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Luke had to Quit his Favorite Game

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  • Opublikowany 28 lut 2023
  • Luke quits a game he’s played for years due to unfairness and cheating.
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  • Mamie-_-Traillette
    Mamie-_-Traillette 28 dni temu +5272

    he finally escaped from Tarkov

  • makker
    makker 27 dni temu +497

    It's not about the developers making the game uncheatable because that's literally impossible, if they can build a wall someone else can break it down. It's about making a real effort to fight against cheating and accepting that if you want your competitive online game to survive you're going to have to fight this as hard as you can forever.

    • ForestCity Fishing
      ForestCity Fishing 15 dni temu

      There are NO games that are cheater free. Every single online game is full of these losers. It ruins them all.
      You can find a game with 100 players, 12 years old, no budget, and you will still have many cheaters. Its that bad now.

    • UnformidableWolf
      UnformidableWolf 15 dni temu

      The game is built on a Web Launcher, it's easier to hack than your school computer.

    • Eddie Santana
      Eddie Santana 16 dni temu

      It also has some crashes , for some reason I keep getting Anti cheat error , even though I don’t even use any cheats lmao it’s ridiculous because I’d hop back in raid and be dead already . it’s so bad …

    • Buff waffle Mann
      Buff waffle Mann 16 dni temu +1

      valorant would like to chat.. theyve prety much solved the cheater issues and they use battleeye... the problem truly is BSG gets a fuck ton of money if people keep cheating and buying EoD every time. so why would they bother doing anything about it. russians arent good at money management just spending it

  • MoA-Reload...
    MoA-Reload... 27 dni temu +166

    G0at uploaded an update video and I'm still giggling about a point he made in it.
    He points out that the cheat creators actually advise that players running them uninstall Valorant and Vanguard because Vangaurd actually catches their cheats...
    I found that utterly hilarious, Riots own anti cheat Vanguard for a totally different game is catching some of these cheats while on it's tea break 🤣
    There was way more in it so well worth a watch 🤗

    • CaptCanadEh
      CaptCanadEh 8 dni temu

      @Tom Tom sure? I just don't know the terminology.
      Like what makes it so easy to be able to use and make the cheats work in Tarkov?

    • Tom Tom
      Tom Tom 8 dni temu

      @CaptCanadEh Define break in? Like Inject a cheat?

    • CaptCanadEh
      CaptCanadEh 8 dni temu

      @Tom Tom what is it that makes it so easy for you to "break in"? Unity code? Shit BattlEye implementation? Shit BSG code?

    • Tom Tom
      Tom Tom 8 dni temu

      @CaptCanadEh Anymore questions dont hesitate to ask, Ive cheated in tarkov for like 4 years and made them myself

  • Lee Robison
    Lee Robison 28 dni temu +595

    The radar hacks are even more insane. They run off a separate computer and read packets from your router to display a fully interactive map of everything on your 2nd PC. All the loot on the map, all the peoples real time location and direction, absolutely everything. It's insane. And no software is being run on the main PC.

    • Brian Jones
      Brian Jones 12 dni temu

      This is what is used in Fortnite, and I bet every doillar Ive ever made that a good chunk of these people who got super rich off streaming, they hack.

    • JB
      JB 15 dni temu

      ​@Jylakir it's all documented well and been done for many years. Also as far as I know, it is undetectable.

    • MrKarlifen
      MrKarlifen 16 dni temu

      This was what made me quit really. Id rather die to an aimbot and KNOW i died to a cheater, than have this constant nagging suspicion that this or that person might have cheated and i would never know. Especially in a game like tarkov where theres so many oppurtunities for the enemy to aquire info on you without you knowing.

    • Samuel Shin
      Samuel Shin 17 dni temu

      Woah that's so cool. Hackers are based. Forcing you guys to touch grass hahshagagagHahaha

    • Jylakir
      Jylakir 17 dni temu

      @Rexhunter99 I won't believe that. Its not that hard to setup a reverse Proxy to offload the encryption. And I think they will use some kind of cloud for hosting, thats a standard offering of all IaaS.

  • TopHatPenguin
    TopHatPenguin 26 dni temu +26

    The tarkov situation is so sad because I have nearly 2k hours in the game at this point and you get pretty good at telling when stuff is off. This wipe me and my friends all noticed how it was just so much more rampant. We realized how bad it was when we started on purpose looking away in fights and every time we would suddenly get pushed like clockwork. It was so consistent. We would use keys on rare loot rooms and more times than not it would be empty because someone sucked it all up. You would check the flea market and 50 graphics cards just up for sale in a bundle. It was too much and even though it was my most successful wipe it was also the most soulless and I quit

  • Taterz
    Taterz 28 dni temu +166

    the best part is being called a cheater when you're not actually cheating. always makes my day.

    • Dolan Dumpf
      Dolan Dumpf 5 dni temu

      I made a shitty video once (cod montage on my channel) and was accused of cheating on an internet forum where i posted it… still insane bit funny.

    • antonthewall
      antonthewall 14 dni temu

      thats just regular everyday tarkov going back years even before even my grandma knew that there is a hacker in every lobby

    • James Bee
      James Bee 20 dni temu

      Ehh.. it used to mean something. Now everybody says you're cheating if you do even a mediocre job.

    • Lokey Odinson
      Lokey Odinson 23 dni temu

      Until they turn on theirs because they think you are.

    • scythelord
      scythelord 24 dni temu

      I've gotten that in the past when I actually bothered with competitive multiplayer games. That was one of the best feelings when everything falls into place and you just dominate a match. I remember I had someone call me a cheater in an old 360 modern warfare 2 match. I had a sniper in a ghillie suit agaist the hedge wall in whatever map it was called. Died once getting to the wall, but clean sweep to the nuke afterward. Very short match. Never happened again but it was amazing.

  • Pingger_Shikkoken
    Pingger_Shikkoken 28 dni temu +1899

    In my opinion: You did NOT ruin g0at's video! You boosted it very well and explained what is in the video, without spoiling the video. Great Job! And extremely great job g0at!

    • Salty Lemon
      Salty Lemon 20 dni temu

      @AlephDemiurgos tbf he didn't know it was something that shouldn't be said.

    • David Jeffries
      David Jeffries 24 dni temu

      @King Karlito i don't mean 2b a punk, but i believe his take was along the lines of revealing the focus of the video, & using his insider information on his own you tube video, & ruin the hype behind his friend's own video.. if you were hip to yt analytics, you would know that the initial numbers post upload is reliant on not being 2nd to cover an issue, especially a niche one.. plus being the 1 who did all the work, and then your video was discussed on a larger channel, could've also went the other way fairly easily.. i think1 of the reasons why it didn't, is cuz luke withheld specific details, and didn't bring up the video to do anything maliciously, so his respected character acted more in an advertisement/ cosign, vs the opposite--which is why the idea is far from DAFT

    • crazygamingfab
      crazygamingfab 25 dni temu +1

      Social blade says +450% subs in last 30 days XD

    • orye09
      orye09 25 dni temu

      @Alex Bebb way to miss the point. The game is already dead thanks to the game developer

    • Arch angel gaming
      Arch angel gaming 25 dni temu

      g0at is a cheating joke

  • Tangent Fox
    Tangent Fox 27 dni temu +37

    I really love how when you mentioned the AK-74, someone immediately thought you just didn't know what an AK-47 is.

    • Billy Mays
      Billy Mays 19 dni temu +2

      @Paul McLagan na, ak47 with the dong is best

    • Paul McLagan
      Paul McLagan 20 dni temu +2

      Made me respect Luke more. AK74 is the best AK.

  • Ferocity Rocket
    Ferocity Rocket 27 dni temu +29

    I’ve never played Tarkov and probably never will, but man Luke can tell a story here. That was pretty cool.

  • Nick Vaandrager
    Nick Vaandrager 28 dni temu +157

    Bro he has genuinely over doubled his sub count, I love seeing this type of good in the world

    • Gramini
      Gramini 16 dni temu +1

      @Alex Bebb Shooting the messenger, I see…

    • Ren Barnard
      Ren Barnard 26 dni temu +2

      tripled now

    • Abion47
      Abion47 27 dni temu +16

      @Alex Bebb The way Luke is talking about it, it was pretty unplayable already. The only people who still play Tarkov are the diehards who enjoy the game in spite of the rampant cheaters and game-breaking bugs. If anything, this is a wake-up call to the Tarkov devs that if they don't get their shit together, their days are numbered.
      And really, the only aspect of the game this video "ruined" is that now the cheaters have to play against other cheaters more often, effectively leveling the playing field once more.

    • Moldy Shishkabob
      Moldy Shishkabob 27 dni temu +31

      ​@Alex Bebb He ruined everyone's fun by saying that the emperor indeed has no clothes?
      As someone who has already checked out of any PvP game, regardless of how you view the experience, the only thing he has ruined is people's willful ignorance towards this. Like Luke said at the beginning, _cheating is rampant._
      The fact that major televised eSports tournaments can feature players who still try to get away with cheating should say how commonplace it is. G0at hasn't done anything but inform, and if it ruins things for you, that's entirely on you.

    • Alex Bebb
      Alex Bebb 27 dni temu +1

      that wasnt good. he singlehandly killed the game under the pretense of saving it. he gave so much advertisement to the cheats they dev actually said hes rolling in cash now. the game had issues before but it wasnt unplayable. now it is

  • Kenny G
    Kenny G 16 dni temu +3

    I stopped playing tarkov about 6 months ago because I felt there were so many cheaters. My friends all thought I was crazy but the amount of times I would be in a fight or just moving around the map and have someone run up on our group silently and mow us down.

  • Matchstick
    Matchstick 28 dni temu +93

    As a firearms enthusiast I find it cool to learn that about Luke.

    • glitchythe1
      glitchythe1 20 dni temu

      I wonder since they’re located in Canada, if Luke or anyone else likes firearms in LMG.
      Cool to see that about Luke though.

    • Last Wymsi
      Last Wymsi 23 dni temu +1

      It'a nice to see. Also gives context for why they havent been weird to GunTubers trying to stay afloat on floatplane.

    • Jackson Fortune
      Jackson Fortune 24 dni temu +3

      same. its nice to see in the tech youtube community.

  • Haitch Kay
    Haitch Kay 28 dni temu +192

    It was nuts seeing Luke show up in g0at's video and everything he said about the problems with Tarkov are 100%. However I think there's something important that he left out (most likely because he wasn't aware) about Nikita, the project lead of Tarkov and the COO of BSG: he is on record saying that cheaters are good for business. His previous project was a F2P shooter riddled with MTX's and P2W stuff and he's talked about how constantly banning cheaters was good for a game because they'll "buy more copies". This is why nobody trusts BSG when they talk about cheaters.

    • enjoyalienation
      enjoyalienation 22 dni temu

      Where'd he say this?

    • Service_Code_30
      Service_Code_30 25 dni temu +1

      Do you have a link to where Nikita said this?

    • Haitch Kay
      Haitch Kay 26 dni temu +4

      @Dark because Tarkov isn't as popular as people think it is and it's a game that more people enjoy watching than they do playing. It has some serious design flaws that keep it from actually being great and is hamstrung by developer incompetence.

    • Dark
      Dark 26 dni temu +2

      I've been saying it for a while: Clearly Tarkov as a genre is great. It combines the best of modern FPS and survival games like DayZ. Why no one has tried to make an alternative considering all the problems people constantly have with Tarkov is beyond me.

  • Minisith Unknown
    Minisith Unknown 28 dni temu +31

    This is why I miss servers with admins on it that was some random player. They could be toxic sure, but you can favorite servers that you liked. And most of them could view a player anytime during the match and kick them or ban them depending on the situation. It was like a forum administration of a small company that is a super fan of them doing it for free. Which in the gaming community happens very often when there is 100-1,000+ players. I never played Valorant as I heard even being AFK can get you banned/temp banned or even quitting in the middle of a match.

    • Death_N0cturnal
      Death_N0cturnal 21 dzień temu

      @Gry Gaming disagree. i played alot of BF4. most servers owners were pretty fair on who were good players that dominated those servers... as long as they were playing legitimately. there were always a good portion of ''badmins'' that would kick legitimate high-skilled players out of servers due to them being well...''bad'', and got salty over being farmed over and over again. Most guys I played with (including myself) would not get kicked out of servers or have issues on servers when on super high killstreaks.

    • Gry Gaming
      Gry Gaming 22 dni temu +2

      No kidding, during Battlefield 3/4 days....I had 20 servers and donated to at least 10 of them to keep them operational. Those games were never complete blowouts, victory was always decided by no more than 10-20 points. The funny part was, if you played enough you got to know who were the good players and people on both sides actively hunted them down to make them a non-factor in fights often leading to someone going on a 30kill tear....or seeing the said guy run around in a tank just to not die every time they popped their head out.

    • GossamerSolid
      GossamerSolid 26 dni temu +3

      Cheating was much less of an issue when we could host our own servers.
      I ran Day of Defeat Source, Team Fortress 2, and Red Orchestra 2 servers for quite a few years.
      It was labour intensive, but we had a good community that we could rely on and know that our matches would be fair and enjoyable for all.

  • Alex Schendel
    Alex Schendel 28 dni temu +40

    Considering that g0at's sub count went from 27k to over 60k in under a week after this WAN show, I think that you did well for g0at's channel and video haha.

  • Effin' A Gaming
    Effin' A Gaming 28 dni temu +31

    The Green/Red box is often referred to as a Cham Hack (Chameleon) because it changes color according to "surroundings". We are with Luke 1000000%

  • IdlePit
    IdlePit 27 dni temu +16

    "I am now deeply questioning every single engagement I ever have, win or lose doesn't matter"..... I can just imagine Luke getting so confused he gets killed and say's "that guy cheated" and then next game he gets a kill and his face goes confused and he starts thinking "omg what I have done, am I a cheater now?" 🤣

  • Kyle
    Kyle 28 dni temu +10

    I feel you brother
    I've left a few of my favourite games over the years because of cheating and now almost always play single player
    One good thing about it is that you can play at your own pace, explore and take in small details that you miss. It's given me a different appreciation for games
    Hopefully they figure something out about cheaters...

  • savantus1
    savantus1 28 dni temu +743

    PVP games need to be fair, especially the appearance of it being fair and balanced. When it feels like there is no penalty for cheaters, then you lose all sense of enjoyment.

    • CaptainQuiche
      CaptainQuiche 26 dni temu +4

      @Adam Vargo No its an actual cultural thing in China you can look this up lol

    • Jack Mott
      Jack Mott 27 dni temu

      @Mario Spanna denial of what?

    • Mario Spanna
      Mario Spanna 27 dni temu

      @Jack Mott Denial to the highest degree, if that makes you sleep better than good on you.

    • Segment W
      Segment W 27 dni temu +1

      and for those on satellite they're at a distinct disadvantage when their ping goes from 30ms - 2000+ms at any given moment and they're facing people on DSL or Fiber with a stable 30ms or lower.
      Online multiplayer is just *innately* unfair. Even if the game itself it balanced.

  • Battle Boats with Captain Spud

    I feel the passion you have for the game … I’m new but do really love the core of the game but as a new player that struggles obviously the cheaters make it even more demoralizing

  • Windows GamerOS
    Windows GamerOS 28 dni temu +14

    To hear luke say that, it hits home so much, Ive experienced this soul crushing experience

  • Eyevou
    Eyevou 27 dni temu +9

    Cheaters are a large part of why I've been moving toward singleplayer and non-competitive experiences lately.

  • Ididsubmititalready S

    I'm so so so very sorry man. We will hope you get your time to grieve. :(

  • hags2k
    hags2k 28 dni temu +259

    I've never identified with LInus more than with his take of how it feels to be a 'normie' playing EFT.

    • Veer Maharaj
      Veer Maharaj 27 dni temu +8

      Very much so. You just want to play a game and legitimately do well and then people here dropping god level hacks beacuse... they're terrible human beings.

  • Fate MacCutcheon
    Fate MacCutcheon 27 dni temu +2

    This sort of thing happened a ton in Dark Ages of Camelot back in the day, but we didn't have dedicated content creators exposing how bad it was, so we never knew exactly how bad it got. No one ever believed me, for instance, when I said I was keeping an eye on a warband from outside of render distance - while also being at the very edge of the zone and behind a tree - and then as soon as they got within render distance the whole warband turned on a dime and came straight for me. Up a hill, through a forest, around the huge tree I was behind and smashed me, then they returned to their original heading. (In DAoC you could zoom out REALLY far. Like almost all the way to render distance for objects.) After that, I questioned EVERYTHING, that happened. How much were people cheating? Was it just radar? What else were they doing? Had no way of knowing and very few people even agreed that it was possible.

  • CarAntiLab
    CarAntiLab 28 dni temu +194

    Tarkov players: "Oh no, people are using wall hacks, I'm leaving the game."
    GTA Online players: "I managed to play for 10 minutes without being harassed by a crowd of cheaters. Today was a good day."

    • JB
      JB 15 dni temu

      ​@rm3d GTA online hackers can now drain bank accounts and permanently (kinda) mess up your character.

    • SVfighter1
      SVfighter1 16 dni temu

      I don’t play on public servers anymore gta 5 is ridiculous you get shot true buildings

    • Pillz
      Pillz 19 dni temu


    • I Am Explosion
      I Am Explosion 20 dni temu +1

      GTA Online players when they lose 100K+ per death: "Oh no, people are using wall hacks, I'm leaving the game."

  • Wolfs Den Gaming
    Wolfs Den Gaming 22 dni temu +2

    It's nuts. I've had at least 5-10 instances where I knew that I had gotten within earshot without them hearing me, like they were sprinting while I was sneaking. I'd be trying to wait for them to leave. And then for no reason they come in my direction, a direction they realistically should have never gone, they walked straight up to me and mag dumped me... I was certain he was going to walk on by.
    To be clear. I once had to take a phone call in the middle of a match on customs. I went prone in a bush on the side of old gas. I was on the phone for 10-20 minutes of the raid, I watched 6 players walk within 15 feet of me, and continued on, they had plain sight visuals of the bush I was laid prone in and not one shot me. I then went on to safely extract, and then to be on a map like woods, hiding in one of the thousands of bushes on the map, and then having a guy come straight to me and shoot me, it legitimately is a near 0 chance that they would have been able to identify me in a bush when being even decently stealthy.

  • Aesop
    Aesop 27 dni temu +14

    The invisible player thing is interesting because it sounds like a moderator/admin function. Like something someone would use to monitor players for cheating without getting in the way of the game. Identical functions have been put in other online games for this exact reason. If for some reason that's the case, that there is some mod/admin privileges being given randomly to players, then it could be a pretty big security flaw.

  • Daniel Renard
    Daniel Renard 28 dni temu +1

    It is now 20 years since I joined my first online game and I felt like I would be playing it for life at the time. It awoke all sorts of positive feelings in me. Cheaters were present from the start, but it was never anything too invasive; just some dope who would rather have his computer play the game for him, while he'd go pleasure himself to his favorite episode of Inuyasha or whatever, but after a little under 5 years, the bots were running the game. Entirely. It's a meme now, but it was "literally unplayable". It's so heartbreaking.

  • Silver Arm
    Silver Arm 28 dni temu +372

    I feel your pain, because I've quit PVP games and prefer Co-Op/PVE games. P.S Dedicated Community Servers with admin tools would save this game, and how about mod tools to boot.

    • Singularity Raptor
      Singularity Raptor 21 dzień temu

      Rock And Stone?

    • Sam T
      Sam T 27 dni temu +1

      ​@Matthaisif you have a few hundred or even a few thousand this would work great. I would pay money to be on a smaller more heavily moderated server

    • Moldy Shishkabob
      Moldy Shishkabob 27 dni temu

      Monster Hunter games and Risk of Rain 2 are the only games I really play right now. Deep Rock Galactic is definitely on my bucket list once other friends actually get around to playing it...

    • Silver Arm
      Silver Arm 27 dni temu

      @Bryan Robertson Yes maybe so, but that character would be locked to that server. You'd still have official servers to play on as well.

    • Jake Gaynon
      Jake Gaynon 27 dni temu +4

      Try SPTarkov, turns tarkov into a singleplayer PvE game

  • Snay Tay
    Snay Tay 20 dni temu +1

    God, everytime I listen to his thought process of questionable deaths in tarkov, it’s like it’s me talking

  • Noahman2000
    Noahman2000 26 dni temu +2

    Ive been having a great time in single player tarkov, install a few mods on top of it, and my love for tarkov is back.

  • Neil Crabaugh
    Neil Crabaugh 28 dni temu +2

    Some of the LTT content is so good I feel guilty that I thumbed up other videos that are not on par. Thank you!

  • DonkeyFartBox
    DonkeyFartBox 26 dni temu +1

    I'm with Luke on getting drawn in with the firearm customization and accuracy is top-notch compared to so many other games.

  • lw88
    lw88 25 dni temu +1

    Honestly I thought that I was just experiencing horrible desync and server issues playing that game. Those made me want to never play it until they fixed the servers. Now, after watching g0at's video, I know it's extremely likely that those weird and suspect deaths were cheaters, and I have even less incentive to play it.

  • arkie87
    arkie87 28 dni temu +191

    i've said this for years. It is easy to detect cheaters when they are being blatant, but almost impossible if they try to play legitimate. And if a game won't ban the obvious cheaters, how on earth will it detect the sneaky ones?

    • arkie87
      arkie87 18 dni temu

      @auscaliber1 "because of what you wrote" is not an answer. Be specific.

    • auscaliber1
      auscaliber1 18 dni temu

      @arkie87 because of what you wrote? its like when people say "oh they should code in this feature it would be easy". a big crowd of fans all tell each other its true but theres no basis for it.

    • Nathaniel S
      Nathaniel S 25 dni temu +1

      GamersLounge you can detect it by reverse engineering the AI.
      Rocket League has a problem recently with players using a AI to play for them. They're working on a way to solve it.
      Plus there are just things player can't do and you will be able to detect that. Repeat inhuman reaction time and control.
      There not easy or fast fix to advance cheats but there is a solution to all of them.

    • Martin Finiello
      Martin Finiello 26 dni temu

      Cheating could be minimize to a very low % but companies would never spend the money for it since it gives no revenue in the short term

  • Daniel
    Daniel 28 dni temu

    I watched his video yesterday and even though I've never played Tarkov, it was very eye opening to see just how bad cheating is!!

  • Mohammed Alkhaldi
    Mohammed Alkhaldi 27 dni temu

    Thanks for shedding light on the cheating issue, please do a video investigating the topic and meeting with experts to help game developers with ways to prevent it.

  • Darkolos
    Darkolos 15 dni temu

    I also did a lot of breaks over the years while playing tarkov, not only because my hardware isnt the best or it can be insanely stressful, but I always felt like everyone is either cheating or completely cracked at the game. They really need a replay system so i can at least figure out what I can do to get better or if the guy was just cheating.

  • deamontana
    deamontana 27 dni temu +1

    The downside to game streaming as a counter measure to cheating, is it would drastically increase the bandwidth requirements to play online, increasing the bar for entry past what some (maybe a most if my friend groups are much to go by) players have access to in their area.

  • Valhalla
    Valhalla 28 dni temu +5

    Seeing Luke completely gush about Tarkov and having to quit is quite sad

  • GatoPaint
    GatoPaint 28 dni temu +98

    I always feel like when players do that with games is to basically kill it from the inside and pushing the devs to fix stuff, from what I'm hearing is that Tarkov basically need an Overwatch system just like CSGO and a heavy anti cheat system

    • Gabriel Haynie
      Gabriel Haynie 20 dni temu

      @Defiance You're servers must be interesting lmfao I've ran into hundreds of cheaters on the game and have been saying this shit about the amount of cheaters forever but nobody listened until now lol.

    • TheMusicSoldier
      TheMusicSoldier 25 dni temu

      The game has a "heavy anti-cheat system".

    • Defiance
      Defiance 27 dni temu

      @MoA-Reload... "CS:GO is a f2play title so cheats have far less on the line if/when they get caught and banned. "
      That's largely irrelevant because of Steam accounts. No one will play with you if you have a VAC. They would obviously do it on throw away accounts, but then, why is it that the hackers I see aren't on fresh accounts?
      Even then, it's CSGO is it not? One of if not the largest Esports title ever? Created by one of the largest game developers ever? If they can't prevent hackers no one can. Yet people hold BSG to a higher standard for some reason.
      "CS:GO is also far more CQB with very little cover in comparison so it's far more obvious when someones pre-firing round corners or snapping to target."
      Yeah and when they're spinning around in circles headshotting everything it's super blatant. Which is something I've never seen in Tarkov.
      "A lot of deaths in Tarkov you're on the deck wondering "where did that come from?" and that's the game. "
      I'll get called an elitist prick here, but that's only really true before you have appropriate map knowledge. I rarely ever don't understand how I died. It's extremely rare. 99% of my deaths I understand exactly how I died. That said, I hear this complaint a lot, and I really don't know how to address it. I sincerely believe it's just people that lack map knowledge and maybe don't understand the audio. There are certain spots on basically every map that I simply won't go. There are ways into Resort that I never take. Once you eliminate some of those factors your deaths will make a lot more sense.
      "The other thing to consider with the content creators is while you have many hours in the game I very much doubt you're clocking in the time some of the streamers are pulling. "
      Yeah that's true, and I watch a few streamers casually. I've never been a big fan of Twitch but streamers helped me understand the game when I was first learning. That said, Streamers aren't getting hacked on in 60% of their raids. On top of that, hackers likely target streamers because they're streamers. So if anything that would actually inflate the casual hacking occurrences they experience. But when I talk about not trusting them, I mean, I seriously 100% believe that half the people Goat ran into were his friends. I seriously 100% believe that many content creators get their friends to log on throwaway accounts and install fly hacks to make a video that'll reach 100k views when their normal videos hit 10k. I'm genuinely at the point where the only thing that would change my mind is seeing all of the footage, unedited, with load screens and everything so I know they're actually going in solo. It's way way too easy to stage this stuff, and they have a direct financial incentive to do it. If there's financial incentive to do something in life, you can be damned sure it's being done. Period. End of story.
      "Couple of wipes ago "
      So my personal opinion from my experiences is that hacking was worse off a couple wipes back. I feel BSG really got a hold on the issue last wipe, and this wipe I've seen even less questionable incidents. I had four last wipe and one so far this wipe. I've never seen fly hackers, never seen blatant hackers, etc etc. The five I mention could actually be legitimate players with extremely good luck.
      "the borked sound."
      I feel you man, I took a solid break earlier this wipe because the sound was just broken. It does feel a lot better now though.
      "Plenty of times I've been kllled and wondered "wtf was that?" but then default to "wp to them I suppose". "
      Same here, but mostly because I've had a fair amount of people add me over the years and accuse me of hacking. I'm not even that great at the game, I think I'm sitting around 6.0 KD right now with a 61% survival rating. I'm not a Tarkov god, but I still get accused of hacking. Then I see some of the shots Streamers pull off. There was this one video a streamer did awhile back about an encounter that he swore was a hacker, but it ended up being another streamer who was also recording. It turns out that he didn't even get killed by the person he thought he did. It was in Interchange, and he scoped down the hallway between a bunch of obstacles and saw a head, then he died. He assumed that the guy got an impossible shot off considering all the debris and obstacles. Turns out it was actually the guys team mate on the second floor of Interchange. I'm dead certain that the majority of hackusations are the result of situations like that, desync, audio glitches, general lag, and players that are just cracked out.
      ""they're just straight up invisible""
      I'm not going to deny that was happening, but I never actually saw it this wipe. Well, actually, I sort of did. I entered a raid with my buddy and he was invisible, to me. I crashed half way through the raid and when I relogged I could see him. Other people could see him as well. So it wasn't really an invisible player, but, yeah. That's a serious glitch and I understand people being upset about it and holding BSG accountable for it.
      "I do find it less likely that a whole community of CC's are BSing for the views though, "
      There are quite a few CCs that don't create that sort of content and called out people like Goat. It's not universal, I probably should have phrased all that better. But yeah, the ones really hyping this stuff up-- just look at their average view counts compared to the views they get when talking about hackers. That creates an incentive for them to embellish and even stage the events. New CCs see that as well, they study the successful ones etc.
      "Big gamble to BS about something like that as when found out, that's their reputation derped and for what? "
      How could it ever really be proven though. They're pretty safe, and I think a lot of them see that the community is pretty gullible-- or rather, people in general often let their preconceived notions get confirmed by others with less critical thinking than normal. If they want to believe, and someone gives them a good reason to believe it, they won't question it as much as if they didn't want to believe it.
      "I don't think I've seen a community as good sports as Tarky players."
      That's why this drama frustrates me. You're right. In general the average Tarkov player is really chill. However like I said above about preconceived notions, I'm really worried that all this drama will change things. Why would the average player give a damn about anyone else in game when they're now convinced that the average player is actually a hacker. I think it's going to seriously erode the comradery.
      I just wish there was a way to prove it, even if I'm wrong. I'd just like to see hard evidence I guess. What I've seen so far is so ridiculously easy to stage and fabricate that I just don't buy it-- especially when it goes so far from my personal experiences. I understand anecdotal evidence doesn't mean much, but after thousands of hours? With my duo who also has thousands of hours coming to the exact same conclusions I have before we even discussed the drama?
      Sorry for the wall of text, and thanks for responding with more than just vitriol.

    • MoA-Reload...
      MoA-Reload... 27 dni temu +3

      @Defiance A few differences, CS:GO is a f2play title so cheats have far less on the line if/when they get caught and banned. Tarkov is bloody expensive so they're far more cautious. CS:GO is also far more CQB with very little cover in comparison so it's far more obvious when someones pre-firing round corners or snapping to target. A lot of deaths in Tarkov you're on the deck wondering "where did that come from?" and that's the game. The other thing to consider with the content creators is while you have many hours in the game I very much doubt you're clocking in the time some of the streamers are pulling. I mean, it's their job so they're far more likely to be clocking 8-10 hour sessions on the regular and covering all times, not just peak and wknds. Couple of wipes ago streamer I mod for went ham on it and was pulling 15-16 hour streams for the first 6 days. Rest of that wipe he was pushing for Kappa and played in a couple of tournaments so while it wasn't idiotic hours, it was still 30+ per week.
      I do get exactly what you mean though. I only stopped playing due to the borked sound. Plenty of times I've been kllled and wondered "wtf was that?" but then default to "wp to them I suppose". It also doesn't help that this wipe latency is even more "interesting", Streets is an unoptimized mess and the good ole sound staging is somehow even worse. Plenty of sus kills can be put on lag, sound bug, the oh so fun looking "they're just straight up invisible" that was going on early wipe but same goes the other way. How many deaths are players assuming it was game bug or latency when it wasn't? I can't say with 100% certainty you're wrong. I do find it less likely that a whole community of CC's are BSing for the views though, especially the full timers and variety streamers. Big gamble to BS about something like that as when found out, that's their reputation derped and for what? A bump in views for a niche title that for some of them isn't even the game they're known for?
      I will say this for Tarkov, out of all the games streamed I don't think I've seen a community as good sports as Tarky players. Streamer I mod for carries TTV in his name so it's a regular thing that he'll pop someone and they land in chat. Obviously we get the childish spit their dummy out rants(it's the internet, can't expect to much) BUT most are really good sports and land in to say wp and ask how he got them and if anyone clipped it. Us Mods are usually happy when he quits Ships for the day and starts up Tarkov. Much nicer bunch to mod 🤗

    • squidwardo
      squidwardo 27 dni temu

      @Tropical Fruit i would watch the replay if i thought i got cheated on.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 28 dni temu +2

    I'd say an acceptable level of cheating in multiplayer games is any amount low enough that it feels like a rare occurrence to run into a cheater, and that most people's default reaction to someone claiming to have been owned by a cheater is just "no, they were probably just better than you".

  • Ethan Treachler
    Ethan Treachler 27 dni temu +2

    Honestly I feel sorry for those that still play without cheating. This wipe has felt bad as ever but honestly it's been this way for a lot longer than this. They just feel empowered I mean when you have cheats that have gone undetected for 2 years either bsg is the making them or bsg doesn't care.

  • Bullet N3ctar
    Bullet N3ctar 28 dni temu +7

    This is why I'm playing the single player Tarkov AKI mod. Been loving it.

  • Bob Sentell
    Bob Sentell 23 dni temu +1

    I remember a video from the late 90s where a cheater was caught at a LAN and they not only kicked him out, they threw his computer into the parking lot after him.

  • Zack Zeed
    Zack Zeed 28 dni temu +62

    I feel the same Luke. Played Tarkov for several years, around 3K hours. I quit it completely now because of the the cheaters BUT also because of BSG REALLY SHITTY actions and behavior!!

    • Connfee Bruh
      Connfee Bruh 21 dzień temu

      @Stopskii The amount of cancer in your lungs hasn't changed since you got diagnosed, why did you stop smoking?

    • Stopskii
      Stopskii 23 dni temu

      The number of cheaters hasnt really changed in the last 2 years, so if you enjoyed it before why quit?

    • Zack Zeed
      Zack Zeed 26 dni temu +1

      @Defiance If you really had "thousends" of hours then you would know, atleast if you've played the last 2 years or so. I understand your point but from my Personal experience, which is also quite extensive, the video made by g0at is not some made up crap. Me personally i'm more angry at the hundreds or more content creators who DIDN'T IN FACT talk/show their community what is Actually GOING ON! SO, if you're still dead set on saying "eh there are no cheaters, the game is perfectly fine as it is" then you're just naive and NOT well informed about the whole situation!
      Fyi: Nikita said so himself that the cheater situation is out of control atm and who doesn't like it can go. So I and many others did. If you want to keep playing than go right ahead. I've said my peace.

    • Defiance
      Defiance 27 dni temu

      @Zack Zeed Sorry, but I'm "ill informed" for trusting my thousands of hours of personal experience rather than blindly trusting highly edited video footage made by people that have a financial incentive to lie and exaggerate this for views?

    • Zack Zeed
      Zack Zeed 27 dni temu

      @Long Name Dude You're not the only one dude, trust me.

  • SudoC0de
    SudoC0de 26 dni temu +1

    Luke's conclusion is the same as mine but back when I played Starcraft 1 and Counterstrike 1.6. Back then, it was real common to see cheaters in seemingly every game using obvious means but with no way from my point of view to combat it. From my memory, Starcraft 1 cheaters would use invincible cheap units (zerglings and marines for example) and Counterstrike 1.6 cheaters would use obvious aimbots (aim snapping and 100% perfect recoil/bullet spread). Those were ones I could detect just from playing the game. It's why I nowadays don't really pay attention to competitive online games presently because the chance of getting a fair match is just way too low. I share your pain Luke.

  • Conscript
    Conscript 26 dni temu

    I’ve only came across one rage hacker in Labs and it was my first raid in labs. Watching g0at’s video opened my eyes from all my coping in EFT. I usually place top 10% of most shooter game I play and I love the challenge that EFT brings. I don’t mind dying and losing in EFT, but when the deaths are too sketch and you start questioning and coping, it ain’t fun no more.

  • Deexeh
    Deexeh 28 dni temu +4

    Goat's video is good. As a non-tarkov player, i felt it watching it. Cheating is rampant in every single multiplayer game.

  • Cogginsnuff
    Cogginsnuff 27 dni temu

    those last few lines you could really feel how deeply it hurt :(

  • samura98
    samura98 28 dni temu +1

    I started playing tarkov a few years ago, and have also quit (2 wipes ago-ish). The cheater problem got progressively worse very quickly. It used to be fairly rare, 1 out of 50 raids you'd die in a sketchy way.
    My theory is that, after the game blew up with twitch drops etc etc, the RMT market really came to life. This incentivized more people to cheat. Labs became unplayable, since it was the highest value map by far, naturally pulling cheaters in for the best return on their time. Then, with a few changes, they started to spread out to other maps.
    I think over time, people started to cheat to counter cheaters. And now we're here. In comparison with every other FPS game I've played for the past 15ish years, I maybe questioned my death ~1% of the time or less. With tarkov, it unironically feels like 1/5 deaths are sketchy enough to question the other players legitimacy, which just causes pent up frustration due to the uncertainty and the massive time loss that each death brings. I could deal with BR's having a cheater every 5 matches, but in tarkov? Where you sink 3hrs of your life into the game just to buy 1 gear set and then all of that ends in you getting 1 tapped by a cheater? Nah, pass.

  • DoubleRBlaxican
    DoubleRBlaxican 28 dni temu +14

    I remember back in the day when the original MW2 came out, there were some cheaters but it wasn't enough to ruin the game for me. Then the next game came out and MW2 just got flooded with cheaters. It was fun at first since some of the hacked lobbies were custom game modes and low gravity, but it got to a point where every single match someone had a UAV cheat and made it impossible to have fun unless you were cheating as well. At a certain point, if you let the cheaters get out of hand, there is no going back.

    • Brian M.
      Brian M. 28 dni temu

      Yeah I just played games like mw2 on console. Its why console players never want platform sharing with PC. Its always been that PC FPS shooters are full of cheaters. I remember cheaters being in like unreal tournament way back in the day. PC is and has always been too easy to cheat on unless the developer goes above and beyond to moderate.

  • Sam Nail
    Sam Nail 27 dni temu +2

    I kinda love how the futher along we move in the gaming space, the best ways to fix issues is either the old school LAN option or the hyper expensive route of streaming only

    • Kyrie Fang
      Kyrie Fang 24 dni temu

      I'd heavily prefer LAN. Being able to cosmetically modify a game that I own is something I'm not willing to give up.

  • ken lamond
    ken lamond 25 dni temu

    I'm on my 3rd wipe, and I love this game (setting my loadout now, getting ready to solo rat around woods looking for that damn sledgehammer). I'm a lucky case, haven't 'seen' an invisible player or flying player, but watched G0ats video (and many of the other videos supporting or being triggered by it) and can think of a few instances where I probably got 'ESP'd. I record my games, and go back to scrutinize my deaths and successful engagements to try and get gud. More than half the time I never saw someone, watching again i can see a muzzle flash in a bush, or something. It's disheartening to think about all the cheating, but after playing games on PC since before the NES even released, and playing some HARD games, NOTHING has challenged me like this brutal insane game. It made me basically drop a 15 year wow addiction because, as a no-longer raiding casual, that game was a simple faceroll and every second of Tarkov, you need to be on your game (99% solo player). I'm sad you decided to stop for now, and hope things can be done about cheating. Love the WAN show guys, and although it's a 'negative' subject, it was very exciting to watch you guys go in depth talking about Tarkov!

    • Justin
      Justin 17 dni temu

      woods is where i found my sledgehammer lol right in old sawmill. no other game compare to EFT, its such a shame what happened.

  • itsWeezing
    itsWeezing 28 dni temu +11

    What's surprising to me about this is that it has been known for YEARS that every match in Tarkov has cheaters. There was a guy who went on Reddit a while back and came clean about cheating and revealed this information. There was always someone in the lobby with some form of cheat according to them. They had a whole spreadsheet of their raids and how many cheaters were in each one if I remember correctly

    • Frankntooth
      Frankntooth 20 dni temu

      I'm sure the schizo cheater is super trustworthy guy, and not a chronic hackuser trying to justify his actions.

  • Abraham_linksys
    Abraham_linksys 27 dni temu

    Dude, this wipe, with all the stuff going on, I decided that I was only gonna scav it for a bit. But, I’ve discovered how much of the game you can accomplish without doing a single pmc run, so now it’s become a challenge to see how far I can take my pmc without playing as one.
    I’ve got pretty much all the level 1 hideout stuff. I’m one metal scissors away from having the gym built. My pmc is already at lvl 4, probably about 800xp away from five. I will admit, this is probably as far as I’ll be able to level, without doing a pmc run. I’ve got every item needed for fetch quests between lvl 1-20. Not bad from a bunch of 2 min factory scav runs.

  • Spectro
    Spectro 25 dni temu +1

    Bro from watching this video I'm both super interested in tarkov - deep gun customisation and player health with missions and loot and high tension sounds super fun. What doesn't sound fun just dying to hackers, which seems to be inevitable.

    • JB
      JB 14 dni temu

      Price tag is another

  • Pops
    Pops 28 dni temu +34

    So basically, you won the game...you have escaped finally.

  • vidfreak56
    vidfreak56 26 dni temu

    I feel ya bro. I quit warzone for the same reason. I loved it and it kills me that i had to. Cheating is too rampant.

  • Centerø
    Centerø 17 dni temu

    I heard in Japan they make you register with your real ID before making an account in a Multiplayer online game and you get fine if you are caught cheating, I don’t think it will completely solve the issue in the US but it might help

  • Scott Gray
    Scott Gray 27 dni temu

    You guys should have these creators call in or something. Would be cool to hear from them

  • Mn Nice
    Mn Nice 27 dni temu +1

    Luke, I think your input was genuine and really resonated with me inside of g0at's video. Thank you for taking time out of your day to contribute to the EFT discussion, especially with cheaters

  • Tomáš Mozdřeň
    Tomáš Mozdřeň 27 dni temu

    one thing that could work if we are addressing a separate system for gaming is a vfio kvm gaming virtual machine I use it for playing games that use anticheat software of kernel level drivers even and has been working sorta fine, aside from some small performance issues it was fine I can play forza horizon 5 at 1080p with a mix of high and ultra settings with raytracing on high just fine, so you could look into that, but that would require a linux machine that is based on arch to make it easier
    edit: need to mention this, my VM uses gpu pass-through with a rtx 3060 ti and utilizes a linux hypervisor and is contained inside of hyper-v making it harder to cheat and more secure as a result

  • J Waffle
    J Waffle 15 dni temu +2

    Even if they 100% stopped cheating tomorrow, the desync issues would still make you feel like you're getting hacked on. Both need to get fixed to make any progress.

    EXODUS 28 dni temu +86

    I had to do the same thing. Every game seems to be filled with cheaters sadly, if you cant play just get good and don't cheat.

    • Kenny 324410
      Kenny 324410 24 dni temu

      @Charlie Ricker fighting games aren’t “clean”
      I was a pro player for ufc 3 cheating in fighting games is a different sort off cheating
      1st and most notable one and ones I say this you think to you self wow
      A old school lag switch to make you skip so you can freeze the game for a split second and get out the way or block a attack
      And most people will always cover it by saying ooo crappy server lag or the other players as a crappy internet connection
      No lag switch I bet I have just blown your mind
      2nd one is the use off cronos and other macro like devices so you can load up button combinations and have them mapped to a 1 button press
      Ie hold the cronos button and then say X and boom that 10 key string combo is input automatically

    • Kukipett Kelbozob
      Kukipett Kelbozob 27 dni temu

      You should start to become a preacher, you seem to have a very high opinion of people in this mother..king world

    • Matías Pauer
      Matías Pauer 27 dni temu

      The cheating problem is not due to the frustation of people not being able to "be good", healthy people would just keep trying or just quitting, it goes more deep than that, its people that have money that have a ton of frustations irl, some are incels, some are bigots, some do bullying and these last one are probably the ones that cheat, they want attention and satisfy their sadistic personality

    • Zach Hall
      Zach Hall 28 dni temu +1

      ​@Charlie Ricker cheating in tarkov is very profitable. That is why they do it mainly...

    • Ashley
      Ashley 28 dni temu

      ​@Charlie Ricker I play sc2 1v1 when I need a break from cheaters cause they are in every online game. The hotter it is the more there are.

  • SpongeBoss
    SpongeBoss 27 dni temu

    Luke, Bro. I love you even more. EfT is an awesome game. But not yet. Stay strong brother 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Paul Cosentino
    Paul Cosentino 27 dni temu

    I actually picked Tarkov back up right now and havent had any clear interactions. I thought maybe the cheaters might lay low while theres a lot of heat on this. Of course starting well into wipe massively blows

  • King Savage
    King Savage 10 dni temu

    I've come back after the whole goat thing. Feels so much better w/o the cheaters. I'm a "chad" been playing 5 yrs. Started feeling like I was loosing my edge. Now with the bans and arrests I've loss like 2/20 non game bug fights. Felt solid, good voip, no laser beams, pre fires etc. Feels real good rn

  • salty fr35h
    salty fr35h 19 dni temu

    If you're in a resort, you don't hear people walking around above you. Yet in Tarkov, people on the roof sound like they're next to the floor 1 Timmy

  • Karn Liberated
    Karn Liberated 20 dni temu

    Imagine playing Tarkov and running into Linus and Luke 🤣

  • realbadTech
    realbadTech 28 dni temu +238

    It's time for Luke to get into Hunt: Showdown now

    • Mia Nova
      Mia Nova 28 dni temu +4

      ​@Soul_in_Gun Hunt is definitely not as customizable. It's Louisiana in 1895. Not quite the era of modular weapon systems. But solid old timey gunplay, and audio design so good that it influences every aspect of the gameplay.

    • LarsH0NEYtoast
      LarsH0NEYtoast 28 dni temu +2

      Definitely not the same in terms of depth with the gun customization and looting maps. The gun customization is what luke liked most about Tarkov. Sure they share some similar traits but they are very different games honestly. Tarkov is just a very unique experience compared to any other game

    • TheKozmo
      TheKozmo 28 dni temu

      @Soul_in_Gun Hunt has different gun-porn feeling to me. How to say it. Tarkov is doing perfect job of representing the modern/today firearms and Hunt do perfect representation with the 19th century Firearms the details in reload animation they put in some early bolt action rifles show how the technology for this time was immature and clucky. For example the Berthier rifle is 3 shot rifle but when you shot one bullet and you want reload you need to take two bullets out and put new clip with tree bullet again and is long and clucky process or British experiment to convert single shot rifle to repeating magazine feet rifle is interesting and exotic gun.

    • Miles Schubert
      Miles Schubert 28 dni temu


    • jdmJ03+
      jdmJ03+ 28 dni temu

      and marauders.

  • Ellipsis115
    Ellipsis115 20 dni temu

    1:15 WOW, that actually makes me want to play this just for a bit despite the hackers.

  • orangeapples
    orangeapples 27 dni temu +2

    Cheating in games has been a problem for a long time and it does feel like the only thing you can do is not play. Which is what I ended up doing. I gave up on the multiplayer community. There are many chill players out there, but the cheaters just ruined it for me. There is no game where they aren't cheating.

  • Nathan Gothan
    Nathan Gothan 28 dni temu +1

    We need a lot of people to watch this clip. Exposure at the largest possible scale is the ONLY thing that will get BSG/Nikita off their 🍑 and either fix it, or finally just say they’re not going to do anything and let us know.

    • squidwardo
      squidwardo 27 dni temu

      They don't need to publicly say something for us to know it won't happen

    • L. Ron Hoyabembe
      L. Ron Hoyabembe 28 dni temu

      Both BSG and Nikita are both aware of the cheating issue and won't do either of these things.

  • s6e45gv46
    s6e45gv46 28 dni temu +4

    Nice work pulling up his channel stats - it's impressive to see your video boost his subs in real time :) Tarkov sounds like GTAV online O-o

  • guymee
    guymee 19 dni temu

    Bro I hope there’s a day I can play without regularly losing to cheaters

  • Victor Hernandez
    Victor Hernandez 28 dni temu +110

    The cheating is was made me stop trying to even pick up tarkov. None of my friends play it so I was essentially learning the game solo, but the amount of times I died to obvious cheaters was insane. So I just quit, less than 30 hours into the game and I had to quit cause of cheaters.
    Edit: based on the number of people commenting about how I probably haven’t been killed by cheaters but rather just good players I can firmly say that although most of my time in game was fine I can say with certainty that I’ve been killed by cheaters a few times. The reason I pointed out the amount of hours I’ve played wasn’t meant as a “ I have lots of hours in the game.” More so, that I quit less than 30 hours in because of the amount of times I’ve died to cheaters. Believe me, I have hundreds if not close to a thousand hours in other tactical/survival and fps shooters. Games that are similar and completely different to Tarkov like DayZ, The Cycle: Frontier, Valorant, CSGO and Apex. I don’t deny that Tarkov is a completely different to other games and has a big learning curve (which I love) but I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m being ignorant or jumping to conclusions by saying I’ve died multiple times to cheaters.
    I wasn’t dying to cheaters every other game or so often but I had a minimum of 10 runs or so of dying to people I could visually see “speed” hacking. I’m not ignorant to peoples tactics in this game as I’ve seen many streamers play it, which is what got me into the game in the first place.

    • Donovan Bailey
      Donovan Bailey 13 dni temu

      30 hours... lol that's not enough time to even get good at the smallest map. Also yes, I have times where I die 5 times in a row only 2 minutes into a raid. You can not be for sure that it is cheats until there is a replay system and even then....

    • Gao
      Gao 21 dzień temu +1

      “I played less than 30 hours”
      “I had 10 raids where it happened”
      “I’m not ignorant”
      This game IS that much different. You were probably being ignorant.

    • L. Ron Hoyabembe
      L. Ron Hoyabembe 21 dzień temu

      @Wilson Sounds like you have a skill issue.

    • Wilson
      Wilson 22 dni temu

      Bro, you did right, people just jump on defending cheaters online, it`s a loud minority, probably cheaters themselves trying to cover up by stating "there are good players", I even had a guy defending a cheater with actual footage and proof the guy was using aimbot... F anyone who defends cheaters.

    • Kal Reynolds
      Kal Reynolds 25 dni temu

      @L. Ron Hoyabembe ​ That's because speedhacks are instantly detectable. It involves sending information to the game which is clearly illegitimate, the sort that can only be caused by a bug or a cheat. If a player is moving faster than the maximum movement speed, that's the cause. Many games will outright kick players immediately for that, even if it is a bug, because it's easy. A player walling is just reading information from the game that is normally not shown to the player and showing it to them. A player aimbotting is just applying a control to his mouse either using the same technique, or a visual identification algorithm on the display out. The only way to catch these are to know what the software is, or to do something like a recent Valve banwave, and have information that will never be read by a legitimate client, which gets read by an illegitimate one, showing that is has been altered. Because at the end of the day, these people are playing the game "normally" just aiming faster. Hell, even infinite health is easier to fake. You just have to convince the client that you were a small distance away. The majority of cheaters are using hacks that are simple and hard to detect via client or server from the results, which is why anticheat software is needed in the first place.
      But speedhacking? That's just instantly telling the game that you're cheating. The game knows that you were last, alive, running, at position a, and then on next tick, position b, you were 40 metres away in the space of 1/60th of a second. It has all that data, because that's how it outputs it to everyone else. Banning speedhackers is trivial. It's so trivial that you can see it being done years ago, and some games would disconnect you if your latency was bad enough due to the large disconnect between where the game expected you to be and what your client was reporting.

  • セラフ
    セラフ 27 dni temu

    I watch a lot of Rust streamers and the situation in there is also pretty dismal. The worst thing is it's usually on a server-by-server basis so if the cheaters aren't playing on official servers their account doesn't get banned.

  • The PineApple
    The PineApple 26 dni temu

    Really curious to see how AI can be applied to anti-cheats, detecting cheater behaviour rather than cheating software

  • Edward Rocca
    Edward Rocca 27 dni temu +1

    I run a small tight-knit gaming community that always focused on playing CSGO, and with the ease of cheating in the game we always had a very strict no cheating rule.
    If you were caught cheating (and when suspicious we would review the games we played with them), we would ban you from the server, regardless of how nice you were as a person. The shame and being shunned socially really affected these people and after a year or two we would allow a second chance with scrutiny. This system, similar to the LAN party suggestion works well on a personal scale.

  • TabletopJam4
    TabletopJam4 28 dni temu

    best way to deal with cheaters is to make sure that the computer does not have unnecessary information in memory

    THEICEMANG94 27 dni temu

    I'm in the same boat, over 6 years of Tarkov and I am done for now for the same reasons

  • DoomTrain
    DoomTrain 28 dni temu +39

    I remember all the meme's from Tarkov mocking CoD's cheating situation. lol. I told them that it doesn't matter WHICH game it is or which DEV, that if the game was famous enough, cheaters will break it. lol. I think we need more of these fake bait cheats that not only mess with cheaters "hacks" but also fuck up cheaters computers.

    • dr1flush
      dr1flush 24 dni temu

      ​@Kevin Aus cheaters are destroying intellectual property. But it's bad to destroy their property? 🤔

    • dr1flush
      dr1flush 24 dni temu

      ​@GamingBud it's ok for cheater to destroy property because it's a game but it's not ok to do it to them? Please explain why

  • KarretSusu
    KarretSusu 27 dni temu +2

    linus, I think we need a badminton tournament between your staffs
    let them train for a few months
    and I really wanna see him destroying everyone with badminton ..

  • Cogginsnuff
    Cogginsnuff 27 dni temu

    the LAN party suggestion is basically how Ultimate Frisbee works, and like it's pretty solid, shitters are everywhere but community matters so much, and is chronically underrated.

  • Cpt. Rogers
    Cpt. Rogers 26 dni temu

    I'm greatly interested in seeing them combat cheaters but I also worry about game devs using this as an opportunity to ban a lot of innocents in the crossfire.
    And worse, this has an incentive for them to do so as often people will return by purchasing the game again. (Which means more money for the game company)
    I seriously worry this might turn into a nightmare. And BSG is too focused on small time RMT traders, they've already banned a few people for just merely sharing accounts I know about. One of my buddies shared his account with a good friend of his in another country and just a few days later his account gets banned. If you go vacationing with a different PC too often you might get banned yourself.
    This is just one example of over-banning.
    IMO bans need to be *almost* entirely focused against cheaters who use walls or aim, everything else shouldn't be a priority. I personally think BSG is mostly targeting the low-tier RMT people for bans as a means of further profiting from banning people.
    The economic dynamics of bans are truly horrifying when you consider BSG may be simply banning people only after they've cheated for a while (long enough to have their fun for their money's worth) so they'll keep returning and buying the game again.

  • Wade Warren
    Wade Warren 25 dni temu +1

    Same. I haven't played after 5 raids this wipe. The sound, the memory leaks, the jitter, the net code, the cheaters make it not worth it right now.
    Post raid replay is the only thing that will save the game. This is easy to implement with a raid log and the offline engine already implemented in Tarkov.

  • Izzy Ikigai
    Izzy Ikigai 27 dni temu +1

    "If there's a multiplayer game, there's going to be at least someone who's going to find an unfair advantage"
    Unless it's that game you just lost.

  • Daniel Cobia
    Daniel Cobia 28 dni temu +6

    Dude, I miss LAN gaming. I played LAN parties pretty consistently from my teen years until nearly 30, and even a few times after that.

    • Literally Human
      Literally Human 27 dni temu

      @Daniel Cobia tripped because of the Ethernet cable. Also extremely sleepy after pulling all nighter

    • Daniel Cobia
      Daniel Cobia 27 dni temu

      @Literally Human lol, what were you doing that you ripped that out?

    • Literally Human
      Literally Human 27 dni temu +1

      @Daniel Cobia you fried a GPU? The worst thing I did was ripping out the Ethernet port. Now that is some tomfoolery in uncertain level

    • Daniel Cobia
      Daniel Cobia 27 dni temu

      @Literally Human So many great memories! I once fried a video card at one. Back in the days when there weren't limiters on the video cards and I pushed it just a little too hard. By hard I mean when I switched to the higher resolution it ran about 3-4 frames over a minute or so and then poofed. Half-Life multi-player, just before CS was released.

    • Literally Human
      Literally Human 27 dni temu +2

      Dude, I miss LAN DotA or CS night with the Boys. Man that was one of a few things I really enjoyed.

  • Stephen Webb
    Stephen Webb 27 dni temu

    Linus is always an accident waiting to happen. 🤣

  • Scott Watrous
    Scott Watrous 27 dni temu

    I've wanted to play Tarkov for a long time, finally got a new machine built, and now G0at's video comes out and tells me there's no point to buy the game.

  • Taylor Bertrim
    Taylor Bertrim 26 dni temu

    No seriously I listened to the video today and this would of hyped it, it was excellent content.

  • FlopFlipped_AT
    FlopFlipped_AT 27 dni temu +1

    Luke nailed it. I felt a change around .12, never went back. I feel like the game was a victim of its own success in a way, and for sure has suffered severe scope creep as a project with the resources BSG has. At least it popularized a "new" genre. I support Goat and his idea to show how bad it really is currently.

  • RadFoxUK
    RadFoxUK 17 dni temu +2

    I was invited to Tarkov by some friends, they were openly, blatantly cheating, everyone else they were playing against were also cheating the same way, they had map hacks, which showed where everyone was, and watching it, I saw that every single player was looking directly at other players through walls, which I guess makes it fair, no one's cheating if everyone is, cause then it's equal again, but I just stopped playing, I had less than 20 hours in game, but that just killed my will to play, forever.

  • Pixel
    Pixel 28 dni temu +3

    Hey Luke, if you want some Tarkov fix without the hassle, try the singleplayer mod. ;)
    Not quite the same, as there's no human players, but you can faff about with the game much more.

  • Common Cents
    Common Cents 27 dni temu +1

    My heart dropped when in G0ats video the cheater wiggles back. At that moment I knew Tarkov was in a bad place like it never has been. I've been playing since 2017 and it's never been this bad and noticeable it was blatant cheating.

  • Kahlan Pietsch
    Kahlan Pietsch 2 dni temu

    At old school PDX lans it was in the agreement you signed that if you cheated you could not sue when they threw you out and literally threw your PC out the door destroying it on the pavement. Dunno how legal it actually was but they got away with it for a while at least.

  • Kojin
    Kojin 27 dni temu +1

    It absolutely destroys the competitive spirit and should be treated as a number one priority.
    But honestly it's the kind of thing that you either take in stride or you just stop playing. Depends on the game and the man. I've had a lot of really good memories punking cheaters in my favorite games because no amount of aimbot can make you not a bot. But on the flip side of that same coin I've totally abandoned games I was passionate about because of rampant cheaters.
    If your passionate about something cheating hurts you so much more. The soul damage is increased perpetually by how invested you are in the the game and how much a cheater can take away by screwing you.

  • SmithyD86
    SmithyD86 25 dni temu

    I've also quit. Got to level 41 and I feel like I've got into a really bad situation whereby I think everyone is cheating when I get killed. Obviously that's not true, but it's just not good to be in this mindset and it's impossible to get out of it after Goats video to he honest.