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Linus Nearly Destroys the Company

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  • Opublikowany 13 mar 2023
  • PLclip rescinds their harsher profanity policy - Bonus: Linus nearly gets himself Turbo-Cancelled.
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Komentarze • 2 114

  • Cheez 1000
    Cheez 1000 15 dni temu +12471

    I think it's safe to say Luke earned the employee of the month award.

    • KIFulgore
      KIFulgore 5 dni temu

      I just hope Luke is getting proper treatment for his whiplash injury.

    • LDdrums20
      LDdrums20 6 dni temu

      Man he is the best goal keeper ever

    • Jorge De La Rosa
      Jorge De La Rosa 6 dni temu +1

      Plot twist: He clicked the malware link that got them hacked

    • I omit that I'm a furry ~ D. Trump (me)
      I omit that I'm a furry ~ D. Trump (me) 8 dni temu

      ​@Doubie They where under cardiac arrest, yes.

    • BrAlex
      BrAlex 9 dni temu

      He pretty much saved the company right there.

  • BrucifyMe
    BrucifyMe 15 dni temu +2039

    Luke's blank stare as he envisions the collapse has got to be the best part of this

    • Mujtabish
      Mujtabish 6 dni temu

      @Jeremy Yerby Oof
      Thanks tho

    • Jeremy Yerby
      Jeremy Yerby 6 dni temu

      @Mujtabish they got hacked

    • Mujtabish
      Mujtabish 6 dni temu

      What has happened to their channel? If i search linus tech tips, I see the channel with 15.someting subs, but the name is LinusTechTipsTemp, and almost all videos are gone.

    • Raimizan razak
      Raimizan razak 7 dni temu +1

      ​@soup live luke reaction

    • funnyweeman
      funnyweeman 8 dni temu +4

      Solid 13 seconds of oh my god there goes the company

  • Matheus Neves
    Matheus Neves 15 dni temu +2503

    If Luke had remained silent and the livestream had ended, anything that Linus said the next day would have been completely ignored because his excuse of "thinking hard R was for another thing" would not have held up. However, because the incident occurred live, viewers were able to see how confused Linus was and how shocked Luke was by the situation.

    • SonicMegaKing
      SonicMegaKing 3 dni temu

      Eh, it has evidence. Dude said it was used in American Dad and dude said it it was casually used in the early 2000's. There's evidence to pull him out.

    • Miguel Bravo
      Miguel Bravo 11 dni temu

      I even had my doubts that he mightve been told what to say. But American Dad episodes don't say that.

    • TheLRRPS
      TheLRRPS 12 dni temu

      ​@Narru twitter isn't real.

    • R.E.X
      R.E.X 12 dni temu

      @ThreepE0 yes it would’ve.

    • Rukasumi
      Rukasumi 12 dni temu +1

      nah, american dad never had the n word and did have the r word so he was fine

  • Tyler Mitchell
    Tyler Mitchell 15 dni temu +1993

    You're not alone Linus. I also thought Hard-R was referring to mental disability. After watching this clip I checked that it wasn't April fool's day and then googled it myself. I have literally been in this position and admitted to using the Hard-R by mistake. Nobody did me the solid of making sure I knew what I was saying. #GiveLukeARaise

    • YellowCapAlex
      YellowCapAlex 2 godzin temu

      I hate to admit this but I also thought Hard R referred to the handicapped slur and not the african american slur. I thought the hard referred to the r being capitalized because it would be the first letter, not the last letter.

    • oak
      oak 2 dni temu

      @PrograError what alternative do you suggest?

    • Thechugg
      Thechugg 2 dni temu

      @HamazuraGOD Wait I thought the hard-r was rape, and you couldn't say that on youtube, now there are 3 R-Words?? But we already have N-Word for that, why change the N to an R?

    • viralusername
      viralusername 5 dni temu +1

      Honestly I was on the same boat as Linus, but like I never knew the term Hard-R existed. When he said Hard-R I was thinking the R word about disabled people and not anything else, because it was indeed very common back in early 2000s to use the R word just as often as siblings calling each other names.

  • Justice MacDonnell
    Justice MacDonnell 15 dni temu +865

    I can't imagine being the people behind the scenes watching this unfold, Luke saved the company there but imagine the fear everyone in the room had in that moment.

    • Linux Streamer
      Linux Streamer 6 godzin temu

      need to see how dan reacted

    • 数馬
      数馬 7 dni temu +1

      ​​@BOREALUM ok then say it if it's not a big deal to you

    • Not Me
      Not Me 7 dni temu

      @BOREALUM You do know what the term "racial slur" means, right?

  • Anna McCray
    Anna McCray 13 dni temu +486

    Watching Luke's life flash before his eyes when this was live was WILD. Then seeing him navigate out of it and right the ship is just a masterclass on how to deal with this

    • JollyRanchersGrandma
      JollyRanchersGrandma 10 dni temu +9

      I wasn't watching because I was driving but this incident happened right as I was pulling into a gas station and I had to take a minute before turning the car off to wait for the clarification because I figured he meant the R word when he said American Dad but I was stressing over the potential Twitter nuke that almost detonated.

  • Gredunza
    Gredunza 15 dni temu +2118

    Shout out to Luke for singlehandedly saving three companies.

    • MikkelOnTop
      MikkelOnTop 14 dni temu +1

      ​@Captain Cosmos Im not sure, but i think Creator warehouse is a completely separate company, owned by Linus.

    • Captain Cosmos
      Captain Cosmos 14 dni temu +9

      Linus Media Group is the parent company, while Floatplane and Creator Warehouse are subsidiaries to that company. If I have that right.

    • Mad man
      Mad man 14 dni temu +47

      @Joel Justin floatplane is owned by linus media group

    • Joel Justin
      Joel Justin 14 dni temu +5

      Does LMG own floatplane anymore though? I know it was founded by the team.

  • Armen Tumanov
    Armen Tumanov 15 dni temu +647

    You know you're a good person when literally everyone on the internet knows you didn't mean what you said and must be misunderstanding something lol

    • Logan
      Logan 6 dni temu +1

      @NinjapowerMS oh well yeah people would be upset if someone admitted to using the n word with the hard r casually, pretty reasonable thing to be upset at

    • NinjapowerMS
      NinjapowerMS 6 dni temu

      @Logan Nah I meant if this wasn't saved by Linus's co host.

    • Logan
      Logan 6 dni temu

      @NinjapowerMS i’m a pretty heavy twitter user and they didn’t care about this lol it was very clear what he meant

    • 数馬
      数馬 7 dni temu

      ​@NinjapowerMS nah actually from what I've seen everyone finds it funny and loves linus

    • Ponosni Korisnik
      Ponosni Korisnik 10 dni temu

      "linus is a nice person"
      >he doesn't know

    CCODEZ 15 dni temu +373

    Luke lost both a good friend and the company he worked for, before realising he knew better and then doing what he always does, questioning what the hell Linus is on about and saving his friend, friendship and job!
    This is Lukes real new job...

    • CCODEZ
      CCODEZ 14 dni temu +4

      @tec nk yea no doubt actually, probably since day one

    • tec nk
      tec nk 14 dni temu +18

      It's not new if you have seen previous wan shows . He is always saving Linus

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis 14 dni temu +626

    This would make for an absolutely perfect subplot for an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.
    Larry has his "hard r" conversation with someone and then they go around telling people that he's racist. Jeff confronts Larry about the rumor going around and Larry explains the conversation to Jeff. Jeff informs him of his mistake. Larry spends the rest of the episode trying to get himself into the same room with the person that he initially had the conversation with to explain himself. The episode ends with Larry screaming "RETARD! I MEANT RETARD!" at the person in some public setting.

    • Alex Devens
      Alex Devens 7 dni temu

      Cut to the person he initially had the conversation with hearing him yelling that, cue music

    • The Drizzle
      The Drizzle 10 dni temu +2

      That would be a good episode lol

    • Just Some Aussie
      Just Some Aussie 11 dni temu

      reminds me of the "affirmative action" episode

    • Kelvin
      Kelvin 11 dni temu +14

      OHHHHHH that's what he meant by the 'R' word. I had no idea what word was being referred to and was wondering if it was some North American term.

  • bucket
    bucket 15 dni temu +319

    I don't usually laugh at videos but I've watched Luke's reaction at least 30 times and have laughed every time. This is comedy gold. Can't wait to watch it another 100 times.

    • Raimizan razak
      Raimizan razak 22 godzin temu +1

      Bro got stunlocked💀💀💀

    • Shrubs
      Shrubs 13 dni temu +2

      ​@Srikar it's comedy gold 😂

    • slice0fpi
      slice0fpi 13 dni temu +7


    • Srikar
      Srikar 13 dni temu +27

      Everytime Linus says "I've dropped my fair share of hard Rs" I fucking lose it

  • Abraxas
    Abraxas 15 dni temu +566

    Luke's confusion throughout this was fucking awesome. He's looking at him the entire time trying to fit this puzzle together so he still has a job in the morning and Linus is just casually talking about "hard R" this and "hard R" that. Some of the funniest moments happen by pure accident.

  • Ishaan
    Ishaan 15 dni temu +2325

    Luke's expressions in this clip are a work of art. Man went through the 5 stages of grief before he realised what was going on

    • Shrubs
      Shrubs 13 dni temu +1

      ​@Tyler Shuman it's comedy gold 😂 i've never seen him so flustered before

    • VICTOR S.
      VICTOR S. 14 dni temu +5

      The truth is coming out about Linus

    • IdleOutcaster
      IdleOutcaster 15 dni temu +9

      No cap. It’s on repeat

    • Tyler Shuman
      Tyler Shuman 15 dni temu +61

      I’ve rewatched it twice now just only looking at Luke’s reactions. It’s so good

  • Memory
    Memory 15 dni temu +144

    Not joking, Luke really should get some form of a bonus for navigating this situation so well. Dude saved LMG millions of dollars in brand damage from a misunderstanding. This could have been a complete disaster if that wasnt clarified in that moment.

    • Unpaid Intern
      Unpaid Intern 14 godzin temu

      @Vader The internet loves its clips and very context oriented cropping

    • Sam Hartley
      Sam Hartley 7 dni temu +4

      @Max Tuledo Artesian Builds

    • Max Tuledo
      Max Tuledo 8 dni temu +5

      Does anyone remember that one pc boutique company that had an arrogant owner that did a livestream that caused the company to implode?

    • Vader
      Vader 12 dni temu +5

      American Dad has never dropped a hard r, so I think it would have been easy for people to understand his confusion. If he hadn’t said the American dad part, and only said he had dropped his fair share of hard r’s then that would be different.

  • Gamer Therapy: Console Yourself

    Good job Luke on single-handedly saving LMG.
    I love the difference between Luke's live reaction and Luke's recounting of his reaction.
    Luke reacting: *silently shakes his head in disbelief*
    Luke recounting his reaction: "I was like WOOOOOOAAAAAHHHH!!!"

  • kapura
    kapura 15 dni temu +156

    Based on the era, I knew exactly what Linus meant....but it was fun to watch Luke try to remain collected while you know he is in damage control mode in his head 🤣

    • I omit that I'm a furry ~ D. Trump (me)
      I omit that I'm a furry ~ D. Trump (me) 8 dni temu +1

      ​@Shrubs I don't remember the n word being used in American Dad so I was confused.

    • Shrubs
      Shrubs 13 dni temu +8

      when he said american dad used it i was a little surprised (because i thought family guy censored it so i was surprised when they went back)
      when linus said he was dropping multiple hard r's i for sure thought there was some kind of misunderstanding lmao

  • RichyChavez
    RichyChavez 15 dni temu +77

    genuinely surprised Linus is still alive with how accident prone he is

  • King Sovereign
    King Sovereign 11 dni temu +53

    4:22 - Luke getting hit in the face with a new reality is such a testimony to his character.
    The shock was so real I felt it through the screen.
    When you know the punchline of all of this it's SO HILARIOUS 😂😂😂

  • Aden Rius
    Aden Rius 15 dni temu +4482

    It seems graphic card wasn't the only thing Linus accidently dropped.
    Luke handled the situation perfectly. Give him a medal!

  • HamsterSoup
    HamsterSoup 15 dni temu +125

    Luke's thousand yard stare, thinking he just lost everything around him was incredible. This was a snafu of the century.

  • Schmuly
    Schmuly 15 dni temu +73

    This was a WILD ride lmao, Luke looked so shocked and handled it absolutely perfectly. And I can only imagine what the employees watching live were thinking...

  • FeedMeSalt
    FeedMeSalt 15 dni temu +67

    Linus is a special kinda man. And I'm so glad he has good people around him.
    I don't mean that as an insult, it takes guts to accept you can't do everything.

  • gurila gardnr
    gurila gardnr 15 dni temu +82

    Imagine being in their offices listening to this live. I bet a lot of desks were being cleaned off that first few seconds.

  • Twixieshores
    Twixieshores 15 dni temu +66

    And with that, Luke used his one lifeline to ask the most important question in LMG history.

  • 000236 000236
    000236 000236 15 dni temu +3200

    *I always knew Linus would drop his company like he drops electronics*

    • Freddie M
      Freddie M 6 dni temu +1

      >account gets hacked

    • PanConQueso
      PanConQueso 13 dni temu +3

      Using the "hard R" wrong is such a R****d move, this has so many layers

    • Vinu Suhas
      Vinu Suhas 15 dni temu

      @Logan B what was the word ?

    • Area 53
      Area 53 15 dni temu +3

      ​@Dead - Channel to be clear the word he was using was "Retard" not the N word. He thought that was the hard R word, I had to google that as I didn't know myself.

    • Cutting Edge Gaming
      Cutting Edge Gaming 15 dni temu +1

      He also apparently drops the hard "R" LMAO XD

  • Embeth Argent
    Embeth Argent 14 dni temu +34

    That moment of, "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." 😂😂😂 poor Luke having to put that fire out live, but congrats on saving literally everyone's jobs 😂

  • Anthony Hà
    Anthony Hà 15 dni temu +46

    I'll be honest; I totally understood what Linus meant and was confused about what Luke was going on about until they clarified, and was like "OH CRAP HE'S RIGHT."

  • TheMrRoboto
    TheMrRoboto 15 dni temu +55

    Thank God for Luke knowing Linus well enough to know he was just putting his foot in his mouth

  • Jason Koester
    Jason Koester 14 dni temu +25

    I was really glad to see that in the PLclip live chat when this happened, mostly everyone just automatically knew what Linus meant and he was mixing up what hard R meant and didn't take it at face value as the worst possible interpretation.

  • Amaru Morgado
    Amaru Morgado 13 dni temu +14

    thank you Luke, we all love that you are always near Linus to save the company

  • Catch82
    Catch82 15 dni temu +3165

    Appreciate the balls it took to actually clip and upload this on the official channel. 👍

    • Arcanum
      Arcanum 14 dni temu

      @Ninothere’s nothing to even be transparent about, Linus never did anything wrong

    • Adam Timmons
      Adam Timmons 14 dni temu

      He made a stupid mistake better to have us all point then laugh at what it is then have it misrepresented

    • _oskr
      _oskr 15 dni temu +1

      Free views, and uploading the whole thing instead of only "the part"? what bravity you talkin about?

    • Almirante Hidratante
      Almirante Hidratante 15 dni temu

      Which balls? The best defense is for them to have an official version not cut to just make Linus look bad, plus they can chalk it up by acting "those who did nothing wrong don't fear".

    • Kaspars Riņķevičs
      Kaspars Riņķevičs 15 dni temu

      Ouh it would have been shared on PLclip. It would have been all over

  • Drew.Robertson
    Drew.Robertson 15 dni temu +12

    When I saw this live I had the same puzzled look that Luke did. I'm so glad that there was that moment of realization of how utterly fucked LMG would have been if Linus had stayed the course with the "hard R".

  • We360
    We360 13 dni temu +5

    Can't wait till tommorow's WAN Show. Hopefully we get a on stream raise for our boy Luke!

  • Taylor Ames
    Taylor Ames 7 dni temu +4

    I was trying to guess what the title would be referring to. That was SOOOOO much worse than I imagined. Thank you Luke for saving all the companies.

  • Terry Davis
    Terry Davis 15 dni temu +10

    This is pure Linus and its why we love him. Easily the funniest video this year.

  • Anatoly Dyatlov
    Anatoly Dyatlov 15 dni temu +2739

    Imagine if Luke didn't correct him and just kept sitting there in disbelief

    • mubtasim rahman
      mubtasim rahman 13 dni temu +1

      Not great, not terrible.

    • Deraile
      Deraile 13 dni temu

      @poof I actually didn't get what he meant at first, but yea it was obvious he didn't mean the n word. With that eagerness to admit? It _couldn't_ be, lol. Something was up.

    • Deraile
      Deraile 13 dni temu

      @Andy Brice And it's sad this isn't still the norm today. It's all about intent. I do see how it can still be disrespectful to insist on saying the m word though, there's no real reason. I don't think it's racist to just mention it (calling someone racist nowadays has gone so far away from the actual meaning of racism tbh), but yeah it's become more of a case just being socially decent. It's more about respect for the affected group.
      There shouldn't be anything racist about uttering the word by itself, with no target or ill will, but it's just become one of those social understandings not worth going against the wave. It's more about feeling the room and knowing your social standing, than it is racism. Like I don't like the idea of fearing public execution for something I find so bening and silly, but I respect this instance.
      Still baffles me how it would "ruin a company", especially with how some other company executives constantly get away with *actually* horrible sh't... But so goes the world I guess.

    • poof
      poof 13 dni temu

      @k nection you should read some more comments and you will see most knew what he meant to be saying by many of them saying Luke saved him. If most people didn't understand that hard R is referred to the N word than people wouldn't be saying that. Use some context clues as well. Why would someone say hard R vs R word? Why would someone say -ape as hard R vs SA?

    • MicHaeL MonStaR
      MicHaeL MonStaR 14 dni temu +1

      It would've spread to all the drama-PLcliprs in a very different way.

  • The Observarator
    The Observarator 15 dni temu +12

    I love the solid minute Luke takes to process Linus saying he casually dropped hard Rs as a kid.

  • Mario
    Mario 7 dni temu +2

    What I would give to hear Luke's internal monologue in that moment. Even I was thinking that was the end of LMG for a hot second so he and everyone else in the room had to have been in full panic mode

  • City Planner Plays
    City Planner Plays 15 dni temu +18

    I jumped in right in the middle of this segment.... I was a little surprised to say the least! Luke handled this like a PRO!

    • TMC
      TMC 6 dni temu

      @City Planner Plays That's funny, you're my friday night routine :D

    • City Planner Plays
      City Planner Plays 10 dni temu +2

      @Yvon My Friday night routine! I watch this while I finish uploading the Saturday video 🙂

    • Yvon
      Yvon 10 dni temu +1

      Hi CPP Nice to see you here!

  • Adi Khera
    Adi Khera 15 dni temu +5

    dude, rewatching luke back when linus unleeashes all the chaos is jussttt awesome. love it.

  • Dan Esp
    Dan Esp 13 dni temu +8

    Luke looked so defeated after Linus went "I used to say it" he was filling out employment resumes in his head

  • Sơn Vũ Thế
    Sơn Vũ Thế 15 dni temu +1504

    Linus: "Am I mistaken?"
    Luke: "I THINK SO!!!!"
    Oh my god that "I think so!" was so pronounced and it just simply conveyed a huge huge amount of weight off of his shoulders. He single-handedly saved the entirety LMG there.

    • Nathan
      Nathan 14 dni temu


    • Bagel Media
      Bagel Media 14 dni temu +2

      @Kiseki Enthusiast - John Bird I think the "hard" portion is what threw everyone off as the way I have know it is R word = slur about mental disability and hard r slur = the racial one.

    • Sofia
      Sofia 14 dni temu +4

      @Kiseki Enthusiast - John Bird i was thinking the same thing as Linus too lol

    • Kiseki Enthusiast - John Bird
      Kiseki Enthusiast - John Bird 15 dni temu +9

      pretty much thought the "hard R" was what linus was thinking of i checked on google and nope different thing completely when did that change? Oh well.

    • MrYellow
      MrYellow 15 dni temu +21

      The thing is if it didn't get called out it would have been worse. As an apology video would have seemed like saving face

  • Yspyg
    Yspyg 14 dni temu +2

    I was listening to this on my drive to work, probably one of the funniest moments I've ever seen on WAN Show. Had to see Lukes face when the clip came into my feed

  • Jake Brown
    Jake Brown 15 dni temu +1

    This is the greatest wan show moment of all time. Great work Luke

  • JeyyF
    JeyyF 14 dni temu +7

    Luke is now eligible for his extreme tech upgrade now😂

  • Brandon Kalos Outdoors
    Brandon Kalos Outdoors 10 dni temu +1

    I listened to audio only and was laughing. Watching Luke’s reaction was amazing!

  • FrizFroz
    FrizFroz 14 dni temu +11

    5:07 You can see the palpable relief spreading throughout Luke there, man stopped breathing for a minute hahaha

  • Matthew Jalovick
    Matthew Jalovick 15 dni temu +1323

    This was one of the best moments in all of Linus history. Nothing has made me happier than the “Wait, what did he just say?!” that I went through. Love you Linus.

    • epic gamer yt
      epic gamer yt 15 dni temu +44

      @Bradley Toccata No, he was happy when it turned out that Linus didn't know hard R stands for the n-word.

    • Bradley Toccata
      Bradley Toccata 15 dni temu +1

      You were happy when you thought he meant the n-word?

  • CeilloNoll
    CeilloNoll 14 dni temu +2

    I'm so glad i stayed through the boring bank talk to witness this absolute gem of a moment live

  • James
    James 15 dni temu +1

    Good for y'all for posting this! Good on Luke for calling it out.

  • Gio
    Gio 15 dni temu +1

    Dude, Luke is the kind of best friend I need...his reaction was valid, like WHAT 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 but then he started to figure it out and ultimatley corrected the record. MEGA save. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Konya
    Konya 15 dni temu +1

    Just goes to show Linus is just an innocent guy.
    Be like Linus.
    This made me love Linus even more xD

  • Nelson Reyes
    Nelson Reyes 14 dni temu +13

    I understood Linus on his first “Hard R”. I was as shocked as Linus when Luke clarified.

    • Luke Scioscio
      Luke Scioscio 6 dni temu

      Same, it's easy to confuse unconsciously

  • Minnesota and whatnot
    Minnesota and whatnot 15 dni temu +2440

    You could tell how dumbfounded Luke was for a bit here, thinking that Linus was admitting to something so out of character that he didn’t even know how to process it. He seemed simultaneously shocked, horrified, and disappointed in his friend, and didn’t even respond when Linus was like “we didn’t even think about it.”

    • Kolzi
      Kolzi 14 dni temu +4

      @Arcanum Did you notice how what you said didn't actually refute any of his points?
      It's really easy not to say the n word. Like you say, "it's just a word". You're not really giving up anything by choosing not to use it.

    • LetoDK
      LetoDK 14 dni temu

      @Joe Homer what Americans don't understand is the difference between TALKING ABOUT a word (e.g. in an educational context about mistreatment and racism etc) and USING a word about someone.

    • Arcanum
      Arcanum 14 dni temu +2

      @Joe Homer it’s just a word

    • Joe Homer
      Joe Homer 14 dni temu +3

      @Arcanum I'm white. It isn't my place to get offended by the N word. But that word never needs to come out of my mouth. At no point in my life can I imagine saying it to be more important than guaranteeing I don't potentially make people uncomfortable.
      And if a word I use ends up being offensive to somebody else down the line, I can scrap it from my vocabulary, apologise and move on. Lots of words in the English language, and more everyday.

    • Bubberiffic
      Bubberiffic 14 dni temu

      Linus is too innocent for that 😂

  • Kael
    Kael 14 dni temu +2

    I love the fact they just post this and own it, full credit to these guys

  • Bob
    Bob 15 dni temu +1

    Linus' initial sincerity is absolutely hilarious.

  • lostskull7467
    lostskull7467 15 dni temu +1

    I reacted just like Luke so I missed his reaction the first time 😂😂 Can't stop watching this clip.

  • Forbidden Era
    Forbidden Era 15 dni temu +2

    This just goes to show how out of touch people our age can be sometimes.. Linus totally assumed it meant something it didn't and as someone the same age who hadn't heard the term before I 100% understood what he meant until Luke clarified and I was like Ooooh that makes more sense than what Linus was saying...

  • Kyler Woolley
    Kyler Woolley 15 dni temu +3

    I never laughed harder in my entire life cause I totally was on Linus wave length with the r word and realizing that everyone else thought different killed me

  • Just a turtle
    Just a turtle 15 dni temu +3451

    Linus accidentally knocked his career off the counter, and Luke caught it before it shattered on the floor.

    • Zebra Flappins
      Zebra Flappins 15 dni temu

      @ogon bio Pretty sure anyone can copy anyone's comment with impunity, just a matter of class.

    • Brandon Westfall
      Brandon Westfall 15 dni temu

      Not even close.

    • Sterling_Mustang
      Sterling_Mustang 15 dni temu

      Caught it with his foot

    • Jon Lake
      Jon Lake 15 dni temu

      Nice R comment 👌😂

    • Vortraz
      Vortraz 15 dni temu

      @Sendo427 Next their gonna start saying "Think of the childreeen"
      When in reality the way to protect my children is to filter what they hear myself, for only a little while so we can focus on teaching some Principles. Rather that letting google raise my kids remotely via algorithm. Fucking nonsense

  • RapidPixel79
    RapidPixel79 10 dni temu +2

    Lmfao I rewatched this clip from the ... "Hard R confusion"... Luke's face is just priceless haha. Poor guys really seeing the collapse of the company in his mind 😂

  • him
    him 15 dni temu +1

    Well done Luke, you saved him right there!

  • Dominik Lukács
    Dominik Lukács 15 dni temu +5

    I think that was the biggest roller coaster Linus ever brought us through

  • Atzin Castellanos
    Atzin Castellanos 14 dni temu +3

    The moment Luke stopped nodding his head when he heard Linus saying that he used the hard R is priceless

  • foleyboyoo
    foleyboyoo 15 dni temu +9

    I respect you all far more for posting this and just going with it.

    • Project_Worm
      Project_Worm 13 dni temu +1

      Well it was live, people saw it anyway, might as well repost it to get a ton of views for the biggest takeaway of the stream.

  • Jimmy A
    Jimmy A 15 dni temu +804

    This is the greatest clip in WAN Show history. Luke's reaction is priceless. And then his eyes go vacant as if he's contemplating new careers. Its not until it fully cycle's in his head that he realizes maybe Linus meant something else. LOL

    • Jaosn Fuller
      Jaosn Fuller 14 dni temu

      I honestly have no idea what they were talking about...it was like a foreign language.

    • The MandM's
      The MandM's 14 dni temu +2

      I appreciate that he made sure to verify Linus' intention before fully assuming what was meant.

    • Gamer Therapy: Console Yourself
      Gamer Therapy: Console Yourself 15 dni temu +41

      4:20 - "welp, good thing I don't spend money, because my career is over"
      4:25 - "wait..."
      4:30 - "Did Linus just admit to being super racist, or is Linus being clueless again?"

    • Franklin McLaughlin
      Franklin McLaughlin 15 dni temu +25

      It’s kinda like a kid saying his “new favorite word” and believes it means something else. It’s light hearted and a good cringe

  • Dysfunctional Dildo
    Dysfunctional Dildo 6 dni temu +1

    This makes me wonder how many other people have gotten cancelled because of a misunderstanding who weren't lucky enough to have it resolved or clarified on the spot like this. If it can happen once, it can happen an infinite amount times and we'd never know.

  • Wellington Anderson
    Wellington Anderson 13 dni temu +1

    Luke definitely earned a bonus, or at least a trip to the McDonald's ball pit and a happy meal

  • Lord Turtle
    Lord Turtle 9 dni temu +1

    I love Luke's doubletake at "I'm not going to deny I used my fair share of hard Rs back in the day"

  • TC
    TC 15 dni temu +3

    Luke had his entire career flash before his eyes 😂

  • Nerdy Bernie
    Nerdy Bernie 15 dni temu +2

    In that moment, Luke's entire career flashed before his eyes. He was already formulating a fallback career.

  • Philllis Philllis
    Philllis Philllis 15 dni temu +11

    I was crying of tears when I first saw this, greatest moment in Wan Show history

  • BleakVA
    BleakVA 15 dni temu +869

    Luke just saved the company, give that man a raise

    • AlFredo
      AlFredo 14 dni temu

      ​@Just A Hologram He's also back in LMG as the CTO

    • DrabberFrog
      DrabberFrog 15 dni temu +4

      It doesn't matter how much money they give him, he'll still be just as cheap as he is now lol.

    • DrabberFrog
      DrabberFrog 15 dni temu +8

      ​@Just A Hologram I'm not sure that's how their compensation works lol.

    • Just A Hologram
      Just A Hologram 15 dni temu +15

      He's the head of floatplane he can pay himself whatever he wants

  • Brad Lovin
    Brad Lovin 14 dni temu +1

    LOL, watching Luke's face was priceless. Luke needs to set up a tip jar, he would have doubled his take home last week.

  • RR Cherry
    RR Cherry 14 dni temu

    This was truly amazing watching a second time around, knowing what Luke was thinking.

  • katana_92
    katana_92 14 dni temu

    This brings a whole new level to drop tips; he almost dropped the entire company

  • why do I have 2 names
    why do I have 2 names 14 dni temu +3

    I could hear Luke's voice go from ghostly to normal after asking. Like he was scared at first to question

  • Exponaut R-01
    Exponaut R-01 14 dni temu +3

    This goes from "terrifying" to "oh I can laugh at this now" pretty fast

  • Minecraft Duping
    Minecraft Duping 15 dni temu +404

    Luke’s non expression when linus was like “i dropped my fair share of hard r’s too’ was priceless. Its like he was too shocked to even say anything

    • MicHaeL MonStaR
      MicHaeL MonStaR 14 dni temu +21

      He thought he knew Linus, but it was all a lie.

  • John Lloydd
    John Lloydd 12 dni temu +3

    Luke out here smashing the most legendary QTE the internet has ever seen.

  • David Gardiner
    David Gardiner 12 dni temu

    I had no idea what hard-r referred to, so I paused and googled it, and yeah I was pretty mind blown Linus was saying he casually used it without thought. Good Neo bullet-timing there Luke!

  • Oliver Foote
    Oliver Foote 14 dni temu +2

    This is such an iconic clip, can’t believe they actually uploaded it

  • kalef1234
    kalef1234 15 dni temu +1

    This was an amazing moment. Loved the third person terror

  • Lee McGinley
    Lee McGinley 10 dni temu +1

    Luke; the safety net we all know Linus needs.

  • Inquisitive0Minds
    Inquisitive0Minds 15 dni temu +361

    This is amazing, and hilarious.
    Just imagine Linus running around NCIX, greeting everyone with "'sup, ******".

    • Arcturus
      Arcturus 14 dni temu +1

      @Vladislav Donchev Competitive polka is for nerds, I grew up with Mongolian throat singing and an incredible amount of replays of Hava Nagila

    • SpeedeeSpeedBoi
      SpeedeeSpeedBoi 14 dni temu +2

      As a non american, we used to casually say the hard r

    • Oliver Å.
      Oliver Å. 14 dni temu +2

      @Sam Wallace i am 5931 (kilometers) from nearest part of US.
      i used to listen all the n-word songs when i was younger :^)
      and literally if u ever listened to rap, you have listened to nwords my guy no way around it.

    • Atomicgaming 123
      Atomicgaming 123 14 dni temu +2

      @JDL337 yea I’m pre sure many in their youth used the n word, so I don’t get why he would get hate for saying he used it casually, my whole intermediate and high school was n word this n word that, from all races.

    • PhantomPizza77
      PhantomPizza77 14 dni temu +3

      @Ryan Allen yes but dont use the n word

  • Fortzon
    Fortzon 15 dni temu +1

    Linus almost dropped his career but Luke was the to catch it, give that man a raise!

  • Call Me Bam
    Call Me Bam 13 dni temu

    I had the audio playing in the background while i was working the first time i watched this and as soon as linus said he uses to use the hard r you could just feel the tension, that caught me off guard so bad like damn bro you just openly cancelling yourself now 🤣🤣

  • Zebra Flappins
    Zebra Flappins 15 dni temu

    I just about died when I saw this. Love you, Linus and team.

  • Volrath
    Volrath 15 dni temu

    Its funny, because the whole time Linus was talking I knew what he meant, I just was also horrified that he didnt realise his mistake sooner 😂😂

  • DatWokStar4g63T
    DatWokStar4g63T 15 dni temu +1

    poor Luke he really thought it was all over 😂

  • Alias Anybody
    Alias Anybody 15 dni temu +586

    Linus apparently not only drops expensive GPUs, but also some hard Rs.
    In all seriousness, he should buy Luke a new car or something for his next birthday. That was one heck of a save.

    • David Neal
      David Neal 14 dni temu +3

      I think Linus should do the unthinkable: he should build Luke a gaming rig better than Linus's own.

    • Tyler Furrison
      Tyler Furrison 15 dni temu +5

      @Fox Luke is cheap as hell, even with his position

    • Alias Anybody
      Alias Anybody 15 dni temu +1

      Any big gesture would do, though they are already pretty much BFF, so I don't know how much you can improve the relationship in an immaterial sense.

    • Fox
      Fox 15 dni temu +5

      Why does it need to be materialistic? I'm sure he can afford one easier than the vast majority of viewers

    • Tyler Furrison
      Tyler Furrison 15 dni temu +33

      99% sure Luke would pick a '93 Civic over anything else

  • Riel05
    Riel05 14 dni temu +6

    Funny enough, when Linus said "hard R" my mind totally went to what he was thinking and not what everyone else thought.

  • Tino D
    Tino D 15 dni temu

    that absolute sheer panic on Luke's face is hilarious!

  • Thermal Shoes
    Thermal Shoes 14 dni temu

    Luke is the reason I’ve started getting into this show

  • TheGlizz
    TheGlizz 15 dni temu

    The way Luke just relaxed after Linus specified is words😂

  • kat
    kat 15 dni temu

    Luke earned that troll moment for real!!!! XD lmao, Luke you did that!

  • Square 38
    Square 38 15 dni temu +419

    Ten years of hard work flashed before Lukes eyes at 4:20. "its been a good run" he must have thought.

  • 송랩 [SONGLAB]
    송랩 [SONGLAB]  15 dni temu

    I'm just glad that Luke was able to prevent the Linus dropping the company instead of some silicons LOL

  • screaminjesus
    screaminjesus 15 dni temu +1

    This has to be one of the most hilarious wan show moments ever xD

  • James Ruddell
    James Ruddell 14 dni temu +2

    This will be remembered for years. Absolute GOLD