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Pay Up, Hosers

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  • Opublikowany 27 lut 2023
  • Canada wants Google and Meta to pay to link to Canadian news.
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Komentarze • 246

  • E the real Blue
    E the real Blue 29 dni temu +516

    Loving Linus' South Park style impersonation of his own people lol

    • Beans
      Beans 19 dni temu

      @JpaniK isn't that what this threads about? :O

    • JpaniK
      JpaniK 19 dni temu

      His impersonation sounds like his people from South Park 😂

    • Beans
      Beans 23 dni temu

      Lmao I read this comment just As he did the voice

    • CheapBastard1988
      CheapBastard1988 28 dni temu

      Linus has been a long time South Park fan. And the referenced episode is hilarious.

    • squee222
      squee222 28 dni temu

      All our politicians sound like that.

  • FARBerserker
    FARBerserker 29 dni temu +306

    They tried this in Germany as well.
    The people wanting money for this from google collectively backtracked when the law was written into existence and google said:"no more traffic for you!"

    • Fox
      Fox 26 dni temu +1

      ​@A cute Lil' Mint they also help Google. Some people only read headlines and Google has to get them somewhere

    • Original Sun
      Original Sun 29 dni temu +15

      @Casimiro Chor click baby 😂😂 I don't know why that typo is so funny to me

  • Exilum
    Exilum 29 dni temu +250

    Honestly these laws are probably one of the only things that can have me be on the same side as Google. Every single news source makes clickbait titles & thumbnails because they know most of their traffic (and thus revenue) will come from google users, and they still want to be paid for what? Earning money? It's extremely close to that European bill that got dropped that basically wanted to license hyperlinks.

    • Holly Hsieh
      Holly Hsieh 25 dni temu

      @The K the thing is, if they thing you're not usefull or they decide it's not worth it. you will never be in the app store at all. there's not even a chance for you to be use...they will have even more control on what app we can use...same as news, if google have to pay news for you to google it....what do you think will happens?

    • The K
      The K 25 dni temu

      ​@Holly Hsieh maybe they should I mean a big reason Apple is successful is because app devs same with Google.

    • Holly Hsieh
      Holly Hsieh 28 dni temu +1

      By their logic app store and play store they need to pay developers instead of developers paying apple and google to be on the store

    • John Yepthomi
      John Yepthomi 29 dni temu +15

      Not to mention the Adpocalypse on their pages. Google should just stop crawling news sites from regions that have such a law. Users won’t care or even notice. Google does them a favour by giving them a chance of exposure to users who will never visit their site. Google should call their bluff and see them come begging to be indexed.

  • Michael McCall
    Michael McCall 28 dni temu +62

    When they did the trial in Australia, I loved having my Facebook cleaned up from so many random news articles and click bait news articles. I could actually see my friends' feeds, which was refreshing.

  • readhead12 readhead12
    readhead12 readhead12 28 dni temu +36

    They did that in Germany and it worked out REALLY well for google. Because every newspaper ultimately allowed google to use their news for free and _ALL_ other news aggregator sites died of because nobody could afford to pay. So now in Germany Google is the one and only news aggregator site left.

  • DisturbedNeo
    DisturbedNeo 29 dni temu +26

    I love how governments are only now considering making search engines pay for links to articles when we've already got AIs that will summarise entire articles in simple to understand language without ads or unnecessary SEO padding.

    • ˗ˏˋlucaˊˎ˗
      ˗ˏˋlucaˊˎ˗ 28 dni temu +4

      right! they’re so behind the times on this 😭😭
      and any other technology-related ethical issues

  • Mantas R
    Mantas R 29 dni temu +103

    Google: OK I just won't show your websites to people.

    • Kyle Slater
      Kyle Slater 24 dni temu +2

      @A cute Lil' Mint that’s kinda my thinking…

    • A cute Lil' Mint
      A cute Lil' Mint 29 dni temu +9

      Even better, no kore trudeua gov propaganda.

  • Travis Holt
    Travis Holt 29 dni temu +42

    Even my girlfriend laughed her ass off at Linus's South Park impersonation. Spot on Linus 😂

  • CrabJuice
    CrabJuice 29 dni temu +38

    Linus doing the "South Park Canadian" voice fucking killed me. I love that shit. 😂

    • Johnny Dew
      Johnny Dew 19 dni temu +1

      I've also heard the "what I thought this was America" from Randy a couple times😂 you can tell he's a fan

  • Casimiro Chor
    Casimiro Chor 29 dni temu +58

    I don't get how linking to news sites is somehow hurting them. Unless it's like Linus mentioned where the website is summarizing the article in a way that makes it pointless to read, being able to link to new sites seems like a pure benefit to the new sites. Why should Google or Facebook pay for the privilege of giving news sites traffic. I'm also in the camp of not being able to remember the last time I directly typed in a news websites url. Literally the only reason why any news article gets any traffic from me on any website is because it's being linked to by somebody else.

    • Simon WoodburyForget
      Simon WoodburyForget 28 dni temu

      @Jacob Falardeau Wait... so this sounds like an exceptionally bad idea.

    • Jorge C. M.
      Jorge C. M. 28 dni temu +3

      It isn't hurting them, they just want money

    • Jacob Falardeau
      Jacob Falardeau 29 dni temu +8

      It doesn't hurt them - The government even says as much, they're pretty open about the fact that this law only really exists to generate revenue for news websites.

    • Simon WoodburyForget
      Simon WoodburyForget 29 dni temu +6

      Except wouldn't that summary then become new content? If it's extracting all the important bits of information and gluing them back together in a more easily digestible fashion... then it's more or less doing exactly what we're all doing here... understanding what was said and repeating it on another platform. It no longer needs the source, as anything else then evidence of what it says being reflective of reality. I don't see how not being able to link back to a source resolves any problem given this reality.

  • MarcBerm
    MarcBerm 28 dni temu +5

    Linus doing the South Park Canadian voice kills me every time! 🤣

  • J
    J 18 dni temu

    You two have good chemistry. Calling each other out on points, while still maintaining the respect to follow along said point. Leads to good content sometimes, and is much easier to watch than a petty ego battle I've seen far too many times in my recent media feeds.

  • davo768
    davo768 27 dni temu +4

    I would actually prefer it if Google did not serve me any "behind a paywall" news content suggestions to begin with, especially when after the paywall on said news websites there usually is always an excessive amount of Ads anyway.

  • NoahsBox
    NoahsBox 28 dni temu +2

    Luke, we have an aggregator of news, not operated by the government, but National Newswatch is Canadian. Also, the government objective is to throw a monetary bone to journalists, without doing so with bigger subsidies (which they're also doing). Basically, a big problem with print journalism is that newspaper subscriptions aren't selling, and it's difficult or impossible to monetize their website because people can just go to another news source to get the story. So the government wants search engines to pay the journalists.

  • ImperatorMaximus
    ImperatorMaximus 29 dni temu +8

    Literally spit out my drink (my poor keyboard) when Linus went full south park Canadian. Well done sir

  • RadicalErin
    RadicalErin 29 dni temu +7

    The problem is, as always, that the news orgs /want/ these links to exist. It's a /benefit/ to them. They get traffic driven via these links, and that makes them profitable. Charging google for news links is equivalent to charging people for mentioning your brand in word of mouth suggestions. Taking content out is a different animal, but the fact is, it makes no sense to demand that google link these things and then also pay for the privilege. I mean, it's not like any other platform is going to be built around paying for news links. If this happens, many local news sources that get surfaced in searches ... are going to suffer, possibly to the point of destruction of the organizations.

  • Fake Jeep
    Fake Jeep 29 dni temu +8

    4:10 At this point I avoid most "news sites" because of #1 the "accept our tracking cookie" crap that sets opacity to 50% and takes up half the screen and #2 some sites force you to sign up just to read the article giving them MORE info. Nah. It's irritating.

  • ttuurrttlle
    ttuurrttlle 29 dni temu +4

    When will Matt and Trey hire Linus to play himself in a South Park episode

  • Rekabkram100
    Rekabkram100 28 dni temu +2

    Was hoping this would shift in to a conversation on how ChatGPT will need to shift to compensating sources for the reduced revenue that will eventually come from giving the answer without needing to leave the platform.
    I’m not anti news but it’s not like they’d opt out of search results if given the option they rely on it, but would they opt out of AI if the top 5 stories can be summarised and attempt to show differing views removing editorial bias?

  • Hayden Maines
    Hayden Maines 29 dni temu +3

    Really showing your Canadianism in this title! ♥️

  • TheClearsky88
    TheClearsky88 28 dni temu +2

    I found a middle ground between disconnecting and endless scrolls and clickbait headliness. I have my few trusted newssources that inlcude paid newspapers. I consume news more deliberately, visiting these sites directly. I ignore google news or any other aggregators.
    So in a sense, I’m living in the 90s. Keeps me informed and sane.

  • Farmertate
    Farmertate 25 dni temu

    Bings moves seem better and better each day. Hope Bing can be more competitive with AI implementations.

  • stlbullet
    stlbullet 28 dni temu +2

    Google with no news articles sounds like something I'd actually pay for tbh

  • Sapioit
    Sapioit 28 dni temu +2

    At this point, Facebook and Google might make their own news sites, and promote those links instead. Especially if using AI to copy the articles using different words and post a link to the source at the end of the article.

  • Mike Hurley
    Mike Hurley 29 dni temu +4

    It makes sense to want the companies to license for thing's like Google's answer snippets it shows to your queries sometimes since that's actual content. But a title and a hyperlink doesn't seem a thing to pay a fee for. It may mean that Google needs to stop showing any summary text. Just literally headline, the main picture, and a hyperlink.

    • Nodwick
      Nodwick 28 dni temu +1

      It might be easier for Google to just stop linking to them and display news about Canada purely from foreign news sources. Most people would probably not notice.

    • Skenjin
      Skenjin 28 dni temu +2

      That summary text tells me I'm going to something that actually answers what I am looking for. Titles are so misleading.

  • Cole Hintermeister
    Cole Hintermeister 24 dni temu

    This push is going to be ever so important as BingAI and Bard start becoming more prominent.

  • JJ ceo
    JJ ceo 28 dni temu

    Since the invention of mass access to cameras, I’ve been incredibly amazed that ‘the news’ is even still a thing.

  • Kai
    Kai 20 dni temu +1

    Being disconnected from the news makes me feel great, nothing to worry about.

  • Daniel "DazzaJay" Fitzgerald 🇦🇺

    If google, FB, Bing, stops linking to news sites, news sites will instantly lose 99% of their traffic.
    Let them do it. Bring it on.

  • Cj Loewen
    Cj Loewen 23 dni temu

    Our government has really been working against users best interests lately. I get news websites need to get paid, but by making the news harder to find and access, that is just going to make people less informed
    Recently I have seen a lot of changes, especially locally, that seem to be targeted at limiting viewpoints...

  • nontypicalguy
    nontypicalguy 28 dni temu +1

    Since news orgs presumably can't easily sue search engines for providing article excerpts & links on copyright grounds (or they would have sued already), I guess laws like this are what we get instead? Its stuff like this is why copyright law stays the same and doesn't get updated, for better or worse.

  • nanfoodles
    nanfoodles 27 dni temu +3

    My problem is things are being written to not give the news but to drag out verbal garbage to get you to scroll, just to see more ads. Many of these news organizations dont get my business because of this. So for me, google is not taking away any business I would have given them.

  • I'mNotBehindYou
    I'mNotBehindYou 26 dni temu +1

    I was thinking about that episode of South Park and taking a drink of herbal tea when Linus quoted it and it made me launch hot herbal tea out my nose. Now my sinuses are burning lol.

  • Joseph Conway
    Joseph Conway 29 dni temu +1

    Heritage actually funds a lot of festivals and art in various media. A non profit arts society I work for gets part of its funding to produce circus shows and festivals in Vancouver from them.

  • Jay R. aka. Just Pelé
    Jay R. aka. Just Pelé 29 dni temu +2

    and then users will be required to pay for Google's services, which everyone uses without knowing it. Someone WILL pay if governments keep doing this, and I guarantee that you won't like it.

  • E Bay
    E Bay 26 dni temu +1

    Linus’s Canadian voice 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Gregory Reimer
    Gregory Reimer 28 dni temu

    It weirda me out that every time this comes up it's only ever news that gets monetized(and even then it's always a subset). If that sort of protection was so important why wouldn't links to *any* website need to be compensated?

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith 29 dni temu +1

    The social media and search platforms get away with murder, but the government getting involved with news is a very fine line that needs to be navigated with the utmost respect for the people. In short, I don't like any of the parties involved and wish them all the worse!

  • Victor Valencia - Valencia Media

    You know the media is horrible when you're on Google side on a law Suite

  • Hans van Schoot
    Hans van Schoot 28 dni temu +1

    Can we get a full techlinked episode in the South Park Canadian voice please?

  • Obscura M
    Obscura M 27 dni temu +1

    Yeah facebook banned _all_ news in Australia while this was going on, including emergency notifications and health directives during a pandemic and cyclone season.

    • Obscura M
      Obscura M 27 dni temu +2

      Not having murdoch media on the platform definitely improved the general experience though. Just wish people still had RSS feeds.

  • Pipi Ferry
    Pipi Ferry 27 dni temu +3

    Linus SouthPark canadian language
    1:36 We want more money. How about some of that internet money. -Steven Abootman
    2:06 Canadians won't be intimidated. At the end of the day all we are asking the tech gigants to do is come to said journalists when they use their work.
    4:22 Canada inside news source - the CBC

  • Matthew Bartlett
    Matthew Bartlett 12 dni temu

    Interesting how we moved from paying to be in a phone book to list businesses and content, to demanding the phone book pay for your listing...

  • Jace Sullivan
    Jace Sullivan 28 dni temu +2

    On point south park parody! God damn Canadians 😂

  • Craig Lindeman
    Craig Lindeman 29 dni temu +1

    The law in Australia was only brought forward to parliament as it was shown that Newscorp was going to profit massively from the law, with the individual journalists missing out. It wasn't about paying the journalists profiting from their work, but a worldwide corporation bolstering their profits.

  • roystonlodge
    roystonlodge 27 dni temu

    So, news outlets no longer get the free advertising that comes from major search engines, social media, and news aggregators linking to their articles. And this is a good thing how exactly?

  • takeiteasyeh
    takeiteasyeh 28 dni temu

    I get headlines from social media and google, and if interesting I click-through to the original source. If said source is behind a paywall its an immediatly 'never show me this company again; blacklist.

  • William Mikan III
    William Mikan III 28 dni temu

    you should make your own news website called the maple tree

  • Purplepumkiin
    Purplepumkiin 28 dni temu

    Now I get to move my damn VPN out of canada

  • DiscountWolverine
    DiscountWolverine 29 dni temu +2

    "we want............... moar..... moneh"
    So glad that reference slipped in

  • Zach
    Zach 28 dni temu +1

    Does Linus not know how to disable Java to get around most news article paywalls?

  • TheDextermat
    TheDextermat 20 dni temu

    Sadly all this is to control and sensor information in Canada, yet no one see it.

  • Zayne Ytem
    Zayne Ytem 29 dni temu

    I am honestly overly curious about this now-are there even any pros on having LMG in Canada? 🤔

  • Akash Pal
    Akash Pal 29 dni temu +1

    I lost it when he pulled that south park Canadaian accent

  • Crazy Joe Shorts
    Crazy Joe Shorts 29 dni temu +4

    I collect my news from content creators on youtube primarily. I can't stand news sites or papers, and cable news makes my holes hurt. I tune in to a few sources for an hour, then ignore the rest. far less stressful.

  • qualityrat
    qualityrat 28 dni temu +1

    This law seems short-sighted. I doubt it will do anything good for news companies, and its likely to reduce their viewership even further.

  • M. H. A. K.
    M. H. A. K. 29 dni temu +3

    The thumbnail looks like Canada pays google and not the opposite.

  • penguins forall
    penguins forall 29 dni temu +1

    ANY TIME a search engine is using others content to generate interest for it's advertising they should pay. The only time they shouldn't pay is if the users are paying for the search engine.

  • JBrierley02
    JBrierley02 25 dni temu +1

    News headline: “PLclip blocks Canadian news, and no one cares”. And yes, I’m a Canadian.

  • Densha Otoko 42
    Densha Otoko 42 29 dni temu +2

    I look at it this way, are newsagents required to pay for having the newspapers lying on this shelves, with the front page uncovered? No? Then why would they be allowed to charge Google News to provide links to their websites? Sure, if Google hosted the entire news article, but no, it's just a link to the news website with a headline...

    • Andrew Greenwood
      Andrew Greenwood 24 dni temu +1

      Except they are. They buy the newspapers and then earn a profit by selling them at a higher price.

  • Giacinto Boccia
    Giacinto Boccia 28 dni temu

    Well, I have RAINews (an Italian public TV news page) as a pinned tab in Edge, so it is always there and I look at it every now and then.

    JETWTF 28 dni temu +1

    If I want to check the news I check AP and Reuters.

  • Diego A
    Diego A 29 dni temu +5

    With the current state of the average news website in general, I'd say nothing of value would be lost.

  • smaza2
    smaza2 28 dni temu +1

    hell yeah canada australia solidarity 🇦🇺🇨🇦🇭🇲🇨🇦🇳🇿

  • William Lewellen
    William Lewellen 26 dni temu +1

    American here, so maybe less-relevant to the issue-but I would personally never seek out news articles by directly going to news source websites. Aggregate feeds are really important to me for getting a concise idea of what's going on. If I had to go out of my way to search 17 different sites with paywalls, I simply wouldn't.

  • ClundXIII
    ClundXIII 28 dni temu

    Google could just directly display the text snippets from the news agencies where newspapers buy them from. No need to go through a middle man. Maybe google makes it a paid service for a few bucks per month.
    That would make google instantly the biggest news publisher and replacing local newspaper. I am not sure those newspapers are really sure if they want to pressure google into that direction.

  • bsquared
    bsquared 16 dni temu

    Sticking with duck duck go for the foreseeable future. Not been using Google for the past 3 years or so

  • iCakeMan
    iCakeMan 29 dni temu +3

    I never understood why Google should pay.. If anything, the news sites should be the ones paying Google for the increased traffic that they provide for free right now.

  • シムカ
    シムカ 26 dni temu

    if google will not give to me links to news, I have no wish in going to the news sites directly. They could make news for themselves

  • KoGa
    KoGa 28 dni temu

    "Where will you get your news?" Where you supposed to? News portals? You realize they exist, right? That's the base of the whole thing.

  • Fish. Keep. Love.
    Fish. Keep. Love. 28 dni temu

    As soon as it becomes ‘some people have to be paid, and others don’t’, it’s becomes a way for Canada to
    control what outlet gets a voice

  • SirE11
    SirE11 29 dni temu +5

    Careful or the WGA ( World Canadian Burea) will come after ya!

  • Tony Camp
    Tony Camp 29 dni temu +1

    I've seen Congress and Mark Zuckerberg converse. The Idea that politicians understand technology enough to regulate it, is a serious hoot. There's a reasonable argument that they caused our present problems.

  • Mortcog
    Mortcog 28 dni temu

    the first time I click a link and not only is the site paywalled but then there are ads visible ont he page, I just block the domain from my google news list.
    I'll ignore passive ads on a news site. But I'm not dealing with auto=play videos pop-ups and all that BS.
    If all the news on google is from free passive-ad sites, then google will improve.

  • Evellior
    Evellior 19 dni temu

    Google and Facebook should easily be able to thwart this by only serving articles that include a meta tag (the standard for including information on a site meant for other programs) that declares the title and first paragraph as free to embed. That'd leave companies who don't want their articles embedded on sites without reimbursement free to make that restriction, it would also default on the side of caution for any sites that don't declare either way, and I'm certain 99.99999% of outlets would include the tag because they'd see that honestly Google and Facebook aren't taking advantage of these news sites and in fact are doing them a service by serving news article hooks as basically free advertising that directs people to the news sites.

  • Nick M.
    Nick M. 29 dni temu

    I may just create my own Google News clone and make it decentralized just an FU to Canada. I will also use Cookies to thumb my nose at the EU.

  • Georgia Meadows
    Georgia Meadows 25 dni temu

    1:38 I swear Linus’s head just split into two parts

  • Shaded
    Shaded 22 dni temu

    Google should just open their own jernalism departments. I dont want anything to do with 99% of media outlets anyway

  • dtoswald
    dtoswald 29 dni temu

    Well when a news "article" is just one sentence that is already in the head line...

  • Patrick Marshall
    Patrick Marshall 20 dni temu

    Isn't this technically what was proposed with the rss feeds back in the early 2000s just to the extreme literal sense.

  • RedWyvern
    RedWyvern 28 dni temu

    The news sites can use the search engine's crawler user agent to prevent the search engines from using/indexing the content they don't pay for.
    The sites do not do this, as they rely on the search engines clicks for their income.
    So they have the ability to make search engines pay for using their links, but do not do this as this makes them more money and now are trying to lobby in new laws to extort money from their most important source of income.
    Well played, search engines will just de-prioritise these sites if they are incentivised to do so, letting sites that deserve the users gain them.

  • ryekia
    ryekia 28 dni temu +1

    “On the wan hand” hahaha. Lols™®©. I can’t be the only wan to hear that. (And his South Park Canadian is funny haha.)

  • Ian Lehman
    Ian Lehman 29 dni temu +1

    2:08 TL;DR: If its to compensate journalists, then each journalists had better get every cent the government is charging the company for
    Canadian government claims its about making sure journalists are compensated, but I think its obvious that's not how it'll work, especially in light of their standards for media "being Canadian enough".
    I feel its self-evident that governments don't tend to appropriately compensate a person when they intervene and charge money for said persons property, services, or time, that the government does not own
    And keep in mind this isn't even a tax, so I'm not speaking against taxes. In fact if it were legislated as a tax I would be less concerned, and would expect more fair structuring.

  • CrunchyShadow
    CrunchyShadow 28 dni temu

    Google playing though guy with my country’s government… the fact that a company has so much power is a problem

  • Bad Videos with Never
    Bad Videos with Never 28 dni temu

    It is ludicrous to expect people to pay for news when confidence in reporting integrity is so low.

  • First Last
    First Last 29 dni temu +2

    Google and Facebook should pay news outlets for making them content.

    • Asmosis Yup
      Asmosis Yup 28 dni temu +1

      New outlets should pay Google and Facebook for promoting their content. It's free advertising.

  • Bruno
    Bruno 29 dni temu

    only news I consume is Sir Swag's "This Month's News Without The Bullshit"

  • none of your business
    none of your business 28 dni temu

    I think Google is fully entitled to tell any story. The are even allowed to link to a story.
    What they can not do without compensation to chatgpt is produce a derivative extract that can be consumed by itself.
    This is what I curreny have against chstgpt. All your years of careful concise tech articles are read once. The contents somewhat understood by the machine and then doled out without restrain or compensation.

  • The Angry Intellect
    The Angry Intellect 28 dni temu

    C'mon now guy, be a buddy, buddy. Give us some money friend. Be a pal guy.

  • Ryan Boyer
    Ryan Boyer 19 dni temu

    I don't know that this is the best way to do it, but it's a positive thing, I suspect.
    1) Reading just the headlines is the worst way to consume news, and is the most likely way news is consumed on aggregator sites. Why is it bad? Headline: "This was totally unjustified, bystanders say." Article: "Although the court concluded that it was totally justified, some bystanders, who didn't have access to all of the information, are saying otherwise." -- The headline gives you the impression that it was unjustified, yet there's an entire court case that decided it was. News outlets do this all the time.
    2) News outlets that serve free content used to survive off of ad revenue. But since Google can not only snatch their headline, it can also pull the entire article if it wants -- or at least a summary snippet -- journalism now has all the less way to make money. I honestly don't know what the best way to fight this is, but making aggregators pay for consuming the things they aggregate seems like as decent an idea as any.

  • Veleriphon
    Veleriphon 29 dni temu +3

    Linus could do a Canadian voice for South Park, and we'd never know the difference until the credits.

    KSPRAYDAD 29 dni temu

    As a Canadian then, I'd just get to Reddit instead...still not making money for the newscorps of the world.

  • Dylan Gorton
    Dylan Gorton 27 dni temu

    Australia is NOT home to Rupert Mudoch. He hasn't been an Australian citizen since the mid 80's. He 100% American now.

  • Rastebb
    Rastebb 29 dni temu +1

    They want their internet monayy

  • Kyle Slater
    Kyle Slater 24 dni temu

    I definitely think it’s a valid response from google. I hope they do this. Most news sites in Canada are pretty sad.

  • ariana victoria
    ariana victoria 28 dni temu +12

    Making money is an action. Keeping money is behavior. Growing money is knowledge..

    • Theresa Tracy
      Theresa Tracy 28 dni temu

      I'm glad to see Mr. Rios Lipton mentioned here, my spouse recommended him to Me after investing $4000 and he has really helped us financially in times of COVID -19 lockdown here in Australia 🇦🇺.

    • Sofia Jones
      Sofia Jones 28 dni temu

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    I don't look at it much anymore but I have a bookmark to the BBC more its World coverage. No other direct links.

  • Captainflake99
    Captainflake99 29 dni temu

    Of course Canada gooses should be included in Canada’s heritage, majestic creatures they are. And if you have a problem with Canada goose you have a problem with me and I suggest you let that one marinate 😂

    • First Last
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      Didn't America do a Canadian goose cleansing and dramatically reduce the population?

  • Raunchy Santa
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    Glad I'm not Canadian. I like my free news headlines.