. Even though souls games are known for their difficult boss fights, every one of them is fair.

  • Lia_Collinwood
    Lia_Collinwood 29 dni temu +101

    Oh man. Bosses getting two actions in a row is EXACTLY what makes the DS remake of FFIII so teeth grindingly hard. The fact that it can just choose to do two major spell AoE attacks and wipe most if not all of your party. Medusa in particular is an unforgiving nightmare, as well as the bloody rat in the temple when you're shrunk down. The Pixel Remaster is so much better in terms of balance.

    • The King of Potatoes
      The King of Potatoes 22 dni temu

      @camilo fuentes THANK YOU IM NOT ALONE, I managed to beat medusa and the giant rat fine, but that final boss took so much grinding that I almost dropped the game over it lmao

    • camilo fuentes
      camilo fuentes 22 dni temu +2

      I am still mad at the fact that I played that game on my ds and my girlfriend at the time played it on her psp, she finished it and I could never beat the final boss because it was so goddamn hard, I grinded for like 15 hours at the final tower(that tall cristal tower at the end) and I didn't even had the chance to beat the boss. my girlfriend teased me so long after that, I was salty. really good memories, but not because the game was fun

    • Lia_Collinwood
      Lia_Collinwood 26 dni temu +2

      @The King of Potatoes To clarify, essentially every port of that version has the exact same problems (Mobile, PC). I forgot to mention the game punishing you for changing jobs, having to spend several battles kneecapped before being considered at job level 1. Especially when there are certain parts of the game that require certain jobs that there is the very real possibility you would have no reason to touch before hand.
      The Pixel Remaster version is definitely what you want to check out. It makes for a very fun NES era gaming experience with a bunch of creature comforts added in.

    • The King of Potatoes
      The King of Potatoes 26 dni temu +2

      I had no idea that it was a DS specific problem, I might actually replay the game at some point now lmao

  • j o
    j o 29 dni temu +400

    gaming has been ravaged by the industry lol.

    • Tnpcook
      Tnpcook 25 dni temu

      Make interesting experiences and you can sell entertainment.
      Regrettably, it's easier to design a systematic that doesn't invoke anything in the audience.
      Hopefully more entities start to prefer selling entertainment, so we can get experiences unburdened by things that don't support them.

    • flamedarkflare
      flamedarkflare 26 dni temu +2

      Mad because bad

    • Custos
      Custos 28 dni temu +22

      It's almost like there are consequences to running talent out of businesses/industries, since, evidently, "everyone" is replaceable. Except the CEO and upper management, strangely. Nah, that couldn't possibly be where the issue lies.

  • Ben Kentucky
    Ben Kentucky 29 dni temu +127

    In Ni No Kuni, a light-hearted game I played with my partner that otherwise had inexcusably difficult gamey mechanics, there's a double-resurrection item whose casting animation time is literally longer than the Boss' attack cooldown. So using this item *ever* is just a trap to ruin your run. It's worse than useless, as soon as you cast it you're dead.

    • Jacob Manley
      Jacob Manley 10 dni temu +1

      @Ben Kentucky Sounds like the only situation this item might be useful is if you knew your party members were going to die and then started casting it before they were actually dead, lol that would take ridiculous timing.

    • Ben Kentucky
      Ben Kentucky 10 dni temu +2

      @Twinrehz it was called "Phoenix Breath" - it revives the whole party but because someone needs to be alive to use it effectively only revives two people. But really it just guarantees a game over just by casting it because the animation is so long you get attacked while using it and can't defend your last standing character.

    • Twinrehz
      Twinrehz 10 dni temu

      I'm sorry, are you talking about Ni No Kuni 1 or 2? Because I don't remember a double resurrect item in the first game...

    • Luke Oliver
      Luke Oliver 23 dni temu

      @Atomy Totally agree. Ni No Kuni is ruined by its difficulty spike and grindy part. People have to look up where to grind, and soon people will have to find out where to find potatoes. After that the game became easy to play, through out the game. The remastered version didn't improve this part sadly.

    • M. F.
      M. F. 24 dni temu

      The area where you're in the dark valley with branching paths was such BS in that game

  • RadicalErin
    RadicalErin 29 dni temu +74

    "Hard", in the context of a game boss, should mean that there's an element of skill, or planning, or context awareness. It should not mean that you have to suffer until you get lucky. I also dislike puzzle formats where the only way to solve it, rather than skill, is brute force time and repetition. At that point, I'm no longer playing the game. I'm working on a problem I have to solve to get back to playing the game.

    • Rya 31
      Rya 31 13 dni temu +2

      I feel a boss should be able to be beaten with most strategies, but have a most optimal. Arriving with water armor for the fire boss should make it easier, but you could just as well walk in naked and beat him with your bare hands...even if he can one shot you. The point is you can.

    • mattymerr701
      mattymerr701 19 dni temu +2

      Brute force is the opposite of a puzzle, it is looked down upon to make a puzzle that needs brute forcing instead of strategy.
      Brute forcing is just brute forcing, plain and simple.

    • Corn on jaCob
      Corn on jaCob 26 dni temu +1

      Not a boss game but candy crush is the exact same way, except it's even worse bc it becomes p2w. There are some levels where it's essentially impossible to do with the base number of moves unless you get like 5 combos of power ups going off and actually hitting what you need every single turn. It becomes super clear that you're forced to use extra items and pay for more moves to have any chance of winning. The only reason these levels didn't make me delete the game sooner was that it's not too hard to earn the in game currency and those power ups for free, but I'd prefer to save them for when I almost beat a level and am too lazy to retry it

  • Luke Brown
    Luke Brown 29 dni temu +27

    Favorite final boss was xenogears. The final boss had 4 to 6 mini bosses around it that are all hard in their own right, and each will give the actual boss an ability, but you are basically not able to heal between the fights. It's also on a time limit that is very reasonable to finish the fight, but you cannot just stall out

    • Ken
      Ken 11 dni temu +1

      THIS. I gave up and never saw to its completion because i couldn’t go back out to grind anymore. Sigh, just jrpg things.

  • Kas
    Kas 27 dni temu +24

    Loved when Luke chimed in about FTL. What a wonderful game. Been playing for years. Still have a few ships left to beat the game with!
    Regarding balancing, it has lots of viable ways to beat the game, but since the Advanced Edition, it's so likely you'll be able to get Flak I and Hacking, which makes it a little bit too easy.

  • Marcel Roodt
    Marcel Roodt 28 dni temu +51

    It's possible that these kinds of "unfun" aspects could be due to the fact that JRPG mechanics are almost ubiquitous at this point.
    For every amazing and balanced JRPG, there are several that just crank it up to 11 and assume players will already be familiar with how to deal with it.

    • Rubidium
      Rubidium 25 dni temu +9

      Blatant enemy cheating and odds completely skewed against you doesn’t seem to be a problem when people know exactly what they’re signing up for, such as SMT, which is obviously more niche. Going for a more widespread audience with that kind of “nonsense” normal to JRPGs definitely seems to be a turn-off for people, though.

  • jGRite
    jGRite 26 dni temu +1

    I like the parallels between the difficulty of this boss, and building a computer for someone that can't troubleshoot on their own. One is possible to do with enough effort, while one is impossible to do without an unreasonable amount of effort.

  • Jeff L
    Jeff L 28 dni temu +28

    Reminds me of a certain boss in octopath where it could summon 2 minions, deal aoe dmg, and stun a character for 3 turns.... All in one sequence of turns

    • Jacked Frost
      Jacked Frost 20 dni temu

      Use Tressa.

    • SpaceGoat
      SpaceGoat 22 dni temu

      Octopath has answers to that boss (dancer) super mage and super healer.

    • Kumble
      Kumble 24 dni temu

      @Jeff L on 2 there is one early on too, which is just maddening, he has a phase in which he just spams attacks in 3 to even 4 waves before you can heal up, its insanse

    • Jeff L
      Jeff L 27 dni temu +2

      ​@CyberCV The pirate was pretty tame compared to the one I'm referencing but it is close to the pirate ship, The boss I'm referencing is the Leviathan, It summon a couple minions that would lock down 1 of it's weaknesses, and it would get 3 turns per set.

    • CyberCV
      CyberCV 28 dni temu

      Isn't that the pirate?

  • F3lixCZ
    F3lixCZ 26 dni temu +5

    I have played the whole game and I loved it! Yes, the bosses are hard and I usually don't like being stuck, but whenever a hard boss would come up and I would get angry at the game because of it, I'd read a strategy and watch a video of the boss. I don't think there's any shame in that and for me the strategazing and preparation was part of the fun. Plus you can see in the vid that the boss CAN be beaten and that's kinda motivating. With Rudy (the boss Linus is stuck on) you need Tan (or rather you have to use him), Valrika for AoE and Ez with Vacuum and buffs/heals. Get them your best armor and defense gems! Tan is your damage dealer and can heal a bit, use AoE for mobs and finish them with Valrika's Arrow Rain +2, Ez keeps Vacuum and Speed Up All (best buff in game and the reason why you allways want to have Ez in the party) and heals. Make sure to keep the mobs to a minimum and when Rudy uses the barrier, hit the rest with Valrika (Arrow Rain +2 hits 7x, so you need to hit the boss and mobs 3x to break it, which you should be able to with Speed Up before the mobs overwhelm you). Tan can help with healing here. If you manage to beat a lot of the the mobs before the barrier, then you can switch Ez for Leo for a turn and use Samidare +2 on the boss. Then there's the one-shot skill, you need to suffer through it - ress with one character and heal with another and you need a bit of luck. GL

    • Rya 31
      Rya 31 13 dni temu +1

      I feel like, for balance sake, you should be able to beat a boss using whatever method you want, with certain strategies being more optimal. One of the things that helps FromSoftware games is the fact that you can use a super optimized (or even broken) mechanic that a boss may be susceptible to, or you could run in naked with a weak weapon that damages you for some reason, and win. Same with FTL, as Luke mentioned, you can have a hacking ship, a cloaking ship, several shields, and even Drones, and while you're expected to have some optimization, you could likely beat the boss with a skeleton crew and less than fully kitted ship.
      This forces people to learn and grow, while encouraging them to push forward. Some people like to put the most optimized builds known to man, some people like their favorite characters to be at the forefront. You've gotta find the balance...

  • Casey Daniels
    Casey Daniels 29 dni temu +60

    Last time I rage quit was a game that had crashed for the third or fourth time, and I decided the game wasn't good enough to justify the inconvenience. Usually boredom is more of an incentive to quit a game than anger.

  • UnknowinglyDerpy
    UnknowinglyDerpy 28 dni temu +10

    This is also where my limit is in terms of mobile games where the answer to the boss is either the wall of grind you have to do, or like just one strategy that is viable with the boss and you happened to have invested in a different way to play all together basically making the effort i put in trying to learn the nuances of this playstyle a moot point.
    On PC/Console i can deal with it but mobile games, mobile, i only play them while I’m on the go and if this BS comes along id rather just save my anger for something else

  • Marc Fuchs
    Marc Fuchs 28 dni temu +6

    Hahaha, Linus struggling with the Yiga Clan hideout in BotW, sooooo relatable.
    Because this might be the only thing in the game, where the defs slightely f***ed up their own intention of "do things however you want". Because they had a clear path in mind you would go to their hideout, which would lead you to the main entrance, which is still quite a bit away from the marker on the map.
    So I went a completely different route and basically approached from the other side, getting exactly to that marker on the map, which was sitting at the edge of a huge rock. I was possibly messing around there for an hour, before I gave up trying to find out, what the game wants from me.
    Checking the net for what you are supposed to do gave me one of the biggest facepam moments of my life.
    This issue switched this game from my personal 99% rating to 98%.

  • Kevan Walter
    Kevan Walter 28 dni temu +32

    You know, part of the reason I think you get so many pixel art/old school indie RPGs is the fact they are comparatively easy to make. Like Chained Echos was put together by one dude. I don't wanna diminish the work he did or the value of the game because it's absolutely fantastic but it's still probably far easier to put together than say a competently built full 3d looter shooter.
    Hell, we had RPG maker ages ago, and it worked pretty well for an over two decades old building game.

    • Raka
      Raka 27 dni temu

      Then there is one absolute madman, who coded a game in Assembly, and it's a banger

    • Eben
      Eben 28 dni temu +3

      The amount of effort is always relative. If you're doing everything yourself, and not using asset packs or anything, it's still very difficult - art, programming, qa, marketing, customer service, etc. It's unfair to compare a game built by a team of people with steady funding (aka a typical studio made 3d looter shooter) vs a single person working on their own with far less money. It's comparing apples to cinderblocks.

    • Brandon W.
      Brandon W. 28 dni temu +8

      Not diminishing at all! A low barrier to entry is a low barrier to entry. That comes with pros and cons. We are games like Stardew because of that! But then we have the thousands of spam games on steam, too lol

  • R3
    R3 28 dni temu +7

    I know exactly the feeling Linus is talking about. So many games I've played with bosses just having BS game mechanics that just take the fun out of the game. I don't understand the design philosophy of hanging a looming "You just die cause I said so" mechanic over the player for no apparent reason other than "lol difficult."
    If you want difficult, look at Dark Souls. It's hard and you die a lot, but it never feels unfair and you feel like you can actually beat it. But that RNG, you dead... that's really stupid.

  • Cim
    Cim 28 dni temu +14

    We're squarely back into the idea of business model leads, and game design follows. It's no different than how it was back in the 80ies where games were designed wholly around the arcade and eating up as many quarters as possible.

    • Stitch Finger
      Stitch Finger 22 dni temu

      @ENEKO TORRES Play Monster Party on NES and tell me that with a straight face.

    • LunchTrey
      LunchTrey 22 dni temu +1

      @ENEKO TORRES Nah many Arcade-NES-SNES era games were just straight up unfair.

    • Cim
      Cim 26 dni temu +3

      @ENEKO TORRES I don't know about that, there was a lot of games back then that were pretty horrendous. Stuff like Ghost 'n Goblins or Gauntlet. People love those games today because of the challenge they provided, but they weren't even meant to be finished, ever. They were designed around making money, and that's it. Wasn't all that clever to be honest.

      ENEKO TORRES 26 dni temu

      at least back then there were clever design mechanics and it wasnt just obviously unbalanced and completely over the top

  • Luke F
    Luke F 29 dni temu +33

    I remember rage quitting Fallout 3 on PS3. I had reached a point in the game where I could acquire a set of power armor, but every time I took the armor, the game crashed. Without fail I tried to get this armor with variations in my approach and it crashed and crashed and crashed. "F**k this, I'm out"

    • Lupolinar
      Lupolinar 3 dni temu

      All Bethesda games had these problems on the PS3. I remember NV and Skyrim crashing randomly while entering buildings and only disabeling autosave while entering would minimize this.

    • gnomekingofpain
      gnomekingofpain 26 dni temu

      Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas (especially NV) were notoriously broken on PS3. For many players they would eventually reach a point in the game where it would just irreparably break. A lot of the issues seemed to involve memory issues. Neither game should have passed cert.

    • Jellybean
      Jellybean 27 dni temu

      @IdlePit depends on the disk or save corruption iirc. There was always one area I couldn't go to without the game locking up, swapped to a friends disk and it was fine, there was no redundancy for failed sectors

    • IdlePit
      IdlePit 27 dni temu

      Haven't played FO3 for years so my memory isn't that fresh but I don't remember having issues on xbox

    • Jellybean
      Jellybean 28 dni temu +4

      Fo3 is a lead water tank suspended 20ft in the air with nothing but reject hockey sticks, jute string and gum. It's great when it holds, but the fact there's a hidden 'code' to reset the physics so the game won't crawl to a halt at 100hrs is really telling

  • DoubleRBlaxican
    DoubleRBlaxican 28 dni temu +2

    I had the same experience with Bravely Default. I love the game and the art style, but what I can only assume is the first actual boss you have to fight with whatever you like, I was completely unprepared. I have no idea what I missed, but I assumed the boss was the end of the first part. Then, when I beat him, I realized I had to go further into the dungeon. Unfortunately, I had to use every consumable to win and I just kind of gave up at that point because I wad 4 hours into the first part of the first boss and I would have to start from before I even went into the dungeon.
    I plan on going back to the game, but it's sad I had to stop so early into the game. I even bought the second game and haven't even touched it since I want to beat the first game before I play the second.

    • William Pearce
      William Pearce 26 dni temu

      Oh Bravely Default gets sooooooooo much worse. You have to do almost every boss fight at least twice, or more if you don't know what you're doing. It's soooooo damn stupid, even if the combat is well designed.

  • spooky pokey
    spooky pokey 3 dni temu

    It would be a cool mechanic if the barrier was linked and you wanted a bigger number of minions so you could AOE down the barrier faster, so it became a minion management fight

  • William YT
    William YT 29 dni temu +6

    It is possible. I had to map out the RNG patterns and eventually tried it like 7 times, and got passed the boss. Takes way too long for a casual JRPG tho

  • Algis-kun
    Algis-kun 28 dni temu +2

    Usually one hit mechanics on RPGs are usually reaction triggered or triggered on patterns or really conditional (like lvl 5 death in some FF games which only affects characters with levels dividable by 5) or are telegrapged but i do not discard games where bosses are just way out of place.

  • Nene's Apostle [8th Apostle of the Twelve]

    It's an entirely different genre, but rhythm games also the sort of games that encourage playing for very long sessions and trying over and over again. Though, somehow I'm always extremely relaxed even while playing the most insane maps

    • M. F.
      M. F. 24 dni temu +3

      Cuz a rhythm game (at least the ones I've played) do two things right: you're engaged in actual gameplay the whole time, and you're usually only challenged for a few minutes max. It's not waiting 25 minutes clicking attack until the boss goes into its second phase and one-shots your entire party

  • Chiron
    Chiron 17 godzin temu

    I feel like everything is just like this now. I can't think of anything... At all... That I have been genuinely excited for, in years.

  • Cammo gamer
    Cammo gamer 28 dni temu +3

    I think in this case it has been forgotten that all JRPGs are based from dragon quest. Also with the popular explosion of octopath traveler and bravery default has made the hour long boss normal which personally that's too long. But everything explained in this video is literally the experience of any dragon quest game I've played especially dq 7 for PlayStation.

  • michaelbradley14
    michaelbradley14 28 dni temu +4

    I started playing Chained Echoed a few days ago, an RPG that came out December 2022 in the style of FF6 / Chrono Trigger with a story similar to FF Tactics. As someone who is always looking for a game that can capture the SNES JRPG magic I think this is a game Linus should play. It’s available on Steam and Switch, if you are a fan of old school RPGs or modern indie games inspired by them (Cross Code etc) it’s a must play

  • Mike Hurley
    Mike Hurley 29 dni temu +7

    I like to figure things out to a point. When the fight isn't fun anymore I'd rather cheese like mad and move on in the story, which I think is the important part anyway.

  • ebmusicman84
    ebmusicman84 28 dni temu +2

    This conversation reminds me of a philosophy I see a lot in minecraft modding. A lot of minecraft modders don't know the difference between making something harder and making something just grindier, which is really frustrating.

  • JpaniK
    JpaniK 27 dni temu +3

    That's actually great timing. The Creator just a couple days ago, wants to bring this game Fantasian to PC and possibly make a sequel.

    • JpaniK
      JpaniK 26 dni temu

      @ENEKO TORRES I guess we will see. I'm still not sure who actually owns the Fantasian name. Does apple own it because they completely funded it? I feel like it might be a similar situation to Bayonetta for the Nintendo switch. Nintendo funded it so it will never be released to another system. Hope it won't be the same with Apple.

      ENEKO TORRES 26 dni temu +1

      thatd be great bc thatd mean that id be able to play it and that cheating or modding the game to make these completely broken boss fights bearable would be possible/easy

  • TotalXPvideos
    TotalXPvideos 13 dni temu

    So much this with bleak faith that recently came out, you have a combo mechanic where you need to press the button again during the attack animation,, but because you actively need to remember and do that it just turns into a spam fest (on character not irl) on your side and the enemy ofcourse doesn't have to do that so they're just doing tactics

  • Makcraft
    Makcraft 28 dni temu

    That innovative gaming mechanic that makes people play/pay more because of dificulty. Just linke in SNES and Arcade era. So new. 😅

  • Niceguy72
    Niceguy72 28 dni temu +1

    LTT should make a floatplane exclusive game going through the office as a RPG.

  • Benjamin Middaugh
    Benjamin Middaugh 28 dni temu +19

    Linus, while there might be a bit of predatory mobile-style monetization design going on, I distinctly remember several old JRPGs that behaved the same way, long before any of the modern predatory design systems were in place. It's one reason that I have tended to like the idea of JRPGs a lot more than actually playing them. Because they design with the grind in mind and I'd much rather enjoy the story instead of having to spend a whole bunch of time doing work before I'm strong enough to earn the next bit of story.

    • M. F.
      M. F. 24 dni temu

      back in the day the challenge was "how do we make a game fit into 128KB on an NES cartridge but take 40 hours to finish?" and usually the answer was just to add some bullshit difficulty spikes

    • RMJ
      RMJ 28 dni temu

      @youkai42 that's fair, but it's also possible that this was something put in place at the behest of Apple as part of the conditions of funding. Sort of like that one game mode in Deus Ex: Mankind Divides that nobody liked and the devs even want to do, but got mandated to be shoved in at the last minute because some higher-ups in an office thought it would be a good idea and we outrank you to just shut up and do it.
      Again, it's speculative, but being basically a wholly owned and distributed property of that particular brand of device - with all their previous "walled garden" predilections and no other ports to compare with to see if it's a bug or a "feature" - doesn't help the nagging notion that this may be something done on purpose for one nefarious monetization-aimed metric or another. That's a bit of goodwill in the gaming space that has long eroded.
      The way Linus described the experience gain in proportion to actual progress where this happened makes this start to smell of being intentional, and he shouldn't have to piss away hours upon hours of his life just to be incrementally stronger to *maybe, possibly* have a chance to advance past that point... and I don't blame him for not sticking around to find out if that's baked in so that anyone without that neccessary grind attrition to simply throw more money at Apple to buy their way out of with some sort of "time saver" like most modern mobile games do.

    • youkai42
      youkai42 28 dni temu +2

      I think it's kind of a trend with JRPGs lately, I remember Bravely Default 2 also having boss fights that are unnecessarily grindy. Not unbeatable, but it felt like the boss had double the health he should have in a well-balanced game.
      Not trying to defend the developer, sometimes they just make bad balance/design decisions. All you can do is hope that they patch it at some point if there are enough complaints.

    • RMJ
      RMJ 28 dni temu +7

      The meta issue is that anymore it's hard to parse if it is overlooked bad design that could have been fixed with a little more playtesting, or an *intentionally* placed bad design barrier to get you to spend more real life money or spend more "engagement time" (or both) to get through it.
      Having to question that is what makes this disheartening.

  • matyi10012
    matyi10012 28 dni temu

    I ran into the same issue with Keplerth's last boss. Its just so unfair, I gave up.

  • Maple
    Maple 15 dni temu

    The common term my friends and I use is "Increasing the difficulty level without increasing the skill level" and it's a game design choice that seems to be lost today in a looooot of games, big and small

  • Ashtyn Benning
    Ashtyn Benning 29 dni temu +1

    One of the final fantasy tactics games has a death roulette that I found interesting. I believe tonberrys could use it and it would select a random character(friend or foe) on the field and kill them. Definitely the only time I could think of something like that being interesting.

    • memespace
      memespace 28 dni temu

      I've seen that in an FF game, and yeah it is interesting. If there are equal enemies to your party it feels fair, and if there are less enemies and you lose a party member, at least you still have an equal or upper hand in number of moves.

  • Glen Merlin
    Glen Merlin 27 dni temu

    Chrono Trigger has one boss that uses an almost 1-hit move
    your characters at that point have 999 heath and the attack does 998 damage
    while this is annoying it's well balanced because the boss loses a turn for using it so you get one turn to panic heal yourself
    additionally while this boss is difficult she also has very little health and is a major glass canon
    if you have a lot of high level characters with good spells you can kill her in a way that feels satisfying (before her second phase where she loses that ability)

  • Mike Hurley
    Mike Hurley 29 dni temu

    The swap-in mechanic Linus describes has been moderately common in JRPGs for a while. Final Fantasy 13 had it I think and I know I've had it in others.

  • DredlyLB
    DredlyLB 28 dni temu +16

    As I've gotten older, and my time to game has diminished due to work / family etc, I've really discovered that I just have so little patience to play games that have a mechanic that is just not enjoyable that I just drop it. This isn't like the 90's where you couldn't just pick up another game and move on... also if I can't save anywhere and quit, I'm just not playing.

    • Sam Nail
      Sam Nail 12 dni temu

      @mattymerr701 the grind is why i dont play monster hunter

    • mattymerr701
      mattymerr701 19 dni temu +1

      Yep, grinding is just not fun. Busywork is boring. I don't get how people can enjoy that stuff

  • The Watchers Of The Wood
    The Watchers Of The Wood 29 dni temu +21

    FTL is one of my favorite games and I was part of the kickstarter. I really wish there was a part 2!!!!!!! I have the PC version and have played with the mods and its very cool but the iOS version is still my favorite one.

    • Sprocket
      Sprocket 29 dni temu +3

      A big part of why FTL's design works so well is its simplicity. The game uses very small numbers for health and damage, so quickly doing the math in your head during a heated fight is easy. Every individual system and mechanic is very simple and straightforward, and the game's complexity and strategy comes from how those simple elements interact with each other.
      I think that's why a true "FTL 2" would be so difficult to pull off. Adding more stuff to the game means you risk ruining that simplicity and tight design. In a way, you could argue that the Advanced Edition update was basically FTL 2. "AE" added a ton of meaningful new content that dramatically changed the way you approached the game, but still remained true to FTL's core design principals.

    • SalmonWine
      SalmonWine 29 dni temu +7

      Into The Breach, the second game by the FTL devs, recently had it's Advanced Edition come out which added a ton of content to the game! Gaming isnt entirely dead, thank god for small independent devs and studios!

    • Robb Hays
      Robb Hays 29 dni temu +2

      FTL is so freaking good.

  • itsKesh
    itsKesh 5 dni temu +1

    This title didn't age well
    All jokes aside, looking forrward to seeing the channel back up and running!

  • DuxNstuffs
    DuxNstuffs 28 dni temu +1

    sounds like old school ff to me; is there a reflect ability you can get that barrier enemy with before he casts? like using healing on undead

  • Consciousness Vivid
    Consciousness Vivid 20 dni temu

    I remembered, in the time of dial-up internet, I went for a werebear druid in D2:LOD and (not really looking at game guides) would do 2-hour Diablo fights in Hell difficulty - that's a single fight. I found that to be truly fun. And then I'd go up Mt. Arreat and just get stuck fighting minions and just GG-quitting the character.

  • Code [REDACTED]
    Code [REDACTED] 29 dni temu +28

    The fight Linus described reminds me of Nyx from persona 3. If he hates Fantasia's boss, Nyx would frustrate him beyond belief.

    • Aoukoa
      Aoukoa 29 dni temu +1

      Oh god I have PTSD from staying up until 5:30am on a school night trying to beat that boss for like 4 hours lol

    • skysailz
      skysailz 29 dni temu +1

      The best strat is starting the devil arcana on the last day, thus skipping nyx entirely and getting the good ending

    • seankkg
      seankkg 29 dni temu +3

      Nyx was certainly something.

  • habitat LP
    habitat LP 28 dni temu

    Had some similar problems with yakuza like a dragon. Where the boss can one hit everybody and randomly gets 2 turns in a row and if your main character gets knocked you're game over. Even grinding all of the dungeons and tournaments is not enough to get to a high enough level. cheap

  • SaltyMon
    SaltyMon 15 dni temu +1

    This reminds me of Demi Fiend fight in Shin Megami Tensei fight as well as the same secret boss in Digital Devil Saga... If you didn't have a guide, you would be dead, either by bad RNG or just not focusing enough.

  • moho472
    moho472 29 dni temu

    I've recently had my few times where I had to cool off from a game. P Ranking Pizza Tower is fun, but man, it's brutal.

  • Mrblurr
    Mrblurr 29 dni temu +1

    Linus, you ever play Lost Odyssey on 360? It was made by some people behind FF7 and reminds me a bit of what you're saying. 1st boss wiped the floor with me until I ran around and leveled a couple times...but that didn't take more than an hour or so. The good old days when games were complete and tested.

  • Brandon Sky
    Brandon Sky 29 dni temu +1

    The quest Linus mentioned in Zelda might've been the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 quest where you can get Rex's armor (the main character of that game) for Link and it looks...rather goofy on him considering Rex is like 15 years old and Link is 17 and way more built to be a soldier.

    • Aastik Verma
      Aastik Verma 29 dni temu

      nah it's a main quest, bringing back the lighting helmet

  • Jared Bitz
    Jared Bitz 29 dni temu +3

    The only game I've ever ragequit was league of legends. And afterwards, I finally realized that I'd spent about three years of my life having zero fun with it - instead, I was just convincing myself that the game would finally become fun if I could just play more and get a little better at it. That was the motivation I needed to uninstall it forever lol

    • Rennan Maldonado Pozzati
      Rennan Maldonado Pozzati 28 dni temu

      I stopped playing LoL after Valorant launched, I was having way too much fun trying out Valorant's beta than the last 2 years of League. But, unlike League, I stopped playing it before I was bored with it.

    • lw88
      lw88 29 dni temu +1

      I had a similar thing with dota. It wasn't just that, but I got irrationally mad while playing it too. I definitely had a problem with that game.

  • -
    - 29 dni temu +4

    Funny enough the only JRPG I can finish consistently are the Neptunia games because of how easy and fast it is to grind and progress if you decide to do it. They're not good games but it's sad that they're the only ones that get it. I don't want to waste dozens of hour walking, fighting the same enemies and doing the same fetch quests. I can just start a dungeon, enjoy it until I don't and then just run for the boss to keep doing or take 5 minutes to grind levels like crazy.

    • kael070
      kael070 25 dni temu

      Ah yes good old neptunia where they recycle whole dungeons
      Game feels like asset dumpster tbh

  • AnLaggy
    AnLaggy 29 dni temu

    The last time I ragequit and the only time I remember was when my commander ordered so many bad airsupport and finally napalmed my whole team when we where taking the point.

  • No Name
    No Name 17 dni temu

    I rage quit an rpg too not long ago. I started playing rpgs after a friend introduced me to lunar way back then. I haven't stopped playing since. So I have a deep love for them and I like to grind. I picked up bravely default 2 thinking I will like it like the first game. Nope. I hated it from the start. The gameplay was fine for awhile until I reached a boss (a priest) that unfairly would kill my team in 2 moves when I got him to half health. He was a lower level than my team and he was still killing them. After a few tries I quit. Not only was the difficulty out of balance, I hated the story too. It wasn't worth my time. I switched it for dragon quest 11. That game is perfect. Play it if you haven't.

  • Jonathan Shipley
    Jonathan Shipley 20 dni temu

    The trick is when you look up a strategy to get passed a boss or section if you aren't embarrassed about how easy it was then its probably a problematic title

  • Rayzajw
    Rayzajw 27 dni temu

    If I rage quit I don't play games for 3+ months I have to cool down. I actually enjoy watching people play.

  • Ant
    Ant 29 dni temu +13

    Linus should really give Chained Echoes a try. Great jrpg style game that has removed the bloat in the best ways possible

    • Kevan Walter
      Kevan Walter 29 dni temu +1

      Agreed, it's probably one of the best turn-based RPGs I've ever played. And in my opinion, the balance is fairly spot on.

    • Emulation Emperor
      Emulation Emperor 29 dni temu +1

      Chained Echos is goated and unfortunately flew under the radar because of it's release window

    • tehcooles
      tehcooles 29 dni temu +4

      My exact thought. Playing through it right now and man is it incredible.

  • Chubbysumo
    Chubbysumo 29 dni temu +21

    Yeah, that experience is pretty common with jrpgs. A lot of the Korean an Asian RPGs I played over the years expected you to grind 40 to 50 hours per boss.

    • Edward
      Edward 28 dni temu

      Yeah, that's exactly my problem with most JRPGs. They basically require you to grind or else the boss is either impossible or borderline impossible. It's just not fun.

    • Antoine P.
      Antoine P. 29 dni temu

      Sure asks for a lot of dedication dang

  • Effing Ineffable
    Effing Ineffable 28 dni temu

    I had a similar experience losing over and over to Seymour on Mt Gagazet in FFX about 20 years ago

  • Arvid
    Arvid 25 dni temu +3

    I'm in my 4th decade of gaming, and FTL is my favorite game of all time. It is so well balanced and interesting and allows so many different strategies. It's over 10 years old and I still play it pretty regularly despite owning everything from an NES to a PS5 to a modern high end PC.

  • blitzfyre
    blitzfyre 15 dni temu

    what i've heard from most QA testers about QA issues, it's not that these weren't found. It's likely that these issues were found by QA, and more disappointingly, QA wasn't listened to and these weren't fixed because of that.

  • Twinrehz
    Twinrehz 10 dni temu

    "Suplex the boss" is mainly a meme, because in one FF-game (I forget which one), you suplex a train boss.

  • JJ CC
    JJ CC 28 dni temu

    I've had this with JRPGs too. Some bosses have many phases and items and *you die* or the game crashes. tough Luck ? No, bad design

  • Frosty
    Frosty 29 dni temu +5

    Sounds like a skill issue Linus. (I suffer from major skill issue)

  • General Nickles
    General Nickles 29 dni temu +2

    Is there a silence spell? If you could prevent it from cast spells at all, then both barrier, and presumably summoning minions is out the window.

  • DraconicKobold
    DraconicKobold 21 dzień temu

    Ah, so it's one of those games, where the developer designed a fight, that is challenging for them, when they know all the mechanics and then saying "no, it's fine, here's how to beat it".

  • Svpracer98
    Svpracer98 29 dni temu +1

    The most jarring flaw in any game is mechanics that clearly give the CPU an advantage. When it's clear the computer is always going to win, why keep trying to defeat it?

  • Feynt Mistral
    Feynt Mistral 26 dni temu +2

    Sad to hear about Fantasian. I have a rule: Never by a console of you can't list 5 games you want to play. I've no reason to get an Apple TV anyway, but if I think about it as a console, that is the only game that I would want to play. Anything else is a game found on other platforms as well which have more compelling selections, or is PC which... Yeah, emulation and infinite possibilities. There are people who argue that a console can get better over time and you should hop on anyway. But if I have to search out new games to justify my purchase, or bank on more compelling games eventuality coming out, that's just more reason why I should wait on buying in, because console bundle deals will eventually come out which make buying in for a game I want to play a sound choice due to the value.

    • M. F.
      M. F. 24 dni temu

      That's an understandable rule to have, but even then there are times for some people where getting a console for 1 game is 100% worth it to them.

  • Jack Baxter-Williams
    Jack Baxter-Williams 10 dni temu

    Love FTL. Great game design

  • greyve
    greyve 12 dni temu

    I remember trying to play Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded and I pretty far as a kid but I just couldn’t get past this boss fight where you fight Cerberus phase 1 and then Hades phase 2. Ran my head at a wall for hours then I decided to Google it (lol) Google told my elementary self to go grind out levels in other areas of the game before trying the boss. I dropped the game still never finished that one. I was in elementary school.

  • Brendan Hoffmann
    Brendan Hoffmann 26 dni temu

    The only game I ever rage quit was Recore... I got so angry at the tv once that my dog had a seizure! And I vowed never to play such a frustrating game again!

  • emilemil1 | Nightcore
    emilemil1 | Nightcore 29 dni temu +2

    I've never ragequit a game, but I do quit a ton of games because of lost interest. Sometimes those games can be really awesome, but if they take too long to end then I'll want to switch to something else regardless. For example I got 50 hours into Elden Ring, and I didn't get bored of it, the game is crazy good, but the initial excitement had definitely died down and my brain was already looking for new experiences, so it got put on the "games I'll finish later when nothing new is coming out" list. That list is now like 20 games long.

  • bubmario
    bubmario 29 dni temu +4

    I would be interested to hear your thoughts on Tunic. Very different genre and type of game, yet what I find interesting in this discussion here is its approach to puzzles.
    I loved the game, but some of the puzzles are....very esoteric. I think that's the best way I can put it. Not bad but not necessarily brilliant - just....out there.

    • bubmario
      bubmario 28 dni temu

      @Tygron The game has been living rent free in my head since beating it last week. I want to play it again even though I already know the ins and outs. It's just such a delight to enjoy.
      It's funny, I've read so many experiences like yours where people say the combat/battles were really challenging. I actually didn't struggle as much. Sure, I died probably a dozen times at the 3rd main area boss, but I felt like I was markedly improving each time with my strategy and it clicked for me.
      What started to get me were some of the hidden puzzles involving the holy cross and the golden path...I'm not going to say much more than that since I don't want to spoil anything. But it was a delight when I cracked one of the puzzles and immensely infuriating when I would walk away stumped by it. I wound up looking up about half the answers at the end because it felt less like fun to me and more like a guessing game and a chore.
      But I suppose that is "extra" and optional. Considering the "true" ending is locked behind it, I don't entirely agree with the idea it is optional.
      I think my experience with Tunic was very similar to other's experiences with Breath of the Wild. The game gives you a set of tools to forge your own path and you can have a ton of fun drawing outside the lines.

    • Tygron
      Tygron 29 dni temu +1

      I absolutely loved Tunic, and I need to go back for the full ending some time soon. The one problem I have is some of the combat scenarios just feel really unfair. The Garden Knight (I think that was its name) was stupidly hard at the time. There's a couple other bosses that feel a bit unfair and made me want to throw my controller. Even after looking up ways to beat those bosses easier it was still way too difficult for no reason. It wasn't satisfying to beat those bosses, if anything it made me want to find whoever programmed that encounter and beat their head in.
      But the rest of the game is just wonderful. The puzzles the world, the way the story is told. It's one of those games that has stuck with me.

  • Jimmy Van Veen
    Jimmy Van Veen 29 dni temu +1

    you just described my problem with escape rooms

  • TheDoppelganker
    TheDoppelganker 29 dni temu +35

    Linus should try to play Chained Echoes. At least i think he will like it based on his descriptions.

    • Savber100
      Savber100 29 dni temu +2

      @Darce Vader Weirdly enough same! I was like oh no what was wrong with Chained Echoes? Then he said Apple Arcade and I was like oh nvm.

    • TheDoppelganker
      TheDoppelganker 29 dni temu +2

      @Darce Vader i don't think he will have any issues with his setup. I played through steam and it was flawless.

    • Darce Vader
      Darce Vader 29 dni temu +4

      I thought exactly this, sounds like he was describing this game instead. I'm playing it through the xbox app via streaming through my TV (beta? not streaming from PC).
      I get a lot of graphical artifacts from time to time that are quite bothersome, but that could be mitigated by downloading and playing on the PC instead.

  • Dylan
    Dylan 8 dni temu

    Linus described a typical SMT boss lol

  • Filip Jovanovic
    Filip Jovanovic 26 dni temu

    It's a shame about Fantasian, but now you have time to check out Chained Echoes! Just an absolute gem of a game

  • Sky Walkin
    Sky Walkin 21 dzień temu

    Crazy how we’ve gone full circle back to play to play arcade games

  • DrummerFergy
    DrummerFergy 28 dni temu

    Forza Horizon has a similar issue with this with their AI. In the higher difficulty AI opponents don't have to adhere to the same physics as the player, I've seen the ai just drive away because they weren't braking into sharp corners

  • hazonku
    hazonku 27 dni temu

    I recall some JRPGs back in the day that would punish you for trying to grind low level enemies, Earthbound immediately comes to mind, but that's specifically to encourage you to fight whatever boss is blocking your progression to move ahead to the next map. This game though just does NOT sound like fun with a boss like that.

  • Monado
    Monado 19 dni temu

    Honestly if you're into Final Fantasy games I would suggest looking into the Xenoblade Chronicles franchise. All three of the numbered entries are now on Nintendo Switch, 1 originally being a Wii game, remastered for Switch, and 2 & 3 being released on it originally. The director & creator, Tetsuya Takahashi, had also directed the Xenogears, which was originally pitched to be what would have been Final Fantasy 7, but was deemed too dark. Like previously stated, he went on to make the Chronicles series as well, and they are in my opinion one of the best story driven RPGs I've ever played, with some of the coolest combat. The first game also easily takes the cake for the best English voice acting out of any video game I've ever played.

  • Claudia
    Claudia 28 dni temu

    the game sounds so Shin Megami Tensei inspired, buffs and debuffs being so important and each party member having their own turn, doesn't sound like it has the mechanics of SMT that make these sort of situations fair tho, specifically the Press Turn system where each time you hit an enemy's weakness, you get an extra Press Turn, which allows you to recover from a bad situation and revive all your party members if you end up in a bad situation while still keeping up respectable, if reduced offense

  • xmen123ist
    xmen123ist 29 dni temu +24

    FTL's so ridiculously addiictive, my god. I have abouut 400 hours, and got ~70% of the Steam Achievements without even trying too hard for them, but there's so much I have to explore still. More spaceships, more random events to discover, more tactics....and this isn't mentioning the mods!

    • Mark K
      Mark K 28 dni temu

      700 hours here...guess it's time to download ftl again...

    • VRStoned78
      VRStoned78 28 dni temu

      Each ship is a different game.. On IOS i may have 2000 hours of play and i still not yet have the Phase shift quest for the stealth cruiser. Best ship for lots of money is no doubt the Crystal type B.

    • JellySword
      JellySword 29 dni temu

      @Maxx Yang lol I've literally just been playing the kestrel only. I did try other ships but only very briefly. I wanna get a hardmode win before I experiment with other ships.

    • Maxx Yang
      Maxx Yang 29 dni temu

      I love FTL but I feel like a majority of the ships are tedious to play. Engi ship is my all-time favorite easily

    • VRStoned78
      VRStoned78 29 dni temu

      I have played that game almost daily for about 10 years? Its the best

    THE NUTT 29 dni temu +1

    That's a lot like most Roblox games' mechanics. For them, it's not a subscription service, but they want to make the game fun for the first 3-4 hours of gameplay, and then suddenly crank up the difficulty to where it's not fun anymore until you buy their incredibly overpriced in game purchases.

  • Trapper John
    Trapper John 14 dni temu

    "You were supposed to look at the symbol in the bottom left hand corner on the bottom of the physical box"
    But Baker straight up told you to look there before he died! It's so obvious! Yeah... I didn't get it either, but I did feel stupid after I looked it up

  • sbot50
    sbot50 26 dni temu

    honestly the barries would be fine IF they either all broke at the same time or all broke when the barrier of the actual boss breaks

  • JustCallMeQuincy
    JustCallMeQuincy 29 dni temu +5

    We all ragequit sometimes

  • Mitchell DD
    Mitchell DD 29 dni temu

    You're gonna hate that they're considering bringing the title to PC, as well as the sequel.

  • Guus Klaas
    Guus Klaas 28 dni temu +2

    Honestly, I'm about Linus' age, and oddly enough share a lot of PC/cultural background when it comes to hardware, PC's, and games. When I were younger, I loved JRPG's. And hearing Linus say: "FF6 was my favourite" makes me so happy, because it was mine as well. I preferred it over the Sony-FF's, and actually had a certain feeling of remorse towards sony/square because I stopped getting FF's for a while. Later on I simply didn't care anymore. X360 had come, and games like Lost Oddysey had me hooked. That being said though, that was around the time I was growing up, and JRPG's... well... started growing some "growing pains" for me as well. In FF6 era I was fine hitting a sudden difficulty spike suddenly. I'd just kill crabs for a couple of hours. The games were linear, and that's basically all I could do. Heck in the original pokémon I had killed so many zubats and gone back through that cave until I could continue. Re-starting Lost Oddysey, I would often have some pre-knowledge about some bosses/fights to 'cheese' them, and investing in certain characters/mixes/equipment bits later on (Golden Sun had a LOT of this with the djinn system) would make the game easier/less grindy -- but in retrospective. Aside the playtest bit (OBVIOUSLY), Linus probably hit one of those walls where either the 'early cheese' would have been a thing (hence: foreknowledge and being pidgeonholed in a meta), or: vastly overlevel it (kill crabs for 2-3 days). The thing is: this is a thing that I personally grew out of. It's probably why I think JRPG's aren't for me anymore. I haven't played fantasian, nor will I ever (sorry, not in an Apple ecosystem nor do I like Apple), and hearing that the grind part is stopped because the mobile bit... well... makes me feel like I don't miss out. Heck, I miss the FF5 era where the game could be so broken in a cheese where the hard bosses could suddenly be easy because using a phoenix down on an undead mob would oneshot it... but the next boss I'd still have to grind crabs for 8-9 hours before being able to do it. Why did I use to think that was fun? Are games just MORE fun now? Did my taste change? Did those old geezers building the game simply NOT change whereas I, their original audience did, DID change? Why do I miss killing the same crab over and over for 8 hours?

  • Skystrike70
    Skystrike70 21 dzień temu

    ff6 is hands down the best RPG ever made relative to its own time. And it still holds up today.

  • Fran
    Fran 14 dni temu

    Linus just described a regular Persona 3 boss fight

  • Samuel Rushton
    Samuel Rushton 27 dni temu

    I loved jrpgs growing up, but now I'm older and have less free time for gaming I can't deal with the grindy nature of them anymore.

  • SoulReaverVidView
    SoulReaverVidView 24 dni temu

    Chained Echoes is a really good small production classic style JRPG with modern mechanics. It's really good and just gets better as you go.

  • NASA official
    NASA official 29 dni temu

    It's like playing destiny 2 where you can only use your super with a long cool down but the enemy uses it every 5 f*cking seconds.

  • 2pixelwide
    2pixelwide 28 dni temu

    I feel like Linus would really get into the game “Chained Echoes”

  • Jepoy Burner
    Jepoy Burner 10 dni temu

    seems like Linus would really enjoy Chained Echoes then. Probably the best modern take on the traditional JRPG formula.

  • vaderdudenator1
    vaderdudenator1 6 dni temu

    Sounds a bit like a skill issue 😂

  • ptt1982
    ptt1982 28 dni temu

    Nice of you to give props for Fantasian!

  • Elijah Bowers
    Elijah Bowers 29 dni temu

    This is the type of thing that I experienced on most old final fantasy games. This was very similar to my experience in 3D remake FF3 and FF4. Bosses one hit too often. They have abilities that handicap your team. You have one character essentially relegated to medic and another one is damage and another is dying at all times. Spells meant to keep you alive do very little. You have to grind several levels to over level in order to be able to beat certain bosses. Even when I did several side quests I found myself being under leveled over and over again. I just don't like traditional style jrpgs anymore.