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Ring Sends the Police Your Nudes

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  • Opublikowany 13 mar 2023
  • Amazon’s Ring has been handing over intrusive footage from inside users homes to police.
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Komentarze • 487

  • 3V0
    3V0 15 dni temu +614

    I warned my parents that shit like this would happen and they got a ring anyways. I, on the other hand, decided to get a dedicated computer and have my own security system with redundant power. If police have a warrant, they HAVE TO come through me to get any footage of mine. This is absolutely disgusting.

    • Hanster.gun.343
      Hanster.gun.343 Dzień temu

      @Revelmonger I was gunna say a usb because if you are smart you would never plug an unknown usb into anything but considering they broke into a house with a camera system they aren’t smart lol

    • fuckingstupidthatihavetomakeachanneltocomment
      fuckingstupidthatihavetomakeachanneltocomment 6 dni temu

      you know you could have just bought a non online security DVR like a lorex.... there's only like 2 companies who do the stupid always online subscription service BS. But yeah, if you install wifi cameras INSIDE your home and then link them to an online service you deserve your butthole to end up online.

    • 3V0
      3V0 8 dni temu +1

      @BOB Marley I do. I also have my security cameras. And guns for self defense. If you think im only stocking security footage, youre mistaken.

    • BOB Marley
      BOB Marley 8 dni temu +1

      @3V0 Buy a lock for your door = problem solved

  • Rita Kida
    Rita Kida 15 dni temu +377

    Imagine voluntarily getting a Bezos product that records your property inside and out, this is like the ultimate "Whats the problem I have nothing to hide" NPC test.

    • TheSandsofFlowingTime
      TheSandsofFlowingTime 22 godzin temu

      @Tech Freak no I wouldn't let them because it's my stuff not theirs. I don't care if they see what I have, but I'm not letting them go through it on their own. It's not about having something to hide, it's about not liking people going through my stuff when they have no business doing so. Do you lock your doors at night? If you do, doesn't that mean you're hiding something you don't want people to see?

    • Tech Freak
      Tech Freak 23 godzin temu

      @TheSandsofFlowingTime would you let just anyone rummage through your house? If not, you have something to hide. Otherwise you would be fine with any stranger walking through your house.

    • TheSandsofFlowingTime
      TheSandsofFlowingTime 6 dni temu

      ​@Alphoric just because someone has a house doesn't mean they have something to hide. Maybe they just don't like living on the street or in shitty apartments

    • TripleDBros
      TripleDBros 10 dni temu

      You mean Blink? Ring is not a Jeff bezos product, blink is the Amazon equivalent.

    • Alphoric
      Alphoric 11 dni temu

      @Surms41 everyone has stuff to hide that’s why privacy exists
      Do you have a house
      If so you also have something to hide

  • Penfold011082
    Penfold011082 15 dni temu +719

    I feel sorry for the police if they see mine. No-one deserves that.

    • No-One
      No-One 4 dni temu +1

      Wait a minute, I don’t deserve to see that…

    • MrHocotateFreight
      MrHocotateFreight 6 dni temu

      ​@Daniel Picasso Muñoz ah, I see you didn't read the thumbnail title. Read it again, then come back. It'll connect I promise

    • 1betterthanyou1
      1betterthanyou1 14 dni temu

      Don’t feel sorry for pigs.

    • manitoba2445
      manitoba2445 14 dni temu

      there are a lot of degenerates out there...

    • n r
      n r 14 dni temu


  • FractalPrism
    FractalPrism 15 dni temu +232

    they gave up unrelated footage from the guy's bedroom (gross, invasive) and place of business (which could expose company secrets, confidential patient info)
    he needs to sue the heck out of Ring

    • Sonny J
      Sonny J 5 dni temu

      ​@MaximumGaming5o even if it was in the terms they would gladly pay to not allow this to go viral

    • fuckingstupidthatihavetomakeachanneltocomment
      fuckingstupidthatihavetomakeachanneltocomment 6 dni temu

      I'm 100% sure that user agreement he signed without reading gave them permission to do everything they did. How stupid do you have to be to install WIFI cameras INSIDE your home and then link them to the INTERNET?!?!?! but sure no personal responsibility company bad hur hur

    • Darren New
      Darren New 12 dni temu +1

      @Zeldagigafan For sure. My point was that it isn't on Amazon to ensure the warrant is specific. It's on the cops. Just like if a cop is trying to pull you over while driving, it's not up to you whether to stop or not if you think you've done nothing wrong.

    • Zeldagigafan
      Zeldagigafan 12 dni temu +2

      @Darren New That's more reason to require warrants be specific to allow what they've gathered with it to be admissible.

  • Anthony Montenegro
    Anthony Montenegro 15 dni temu +92

    Would love a video going over how one might set up a basic home security system that doesn't require the use of outside services like ring or eufy (if that doesn't already exist on ltt, not sure). Really impressed by the setup Linus has at his new house and with all the stories like these, I'm sure many of us would feel better if you could walk us through how to get started on making one for our own places.

    • The Dave
      The Dave 6 dni temu

      Channel called DIY Perks did this a few years ago, get lots of old laptop webcams and usb extentders, an old laptop and some open source software take care of the recording.

    • gorgonzola5000
      gorgonzola5000 12 dni temu +1

      @PurpleChalk it's alright dude. Home Assistant is basically an operating system that you can use to control a network of IoT devices

    • PurpleChalk
      PurpleChalk 12 dni temu

      @gorgonzola5000 Ah well, for some reason I thought Home Assistant could have access to them like Ring here.

    • gorgonzola5000
      gorgonzola5000 12 dni temu

      @PurpleChalk I don't see how that would make your surveilance footage go public. You have it stored on your hardware

  • ttuurrttlle
    ttuurrttlle 15 dni temu +71

    I mean. Didn't everyone know that that was what Ring has always been about? They've legit had partner programs with police offices to have police literally give away free Ring cameras so they could get more footage to "help prevent crime".

    • Stitch Finger
      Stitch Finger 14 dni temu

      @Mastealth That's where I'm at; the doorbell ones usually only see a roughly public area anyway (the street)
      I get why Linus blurs his street on camera, but the cops would already know which house the footage is from so I'd be fine with them seeing the street from my front door's POV. But the stuff in the clip here is bananas.

    • David Sh.
      David Sh. 14 dni temu +2

      No people didn't know. We did, the tech savvy crowd that follows this news.
      Not to mention, they completely falsely marketed the privacy of the users.

    • paush
      paush 14 dni temu +1

      @Mastealth I would definitely care even if its just a movement sensor... But thats the reason why I would never choose ring or any other company calling home. Even our Roombas have very limited internet access.

    • Mastealth
      Mastealth 14 dni temu +2

      See i wouldn't care if it were the front door ones because ok being able to see the street could be useful for tracking someone or finding a missing person, etc. However the security cameras are a huge nope from me.

  • Richard Graf
    Richard Graf 15 dni temu +64

    This seems so surreal to me, this would never happen in germany, privacy and data protection are extremely important here and anything even resembling a police state/surveillance state situation will get shut down very quickly because of our past (both NS and GDR)

    • BOB Marley
      BOB Marley 8 dni temu

      It does and will continue to happen in Germany, who are you kidding

    • Richard Graf
      Richard Graf 10 dni temu +1

      @Nom yeah its kinda shit on the freedom scale, germany really like banning saying/consuming shit for the ""benefit"" of its citizens, but at least its not on Straya or fucking UK level of "we come to your house cause of a Social Media post and fine you or some shit

    • Nom
      Nom 10 dni temu

      I mean you guys have your own issues considering looking into certain things is illegal

    • Devy
      Devy 12 dni temu +3

      @Just Skip I'm guessing you meant that you are in Finland, hearing about German policing. I'm also guessing that PLclip User read the part "german policing in Finland" as you implying that German police was doing policing in Finland. Hopefully that clears it up. Terveisiä Suomeen

  • osem598
    osem598 15 dni temu +111

    Glad I talked my boss out of installing ring cameras at work. Ended up getting a reolink nvr system instead

    • osem598
      osem598 14 dni temu +7

      @Joshua Klassen it's offline :)

    • Joshua Klassen
      Joshua Klassen 14 dni temu +2

      Reolink phones home to China, bro. Unless you have them completely offline and the NVR is blocked from accessing the internet.

    • Dotworks
      Dotworks 15 dni temu +1


  • Canmx120
    Canmx120 15 dni temu +28

    Even if they're not in the bedroom I walk round the house naked all the time, the expectation of privacy is my entire home, not just the bedroom.

  • Aerium Four
    Aerium Four 15 dni temu +30

    So... can we have Ring charged seeing as they're distributing pornography without the permissions of the actors to persons without age verification?
    That's at least 2 charges per instance right there.
    Let's get Ring/Amazon put on a registry!

    • Baker72
      Baker72 14 dni temu +9

      And if you had under 18 year old kids? Slap some child pornography charges on there.
      But we all know nothing's going to happen to a company!

  • Woodscraps1798
    Woodscraps1798 15 dni temu +12

    This will keep happening until tech executives fear for their personal safety over privacy violations.

  • Jake J
    Jake J 15 dni temu +76

    I personally would not put any third party internet connected camera facing inside a bedroom, but one possibly is they might have valuables in there and it's facing the place where they hide it.
    The Ring Alarm subscription is fairly ridiculous, it makes the alarm system useless as a internet connected system, if even the most basic functions like arming/disarming/alarm notifications are not included. MyQ for example is well known for nickel and dime moves, but even they include the basic open/close/status for free. I hope this does not start an industry trend.

    • fuckingstupidthatihavetomakeachanneltocomment
      fuckingstupidthatihavetomakeachanneltocomment 6 dni temu

      regarding people needing to protect valuables in their bedrooms, just set up a perimeter so you can see people coming/going. It doesnt really matter if you have them on camera inside the house if you have them on camera pulling up with license plate showing, then them breaking into the outter door. Not rocket science here

    • Stitch Finger
      Stitch Finger 14 dni temu

      @Mastealth or like
      if its a breakin or something, it'll probably be at night; feels smart to have a camera where you'd be in that scenario (i.e. bedroom, sleeping)

    • Mastealth
      Mastealth 14 dni temu +2

      A lot of people have their computers and stuff in their bedrooms especially if its a smaller apartment, or a better example a former classmate of mine probably had 5-10k worth of photography equipment in his, that stuff just needs a place to store it.

    • Doug D
      Doug D 15 dni temu +3

      It will

  • billoday
    billoday 15 dni temu +61

    I'd like to see a video about these solutions. Really want to set up cameras on my property but everything in the news scares me.

    • DreamWarrior
      DreamWarrior 8 dni temu

      @Operator 801 yea people are stupid if they don't know they can do that

    • Operator 801
      Operator 801 15 dni temu

      @jarbarsi They didn't mention any confusion. The only thing they mentioned is wanting to set up cameras and this stuff scares them. It's all on you, assuming they can't figure out the idiot-proof systems that are available to them.

  • cheeseisgreat24
    cheeseisgreat24 14 dni temu +4

    This is why I never got a ring doorbell. Long ago I sent them an email request for additional info on how their products work, if they can ever see the footage and if they will ever allow access to the footage to outside parties. They were incredibly cagey about answering those very basic questions and I immediately gave up on ever having their products on my home.

  • Marisa Clardy
    Marisa Clardy 15 dni temu +85

    FWIW: Pets is the reason I put cameras in my bedroom in my old place. My dog had a habit (particularly when I was out of town) of standing on my bed and barking out the window at the parking lot anytime someone in the apartment complex came home. I used the camera + barking sensors to check on my dog and to tell her to shush when I wasn't home.
    There *are* definitely good reasons to have cameras in your bedroom.
    (Also, for a lot of people, there tend to be a lot of valuables, such as jewelry in the bedroom, so it makes sense that you want security in there)

    • Yep
      Yep 5 dni temu

      @BanAaron my dogs learned how to open some of the doors in my house, im sure the same has happened to many other people too

    • RhomboidBubble
      RhomboidBubble 14 dni temu

      @MythicalGoon you are obviously the almighty. The alpha and the omega. The greatest dog trainer and whisperer who had ever lived. I hope you have a long and prosperous life sir. Good day to you.

    • MythicalGoon
      MythicalGoon 14 dni temu

      @Chris R. so instead of having an adult conversation you wanna result to what about ism and pity. I don't care that your dogs are rescues.
      The fact is they would be more comfortable if their owner taught them how to handle their anxiety when their owner is away and that's your job. This in and of itself is not debatable. Unless you're going to argue your dogs LIKE to feel anxious next?

    • MythicalGoon
      MythicalGoon 14 dni temu

      @TheHawk686 or maybe spoken like someone who actually knows how to deal with animals and let them rule my life.
      Funny how the moment I claim my dogs behave better than the average you vilify me and assume I abuse them. The fact that you think you'd NEED to abuse a dog to train it goes to show how untrained your animals most likely are.

    • Bomber Harris
      Bomber Harris 15 dni temu

      @Marisa Clardy a "rescue" eh? is this thing perhaps a pitbull? if so that might explain one too many things

  • That0Homeless0Guy
    That0Homeless0Guy 15 dni temu +21

    I've been saying this since ring came out. Ring will straight up give your direct live feed over to police and even let them in.

  • Pikkewynman
    Pikkewynman 15 dni temu +9

    With this ring and eufy stuff, ltt definitely should do a video on better camera services (self hosted options)

  • Valanway
    Valanway 15 dni temu +3

    Keeping valuables in the bedroom is a pretty good reason to want to have some form of security there outside of a safe (which aren't ever really safe since the best security measure they have is being either heavy or bolted to the ground). Self voyeurism is just a bonus

  • AWal
    AWal 13 dni temu

    For a few years I worked at an alarm central station, mostly responding to alarms but had to know a bit of the ins-and-outs of the installations to have a good idea of how things worked and how to fix things when they didn't. Part of coming up to speed on things involved understanding our contracts, which explicitly stated that we have contracts and will cooperate with police and provide them access to whatever they need once verified. Thankfully most of the time they only needed public camera footage or disarms, if anything, but if Ring has this sort of exception written into their terms then I'd go so far as to say that Ring is in the clear here...On the other hand, if they only did it because of warrant/subponea, then there might be a grey area issue here...

  • Velris
    Velris 15 dni temu +42

    I thought about getting a ring camera and after watching this thats a fat pass from me.

    • Darren New
      Darren New 15 dni temu

      I'm using Reolink cameras myself.

    • shize9ine
      shize9ine 15 dni temu +2

      Did you just learn about this? Been going on for many years now

    • Operator 801
      Operator 801 15 dni temu +3

      Why tf did you think about it?

  • Leo Schenk
    Leo Schenk 14 dni temu +1

    ALL of these things should be AT LEAST locally stored and encrypted, I feel like airgapped as well but that obviously prevents video transfer to phone or anything.

  • gannas42
    gannas42 13 dni temu +1

    This is exactly why I do not have cloud-enabled cameras inside my house. And also why any cameras I built which reside inside the house are on a VLAN with no routing/internet access.

  • PF LH
    PF LH 15 dni temu +25

    it comes to full circle
    or a ring, if you insist

  • Operator 801
    Operator 801 15 dni temu +7

    LOL! Looooove that it's so easy to seem like a wizard about this kind of stuff. I said that was stupid and creepy and would absolutely be abused secretly and immediately, when it was first introduced.

  • boscorner
    boscorner 15 dni temu +10

    Why do people keep buying security from these companies which totally violate your privacy. I understand not everyone can figure out a raspberry pi security system but damn.

    • Javier Flores
      Javier Flores 15 dni temu +1

      They heavily advertise so people buy into it and is easy to setup. I agree they are terrible in terms of privacy and security, but most average people don't know about that, at least initially. They just see something that's easy to connect and they get notifications on their phone.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 15 dni temu +1

      Setting up VLANs and getting the network restrictions dialed in isn't easy. But it's not like it's a lot of steps to set up the system.
      You want a separate VLAN because that will prevent someone or some computer on your main network from gaining access to the cameras when they shouldn't (and it'll restrict how badly your network is affected if either device gets compromised). Just make sure to only allow the necessary traffic and deny anything else.
      As long as you route the traffic correctly and the device supports RTSP, it should work with CCTV programs like Xeoma

    • Freakin' Usernames
      Freakin' Usernames 15 dni temu +4

      I mean, is a Raspberry Pi security system even that hard to set up? I'm not technologically inclined, but I figured it would be damn near step by step instructions and copy paste by now.

  • Noble Hara
    Noble Hara 14 dni temu

    I like how Luke is defending one of his team members 🤣

  • verumIgnis
    verumIgnis 14 dni temu +1

    This is why I always tell people to get an old PC and host this stuff themselves, then anything sent to the police is entirely in their control. I would never buy any product that uploads footage from my home to their servers. Also the whole eufy thing could have been avoided if everyone just hosted their own stuff.

  • Smussie Jollett
    Smussie Jollett 7 dni temu

    Linus is so upright and uppity all the time🤣🤣 you getting upset over that last joke implies you ARE the crazy one there🤣

  • jEtskiMAN
    jEtskiMAN 14 dni temu

    Maybe do a video on how to setup a closed circuit home surveillance system. I’m looking at the ubiquity stuff but admittedly am a bit overwhelmed.

  • tyler vamvas
    tyler vamvas 6 dni temu +1

    Ring deserves to be sued into obliteration. This cannot be a “cost of doing business fine”. It has to hurt

  • DM2 Live
    DM2 Live 15 dni temu +9

    Can you guys make a video about your favorite closed loop cameras?

  • Leaf Maltieze
    Leaf Maltieze 14 dni temu

    My brother had a break in about 4 years ago, and his wife had all of her jewelry stolen from her dresser in their bedroom. They now have a security system, and it does watch the bedroom at an angle that views where they keep their jewelry, and other valuables. I don't know if they use Ring, but I'm going to have to tell them about this. I doubt they have their own system, so they probably use one of the services like Ring, if not Ring itself.

  • Nick Collins
    Nick Collins 15 dni temu +2

    You should do a video on the best cameras that are not connected to a cloud server

  • DigitalSoul
    DigitalSoul 2 dni temu

    The crazy part is the warrant issued, we don't have the actual document but if it was truly for 'all of his cameras' that should of quickly been thrown out as unreasonable. I could understand if it was a warrant for 'all exterior cameras'

  • JohnHenryEdenUSA
    JohnHenryEdenUSA 15 dni temu +1

    My bedroom has exterior sliding glass doors, I could imagine someone wanting to have a camera in the bedroom looking out trough that.

    RLODJOHN 9 dni temu +2

    99 times out of 100 using the cloud is a smooth brained move.

  • Bread Gator
    Bread Gator 15 dni temu +2

    I mean most of my valuables are in my bedroom. Things like my watches/suits and my pc are there since I do not have enough rooms for an home office or a walk in closet. Also if I had to pick I would still trust someone like ring to not screw me over more than an insurance company but that's a pretty low bar especially since it is not that much more expensive to just set up your own cameras when you factor in the monthly subscription garbage security company have.

  • seankkg
    seankkg 14 dni temu +1

    Letting the giant company see/hear inside my house is something I never cared about, letting the police see/hear inside my house, yeah I'm not okay with that.

  • Michael
    Michael 15 dni temu

    I have a security camera set up in my studio apartment, so it’s basically in my bedroom my default, but i also have it connected to a switch so i can cut off power without worrying about any kind of remote overrides.

  • Fake Jeep
    Fake Jeep 12 dni temu

    Multiple reasons to have one in the bedroom.
    I have three customers with a bedroom camera that I recall.
    #1 has Alzheimer's and the son wants to be able to see if she's ok while he's at work. It has been used to dispatch EMS before when she fell.
    #2 has medication that was being stolen and they needed it to find out who.
    #3 was renting out a room and wanted to make sure their room wasn't accessed.
    There are reasons, but they must be valid as even if legal it's very grey in some states.
    Things we won't do. "Hidden" cameras in such areas.

  • Heika
    Heika 7 dni temu

    I don't trust companies with any information that I wouldn't be comfortable sharing with a normal relative (like as cousin or something)

  • Culvey
    Culvey 7 dni temu

    Maybe they have firearms in a safe in their bedroom or bedroom closet... It would make sense to want a security camera to watch and see who may break into your room and try to steal your firearms.

  • CtrliPhones
    CtrliPhones 12 dni temu

    I strongly just believe if you’re going to have cameras in your house, just use offline ones that record to an SD card instead…

  • The Spaced Pirate
    The Spaced Pirate 14 dni temu +1

    This is why I only used them as outside cameras.

  • MrCurlykid1
    MrCurlykid1 14 dni temu +1

    Eufy sending thumbnails to the cloud because users turned on thumbnails somehow got way more coverage than this. Ring is effectively part of law enforcement now and you spent less time covering it than I spent making some hot pockets

  • RBD
    RBD 15 dni temu +3

    I barely trust my HomeKit Secure Video camera which only points outside and is E2E Encrypted - couldn't imagine having one inside, let alone in my bedroom.

  • Greg Lanz
    Greg Lanz 15 dni temu

    I bought the ring doorbell pre-amazon and it's been a decent device but when I last moved it didn't

  • Fish Santiago
    Fish Santiago 14 dni temu

    Put cameras on smart plugs, have the smart plugs only turned on when you're in vacation mode. This lets you see your place when you're on vacation but then kill the cameras as soon as you're back.

  • Toboe Key
    Toboe Key 3 dni temu

    This is why i get my own security cameras 😑😑

  • lcarus42
    lcarus42 2 dni temu

    Make a video for doing our own secure security systems.

  • Henry van Megen
    Henry van Megen 14 dni temu +1

    Please post some solutions for self-hosted security cameras that record movement

  • Roci Stone
    Roci Stone 6 dni temu

    Ring. Good Idea! The company just burned itself down completely in my eyes!

  • Doppler Effect
    Doppler Effect 15 dni temu

    This makes me now want to get rid of all of my cameras in favor of a CCTV setup. I can't even trust Eufy because even though I don't have their cloud backup, I can't trust that my footage isn't on their servers. Their excuse would probably be "so they can better deliver it to me while I'm not at home" if they did keep some. 16 channel CCTV system may be in my future.

    • Darren New
      Darren New 15 dni temu

      Or get something like Reolink cameras, then slowly build up your own personal remote access solution that doesn't use reolink's servers.

  • Michael Arnold
    Michael Arnold 15 dni temu +1

    I think paying for BASIC stuff is CRAZY!

  • Magna Rex
    Magna Rex 14 dni temu +2

    Ring could be sued for stupid amounts in the UK and EU for doing this. It's a gross misuse of data and completely against GDPR and UK Data Protection Acts.
    I wonder if ring cameras in other counties have clauses in their terms and conditions to allow this use of data or whether these kinds of requests are denied in certain countries.

  • Erick Neilson
    Erick Neilson 3 dni temu

    A camera in the bedroom was useful when we had a baby, definitely didn’t keep it there after we didn’t need it tho.

  • DemonaeTV
    DemonaeTV 15 dni temu +2

    If there was a warrant signed by a judge, Ring would have had to litigate the warrant. They are not going to do that.
    Consumer beware.

  • Chuck
    Chuck 15 dni temu

    Maybe a diy of a how to do a close security cam system?

  • Tom
    Tom 12 dni temu

    When are you guys going to make your own tutorial of doing it your self. There is multiple ways of doing, using wifi, telephone, or radio are 3 most common ways of doing it. You can make a system completely offline and still be able notified when a motion is detected by telephone. You make a dual system that both works offline and online at the same time as well. They make dual function cameras that are both hard wired and wireless at that same time.

  • Diesunddas
    Diesunddas 13 dni temu

    do you think Siri, Ok google or Alexa don't record anything when not "active"? Do you think they would cooperate with authorities (which can have a very nasty context in many countries) ? Giving them data from when it was "active" or even use it to spy? I always felt typing a few words to look up things is worth not having that stuff.
    I personally would not use anythign cloud based that doesn't make sense, is convenient and contains no exploitable data. I think just about the only cloud thing is use is Steam Cloud. And you can toggle that on and off for individual games. But a doorbell? cameras?
    Also just generally things that don't have to be online and logged in Should not need to be online. Thinking for example of Razers horrible forced online software crap.

  • matt Alford
    matt Alford 6 dni temu

    That's why I don't have camera inside my house lol.

  • cody Myles
    cody Myles 11 dni temu

    I have a camera in my bedroom (cctv) and it’s because the master bedroom has back patio access. So if someone breaks into our house from the backyard, the camera in the bedroom will pick them up after the one in the backyard loses visual.

  • User Not Found
    User Not Found 15 dni temu

    That ending LMAO

  • DreamWarrior
    DreamWarrior 8 dni temu

    If you have cameras in your house it needs to be on a closed circuit with no internet access.

  • Tibernut null
    Tibernut null 14 dni temu

    "There are solutions for this"
    Where's that video =)
    It's a pain to find cameras that are good and appropriate, maybe you could point us in the right direction!

  • Random Zocker
    Random Zocker 7 dni temu

    they need to be sued for that

  • Chaz MichaelMichaels
    Chaz MichaelMichaels 13 dni temu

    I have a yi camera in my bedroom, it's right above our child's crib, has 360 degree field of view. Can't wait to switch to CCTV. Though the yi camera is a great alternative to those expensive baby monitor systems.

  • kirky org
    kirky org 6 dni temu

    this will be the demise of ring security once word spreads that they are doing this kind of crap hope he sues them silly

  • dorinic
    dorinic 14 dni temu

    CCTV is certainly going to mean better control over who has access to footage and how warrants are dealt with. It shouldn't be considered 100% secure either though. It should be assumed someone could hack the system, especially if it has remote access functionality. With that in mind it is possible to make a more considered choice where it is okay to have cameras.

  • Amadax
    Amadax 15 dni temu

    If you are recording security footage, its best stored on site on your private property and then also having a secondary backup stored on a secondary site on your own property as well, if you are feeling like a baller that is. My father was a welder and just built a overkill cage 1/2" thick steel cage to put the recording box in on site for his business. Yeah you could spend a few hundred $$$ but you only have to pay that once for a decent system.

  • Interdimensional
    Interdimensional 15 dni temu +1

    Imagine being a consoomer and buying ring and other invasive devices like iPhones

  • Jón Frímann
    Jón Frímann 15 dni temu

    The big companies promised convenience. All you have to do is pay them their subscription fee and with your privacy, that then can be monetized.

  • fat4eyes
    fat4eyes 15 dni temu +10

    In 1984 the camera that spies on you is put in by Big Brother. In 2023 people put the cameras in themselves. I don't know which one is scarier.

  • DC-4ever
    DC-4ever 12 dni temu +1

    I would have sued Ring for breach of privacy and not using common sense, take them to the highest court possible and make an example of Ring, by shaming them publicly.

  • electricjuice
    electricjuice 14 dni temu

    I have Nest cameras on the outside of my house ONLY because I didn't have the money to install a dedicated wiring job in my walls for POE cameras.. The convenience is good as Nests are wireless, but I would never put them inside my house, even if google is supposedly a little bit better than Ring.

  • Ed Hrafnskald Conway
    Ed Hrafnskald Conway 14 dni temu

    Maybe they have jewelry or other valuable possessions in their bedroom. Very common reason to have indoor cameras.

  • Tim Wong
    Tim Wong 14 dni temu

    Maybe this could be an LTT exploring a DIY option?

  • k nection
    k nection 14 dni temu

    I have a doorbell and thats it. If I were to get inside cameras I would never trust Amazon with them and would opt to host that my footage myself

  • Ger Venson
    Ger Venson 15 dni temu

    Yea long past time for LTT to make a full video about completly selfhosted Camera infastructure

  • keepleft
    keepleft 15 dni temu

    I personally sew a ring cam to the insides of my boxers. There's plenty of room in there.

  • Simoxs7
    Simoxs7 14 dni temu +1

    Well I’ll never get why people need so much surveillance in the US, I’m kinda happy its not a thing here. Also who the hell puts a camera in their bedroom?!

  • Ven
    Ven 12 dni temu

    I wouldve thrown those cameras out the moment they told me I had to pay a subscription to use perfectly functioning hardware that I already paid for.

  • XMG3
    XMG3 8 dni temu

    my home camera turns on by itself with its green light blinking, I just face it towards the wall now until I have to go on vacation

  • Christopher Thompson
    Christopher Thompson 15 dni temu +35

    I remember you guys did a video rating dashcams a while back: what if you did a similar video, but rating IP cameras and other non-cloud home security systems?
    If it were me (and I were lucky enough to be able to afford property as an average person under the age of 40), I'd have a linux box that has no connection to the rest of my home's LAN, connect cameras to that, configure SSH to be secure when facing the outside world (things like requiring key-based authentication, only an account without root privileges being allowed in, and logging so I can know if I've been breached), and expose that one port on my router so that I can then SSH tunnel in from anywhere to check on what's going on. With cameras only facing outside of course

    • ZyronIE
      ZyronIE 15 dni temu

      "to afford property as an average person under the age of 40" - Calm yourself! If you want windows with that property you'll need to wait till 50 years old.

    • ttuurrttlle
      ttuurrttlle 15 dni temu +3

      It's weird, that sounds like something that'a complicated but it's actually not. The hardest part is probably securing the outside connections. That's not a dig, it's just funny that it sounds so complicated but it's really just like a few steps, though it probably could take a person a while if they aren't familiar with it.

  • Will-W
    Will-W 15 dni temu

    Haven't heard bad things about simplisafe, but it's still someone else monitoring your house.

  • puirYorick
    puirYorick 3 dni temu

    Had not known this. Now I know never to buy any Ring product. Thanks.

  • Firalia
    Firalia 14 dni temu

    I mean, I can understand it because a lot of people have quite a lot of valuables in their bedrooms.

  • Chad Schwartz
    Chad Schwartz 14 dni temu

    This is why I'll never have interior cameras

  • B0NTR4G3R
    B0NTR4G3R 15 dni temu

    I hate this stuff. When a camera is linked to an outside net you would think that the user should have control and be able to disable features that are legal in the US but not in my place. Troubling silliness for some; a threat to other people.

  • Travis Vaught
    Travis Vaught 14 dni temu

    What’s the best alternative to Ring?

  • Darrell Sisson
    Darrell Sisson 15 dni temu +3

    Make sure and show Ring your ring!

  • Mike B
    Mike B 15 dni temu +1

    Meanwhile here people post Ring camera photos of porch pirates and other schenaniganers on Nextdoor and it's like "welp nothing the police will do, can't even see the license plate of the car that they jumped out of to steal your stuff"

  • Larry the Hedgehog
    Larry the Hedgehog 15 dni temu +2

    So there's this company called Iris ID. And theyre a facial recognition time clock company with big government contracts. And my job is installing their systems as I write this. (Not a government job) I can't find out anything about them that isn't from one of their corporate higher ups. I feel like I'm going crazy. I can't even find out who buys their data they collect. Because they HAVE to be selling it right?
    I don't have a choice in this because I have to clock in and get paid. But theyre gonna have a data breach at some point and all of me and my coworker's biometric data is gonna be out there.

  • Nimy Jewtron
    Nimy Jewtron 14 dni temu +1

    linus i send my police my nudes all the time and they arrest me for it??? am i not doing something right or is it just big corporations getting away with things us little guys cant?

  • Phillypop
    Phillypop 15 dni temu +1

    Seriously, at this point security hardware companies that still want to be trusted should add hardware-level end-to-end encryption to all their new cameras, encrypted by the camera driver itself BEFORE being sent anywhere including any local storage, and ONLY the device(s) with the matching key can view. Setting up such a thing wouldnt even be that hard, just require a physical connection from device to device smiilar to how Windows allows you to make a USB "Key" to unlock your machine. the receiving device (phone/tablet/pc) being the main of course, to prevent someone from just stealing one of your cameras and hooking up their own phone to it and getting the decryption key, and *poof* Bob's your uncle and even if the provider DOES go ahead and give the police all the footage from all cameras for an entire day, they can't view them without the owner's device and therefor permission. in cases where police ask for footage from the owner just add a clip & export button. This isn't even a new thing, connected cameras have been a security issue for a looong time (remember IP cameras?) you'd think someone would have thought of hardware-level encryption already.. Also how is this not invasion of privacy? the police arent investigating this person for anything, they should have no right to private video footage of someone that isn't part of an ongoing investigation, whatever judge issued that warrant should be removed from the bench, and pretty sure this person has a valid lawsuit vs the state on this one.

    • Darren New
      Darren New 15 dni temu

      @Some Guy You don't need root-of-trust. It's all just symmetric random keys. Have your phone app generate a QR code with the random encryption key, and you show it to each of the cameras. If you're not going to trust the firmware on your camera, then you need to wall it off externally. And then you have to trust the firewall software doesn't have a back door in it. I guess the best you could do is a Pi-based camera system or something with open source code.

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy 15 dni temu

      This would be rather complex to setup, real Hardware Root of Trust is incredibly hard to design and will be very expensive (so consumers won't bother buying it)... Besides, as long as the manufacturer provides the firmware for their cameras with an auto-update feature, such security could be circumvented by the camera providing both an encrypted feed and a backdoor feed, other backdoors could be built into the encryption (remember RSA's RnG backdoor?).
      The reality is that as long as the device is connected to 'the cloud' (not your system), it is providing access to your device from someone else's system (their cloud).
      Windows making a USB unlock key is not very secure, the key can easily be copied by other machines, don't use that as a main security but as a last resort 'recovery' key, left in a safe place where nobody will find it.

  • J W
    J W 15 dni temu

    Why would anyone ever put a camera that someone else has access to in their bedroom?!

    • MrNateSPF
      MrNateSPF 15 dni temu +2

      For some reason Ring does not highlight that feature as much as others in their promotional materials.

  • Ahdok
    Ahdok 15 dni temu +1

    We've known this for years now, and people keep buying Ring products anyway.

  • keepleft
    keepleft 15 dni temu

    Are RTSP cameras hooked up to OBS more private? Or do RTSP cameras somehow still upload to some cloud server in China?

    • Darren New
      Darren New 15 dni temu

      @keepleft Probably not. Nowadays they could probably do all kinds of nasty word searching and stuff. But it would probably have to be streaming it continuously, which would be easy to catch. Cheap cameras aren't going to have a CPU that can do continuous image recognition or voice-to-text or something that would make the payload small enough that they could do it to everyone without anyone noticing.
      But if you're known to be really rich, have lots of bitcoin, be an organized crime leader, or otherwise be of interest to states or hackers, then you're in trouble.
      At which point even building a camera you put together from your own parts is questionable, given people could break in while you're not home and change it for another camera. You have to have a *healthy* paranoia.

    • Darren New
      Darren New 15 dni temu

      @keepleft If someone's going to that extent and you're not actually a spy, they're probably not looking at you.

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy 15 dni temu

      @keepleft Right, I mean that would be pretty extreme, I've never heard of that sort of 'backdoor'. That would require some Chinese company to supply their cameras with a 4G modem, antenna, SIM card for a US/European provider with many GBs of data....
      That's not that likely and easy to check for by opening the camera and checking what ICs are inside, though some companies will sand their IC tops to hide what chips are inside...
      Still, that's a scenario that is so unlikely it is hardly worth worrying about.
      Secondary/backdoor Wifi networks on a Wifi enabled camera are a bit more plausible, full on 4G secondary connections are just a bit too expensive and easy to detect.

    • keepleft
      keepleft 15 dni temu

      @Some Guy i guess i should clarify, that I have the RTSP cameras connected to an isolated internal network. But my fear is some kind of hidden firmware on the camera itself, streaming via 3G or 4G to some server.

  • Dotworks
    Dotworks 15 dni temu

    Oh my god, i cant believe, i am shocked, how can this happen, wow, astonishing

  • lyianx
    lyianx 14 dni temu

    Again, cements why you should never use an 'open circuit' security system. If you are going to have cameras, DO NOT Connect it to the internet. For this very reason. IF the system you want *requires* an internet connection, avoid it.