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How Gen Z Changed the Internet

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  • Opublikowany 5 mar 2023
  • Linus wants to talk about generational differences and the “millennial pause.”
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Komentarze • 1 099

  • Imjashingyou
    Imjashingyou 22 dni temu +1701

    Looking at the Wikipedia article this seems to be an example of circular reporting. Essentially a single tik tok user in 2021 made a video about it and now a number of news sites reported on it citing each other. There are no scientific studies on it, there is no scientific literature, studies, surveys, or research on this whatsoever.

    • Maybe Shimo
      Maybe Shimo Dzień temu

      yes this is the case with most social studies people cite these days. MOST. they're called thought bubbles.

    • Kas S
      Kas S 3 dni temu

      ​@HarambeFilms I would consider that a lot of people, not just gen Z but most people of all ages never bother to actually ask well formulated questions and nit care about human biases. (Theres like 180+.)

    • Stagger
      Stagger 5 dni temu

      ​@HarambeFilms also the youngest generation with the least wisdom.

  • Nick
    Nick 22 dni temu +1409

    I always thought the millennial pause was due to us millennials learning to record things before devices were good enough to instantly record.

    • Michael m
      Michael m 6 dni temu

      That is the case

    • Dangerbone
      Dangerbone 11 dni temu

      Recoding on cassette is very different than a modern cell phone.

    • Maeve Kennedy
      Maeve Kennedy 12 dni temu

      @Alex Schendel but that vs the phone 4 lmao

    • Maeve Kennedy
      Maeve Kennedy 12 dni temu


    • asailijhijr
      asailijhijr 15 dni temu

      It's wise to pad a video that is going to be edited with empty space at the beginning and at the end so that you can do fade transitions and sometimes you have to edit out wind or background noise. If instead you dive right in and cut the video too close to the end of content, you have to rely on filters and AI-based software to reduce noise.

  • Thermal Shoes
    Thermal Shoes 22 dni temu +343

    I tell people all the time, millennials are uniquely positioned to know a time where tech wasn’t so advanced but also see how it’s grown and changed the world over a short time

    • durden91tyler
      durden91tyler 14 minut temu

      im 31, may as well be 61.

    • A Tofu
      A Tofu Dzień temu +1

      I remember how powerful Google search and Wikipedia was during its early years as I was in my college year at that period of time. Really, younger gens have taken it for granted.

    • TenaciousLeeTV
      TenaciousLeeTV Dzień temu

      @James Telfer Elder millennial here. I had computers in classrooms from at least 2nd grade on. 🤷‍♂

    • Green Tea
      Green Tea Dzień temu

      I remember growing up without PCs or phones and just running around or playing tag to have fun. I remember not playing snes until like 5
      And then a few years later, we have dial up internet -> ipod -> smartphones -> ML/AI

    • The Retro Millennial
      The Retro Millennial 8 dni temu +2

      Yeah, and to all the gen Xers saying it was just them and not us, remember that we started in the early 80s and consumer tech didn’t get popular until the mid 90s. I was born in ‘86 and remember the stark difference in life before we got our first PC and definitely before internet.

  • Aerowind
    Aerowind 22 dni temu +430

    I think part of the reason the boomer stuff started really taking off was because of schooling. I think literally everybody has had experience with the teacher trying to get a computer (or even a vcr) to work and just utterly failing, only for some school aged kid to get up and fix it in 20 seconds.
    It felt especially painful to me in college when my computer science professors could barely work their own computer. I remember being "taught" how to use Word in college (as a required course) in freaking 2008.
    And of course the irony now is that there probably does need to be a class on Word now that computer literacy has gone back down due to the rise of smart devices.

    • SSpaceGGhost
      SSpaceGGhost 7 dni temu

      this goes back to Gen X - was same for us in the mid and early 1990s. Boomers built middle management so thick that I was run out of career paths by staff around me. Stuffed my career path up totally.

    • wnxdafriz
      wnxdafriz 14 dni temu

      @Pasi123 well, anytime new tech was put in classrooms where i went it was like smart boards/pc's etc... normally it was certain teachers that incorporated it into their curriculum to use it and it was always a required course everyone had to take... for example one class would have been civics / not something you would anticipate to be forced to use tech but our teachers in that class were younger (30's instead of say 40's and up) and used the computer labs fairly exclusively for like powerpoint presentations etc...
      granted.. it wasn't forced on the teachers and normally it was teachers themselves that worked out who could easily incorporate it into their curriculum to make sure it got used / the idea was just to be sure to expose students to new tech/software that could/would help them in the future
      and if anyone is curious.. yea it was public school not private

    • TriopsTrilobite
      TriopsTrilobite 20 dni temu

      I grew up in a household that used windows and in a school district that used macs so I felt confident in my computer ability. However, I opened up word recently and saw an update for a feature that I immediately ignored. But I’m realizing now that with the amount of frequent updates across word, excel, powerpoint, premier, and the dozen other pieces of software that I use, I could probably use a refresher course. Like, did you know that word has a clarity editor built in? Because I didn’t. The goalpost for tech keeps moving and there will come a time where you’ll simply be unable to keep up

    • Überśmieszek
      Überśmieszek 20 dni temu +1

      I was born in 1999, so in the transition period between millennials and gen Z. We're a little bit late on the tech stuff here in Poland. My family had our first "modern" computer with Internet access when I was starting primary school. When I was at school most of the teachers didn't really know how to use a computer besides very basic tasks, like they'd ask students to play videos for class.
      However, it's a problem with people my age too. I attend a course right now at university about searching for information in digital sources, like Google Scholar and our library's website. The teacher says that people are actually having problems with simple tasks such as finding a book there when they know the author's name and title. To be honest it seems unreal, but I don't see a reason not to trust the teachers' words. She seemed really amazed that my group could do everything easily.
      I had the "pleasure" of working with many different people on group projects and also heard things from my friends. Lots of people my age can't even use Word properly, they are formatting text with multiple spaces and line breaks instead of using the basic functions.

    • ffwast
      ffwast 21 dzień temu +1

      That stuff was absolutely infuriating to me. I didn't need a class to use Microsoft office because I DIDN'T HAVE ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE. Knowing the "more advanced functions" is a five-minute google search away.
      Now it's the same because I'm not some snot-nosed kid who doesn't know anything but being terminally online.

  • paran0ia7
    paran0ia7 22 dni temu +190

    I always just assumed that was called "good recording etiquette". A heck of a lot easier to edit out one extra second of silence than it is to redo an entire take if your timing was off. It'd be like recording a band in a studio and telling them, "hey yeah no count-in or anything today guys, just start playing the instant you see me hit this little button." Invites lots of potential problems, with literally zero benefits.

    • paran0ia7
      paran0ia7 16 dni temu +2

      @Micha Roden Precisely, or at least give yourself that buffer to edit around. Better than opening a video already halfway into a word like an impatient child. It's kind of surreal how many TikTok videos remind me of the little skits I'd record with my friends on my parents' Hi-8 camcorder in elementary school. And that really isn't even a sleight against TikTok; it's genuinely entertaining for that very reason.

    • Micha Roden
      Micha Roden 17 dni temu +1

      Yeah, it’s good recording etiquette. Just edit that embarrassing seconds away

    • paran0ia7
      paran0ia7 19 dni temu +9

      @The Program A very good point. Since watching this I've been paying more active attention to the way videos open, and how it affects my interest in them. And I realized how much more like a conversation videos that begin with a "pause" feel, priming me to actually pay attention. Much like in real life, if someone walks up and just immediately starts talking it'll likely just kind of wash over me until I ask them to start over, since I wasn't given time to sync with their head-speed; for lack of a better way to describe it.

    • The Program
      The Program 19 dni temu +22

      It also gives the viewer a chance to take in the situation before the talking starts. Tiktok-style videos aren't just time-limited, but the way most people binge-watch them, the whole idea is to get inundated.

  • Nick
    Nick 22 dni temu +336

    Linus not trusting the note stylus but forever trusting the swear button 😂

    • Deus Ex Machina
      Deus Ex Machina 18 dni temu +5

      @Elliott B Look at the way he reaches for something on the desk just as he's about to utter profanity-since this is a live show, they can't cut it out or bleep it while editing, they have to do it themselves if they don't want to get demonetized.

    • Foogee
      Foogee 20 dni temu +10

      @Elliott B If you ask about my comment: The swear button is hooked up via USB, the stylus he described used bluetooth which was very unreliable compared with wires.

    • Elliott B
      Elliott B 22 dni temu

      what does that mean?

    • Foogee
      Foogee 22 dni temu +44

      the swear button isn't bluetooth ;)

  • Black Ink Wolf
    Black Ink Wolf 22 dni temu +594

    "Cause you're a milenial" is such a fast and golden answer

    • iAreEddie
      iAreEddie 3 dni temu

      ​@BlammoGer I enjoy responding "Okay Zoomer," whenever attempts to go on a woke tirade 🤣

    • The Program
      The Program 19 dni temu +1

      "Ha ha, only serious." Luke's being funny, but he's also right. This wasn't the most millennial 30 minutes I've ever heard, but it's up there. Right down to them barely acknowledging that Gen X even exists.

    • Andrew jackson
      Andrew jackson 21 dzień temu

      The look on boss man's face is priceless when he realizes you are a millennial, while talking shit about them currently, and gave you compliments the day before about doing the damn thing. Happened twice

    • Aidan McLean
      Aidan McLean 22 dni temu +1


  • Jesse Anderson
    Jesse Anderson 22 dni temu +243

    The Millennial pause is simply a product of the crappy webcam and cellphone camera software and hardware we had to navigate. It wasn't until very recently that the hardware/software became fast enough to start as soon as you hit record.

    • Payne
      Payne 8 dni temu

      ​@Astragen Z in 1995-2010, 2003 is right in the middle of the generation.

    • Payne
      Payne 8 dni temu

      I feel the need to add even over a decade ago entry level personal devices still felt instantaneous to me for general use. My parents had high end devices, I got relatively low end but up to date devices as I was just a kid; I remember my Samsung Galaxy Discover being just as fast as my mum's Galaxy S1 for general use, just with worse overall camera quality and gaming performance; same with my galaxy tab 7.0, I got both for under $100 each as gifts at the time. Very good devices and price to performance for the era.

    • Truth Does Not Exist
      Truth Does Not Exist 13 dni temu +1

      had? my phone and computer have problems recording stuff all the time, the most reliable camera I have is a 1988 vhs camera, I'm 18 all my videos have a "millenial pause"

    • Astra
      Astra 14 dni temu

      @wnxdafriz The issue is also that here minimum wage before (quite significant since European style) taxes is less than 800 bucks per month, so most modern electronics products are simply unrealistic to buy, since it's all priced the same or worse here than it is further west, but income doesn't increase... and then you've got professions like my mother's, which haven't even received sufficient pay raises to adjust for inflation... I generally notice that what I consider mid range pricing is peasant pricing for more western people due to this. It really sucks.

  • Brendan P
    Brendan P 22 dni temu +226

    I'm Gen Z according to the timelines that are out there on the internet, but I really feel I am of the Millenial-Gen Z crossover in certain ways. There's things that both generations like and grew up with that I also experienced, or I understand those generations nuances and thinking. My "growing up years" or my child to teenage years was in the 2000's to 2010's. A lot of my nostalgia, say when it comes to TV comes from anything shown in the mid 2000's to the late 2010's decades, but because reruns were a thing on TV, tons of "Millenial shows and content" I also intook a lot. As for the recording thing, yes, I am a pauser before starting to speak in a video, lol. And as what Luke said, TikTok is foreign to someone like me. My generation grew up with MSN, the birth of PLclip, and then later Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine were introduced as the big social media players of the time. Vine also started and died in my growing up years.

    • Red Fruit
      Red Fruit Godzinę temu

      you're a pure millenial in my book. I lived the same years and the same way. The first "social media" I ever use was msn hotmail when I was 12 yo. Then at 13 yo I created a Facebook account. Then a instagram at 20yo. I was always late on social media, even though I'm a tech guy, because I just don't have any social life and even today, most social medias seems boring and annoying. I barely ever open Facebook since 2018. Instagram is just top models that make me feel bad about myself and tik tok is just not intellectual enough and I prefer to use my TV to relax. Zoomer are mostly on tik tok because they don't have their own sofas and 50" tv with 5.1 surround. My consumption habits changed when I started having my own place.

    • True Reaper45
      True Reaper45 8 godzin temu

      I feel the same way.

    • TR3
      TR3 21 godzinę temu +1

      @Alan Chen 💎 i relate with VHS/tapes and getting in trouble as a child for winding them all out because it was fun to see the films just spill out lol 😅
      TikTok is so fucking foreign to me in terms of trends and asinine challenges. i just look it up when i want memes about dogs or other pets

    • Жидальберт Мойшевич
      Жидальберт Мойшевич 2 dni temu

      @murphy7801 Lived in Italy the past 20 years. Couldn't give less of a shit about 9/11

    • murphy7801
      murphy7801 2 dni temu

      ​​@Жидальберт Мойшевич double checked there is a Wikipedia article that outlines the rough economic impact called "Economic effects of the September 11 attacks"
      It reminded me of one event Swissair went out of business due to 9/11 because it's creditors were in the USA. They got hit and it couldn't make payments due to no access to money.
      This good example of what I'm talking about. There was a few months were economic situation was pretty bad bit like in 2022 with war in Ukraine. For Europe. Admittedly I'm talking from a European view point. But only 10% of the world lives in Europe.

  • Kruscle
    Kruscle 22 dni temu +335

    The entire topic is kind of interesting but the entire "Roast" Linus gave Luke at around 4:00 was absolutely the highlight

  • Benjamin Reigner
    Benjamin Reigner 22 dni temu +113

    In my opinion, the "millenial pause" is something smart because you can always remove it from the beginning of the video whereas when you watch a lot of stuff online, usually because this pause isn't there, the first word is almost always chopped off.
    And honestly this millennial pause I've always done and I'm supposed to be gen Z (I'm from 2001), and I think that may be because I'm more tech savvy so I know what can go wrong with tech even though it's much more reliable than before.

    • Magrna
      Magrna 22 dni temu +19

      Yeah saying it’s cringe is so dumb, like how dare you make sure to properly record yourself.

    • Alok Debnath
      Alok Debnath 22 dni temu +14

      Because we know tech is not reliable and its always good to take a safe route, and yeah I am too born on 2001

  • Studio23 Media
    Studio23 Media 18 dni temu +7

    The Millennial Pause sounds like some people just don't understand how video recording and streaming works, and don't actually care if their audience hears the whole message or not. I went to video production school and I am never not going to have a pause at the beginning. I'd much rather edit than have to reshoot. And if it's live, I'm doing a countdown.

  • Jeff Stiff
    Jeff Stiff 22 dni temu +58

    My first camera was a tape camcorder that would literally cut off the first 2 seconds when you hit record.
    It became very much a habit to record and wait a second before starting what ever it was I wanted to record.
    When I was a kid I got pretty good at mentally timing when it was safe to talk, but then when I got older I do it out of habit and since I'd be editing afterwards anyways it's not an issue at all.
    Plus, it's fun to re-live the conversations that would happen behind the scenes.

    • jettlag
      jettlag 22 dni temu

      You're making me think of recording with magnetic audio tape, too. Similar thing. We had to consider the lead and the uptake of the motor, etc.

  • DM Drew
    DM Drew 22 dni temu +103

    Hearing you all rant about the things I rant about struggling with (gigs, groceries, wages, etc) instead of talking tech for a bit was strangely therapeutic 😂

    • Patrick Osuch
      Patrick Osuch 9 godzin temu

      @Stacey Ayodele been cutting my own hair for the 10 years! Never going back

    • Plumbud
      Plumbud 11 dni temu +1

      ​@The Program None of Bernie's policies are in place, though.

    • DM Drew
      DM Drew 19 dni temu +3

      @The Program yeah no one cares about the future of the company now. I can’t tell if think they will be at the top forever or they just don’t care. But as long as their pockets are lined I guess.

    • The Program
      The Program 19 dni temu +3

      @DM Drew It's weird, because if you read the old management books, they talk about the importance of training and mentoring your 20-something new employees, since they will be running the company in a decade or two. It's still a smart way to run a company, but the whole social contract has been upended.

  • petrolhead1987
    petrolhead1987 22 dni temu +45

    I'm all for Luke's suggestion of already talking when the stream starts.
    But it needs to be something completely random and confusing.
    In 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.
    Luke: and that's why it makes more sense to have them use spoons for cavity searches at airports.
    Linus: Good point, I never thought about them that way.
    Luke: oh were live.
    Linus: Welcome to the WAN show.

    • tpodole
      tpodole 19 dni temu +6

      Ah yes, lets joke from gen Z and make reverse millenial pause. You don't know what you missed casue we purpusly started early.

    • petrolhead1987
      petrolhead1987 19 dni temu +2

      @Nick B I knew there was some Latin term for it, but for the life of me I just couldn't think what it was.

    • Nick B
      Nick B 19 dni temu +9

      In medias res.

  • Gemfruit
    Gemfruit 22 dni temu +26

    I have a 13-year old step daughter, and her and all of her friends have literally zero knowledge of which camera has what specs, or how varied they actually are. I take selfies with my rear camera, and I tried to teach them, and they aren't even capable of understanding the concepts when broken down, not because of intelligence, but because they cannot be bothered to learn about what they don't care.

    • [ratzfc]mugen
      [ratzfc]mugen 12 dni temu

      ​@Arjix but does she only use the speaker phone mode when she is talking on the phone. For no reason.

    • Arjix
      Arjix 20 dni temu

      I have an older sister, she is 22 years old, and I am experiencing the same thing
      I am trying to teach her basic tech stuff, but she gets bored after like 2 seconds, she can never concentrate (as if she has ADHD) and she'd rather spend 10+ hours talking on the phone with her friends.

    • Gemfruit
      Gemfruit 22 dni temu +5

      @Damer_Flinn Fingers crossed! It's insanely hard being a step-father figure who has so many child-like tendencies (as far as entertainment and having fun are concerned), but still lacking connection because of the usual aspects, and the step-father angle. You'd think being a gamer with an amazing PC (she can play), VR, etc, I'd be winning, but nope! Been in her life for 5 years now, so it's nothing new haha

    • Damer_Flinn
      Damer_Flinn 22 dni temu +3

      Give it a few years and you might notice a change in that.

  • alex abney
    alex abney 22 dni temu +88

    LMGs consistency is what has kept it #1 in my mind in the tech space. I haven’t been following avidly for a few years but I can tell at a glance that your channels are still the same and even better quality and value than they were in 2018 when I first started watching. It allows me to feel confident in recommending your videos and also using them as references to help out and troubleshoot for various things my friends and family need tech wise

  • sashen667
    sashen667 22 dni temu +50

    There was an intern(gen Z) I worked with that accused me of being guilty of the "millennial pause" and my response was: "Maybe I do it because my generation was taught to think before we speak..."
    He was not amused...

    • sc3ku
      sc3ku 5 dni temu +1

      Gen Z will just come back with “no- we already thought about what to say before hitting record”

    • Keelan Grand
      Keelan Grand 7 dni temu +2

      If only it was true, this world would not be in this shape 😂 Well, it's true, they think about how to turn the situation to their advantage, no matter the consequences but yes, the two methods are not better than each other 🙃

    • The Retro Millennial
      The Retro Millennial 8 dni temu +1

      That is brilliant and I am now going to use that 😂

  • LivvieLynn
    LivvieLynn 22 dni temu +91

    We millennials just get hate from all sides. Get slammed by the economic crash while also being told we're lazy for being tech savvy by the same generation that crashed the economy. Yet also being told we're tech cringe by Gen Z. 🤔

    • sc3ku
      sc3ku 5 dni temu

      Parents just don’t understand, man. Nor do their grandkids

    • Eben
      Eben 8 dni temu +1

      @Raymond Cai Yep. The student loans my sister had (gen x) to the ones I am still paying off (millennial) is hardly even a comparison, so much so that when I asked her about them she couldn't offer much advice because things had changed so much since the early 90s to the early 2000s.

    • Raymond Cai
      Raymond Cai 8 dni temu +1

      @Eben That's because Gen X raised Gen Z, and didn't get the resources of the previous generation (the Boomers), while experiencing more resources nonetheless than the Millennials.

    • Jari
      Jari 9 dni temu +1

      it was trumps generation behind all shanigans and still are , no blame to millenials

  • Robin Begley
    Robin Begley 22 dni temu +34

    Being in IT, you learn not to trust technology did its one job. I run into problems all the time with voice messages where you miss half the message as the person pushed the button as they start talking and the recorder had a second delay before it starts. Voice control isnt much better. I dont see why waiting a second for the technology to start working is a generational thing.

    • Connor Springer
      Connor Springer 13 dni temu

      Well ideally you'd buffer before the visual/audial queue that you're ready to go. Then you can just detect when there was some activity etc and use that data. I would say a thoughtful programmer would plan for that from the start.
      EDIT: OK, reading some of the other messages this would not be a good solution, would be wasteful and there's privacy concerns. The WhatsApp example is a good one. Hmmm, that shouldn't happen though, there's no reason for a computer to have a human noticeable delay buffered or not buffered. Where the buffered thingy would maybe make sense is a voice mail system? Actually the more I think about it the less I like it, I don't think there should be any form of recording ever, before a clear queue that it's recording.

    • Genny Music
      Genny Music 21 dzień temu

      agree with you, happens in what'sapp voice messages for instance! gotta wait a sec before I talk or whatever I said at the beginning will be cut out

    • Psychedelic Spider
      Psychedelic Spider 22 dni temu

      As a Gen Zer I can tell I have that issue a lot when using voice search, so I also Millennial pause

  • LxndrPhnx
    LxndrPhnx 22 dni temu +18

    When I started supervising employees I had a training with other new supervisors on how to supervise incoming interns. It was entirely focused on "How to Manage Millennials" and the ways in which Millennials were different, implying different from us, the new supervisors. At the end I had to point out that this was a training conducted by two members of GenX, to a room of Millennials, about managing GenZ.

  • Mateusz Polkowski
    Mateusz Polkowski 22 dni temu +10

    I believe that categorizing people into groups is helpful when it's helpful and is unproductive when it's unproductive. If you start categorizing people too much you will end up with every single person in his or her individual category. If you reduce the number of categories too much you will end up with the whole human race in one group. So in short, dividing people into generational groups is and interesting thought exercise that could help us understand some differences between these generations, but it's not some ultimate truth.
    Comparing groups of people is a useful tool for understanding some differences between people. The whole thing falls apart when you start using this approach as a propaganda tool to "prove" that one group is "better" than some other group. And that's unproductive at best and pure evil at worst.

  • Benjamin Ronlund
    Benjamin Ronlund 22 dni temu +18

    If you have a trash mic, having that 3-5 seconds of audio background noise at the beginning helps a lot to clean up the audio. It also makes it super easy to connect different short recordings because you have enough time for transitions.

  • Adam Vargo
    Adam Vargo 22 dni temu +6

    I do agree with the start of the video about "there are boomers who built the internet and also ones who are illiterate on technology" and while there are college age kids who are tech illiterate, boomers are on another level. Like unable to change phone backgrounds after the 12th time explaining it, not understanding that texts are in an app not just your notification bar. Not just not understanding, but actively avoiding learning how their WORK computer functions to the point where printing is a struggle for them daily.
    Just my two cents as a tech kid in corporate america

  • JayVal90
    JayVal90 22 dni temu +15

    It could be the fact that Millennials have used more than one or two devices in their lifetime with different “pause lengths,” while younger viewers have had a much shorter experience with only one or two different devices.

  • Zelda's Fox
    Zelda's Fox 20 dni temu +8

    I'm a millennial but my year is the one that's always debated on ('96). I remember learning about "safari" in 3rd grade but didn't connect that was the internet when I actually had it for myself in 6th grade. I still had to use 95% books on my essays. My teachers said that websites are not reliable sources and I had to learn how to write out the stupid bibliography on notecards. I don't miss writing those. For the job hopping, yeah. I started in retail/ grocery. The "boomers" are absolutely brutal towards employees. There are karens daily. Who wants to work in those conditions for $7.25 before tax, about $6.75 after tax per hour?

  • David Sh.
    David Sh. 22 dni temu +71

    You guys might be a bit out of touch with this since you have your own company, but in general staying in the same job rarely brings any benefits anymore, raises and promotions aren't really a thing and companies cut you out like nothing while raising executive salaries, and companies tend to try avoid paying severance. the only way to get a better salary and conditions is to job hop with your currently better resume. very few trust companies pay them the benefits they deserve in the long term and rightfully so.
    this is especially emphasized in software engineering. where you can literally double your salary with a single job hop sometimes meanwhile your current employer is refusing to even match inflation.

    • sc3ku
      sc3ku 5 dni temu

      right. my last employer acted like a behind-inflation raise was huge and was openly upset at a perceived lack of loyalty when I took another job that paid 40% more.
      A friend got his corporate employer to finally offer a $26k raise as they matched a company who offered him a job. Then that company offered him more to beat the match- and he finally could afford to buy a house

    • Needles and sonics
      Needles and sonics 5 dni temu

      I don’t understand why anyone thinks this is new. It’s always been that if you want to better yourself you always keep your options open and look for new opportunities. Decades ago, it was said you go where the jobs are.
      Then we play ourselves. The reason “boomers” could stick with one job til retirement is because companies needed people then. They didn’t have tech that made humans obsolete. Now, everyone is expendable because tech and now AI can do the job.
      Yeah, tech is great if you own the business but if you are looking for work, tech made you as obsolete as a pc from 10 years ago. This generation relied to heavily on tech and in doing so, played themselves. There are so many factors that the new generations played themselves with. They complain about housing and yet all the regulations they championed stifled the building industry. More people, less houses. What did you think was going to happen? Bet you didn’t read that on Wikipedia.
      I feel bad for the newer generations. They got played, they continue to get played, and they aren’t even aware they keep getting played. They blame everyone except who really is to blame because they are algorithmically funneled into echo chambers with the tech they love so much.

    • David Sh.
      David Sh. 22 dni temu

      @Benjamin Meusburger I fully agree that it's dumb, and yet it's still a thing that is very common.

    • David Sh.
      David Sh. 22 dni temu +1

      ​@seeibe I agree with you that salary isn't everything and I'd happily take a paycut to work for just a better employer and a company that aligns with my ideals heck I even plan on helping out with open source for free. but anywhere with an HQ above them it's very likely to not be the case, and those take up the majority of the job market.

  • TheJosh1337
    TheJosh1337 22 dni temu +107

    In the pandemic, me and a friend build a video streaming platform for DJs where they could play sets and receive "tips" through their set. Ended up not being a success, but I learnt *a lot* about video streaming tech.
    Our site had a small cluster of video encoder servers. They took the RTMP video stream (from obs) and had to re-encode for the various resolutions and bitrates (1080p, 720p, 420p, etc) and also slice up the video into segments which when all put together becomes the HLS streaming video.
    For a start, a huge amount of the delay comes from the fact that the video gets sliced into little segments (e.g. 6 seconds) which are then sent to the viewers. These might be say 120 to 500 kilobytes each, depending on quality. Furthermore, there is always a buffer on the encoding so that if there is any sort of connection loss from the streamer, it doesn't cause the whole system to drop; instead you want a short drop (e.g. 1 or 2 seconds) to be hidden in the buffering. These short drops or latency spikes happen way more often than you'd expect.
    So from memory we had 6-second chunks and the system was configured to have 2 chunks of buffer, so you'd always be between 12 to 18 seconds behind. You also save the chunks on the server for a period of time, so if you saved 20 chunks then you'd have two minutes of video, which is the maximum time "behind" that a viewer could get. PLclip use their unlimited bandwidth to save *all* the chunks of the stream, and this eventually becomes the stored video copy.
    There is also the latency between the streamer and the encoding infrastructure, and then back to the viewer. This may be say 200ms in each direction, depending on where people are located. We had infrastructure in the U.S. because it was cheaper, even though most of our people were in Australia. Also it seems that a lot of ISPs will "fast track" small requests to make HTTP traffic faster, but some services (e.g. RTMP) get higher-latency connections. It was unusual because we could ping a server in less than 200ms but often the RTMP was more like 300 or 400ms behind.
    One last thing which was interesting was the auto-scaling. We were doing this project on the smell of an oily rag, so we didn't run the expensive encoder servers unless if they were needed. We would scale-up when a stream was started, and scale-down when one ended. We could place multiple streams per server, and would vary the server size based on the time of day to get the best utilization BUT in many cases a machine would need to be *added* to the fleet before the stream would start. These would be auto-provisioned off a disk image, but would add about 40 seconds to the start time.
    In the end, the project was not really successful. Not long after we started, Twitch had the same idea and added a "music" section, and we basically couldn't compete with the 300-pound gorilla, nor could we afford the infrastructure because powerful compute (to transcode multiple video streams) is expensive, and bandwidth is even more expensive.

    • MagnaDrake
      MagnaDrake 13 dni temu

      @TheJosh1337 I'm a software developer with a DJing hobby and what you attempted to make sounds like a really cool dream to me. I may not be that well versed in real-time video encoding but I'd love to toy around with it if you do want it to be open source.

    • Potato Furyy
      Potato Furyy 17 dni temu

      @TheJosh1337 I mean, why not? More open source out in the world can only be a good thing.

    • TheJosh1337
      TheJosh1337 22 dni temu +6

      I was thinking of open-sourcing the code since the product is no longer. Would this be interesting to anyone?

    • Nene's Apostle [8th Apostle of the Twelve]
      Nene's Apostle [8th Apostle of the Twelve] 22 dni temu +2

      @TheJosh1337 That sounds really cool and well made! Especially the spot failover! I am curious, why did you choose EC2 when you're streaming data? Aren't there cloud services that have way cheaper data transfer? It's really expensive on AWS. What made you choose AWS over the competition?

  • Gemfruit
    Gemfruit 22 dni temu +7

    Greatly enjoyed the various political tapes, especially pertaining to economics. I know it's not what the show is, but it's nice to see real people see the pain so many of us go through daily, and to call it out. Even if you can't do anything, simply bringing it up gives me hope that enough conversation will happen among normal people, that we'll some day do something about it.

  • asailijhijr
    asailijhijr 15 dni temu +3

    It used to be really common for PLclip videos to be one second shorter than the original video file because of the video encoding or backwards compatibility or something.
    If you didn't have the millennial pause or an end-card, then your video would be bizarrely cut off in a way that you couldn't control at all.

  • Tim French
    Tim French 22 dni temu +9

    One thing they didn't notice/mention about the Millennial Pause, is that it grabs attention right away. All over Tik Tok and PLclip Shorts, there is no delay when the video starts. The content is immediate and makes it easier to grab attention and move to the next video

    • Tim French
      Tim French 22 dni temu +4

      @Jason Matthews exactly. And it's usually a video editing thing as well. It's not hard to crop out the first second or two of the video

    • Jason Matthews
      Jason Matthews 22 dni temu +1

      It’s a trend, not a generation thing. If anyone uses tiktok, it’s a lot faster, no time for pauses.

    • qnal96
      qnal96 22 dni temu +4

      I think this is how it started. Someone discovered it as a hack to grab attention at the start of a video and it's since become normalized.

  • Jason
    Jason 19 dni temu +2

    In high school, my school was on a T1 line (the whole school) in about 2000. I remember my FBLA teacher being super excited about the ability to stream a video over the Internet without having to download it first. Amazing! I also remember when the first 1GHz processor came out and how exciting that was. Also lived through the Y2K scare. I also got a Gmail account early enough that it was still a private invite beta. Ask Jeeves, yahoo search engine, Hotmail, AOL, moving from a dialup connection at home to DSL and the huge jump that was. Perspective. It's easy to forget what it was like before.

    • First Last
      First Last 18 dni temu

      Oh I remember school projects revolving around ask jeves

  • Exilum
    Exilum 22 dni temu +5

    I'm gen z, but pretty early one, and I'm pretty sure what is the source of the pause. It's confidence. When things have a 50-50 chance of not working, you will wait a signal, any type, that gives you feedback on whether it does record. Also essentially there's how recording is considered. If recording isn't as natural as breathing to you, you wouln't be able to easily start talking without bracing yourself. I found that an easy way to test that is how we handle calls. When I pick up calls, I don't wait before saying anything, when my parents would wait for the other party to say something. I don't consider calls any different from talking to someone, and it changes my behavior.

  • Ase James Hastly
    Ase James Hastly 22 dni temu +16

    I'm a millennial and I just learn, from you Linus, that there is this thing called millennial pause.

    • tpodole
      tpodole 19 dni temu

      I think it's just Tik Tok memes leaking out... I don't browsse it and only really recently I learned about it, and with 60s constraint you do need every second and somehow this is reason to joke about better paced videos?

    • A Metaphysical flying fork
      A Metaphysical flying fork 22 dni temu

      When (IF I EVER) send a whatsapp audio, I always notice that at the beginning there's like a second of flatness lol

  • Alexander Yerbich
    Alexander Yerbich 22 dni temu +7

    This is really funny because for me I was literally trained to take that quarter second pause before speaking in school.

  • Lone Beast
    Lone Beast 10 dni temu +1

    To me it comes to two things, a that recordings before weren't near instant and it had good likelihood of getting cut out. And for general editing purposes (where the initial seconds can sample for background noise and allow for removing the background noise for crispier audio)
    Nowadays audio from mobile phones are good enough to not need any post processing.

  • Perfectly Timed System Error

    I saw a lot of live streams starting with a countdown animation and playing an intro to get the timing right. In OBS, you can broadcast a clip before switching over to camera, so if you monitor your end stream, it's an easy fix.
    Or they just don't care and only monitor chat, and when people start to write in, they know that they are live and switch.

  • HeyyItsUltima
    HeyyItsUltima 20 dni temu +1

    As a younger millennial who has always dealt with budget tech because I grew up in poverty, if I'm recording something I tend to give a 4-5 second pause at the beginning from old habits with microphones being awful, and various sound sync issues. Gives me plenty of time in post to get "clear" audio to remove mic buzz and other consistent background noises and also getting a mouse click or two in there lets me sync up to actions on screen if the sound and video desync while recording.

  • Hayden Maines
    Hayden Maines 22 dni temu +3

    As someone who is probably a zoomer but whose childhood didn't have cell service (northern), I seem to remember having to use non-fiction books for projects early in elementary, and being annoyed at how they had hardly any information whatsoever compared to the internet

  • Mario Lambertz
    Mario Lambertz 22 dni temu +4

    13:40 is something I just recently realised myself as 1990 born. We are in a special position. If you're born between roughly 1985 and 1995 you saw both worlds at a really young age. The one world with cassettes and and wired phones and then shortly after or before you hit 20 years old the first iPhone was out. I was 17 when it happend and oh boy do I realise because of the previous years how technology changes the world. I sent 160 letters SMS from like age 11 to 18 before mobile messaging was a real thing.

  • Justin Brantley
    Justin Brantley 5 dni temu +1

    I think part of it is also gen Z humor. Talking while the video starts gives it just a little more of a chaotic feeling. Even when it's not talking, it's a lot more high energy if whatever the video is about is already happening right when you press play. It's kinda like the perfectly cut meme, but at the beginning.

  • EX0stasis
    EX0stasis 22 dni temu +1

    In my personal experience, the "millennial pause" makes sense because of all the times the technology I've used in the past has a certain lag when starting that I've far too often had my first word cut off at the beginning of the video.

  • Michael Morrow
    Michael Morrow 22 dni temu +3

    I was a IATSE stagehand before Covid. The work was exactly the same at Luke’s brother. It was stressful not knowing when or if I was ever going to work again. I did make more money than most people though, so it was very important to be good with your money so it would last between gigs.

  • Direrain -
    Direrain - 21 dzień temu +1

    I learned to do this pause from using walkie-talkies at work rather than recording anything. It used to be if you started speaking right away after pressing the transmit button, the first second or so what you said got cut off on the receiving end, so you pause for that second or so to make sure the receiver gets the whole message.

  • Trabber Shir
    Trabber Shir 7 dni temu

    The long chain emails just always remind me of using email as "portable" client for bulletin boards. I want to say I was 2nd grade when I discovered the AppleIIs in my typography class had an email client and for some strange reason a constant internet connection. But trojan highway is definitely something I have always associated with older generations as well. I can't say Boomer because the worst offenders I knew were all a decade too old for that moniker.

  • Mouse Tenacity
    Mouse Tenacity 22 dni temu +7

    Working in an Apple computer factory in the mid 90’s people had loaded the dancing baby video onto nearly every computer on the assembly floor. 😂

  • Phillip Charles-Sweeting
    Phillip Charles-Sweeting 22 dni temu +3

    Fun fact, the live broadcast used to be standard for cable news. The cameras would be rolling and transmitting to the TV station, then the station decides to broadcast the feed on their channel. This has some pretty funny and controversial consequences, as the feed is just analogue signal, anyone could tap into it with the right equipment. There's footage in ad breaks or before interviews start of politicians doing coke, getting pep talked, being shut out of debates (literally). It was the focus of a doc you can find here on youtube with a bit of searching, I forget the name, but you can find it with a couple of searches.

    • Phillip Charles-Sweeting
      Phillip Charles-Sweeting 17 dni temu +1

      @Deus Ex Machina The documentary is Spin (1995)

    • Deus Ex Machina
      Deus Ex Machina 18 dni temu

      Commenting in case you, I, or someone else manages to find it. Perhaps you can search your watch/browser history.

  • SubieAsunaYuuki
    SubieAsunaYuuki 20 dni temu +1

    I don't quite understand gen z but I'm also gen z.
    3:50 That's really relatable. The only time I tried to take a selfie of myself was late last year at my university's open day and I struggled. I usually avoid taking pictures of myself at all costs.
    Hmm, I guess I'm closer to the milinial generation than to gen z at least certain ways. I might have the milinial pause but the last time I probably video recorded myself was in 2015. I'm also tech savvy enough.

  • Cidriel
    Cidriel 22 dni temu +17

    honestly, vtubers solved your problem of having that delay between when all platforms are live to start talking because they'll have a "starting soon" screen and music playing until the time they're actually ready to start, but they'll also sometimes unmute their microphones and kinda talk with those waiting in the chatroom for until they actually hit go time and then transition to their talking or gameplay scenes. I don't see that a lot even with facecam streamers. EDIT: *and* it should be noted they will do this even if they're only broadcasting to one platform. kinda to make sure everyone has seen the Go Live notifications and tweets or posts and taken their seats before starting up, so people don't miss out.

    • Philip B.
      Philip B. 22 dni temu

      It's been solved in many spaces where there is a live feed available. It sounds to me like the WAN show just needs to make the procedure to start the wan show more efficient (ex production assistant here that worked with live stream systems for concerts and live shows that were streamed to the web). It sounds like they have a lot of content they pull from, but they need to have it pre-tested better. It's not like the environment changes a lot (I assume). In fact one could argue their environment is more simplified then what I had to deal with, because I had to make sure everything was synchronized.

    • Grue Turtle
      Grue Turtle 22 dni temu

      Breaking Points does that

    • Damer_Flinn
      Damer_Flinn 22 dni temu +10

      That might just be the channels you watch. I see that fairly often in non-vtuber streams.

  • EXG21
    EXG21 22 dni temu +19

    Because when we first started using that crap, everything took way longer to load and was not instant. You get into the habit of having to wait for load time, which a lot of people have no idea how good they have it with instant experiences, and you get your millennial pause. Simple as that.

    • Heroninja112
      Heroninja112 19 dni temu +2

      When you go to load up the computer and go to the bathroom while waiting for it to prompt the password screen so that you can enter the password and make yourself a meal and come back to the computer finally being open

  • lifeinhd
    lifeinhd 22 dni temu +1

    I've noticed the same thing Luke has w.r.t. grocery increases versus restaurant increases. I don't eat out a ton except when traveling, but when I do, I tend to buy a lot of food on the relative low end-- not fast food, but think food truck, Mexican, Chinese, counter-serve, etc type places. I can still find good-size burritos for $9, or a packed kung pao chicken or Pad Thai plastic takeout container for $12, or a huge deli meal from a supermarket for $7. And I've found such offerings in basically every American city I've been to, even in San Diego and NYC.You'd think these lower-end prices would be most impacted cost-wise, but I guess they're somehow not.

  • John II
    John II 22 dni temu +1

    Now thinking about it, its also a second or two of gaining my composure as I mentally adjust to having a camera on me. I didn't grow up with a camera in my face (1980), so for 20-25 years even more I didn't have a camera on me. BUT on a phone which I grew up with I have no pause, I answer and begin talking. I know their generation had a camera on their face for all their life just like I had talking into a phone. So their dont need that mental check as they see the light go on.
    Sounds like just another way a younger generation trying to feel better about themselves with their short resumes while not trying to understand why. Just like we did at that age and just like they'll get attacked in 10-15 years for some non sense reason.
    I guess another reason I do it is I use that pause for a replacement of a 'Movie Clapper' then edit out pauses.

  • Mike Harris
    Mike Harris 9 dni temu

    I remember all that from my schools too. Only time I saw the internet and learned html v 4.0 just came out and Netscape navigator, was grade 7 and 8 (middle school) and highschool in 1998-2002 the internet could start to be used to research, but I had to check out the rows of encyclopedias... And computers in the library you would check out games like origon trail at the front desk to get a floppy. And in computers, in middle school, played the hell out of SimCity 2000.

  • tiestofalljays
    tiestofalljays 22 dni temu +24

    It's a professionalism difference (or at least the old meaning of professionalism - if that meaning is changing/has changed, fine haha). The pause allows for a clear edit/start point imo. If there's no editing being done and there is just this awkward silence before the person starts to speak, then yeah, I agree lol. But who doesn't trim their Snapchat/Instagram vids?
    Look at what's becoming the norm in terms of "accepted grammar" in the workplace lol. People write emails/slack/discord messages like they're texting lmao.

    • Arjix
      Arjix 20 dni temu

      I don't edit my videos.
      I am not a content creator, so that may be why, but I don't care how the video looks.
      I am 18 years old and I don't use social media (although I do use discord, as a chatting platform and not a social media platform)

    • VioletStorm
      VioletStorm 22 dni temu

      @Blondi27 It's sorta sad tho, do you think they are happy somehow? Having to mask so much in so many specific ways? Idk, it sounds so depressing to me 😟 like that's the sorta stuff we tryna get away from for all our mental health, so how must it be for them? the bitterness you see from so many of them when they see us not doing it too as well, idk it just makes me feel like they are sad and wish they could drop the act but feel like it would be too hard to be accepted by their people if they did, or maybe they feel like it's not worth trying to change? or idk, maybe they all just genuinely look at us and see immaturity because they've based everything on a set of particular practices,,, all I know is I wish I could help them have what we have, freedom to just be yourself even in a work environment, while being respectful to others of course but still

    • Blondi27
      Blondi27 22 dni temu

      ​@VioletStorm yup, i graduated in 2013 and hated having to perfectly formalize shit that should take just a few words. But boomers are sensitive and need hand holding in conversation

    • VioletStorm
      VioletStorm 22 dni temu +2

      Less posturing that way tho innit

  • Aqua
    Aqua 22 dni temu +6

    i am gen z and i had no idea what a millennial pause was. Just sounds like new creators are using algo meta and not pausing to gain relevance that millennials already have. Personally, I millennial pause

  • Sebastian Palacios
    Sebastian Palacios 22 dni temu

    Times are changing and unfortunately things aren't getting better for many out there. At least they know how difficult life has become nowadays even with their privilege positions. I really like the way Linus thinks.

  • Marcus Manchester
    Marcus Manchester 22 dni temu +1

    I remember when I was a teen and early adult, I was REALLY good at that timing thing, like instinctual level knowing how long it would take for some of those things to activate. And now as a relatively old Millennial, I just don't care.

  • Alwin Tom
    Alwin Tom 22 dni temu +1

    The millennial pause should be because we grew up using technology when they were still unrefined.
    Some of the things we expect to just work nowadays are stuff we have had inconsistent experiences with.
    Cameras and phones didn't always record the instant you pressed the button, heck sometimes the button didn't work at all. (Resistive touch screens, anyone?)
    So now we continue to get the urge to make sure that it is, indeed, running.

  • Alex Tirrell
    Alex Tirrell 21 dzień temu

    Haven't thought to test with video, and I imagine it varies with the app -- but since the last big update or so, Voice Memos on my iPhone XS will take a few seconds to start recording -- if it even does when I press it. It's an app I use all the time and I marvel that it doesn't work the way it should, yet it's also something I'm practically trained to be accustomed to.

  • Deinobi
    Deinobi 22 dni temu +1

    As a genz myself, this is also my first time hearing about the Millenial pause

  • Lost Boi
    Lost Boi 22 dni temu +6

    I'm technically Gen Z (born in 98) but I do the Millennial pause and even outside of that I often find myself having more in common with Millennials


      gen z seems divided between 2005 births, before is much more vista-win7 era kids and more accustomed to PC's and not really in the mobile phone era yet

    • tcbobb16
      tcbobb16 21 dzień temu

      Same 99

  • The Swayne
    The Swayne 22 dni temu

    I always thought the pause was for ease of editing. You normally have space between takes when filming.

  • ad-tyler
    ad-tyler 6 dni temu

    A strong and robust labor movement is exactly what the newer generation needs, love that take!

  • Changa Husky
    Changa Husky 9 dni temu +1

    I do love how GenX is not even in the conversation. But as a GenX tiktoker I tend to just edit any pause out of the start to make things snappy. But then I'm also an editor.

  • ManicDee
    ManicDee 17 dni temu

    "Millenial Pause" has happened on TV reporting since TV reporting first existed. They, too, had to wait for the tally light to indicate that they were talking to the actual live camera.

  • Walker Morales
    Walker Morales 6 dni temu

    I’m an older gen z and it is possible for us to not have had internet growing up in a rural part of the US. Dialup was an option, but it wasn’t really affordable. I didn’t have internet access until late elementary school, and didn’t have anything other than dialup until like junior high (basically middle school)

  • IroAppe
    IroAppe 22 dni temu +4

    Wait, so I'm still a Millennial? Whoa, I never felt that way. If I think about that for a minute though, that's exactly how it feels. Because I can connect to so much stuff from Millennials, as well as some things from Gen Z. Probably more Millennial though, since I don't do much TikTok, and I'm just interested in much technological stuff, that people older than me knew much about and as a kid I asked them absolutely everything about it.
    On the other hand: I am almost the oldest one in my current social group. So I guess, I am a millennial that has a Gen Z social environment. But: Those Gen Z, I find, also behave more like Millennials. We are studying computer science though, so perhaps that changes things.

    • Arjix
      Arjix 20 dni temu +1

      I'd like to say that being a computer nerd is not really the same as being a millennial.
      Maybe the meaning for the word nerd has changed, I don't know, but I have noticed that nerds usually spend less time on social media like tiktok (if that can even be considered as social media) and more time doing tech stuff. (unless you are the comic nerd type)
      Instead of saying "Gen Z" I say "normies", normies avoid nerdy talks and want the adrenaline that social media gives them.
      Why you may ask?
      That is because "Gen Z" refers to an age, but "normie" refers to a concept.
      I am 18 years old but almost nothing about Gen Z is true for me.

    • Philip B.
      Philip B. 22 dni temu

      It's weird because you, like myself, are on the tail end of the millennial. It still feels weird to me that I am in the same millennial bracket as someone who might have kids that are almost (or are) legal adults.

  • Michael m
    Michael m 6 dni temu

    It could just be that young people don’t care as much and as you get older you worry about that kind of thing more. But I really think the main reason is that we grew up with technology that was really slow and young people are used to technology that works immediately nowadays. Even though I think it’s silly, not to pause because you’re gonna lose some of your video if you don’t, I kinda get why they may do that. Could just come down to the impatience of youth. I was super impatient when I was a kid and overtime. I’ve developed the ability to slow down.

  • hooDio
    hooDio 17 dni temu +1

    i think it's that younger people think that everything just works kind of magically, the don't know that after you hit record the mic, the camera, ram and storage have to first initialize. and it's definitely not that they know exactly when to start talking (you need a more responsive interaction for muscle memory to develop than what is possible with watching a video you recorded earlier) voice messages i get from younger people are cut off at the start, voice messages i get from boomers are not

  • WigWoo1
    WigWoo1 8 dni temu +1

    I don't record myself so I guess I can't do the "pause" but I always try to think before I speak. It's kind of shocking how thinking before you speak is such a rare thing today that it has to have its own word for the people that do it

  • Xeonzs
    Xeonzs 19 dni temu

    7:50 I also had a note 9, but I found the pen such a bloat feature, I just wanted the screen real estate at the time to watch stuff in the train, but since then I wanted something smaller again, before that I had a Samsung S7 which fit in my hand and pockets perfectly, I really missed that, so I was trying to find something of similar size again but it also had to have a headphone jack, there were very few phones that did both, I ended up getting a Zenfone 8 halfway 2021 and was very pleasantly surprised, don't think I'll ever need to upgrade again lol.

  • Jake Davidson
    Jake Davidson 22 dni temu

    So many thoughts about this... too many to put in a PLclip comment. In general, this is one of the better discussions of generational stuff that I've heard. Thanks for that.

  • Chatsu8o
    Chatsu8o 22 dni temu +3

    I like how the wiki article states Gen Z are also guilty of the "gen z shake" ... shakily placing the phone down on something as the video is starting... or starting recording while mid-chew or something to seem like they were just soooo busy doing something before randomly hitting record... thus also taking a moment before they can talk.
    So we're all cringe. Own it.

  • Z
    Z 4 dni temu

    I didn't even realize my phone starts my video so fast now that you've mentioned it. I barely take pictures on my phone. I am part of the "too old for Tik Tok" part of Gen Z that no one ever seems to care about.
    Although one factor might be that things didn't use to react until you release the button but now a lot of things don't wait for you to release the button to start

  • Xavier Gopalan
    Xavier Gopalan 21 dzień temu

    We record ourselves using a device we're intimately familiar with to such an extent that when I'm holding the record button, you instinctually know when the video is going to really start and especially with selfies on Snapchat, I have the self illumination on to get a better image, and I know exactly when the picture will be taken, so I don't stop moving to take a picture until the instant it's actually captured, like I press it and then frame myself or my friends a couple moments afterwards inorder to now be holding my phone up in a super awkward way, like it's probably a symptom of using social media at school and not wanting to be super obvious in class to be real

  • Hyzenthlay
    Hyzenthlay 11 godzin temu

    I remember maths teachers saying we had to learn our tables because we wouldn't have a calculator everywhere with us... And even though this was before cellphones, I had my Casio calculator watch.

  • Ardent
    Ardent 22 dni temu

    Part of this is literally because devices we used to use didn't record immediately. They took time to start recording, so it's ingrained into us

  • penguindrummaster
    penguindrummaster 19 dni temu

    I'm taking a second to comment right after Linus explained the "Millennial Pause" and I never realized I did that either. Basically, I'd attribute it to a history with technology, and knowing that there's usually a delay between "Start" and when a computer actually starts.
    It sounds like you're about to explain that, but hey, here's to boosting engagement 🤙

  • YobB1n
    YobB1n 22 dni temu +35

    The impact of memes on society will never be accomplished again

  • Nick Roberson
    Nick Roberson 17 dni temu

    I love that you bring up the polar opposites of gen Z because I am a part of the older side and built my own computers, servers and got a degree in Information Tech while my brother who is only 3 years younger doesn't know anything about his desktop other than that the hard drive makes his games work

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 7 dni temu

      All the information in the world and none of the willingness to look it up.

  • Rob Mckennie
    Rob Mckennie 22 dni temu

    with the wan show intro thing, the solution to this problem is starting the show with a splash screen, waiting until you know it's up, then transitioning out of the splash screen in the broadcast software

  • Sebastián Anguiano
    Sebastián Anguiano 22 dni temu +2

    as a milenial, the pause is about old cameras took a second to start recording and we waited a second to confirm it was recording , other generations dont

  • Sugar
    Sugar 10 dni temu

    I'm a gen z who grew up with very little tech because my mom doesn't understand it, I was also shielded from most modern tech trends like tiktok/snapchat type media so I am kinda a millenial at heart lol.

  • 陳奕釩
    陳奕釩 19 dni temu

    I'd say us "early gen Z" were the last intermediate generation.
    When I started learning English at elementary school,I was requested to record some homework on audio tape,and by the time I starts highschool, teachers just assumed everyone has a smart phone.
    When I told my classmates (I left college for a while,so my classmates are 2,3 years younger than me) about the tapes,they thought I was trolling them, because quote,"You're not that old".

  • Germán Cárdenas
    Germán Cárdenas 22 dni temu +5

    Thats why we make a manual save before closing a game because we dont trust the auto save

  • JP Morris
    JP Morris 9 dni temu

    “Things are supposed to get better, right” is possibly the most millennial thing Linus has ever said 😂

  • Peter Knutsen
    Peter Knutsen 20 dni temu +1

    7:59 I'm generation X (1977), and I have a don't-trust-but-verify tendency with tech.
    I'm very tech-savvy, but I grew up with unreliable stuff, and also with bad user interfaces, so even if I tell a piece of tech to do a thing, I will basically always manually verify that it is doing the thing (or at least doing some thing at the correct time).

  • ThavionHawk MKII
    ThavionHawk MKII 14 dni temu

    My god. I've been doing live commentary on Twitch races and even when the restreamed counts down going live with audio I totally give a second or so's break before speaking to make sure I'm actually live when I start! Now yes I'm a millennial, but this is needed because I have had the restreamed go live after my partner and I started talking so I had to do a 15 second fast recap of everything we'd said the minute before. Thankfully I can be a very fast and concise talker, but damn.

  • Chapter 7 Certified
    Chapter 7 Certified 22 dni temu +1

    It’s definitely the speed and reliability of technology and the tech everyone has grown up with

    • Damer_Flinn
      Damer_Flinn 22 dni temu

      When you expect the video to be recording but the microphone to need a second to start.

  • matthieu zglurg
    matthieu zglurg 22 dni temu

    technically I'm a gen Z (late 1998, almost 99), but I grew up with my older brother wich is late millenial (96) and since I proved to be a smart kid (I'm not a smart adult tho) I skipped a few classes and ended up in classes where people are a lot older than me (from like 96 or 95)
    So I have a lot of habits of late millenials, and the millenial pause if one of them. I don't know how I should feel about this lmao

    SUPPORT UKRAINE 22 dni temu +3

    I don't even know what in detail defines a millennial, gen z or boomer, nor do I care for labeling people.
    The way they used "stone age, bronze age, iron age" is a good way. That should be used today for like the sub-age that defines recent generations.

  • Mendel Greenberg
    Mendel Greenberg 22 dni temu +1

    The solution for the wan show would be like other fancy shows: use a title card until you're actually ready to start and then count in the talent with the removal of the title card.

  • Joshua Wilson
    Joshua Wilson 22 dni temu +1

    I was at a conference and was told by some 'expert' said that millennials were people born between 80 and 2000. I've been told elsewhere that it's 83-93, 80-99, 86-96, etc.
    I was born in 2000 but I live and grew up in WV. So until about whatever year the iPhone 5 came out, we were about 5-6 years behind most of the US in IT and the internet. Most would classify me as a Zoomer, I relate a lot more to how millennials grew up because that's how I grew up. I didn't have a smart phone until I was graduating High School.
    The generation divide is extremely arbitrary.

  • dmora
    dmora 20 dni temu +1

    It's Def a growing up with broke tech thing. Your analogy with the phone described it perfectly.... We're just used to crap not working first time, so we wait for verification.

    • dmora
      dmora 20 dni temu

      Also I had not idea this was a thing...

  • Polikarpov Mosca
    Polikarpov Mosca 21 dzień temu

    I am in that weird situation where being in my mid 30s I went back to uni, so my classmates average very early 20s and a bit younger, and I heard those generalisations a lot. At the end of the day, people is the same and I can see how the asshole/nice idiots/clever people is the same now as it was when 15 years ago, I made decent friends there. Sure, they like different things in music, videogames etc in many cases; but wouldn't I if I was born later or they if they where born earlier? It is such a stupid thing to assume we are different species.

  • tyrdchaos
    tyrdchaos 22 dni temu +1

    Also, if you immediately start talking, some devices (such as Apple TV) need to sync the frame rate of the device to the frame rate of the video. This causes a 3-5 delay for EVERY PLclip video. If you take a breath before starting, that usually is enough to not need to rewind the video. If you start talking immediately in the video, then users of these devices have to rewind the video 3-5 seconds
    since PLclip has no delay for video start during the frame rate negotiation

  • Chase Hamilton
    Chase Hamilton 22 dni temu +3

    "millennials are job hoppers" yep, that's what happens when your only raise happens when you get a new job

  • jklm011
    jklm011 22 dni temu

    Regarding the gig thing. As a young adult starting his career in Europe, pretty much every junior position is offered through contractors, there isn't much of a choice to go into a company and staying there forever.

  • Laurel Green
    Laurel Green 22 dni temu

    Holy crap, I haven't thought about Encarta in YEARS. I remember when my Grandma got me a copy of Encarta 97 for our brand new computer when I was eleven years old. That was such a huge game changer for homework, I loved it.

  • Lilith Stenhouse
    Lilith Stenhouse 21 dzień temu

    I love hearing Linus talk about money. He runs a company that was valued over $100M and yet he never sounds out of touch to me. I'm a student, no job & I save what I can religiously so I truly scrounge for every penny.
    It's a shame people complained so much on the main channel, I think price is a really important factor in everything and Linus just never misses.