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Linus Defends Youtube Again

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  • Opublikowany 28 lut 2023
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Komentarze • 196

  • TarianJEDTech
    TarianJEDTech 28 dni temu +134

    Add a unique beep before and after the AD reads using the stream deck. Then you can use video processing software to automatically find the beeps and cut that part of the video out. Obviously this would require Linus to remember to add the beep before and after the AD reads.

    • IPTN
      IPTN 27 dni temu +1

      Specifically use a different tone for the start of a spot than the end, and please make it outside ROH.

    • edewaal97
      edewaal97 27 dni temu +6

      @959 MC I just learnt something new today!

    • 959 MC
      959 MC 27 dni temu +8

      Or just log timecodes, literally pressing F5 in notepad would work perfectly (as long as you know when the video started)

    • Dezi
      Dezi 28 dni temu +21

      Yeah I saw a youtuber make a device ones, that added a specific sound to one of the unused audio channels whenever he pushed a button( possible multiple different ones" and made a script to add automatic bookmarks for them in video software for them

  • Alias Anybody
    Alias Anybody 28 dni temu +435

    Be careful with the new dub tracks and Canadian law, or you'll soon have to hire a full time French voice actor for yourself. Let's call him Linó.

    • Cesium
      Cesium 26 dni temu

      @Vani Gaming 💖😘 bot

    • RedSakura
      RedSakura 27 dni temu +1

      @He who has no identity as a canadian i can tell you that the french canadians dont have as much sway as you'd think. They keep trying to vote provincial politicians into federal office which never works because they dont have any where near enough voters.

    • Joan Noguera Pastor
      Joan Noguera Pastor 27 dni temu

      ​@daveSoupy It's either that or they'll leave, so respecting French is the compromise

    • Planefan 08
      Planefan 08 28 dni temu +2

      ​@Arcanum Why on Earth would they do that?

    • TheElly750
      TheElly750 28 dni temu +13

      @He who has no identity bruh Ottawa is in Ontario not QC. And of course Ottawa has control its the capital. As for QC's influence its really not that complicated.
      1. Its the historical starting point of Canada
      2. It represents close to 25% of the population
      3. Its the source of 20% of the Canadian gdp (2nd place behind Ontario)
      3. It

  • David Sh.
    David Sh. 28 dni temu +83

    I think you could make a program to automatically scan a small section in each frame in the podcast and just have linus or luke make it show up whenever there is an ad read.

    • Jeanc16
      Jeanc16 27 dni temu +4

      Yeah exactly what i tought! They already have buttons to show the ads on screen

  • Haz226
    Haz226 28 dni temu +198

    The dubbing system is really bad for one reason, please if you can get it to PLclip’s ears I would be forever grateful:
    I’ve been watching videos on PLclip primarily in English.
    The dub feature isn’t interesting for me as I’m used to watching my favorite creators in English, but I understand the importance. HOWEVER on Shorts (only witnessed it on MrBeast Shorts) there isn’t an option to change the language. So I’ve recently started getting French MrBeast shorts with no possibility of changing the language back and it’s just annoying.
    What’s weird is that the option is present on normal videos, it’s just a PLclip short thing for some reason.
    PS: I’ve sent feedback and left multiple comments on shorts where this appeared to no avail (last time I checked)

    • 林奕成
      林奕成 25 dni temu +1

      The automatic translation on titles and descriptions are already SUPER ANNOYING since there's absolutely NO WAY to change the settings so that I can disable it, really hope the dubbing feature doesn't end up like that.
      I UNDERSTAND F*****G ENGLISH, being a Taiwanese DOESN'T mean Traditional Chinese is the only language I'm able to use.

    • Mopsie
      Mopsie 27 dni temu

      It would be cool if you can disable shitty bg music with this lol

    • Haz226
      Haz226 27 dni temu +1

      @Letrix you’re right my bad!

    • Napalm
      Napalm 27 dni temu

      This also applies to video titles, currently I get translated in the order of any language > English > Swedish. I personally don’t care for the Swedish translation and I can’t change it

    • Andreas
      Andreas 27 dni temu +5

      And don't forget PLclip automatically translating the video titles

  • Lilith Moore
    Lilith Moore 27 dni temu +5

    "I think the irreverence is why they like it"
    Perfectly said! it's a casual atmosphere that's rare from 'large creators' or any business

  • Sapioit
    Sapioit 28 dni temu +11

    I think you should use a few "standard length" "hydration breaks" which to double as ad spaces, so it's easier to simply cut those for the podcast and replace those with the ads of the podcast, which ideally should also use the same lengths, so the same time-sheets can be used for both the livestream video and the audio-only podcast.

  • Ash
    Ash 27 dni temu +2

    Nerd idea alert: You could you add a button to your streamdeck (think thats what you're using for the the bleep and switching feeds) that you press just before the next topic/at the ends of topics, that adds a timestamp to a spreadsheet or something. You can then use these timestamps to know when to insert ads that aren't in the middle of convo or whatever or just before/after ad reads

  • Synthetic_Future
    Synthetic_Future 27 dni temu +5

    4:40 🤣I can totally see Luke looking at something and being "oooh I don't want to get in trouble over this... I'll sign it Linus... because he'll forgot about signing it anyways" 🤣

  • Dr. Hamza د. حمزة

    Linus was blessed by 2 angels, Yvonne and Luke. I hope he cherishes them forever.

  • Andreas
    Andreas 27 dni temu +6

    Can't wait to have PLclip automatically dub languages that I already speak
    As if the automatically translated titles wasn't annoying enough

  • John Paul Buce
    John Paul Buce 28 dni temu +14

    very excited for the dub, cant wait to hear filipino linus

  • Absurdem Tiefer
    Absurdem Tiefer 28 dni temu +15

    Just setup a Hotkey that you can press a the beginning and end of an Ad, that saves the Time it was pressed relative to the start of the recording, and use those timestamps as parameters in your script ...

  • Darthiss
    Darthiss 27 dni temu

    Maybe you can have the ads pre-recorded and you just take a small brake during the stream, play the correct ads for the correct platform and then you go back to the stream. Does that make sense?
    That way you’ll have a standard amount of time without input in both of your mics, so no matter when you take the pause it will be easy to identify

  • Izzy Hope Dolphin
    Izzy Hope Dolphin 27 dni temu

    4:05 my thought for this is have a button on the stream deck that sets a marker, so you press a button when you start ads and then press another when you end ads, and then those make markers than could be automated to the ad spots on Spotify and what not

  • FARBerserker
    FARBerserker 28 dni temu +1

    do not listen to them linus, we enjoy the irreverance. it makes it feel more familial and less formal.
    also keep being a troll, it makes the vids more fun to watch as well.

  • Captain Smith
    Captain Smith 27 dni temu

    In Torchlight ii, just keep the blue weapons. Specifically the ones that steal health & mana. You just hold the trigger down and he hits 10 times a second, virtually defeat everything with a few mana drainers. There's sockets and enchanting, but I will probably go do that now that he's almost level 18, because then you throw the weapons away and get the gems back, game is hella cheap, 5$ bucks U.

  • Respectable Username
    Respectable Username 28 dni temu +2

    Could have the producer of the WAN Show tap a button or something to in real time mark the start and end of an ad segment. Get a little python script, hook it up to a streamdeck or something, and bam you got your time markers (if you remember)

  • Hannah FBR
    Hannah FBR 27 dni temu

    i guess it shows what kind of person i am that im excited for the multiple language tracks and how they could be used in ARGs

  • mjjuntunen
    mjjuntunen 27 dni temu

    If you want to automate ads then insert A sound to designate begin and end of an ad. Many broadcasters do this to cover up the variability in breaks.

  • Zach Swena
    Zach Swena 27 dni temu

    Get yourself a second disk recorder like a hyperdeck or KiPro connected to a button you can push as you enter add reads. Hardware recorders have more definite start/stop latency

  • salepien1234
    salepien1234 28 dni temu +2

    Would a cue at the beginning and end of ad reads that an algorithm can easily pick out not speed up the process significantly?
    Like the same phrases that it can pick out of the transcript or a visual cue you (de)activate.
    Sure there will be misses because people forget doing that stuff sometimes(especially before it’s routine) and the algorithm might not always get everything right. But I’m certain you could make a „thing“ of something like that and it would likely speed up the workflow.

    • MythicalGoon
      MythicalGoon 22 dni temu

      It also cues to viewers here's your chance to click away!

  • hacked2123
    hacked2123 27 dni temu

    been looking forward to multi-audio tracks for years, so many possibilities

  • Alpha-DTT
    Alpha-DTT 28 dni temu +3

    i really wish the dub feature comes out soon, as a small content creator. doing 2 vids for the same thing is a bit time consuming

  • not your average dingus

    Linus be like: Now the wrinkles on a wall
    It won't go away
    It's an omen

  • Z
    Z 28 dni temu +3

    only thought i would have would be a hot button that you hold while you make an Ad Read....This could have a hidden frequency of some type of tag that a program could easily edit, then you could just splice a new add in

  • iain mcilwain
    iain mcilwain 28 dni temu

    So I want Dall E or something to make live photo comics of the WAN show. I'm hard of hearing and hanging on a library with my kids so I cranked it down to 144p, subtitles, no audio. I wanted the words and the physical reactions.
    So Wan show Comic with epic sponsor frames! and WAN show podcast as post WAN show products.
    Almost no level of abstraction between the actual content and Memes!

  • tpodole
    tpodole 27 dni temu

    1080+ I can get as on some scenes it can get blurry and solution now is to use 1440. Some will say "why not just upgrade old one?" and I will say "why you want even more data usage on 1080p?"
    Option to choose dubs HAS TO BE free, uploading videos as such can require premium tho.

  • Faizal kuntz
    Faizal kuntz 27 dni temu +1

    the fact free PLclip wouldn't allowed me to download offline more than 360p and not copyrighted is horrible and what makes worse if you update PLclip app offline download gone.
    now i just download from other sites but still PLclip is getting more and more hard to be a free users, i can handle unlimited ads PLclip force me but i don't know how long people can endure it.

  • Jeremy Jarvis
    Jeremy Jarvis 26 dni temu

    That sweater can not be unseen!

  • Luke Robson
    Luke Robson 28 dni temu +3

    Button on a computer that takes the timestamp of the sponsorship and press again when finished

  • The Shaggy Sniper
    The Shaggy Sniper 28 dni temu +3

    I wish there'd be more acknowledgement to the change of the algorithm, that's taken it for a wild turn for the worse. More or less, they're not going to suggest content outside of your existing circles (creators you're already subscribed to or have already seen before), unless they're deemed "advertiser safe". Meaning, in for instance my general interests with airsoft, PLclip will not recommend any airsoft channels that I haven't seen before. Instead, they're suggesting "safe and trending" videos, such as makeup tutorials, family vlogger drama channels, sports channels, science channels, music videos, and channels that aren't even in languages you speak. Most of these suggestions will be very similar to as if you were browsing PLclip without being logged in - just generic, trending content.
    Some users are reporting to see "no change" in the algorithm, which is because they literally don't watch anything that could be deemed "unsafe", or they already watch several "safe" content creators.
    Speaking of PLclip, here's some cool things that they've quietly introduced:
    -New "Advertiser Safe" algorithm, as mentioned
    -Clicking "Not Interested" on "safe" recommendations will do nothing, to the point of recommending you the same video the next day.
    -Heavily filling your homepage with videos you've already watched, rather than showing you new content if they're deemed "unsafe for advertisers"
    -A neat "feature" that will repeat several suggestions on your homepage - example: 1, 2, 3, 4, 2, 3, 4, 5...
    -Literal advertisements on the PLclip Homepage for Premium users
    -Advertisements that are several hours long - skippable, but still cumbersome for audio-only podcast users.
    -Automatic throttling on every video during PLclip's "Peak" hours (reduces quality to 360/480p) regardless of your internet connection
    Just some of the neat things they've introduced recently.

  • Memes n Shet
    Memes n Shet 28 dni temu +11

    The return on investment of hiring someone dedicated to edit the wan show from merch messages and other miscellaneous stuff that aren't super relevant to the topics and upload them to podcasting platforms in a timely manner could be huge

  • Gwubby
    Gwubby 28 dni temu +1

    Linus Maniacal Laughter LOL

  • Blaine Middle
    Blaine Middle 28 dni temu +5

    @LMG Clips
    Free tip here if you really wanted to help an automation process, give me credit if you want.
    You could train an machine learning model to track linus's phrase "segway to our sponsor" to create a timestamp for you to insert media clips to to some degree, that process as with anything machine learning can be scaled up accordingly too.

  • Sorry NotSorry
    Sorry NotSorry 28 dni temu

    I understand why PLclip don't have the higher bitrate by default and the need for paying for it, but it sucks... Some videos look straight-up horrible at the moment.

  • Chris Solace
    Chris Solace 28 dni temu +11

    I don’t think a higher, pay walled 1080p 13 bit rate streaming feature is that bad since I think most people also won’t notice it (like they likely won’t use 4K). And an integrated dubbing system sounds good too…! Not sure what there is to defend or not since it seems mostly positive… 🤷‍♂️

    • Insomnimaniac
      Insomnimaniac 28 dni temu

      @Clay Wheeler Probably, but not yet

    • Clay Wheeler
      Clay Wheeler 28 dni temu +3

      @Insomnimaniac your comment gonna age like a Fine Milk.

    • Luiz Gustavo Hartkopf
      Luiz Gustavo Hartkopf 28 dni temu +3

      @Insomnimaniacright? I think the whole point of the video went right over his head lol

    • Insomnimaniac
      Insomnimaniac 28 dni temu +3

      @GondorianSlayer What exactly are they removing? The current bitrate is staying the same.

  • Luiz Gustavo Hartkopf
    Luiz Gustavo Hartkopf 28 dni temu +1

    If you guys want to hire me for the Portuguese dub, let me know!

    • Luiz Gustavo Hartkopf
      Luiz Gustavo Hartkopf 28 dni temu

      @teiczer 😂😂😂 I don’t think they would allow me to say that sadly

    • teiczer
      teiczer 28 dni temu

      I can already hear karalho :)

  • Daniel Renard
    Daniel Renard 28 dni temu +1

    4:41 Casually admitting to forgery/falsification of documents on Podcast. 👍

  • ryundai
    ryundai 27 dni temu

    Please have a UK dub that only swaps "zees" for "zeds".

  • Susi Terry
    Susi Terry 26 dni temu

    Be cool if there was different video tracks for different languages

  • Adam Fielding
    Adam Fielding 27 dni temu

    why isn't Dan wearing LLT merch? The guys clearly not a team player

  • Oswin Grochowski
    Oswin Grochowski 28 dni temu +5

    I don't see much of an appeal for higher bitrate videos unless the viewer is someone watching a lot of stuff like gaming videos where the fast movements can cause a lot of pixelation.

    • l l
      l l 27 dni temu

      @Clay Wheeler What should I do to notice it's effect practically then? For my use, I didn't feel any difference at january 1st, or 31th

    • Clay Wheeler
      Clay Wheeler 27 dni temu

      @l l Manifest V3 already rolled out since January 2023

    • l l
      l l 27 dni temu +1

      @Clay Wheeler I don't know how to tell you, but from my side it appears your comments are obscured.
      I don't want to discuss chrome's manifest v3 as it's effect is not direct. On the other side I'm using chrome and there are no issues with blocking them. I thought it will happen in next year? And by then workflow to get extensions work similarily be established.

    • l l
      l l 27 dni temu +1

      ​@u G Yeah, it's important to look at the bigger picture, someone has to pay for it.
      And PLclip is not bringing big profits, sounds like they mostly lost money.
      If they lowered 70% ad rev share to 60, so everyone can have premium 1080p, would you support them? (I know you have premium, just asking others, who should be contributing to youtube's bill. Viewers, or creators? Alphabet is not an option)

  • DaRedaBua
    DaRedaBua 27 dni temu +1

    YT sucks at languages. All I want is to have not a single thing translated on yt. It translates all the german yt titles to english and it is sometimes very confusing. it also translates video titles from languages I don't even speak and just because i watched Narcos last year i now have loads of spanish yt which I only notice when the person starts speaking. Fricking auto dubbing will make things even worse I fear.

    • Andreas
      Andreas 27 dni temu

      It's even dumber for multilingual users
      It auto translates video titles from languages that I already know
      I don't want to constantly have to manually change the audio language as well
      Like come on! I can set google search results to several languages, chrome has a a setting to select languages to not auto translate, but PLclip has none of those features?

  • Slippers
    Slippers 28 dni temu +1

    the $10 float plane lets me get full 1080p if I want it. this is basically an ad for floatplane

  • Cesium
    Cesium 26 dni temu

    Just make one pixel yellow ad reads and run some software that checks that pixel.
    Loved the clip tho

  • Wassim Ajili
    Wassim Ajili 27 dni temu

    I'm fine with 480p 🤣🤣🤣, 720p and 1080p doesn't make a difference when i watch stuff on split screen, the only thing i prefer watching at higher resolutions is movies

  • aullik
    aullik 27 dni temu

    I actually think the dubbing thing is a step backwards. The prevalence of English content forces people to learn English thus reducing the time it takes until the whole world speaks English. All of the world speaking the same language (as 2nd language is enough) will encourage understanding between groups and will reduce frictions that eventually lead to war.

  • Blarnix
    Blarnix 27 dni temu +3

    PLclip needs to focus more on AV1 adoption than bitrate of VP9

    • l l
      l l 27 dni temu

      @Blarnix Interesting - I thought they use AV1 more, but maybe it's not worth it.
      I tested channels you provided for AV1 videos in last uploads:
      MKBHD 2/3
      LTT 0/3
      Snazzy Labs 2/3
      Penguinz0 1/3
      Not to accuse, as for playback youtube may have probed your connection/playback performance to pick VP9 instead. Also if you are quick to watch uploads that has to result in less videos having AV1 (as youtube probably would upload vp9 quickly than wait to encode AV1. Probably they are more likely to encode AV1 when load is low (and video planned?), virality of youtuber videos is high)
      Anyway, pretty much everyone knows youtube supports AV1, especially chipmakers. Forcing all videos to be AV1 would probably cause playback issues for many (as h264 is kept for lower resolutions) - getting AV1 bad press

    • Blarnix
      Blarnix 27 dni temu

      @l l I have watched multiple videos from MKBHD, Linus Tech Tips, Snazzy Labs, Penguinz0, and more, and 9/10 times those videos are VP9.

    • l l
      l l 27 dni temu

      @Blarnix Yes. It's AV1 when it's viable option and streaming savings outweight encoding costs. Unless you watch ONLY small creators, you will see AV1 used plenty.
      It has rather positive effect on AV1 adoption as most people watch popular content which has AV1

    • Blarnix
      Blarnix 27 dni temu

      @l l Most of their catalog is VP9.

    • l l
      l l 27 dni temu

      They adopted it years ago

  • clev
    clev 28 dni temu +1

    podcast would be dope if the cohost wasn’t a yes man

  • Daniel
    Daniel 27 dni temu


  • speedwaynutt
    speedwaynutt 28 dni temu

    One thing that Linus can't defend PLclip on is there stupid Bots Copyright system. The Pain Deadmeat has had because of it is enough to drive people insane

  • EmbraceAchase
    EmbraceAchase 27 dni temu

    Ive always wondered about those bloody wrinkles in background 😆😅

  • Brian Lough
    Brian Lough 27 dni temu

    Inject some audio que that's easily machine detectable before and after the ads maybe?

  • Grīmô
    Grīmô 28 dni temu +1

    Nice, an Ad for the LTT ABCs book on a LMG channel :D

  • Aerium Four
    Aerium Four 28 dni temu +3

    If it's interlaced, is it *1080iemuim?*

  • MeshMN
    MeshMN 28 dni temu +1

    Not sure why I noted this but you all have outstanding beards, lol! 2:05

  • Allix
    Allix 28 dni temu +1

    Jokes on them I watch in 720p to save data

  • Eric Frederich
    Eric Frederich 27 dni temu

    PLclip is trash... I'm a premium member. I notice bad quality and see it is set to "Auto (1080p)", but then when I select "1080p" I notice a big increase in quality. THEY LIE TO YOU

  • Ping
    Ping 27 dni temu

    Why are your podcasts so late to upload for apple platform?

  • Claudiu
    Claudiu 27 dni temu

    Jokes on them, I watch >95% of youtube at 480p and sometimes (when I want quality) 720p

  • Volvith
    Volvith 28 dni temu

    So, PLclip Music and PLclip Red weren't enough?
    Now we need PLclip Video?
    _This is because Google is hemorrhaging isn't it?_

  • KevinIsSoAwsome
    KevinIsSoAwsome 26 dni temu

    This video on my iPhone has 1080p higher bitrate option.

  • Ritwikism
    Ritwikism 28 dni temu +1

    Poor Sven

  • ImmaMeme420
    ImmaMeme420 28 dni temu

    I was at the store and realized PLclipImma1st on this video

  • Abdul Basit Suhail
    Abdul Basit Suhail 26 dni temu

    using google adsense on website still asking google to pay

  • Nahid Islam
    Nahid Islam 28 dni temu +2

    how come video didn’t use their AI to demonstrate fixing the lip sync issue on dubbing audio?

  • Ruku Ryukami
    Ruku Ryukami 28 dni temu +1

    sign: Linusn't = not Linus

  • chell
    chell 28 dni temu

    i hadn't seen the wrinkles take me back take me back

  • Connor DeLuca
    Connor DeLuca 28 dni temu

    I wanted to hear from Dan's chair, not Dan.

  • ApexHD؜
    ApexHD؜ 28 dni temu

    Mr brest has auto tracks on his newest video

  • Hexacarbide
    Hexacarbide 27 dni temu

    Fun thx guys lol

  • Azazel
    Azazel 28 dni temu

    PLclip has long not been running at 13 mbit, it was more like 1-2 mbit.

  • Henrique Tavares
    Henrique Tavares 28 dni temu

    So If you guys need help for Portuguese audio for videos, let me know.

  • ? the Platypus
    ? the Platypus 28 dni temu

    Moiré pattern hell.

  • Simon Dowsett
    Simon Dowsett 27 dni temu

    Preeemium, dude!

  • MrJuliusz
    MrJuliusz 26 dni temu

    I don't get this big hate of youtube premium. Most of you pay for a spotify premium which is just unreasonable, my youtube premium cost nearly the same as spotify. We all watch youtube and EVERY MUSIC ARTIST post their music on youtube as well. So why not switch to youtube premium?

  • niekversteege
    niekversteege 28 dni temu

    Don't joke about those wrinkles man.

  • Victor Karlsson
    Victor Karlsson 27 dni temu

    Shout out to Sven

  • adamlee007
    adamlee007 27 dni temu

    480p 4 life

  • elcanaldeldime
    elcanaldeldime 28 dni temu

    I don't like the dub. I think it will kill a lot of smaller creators from certain languages and will lead to monopolistic channels around certain topics

  • Yoiko
    Yoiko 28 dni temu

    I WANT TO WORK WITH YOU GUYS AS A SPANISH TRANSLATOR PLEASE HIRE ME this is not a joke what do I have to do c'mon man

  • Catzzye
    Catzzye 28 dni temu

    Wrong description btw

  • AidanDotDash
    AidanDotDash 28 dni temu

    Wrong description boys

  • Lianpe98
    Lianpe98 23 dni temu

    yes, i've heard your spanish dub... it was painfully dull so I went back to english

  • A C
    A C 27 dni temu

    Not gonna buy either Floatplane or PLclip Premium. Get rekt Linus.

  • Modicum
    Modicum 28 dni temu

    1080 is not premium. 1440 is not premium. 4K is premium. Ask me again in 4 years, 4K is not premium. 8K is premium.

    • l l
      l l 27 dni temu

      1080p at reasonable bitrate=premium

  • Modtec
    Modtec 27 dni temu

    I dont really care if youtube pushes its premium service. What I DO care about is its content policy basically folding to middle aged US-midwest conservative christian housewives. "Fuck" is not a f-bomb, USA, its a bloody word.

  • Joel Dekker
    Joel Dekker 28 dni temu +5


  • Akkbar
    Akkbar 28 dni temu +3

    Hey PLclip. We aren’t gonna pay you money. Stop trying. The reason I’m here is because this is free.

  • Zombl337
    Zombl337 28 dni temu

    im not paying for HD, this aint cable for a reason

    • l l
      l l 27 dni temu

      Can your monitor display 1080p?

    • GondorianSlayer
      GondorianSlayer 28 dni temu

      ​@Ryan ok rich boy.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 28 dni temu +8

      You're not. You're paying for higher bit rate.

  • edits.
    edits. 27 dni temu


  • Anurag Varma
    Anurag Varma 28 dni temu +2


  • GondorianSlayer
    GondorianSlayer 28 dni temu

    Just cause of this. I leave this channel.

  • Kushagra Peshin
    Kushagra Peshin 28 dni temu

    I don’t get these “well no one uses 4k hurrdrr”. You don’t represent everyone.

    TOXIC GAMING | SFA | 28 dni temu +10

    "Linus Defends PLclip Again".
    Always has been. We all know that he is a corporate shill for PLclip, and Wojcicki leaving, doesn't help. I mean we have Mohan, integrated NFTs which will be fun right?

    • GondorianSlayer
      GondorianSlayer 28 dni temu

      Agreed. He wants to ruin videos now.

    • Rendered Pixels
      Rendered Pixels 28 dni temu +2

      They kinda sign his paycheck.... And his entire business kinda depends on playing good boy for them.

    • Fusion
      Fusion 28 dni temu +3

      Yeah I hate how much he sucks up to them. I get they pay him money, but you should still be a leader of change.

  • Dtr146
    Dtr146 28 dni temu +1

    Nobody watches PLclip at 1080p anyway.

    • Dtr146
      Dtr146 28 dni temu

      @Kushagra Peshin normally time I ever watch anything higher than 360 p is when I'm at home on my home internet. Unlimited fiber truly is pretty good

    • Dtr146
      Dtr146 28 dni temu

      @Pedro Fernandes ? You can change quality easily on mobile, pc, and smart tv. Dont know what ur on about

    • Dtr146
      Dtr146 28 dni temu

      @Sleepy Hollow on mobile at 240p atm

    • Pedro Fernandes
      Pedro Fernandes 28 dni temu +3

      Dude, most videos on youtube are still 1080p, it's not even a choice