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Should LTT Store Sell CBD Gummies?

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  • Opublikowany 14 mar 2023
  • PLclip rescinds their harsher profanity policy - Bonus: Linus nearly gets himself Turbo-Cancelled.
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Komentarze • 820

  • supershadic530
    supershadic530 14 dni temu +932

    As long as they’re Linus shaped, I can imagine buying them.

    • Jon
      Jon 10 dni temu

      @dcd3lt4 🥷 you’re absolutely right.

    • Jon
      Jon 10 dni temu

      @David Brennan the beer can and soda can is the same shape… just keep them out of reach or educate them on not consuming them


      ⬆️⬆️⬆️look up that handle, he ships swiftly, and he got shrooms, Dmt, lsd, mmda, psilocybin, chocolate bars, he's got a lot..🍄💊🍫


      Look 🆙🆙 that handle he got DMT LSD psilocybin 🍄.💊.🍫.🔌

  • Hayden Maines
    Hayden Maines 13 dni temu +109

    Wow, that was a bit of a culture shock :p Many of my friends use CBD, I've never been interested in it, but even with it being legal here in Canada for years it still sounded really weird to hear Linus say he uses it sometimes for sleep.
    Between weed and the "Hard R's", we're learning a lot about Linus!

    • sigma male
      sigma male 7 dni temu +1

      @Xapu noooo i got ratiod

    • Xapu
      Xapu 7 dni temu

      CBD pretty much is legal in most countries.
      THC (the illegal part of weed) is something entirely seperate

    • Xapu
      Xapu 7 dni temu

      ​@sigma malejust as this useless comment of yours, ratio.

    • BillSmith
      BillSmith 8 dni temu

      @sigma maletriggered? LMAO

  • barbatus
    barbatus 14 dni temu +404

    I imagine those amazing margin on CBD gummies because there's no standards for testing so you can basically sell whatever bulshit you want

    • Stripes
      Stripes 8 dni temu

      @FaZekiller4507 you know what I meant in this context

    • FaZekiller4507
      FaZekiller4507 8 dni temu

      @StripesSomething being legal doesn’t make it not drugs. Caffeine is a drug, pharmaceuticals are drugs, alcohol is a drug. They’re all drugs.

    • Kieran Brown
      Kieran Brown 9 dni temu

      ​@tagsharui I wish more places would regulate it. Here the police give you grief if they so much as smell it (weed), while my Canadian friends can just door dash it.
      Like wtf? Just make sure it's safe and legalise it, even if you limit how much people can order to stop dealing on the street... It will still happen, but it'll be significantly safer.


      ⬆️⬆️⬆️look up that handle, he ships swiftly, and he got shrooms, Dmt, lsd, mmda, psilocybin, chocolate bars, he's got a lot..🍄💊🍫

  • Commodorefan64
    Commodorefan64 14 dni temu +291

    I know y'all have had coffee sponsors in the past, but I feel some kind of coffee products both the coffee, and the accessories would be your safest bet, barring supply chain/cost issues, as the markup some charge is insane!! Just make sure if you do any decaffeinated coffee, it's naturally decaffeinated from a water process, and not done with nasty chemicals, and a low acidic coffee would be nice as well as they are harder to find.

    • LukeOfTheSky
      LukeOfTheSky 11 dni temu

      @Corbin Barrett My god, a James Hoffman LTT collab would actually be a dream come true. It would be incredible.

    • papierbak
      papierbak 12 dni temu

      They also had a screw driver sponsor

    • Alex
      Alex 13 dni temu

      @Commodorefan64 They switched to those powdered gamer drinks now, I really liked the canned coffee they had a few years back.

    • Kosere
      Kosere 13 dni temu

      ​@KingSparrow "natural" decaffeinated? What are you on about. Every single decaffeinated coffee out there is made that way with supercritical CO2. It would be senseless to do anything else. And no that doesn't leave any traces, it just evaporates and is gone forever. Every single other method either changes the taste or is way to expensive to do at scale

    • Jisoo Park
      Jisoo Park 14 dni temu

      Coffee...AND sleep aid at the same time would be ironic but makes sense for his average tech enthusiastic demographic

  • Ataze_
    Ataze_ 14 dni temu +566

    lets get some magic gamer mushrooms on LTT Store

    • TotalXPvideos
      TotalXPvideos 9 dni temu +4

      @Just a weeb I love people that have so little in their life that's actually impressive that they jump on anything "well atleast I'm not a druggie" and then he proceeds to claim weed of all things is a hard drug 😂 think if anything weed was one of those things that required "soft drugs" to be coined.


      ⬆️⬆️⬆️look up that handle, he ships swiftly, and he got shrooms, Dmt, lsd, mmda, psilocybin, chocolate bars, he's got a lot..🍄💊🍫


      Look 🆙🆙 that handle he got DMT LSD psilocybin 🍄.💊.🍫.🔌

    • Just a weeb
      Just a weeb 11 dni temu

      @BonJarno read my comment again I buddy

  • William
    William 14 dni temu +223

    LTT Store should sell what really helps gamers sleep: Ambien. 💤😴

    • Freakonalyra
      Freakonalyra 9 dni temu


    • zach westbrook
      zach westbrook 14 dni temu +1

      I am down for Gaming Ambien

    • Michael
      Michael 14 dni temu

      you mean what lets gamers continue playing games, but wake up the next morning with no recollection that they were actually sleep gaming (and potentially sleep eating, sleep texting, or worse sleep driving)? I had to ditch that stuff after the first incident in my life that i had a complete loss of memory (where i KNOW something happened, because my last memory was puking in the bathroom, but woke up in bed), and that's saying something for someone who has taken severe head trauma and likely alcohol poisoning but never lost memory due to those incidents.

    • narwhal
      narwhal 14 dni temu

      I started working out and doing cardio basically fix my sleeping habits

    • ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂
      ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂ 14 dni temu +2

      @DaveyHowYouDoing Yeah I was taking it 5 days a week lol I would only get a couple hours of sleep otherwise. OTC sleep aids just gave me restless leg syndrome

  • Kardi
    Kardi 14 dni temu +7

    After the screwdriver, I think Linus has a lot of trust in the quality of his products. I totally understand him not wanting to be associated with things that can be seen a shady and not super well regulated.
    Though, I'd love to try gamer snacks or some nootropic energy drink by Linus because I would trust that it wouldn't be garbage

  • Guni Bee
    Guni Bee 14 dni temu +10

    I actually worked for a few months on a ghost kitchen in downtown Vancouver that also delivered Mr Beast burgers and it was pretty clean compared to some other places I've worked at that could be considered actual restaurants with regular quality control. Not having any possibility of customers dining in makes it easier to work in a smaller area thats easier to keep clean and functioning.

    • Cooper
      Cooper 11 dni temu

      @caspar valentineyou really put the gaymer in gamer

    • caspar valentine
      caspar valentine 13 dni temu +4

      i worked in a secret soviet bioweapons lab to create the most potent neurotoxin ever created: gamer girl bath water

  • SnifferSock
    SnifferSock 14 dni temu +4

    I don't even like coffee but using a coffee company made (no re-labeled garbage) by another PLclipr is probably the best and easiest option. #coffeebrandcoffee

  • Kyler Saunders
    Kyler Saunders 14 dni temu +6

    I would honestly like tech specific cleaning stuff. Like sell none static dusting tools for PC and good quality cleaning cloths.

  • angrydragonslayer
    angrydragonslayer 13 dni temu +2

    Jerky is my absolute favorite snack but it has given me the same concern about food as linus has
    The factory that made the usual brand i ate was raided by the local equivalent of OSHA but ended up as a drug case after them finding a lot of opium

  • JohnnyV
    JohnnyV 14 dni temu +54

    Noooooooo, don't mess with foods/CBD. Exponential increase in complications both logistically and legally.
    Edit - if you're wanting to do it, go through a 3rd party that's already insured, configured for storage/delivery, and will hold the liability

  • It'z V1CIOU5
    It'z V1CIOU5 10 dni temu

    i would trust buying them from u guys more than other sites. it would also be cool to see a ltt water-bottle shaped one kinda like a cola gummy.

  • Denton
    Denton 14 dni temu +5

    Beast Burger is made by a local burger chain here, so while it's a ghost kitchen it is made by some place that is supposed to meet food safety standards. I do feel weird with supplements, as nobody regulates them for the most part.

    • Gilad Barlev
      Gilad Barlev 11 dni temu

      Yeah, I thought the deal with "ghost kitchens" was that they contracted with established restaurants who'd (presumably) already figured out the whole takeout / delivery system.

  • Xapu
    Xapu 7 dni temu

    as someone with depressions I'd love that idea! can't wait for the LTT gaming booster

  • DC-4ever
    DC-4ever 14 dni temu +3

    Linus needs to give them to his staff when he's doing a live build as he usually drops or catapults some tech somewhere or drops the case on them 😜.

  • Q2
    Q2 14 dni temu +30

    A lot of the pre workouts and supplements are bs since you have the oem like you mentioned.
    But there are a lot of pro bodybuilders that make their own that actually kick ass and are customized to actually be unique and help.
    You kinda just have to search them out.
    But yeah, the general “influencer” stuff is shit.

    • Q2
      Q2 8 dni temu +1

      @Drew Fechter the ones that I trust are the ones that actually state the proper breakdowns of blends and show if theyre an 'efficacious dose' as MPMD states XD. that being said there arent a ton of studies for every supplement out there so you have to take it with a grain of salt especially if there is little research on that particular supplement.

    • Stripes
      Stripes 14 dni temu

      @MidnightOver mostly nonsense

    • Drew Fechter
      Drew Fechter 14 dni temu +1

      @MidnightOver This is a really tough question to answer, because of the nature of nutrition research. It is almost impossible to design a Randomized Controlled Study (the gold standard of scientific research) around nutrition that controls for every confounding variable, even forgetting the ethics of potentially poisoning people during human trials. Other problems in general with the supplement industry are ingredient sourcing (i.e. ingredient quality) and the form of the nutrients (are they easily absorbed and utilized by the human body).
      Most of this stuff is still new science and because of the RCS challenges it is approached mechanistically rather than holistically. Multi-vitamins are the carpet bombing approach to nutrition; realistically you're getting most of the nutrients you need from food and are only deficient in a few areas. Back to RCS challenges, what is good for your body in your lifestyle might vary drastically from someone who gets a lot out of the supplements they're proponents of. Ideally, you would be discussing this with a healthcare professional (like a general practitioner) to help tailor your diet to your body and lifestyle and a nutritionist to further tailor which specific supplements you will get the most mileage out of.

    • Drew Fechter
      Drew Fechter 14 dni temu +1

      Yeah, the best way to do this would be a multi-faceted partnership with someone who is in the professional fitness space and the actual manufacturer itself.
      That being said, being wary of anything ingestible is probably a REALLY good line to draw. Especially when there's always a few people who will "more is always better" your product or create dangerous mixtures or do something that will tarnish your brand. Don't want your side hustle destroying your main source of income

  • Tetravoxium
    Tetravoxium 7 dni temu

    I’ve been taking hemp gummies/vaping for years now, definitely are a lot of sketchy brands out there, I haven’t died yet or gotten any weird reactions.

  • MickMod
    MickMod 14 dni temu +3

    Can't wait for the "Linus Runtz Tips" packs to be released!

  • TIRO
    TIRO 13 dni temu

    You should sell a shoulder bag version of the LTT backpack. I have the backpack and absolutely love it, but I also need a form of messenger bag size bag... !! =)

  • Performance Metrics
    Performance Metrics 14 dni temu +1

    I have non allergic asthma and I use CBD to treat it (along with prescriptions) and it works really well for me. :)

  • UnknownHost
    UnknownHost 14 dni temu

    Yes yes and yes! Or cbd bottles, Love putting that in tea. Would buy it through you just to give you that extra money for labs.

  • Stop SpyingonMe
    Stop SpyingonMe 14 dni temu +65

    50mg cbd+50mg caffeine+10mg delta 8+100mg l-Theanine and called it “gamer glue”.

    • Xapu
      Xapu 7 dni temu

      that would create some very fun gaming sessions that's for sure!

    • sigma male
      sigma male 13 dni temu +2

      @WallFork if you're not slamming 200mg daily already it will

    • Stop SpyingonMe
      Stop SpyingonMe 14 dni temu

      @Anivicuno l-theanine and caffeine are basically the main ingredients of tea. The theanine reduces stimulant induced anxiety and the delta 8 in general makes me more foccussed. All in all I'd have to tweak the formula but, I might start making these for myself.

    • Stop SpyingonMe
      Stop SpyingonMe 14 dni temu

      @DaveyHowYouDoing Probably. I was more suggesting a low dose cause people will likely eat 4

    • WallFork
      WallFork 14 dni temu +2

      50mg of caffeine isn’t going to do anything lol

  • Meech
    Meech 14 dni temu +18

    I know the effects are very subjective, but since I started taking CBD (I take it in tincture form not gummy but same idea) I've significantly been doing better in a lot of aspects of my life. I have one for sleeping and I always tell people who are struggling to fall asleep to at least give it a try, I've gone from waking up multiple times a night and taking forever to fall asleep to being able to fall asleep within five or ten minutes of taking the drops and sleeping all the way through the night. Also, I get really bad migraines, and as you can imagine gaming on a PC being that close to a monitor can really set them off sometimes. I always have my monitor set to a much warmer color scheme to help but even still they are incapacitating sometimes. I have a daytime CBD tincture I use for that and I can genuinely feel the migraines melting away after I put the drops under my tongue. That being said, I'm a very unique example because of my own long term health issues, but I think a lot of people could benefit from trying out CBD in some form.
    I can only imagine what the process of producing and selling those products would be though, and it would probably be comparable to starting up a brand new, completely unrelated business to the one you're already running with all the regulations and strict rules you'd have to follow. More than likely it's just more work than it's worth and I know LMG has already been branching out more and taking risks with their business model in the past year or two, I imagine you're doing well enough already. Still, I do think there is a bit of an untapped market of CBD products that are oriented towards gamers or just people who spend a lot of time in front of screens since it can give you pain and really f*ck with your sleeping. I'd love to see someone work with that

    • Smart Towel RG-400
      Smart Towel RG-400 9 dni temu

      @Meech are you Canadian? Alot less stressful to do it in Canada since its legal federally and don't gotta worry about cops ... took me like 5 trys to finally get a good plant ...if you're not good with plants I'd suggest starting with auto following strains the yield is a bit less but good way to get use to the feeding watering and that

    • Meech
      Meech 9 dni temu

      @Smart Towel RG-400 I plan on growing my own someday when I have the time to take care of them. For now I buy from a local farm that I've had the pleasure of getting to know the owners a bit so I'm confident in what I'm paying for. I wouldn't trust random faceless companies though.

    • Smart Towel RG-400
      Smart Towel RG-400 9 dni temu +1

      I grow my own plants that high cbd ...not paying what people want for it.... I find in higher doses it actually helps but the cost if I was buying products be insane...plus cant trust company's to put in what they say

    • Meech
      Meech 13 dni temu +2

      @Harish DEV What am I promoting? Am I pushing a product? Am I trying to get literally anything out of you? No. I was sharing my own personal experience with it, what you think about it could not matter any less.

  • on time
    on time 14 dni temu +1

    there was a guy who mixed up protein powder with caffeine powder and ate whole big spoon of caffeine. his heart "exploded"

  • Voltaic Fire
    Voltaic Fire 14 dni temu +12

    Even if they worked it all out legally then it's still a bad idea, it's a highly saturated market.

    • CryhmeTime
      CryhmeTime 14 dni temu +6

      I am highly saturated too righ now

  • Kenneth Hicks
    Kenneth Hicks 14 dni temu

    I remember the day when we grew our own tomatoes and potatoes in the backyard garden...

  • Timothy Gaetke
    Timothy Gaetke 14 dni temu +4

    He says “gamer snacks” and now I’m waiting for LTT Mountain Dew and Doritos.

  • Chase Dooley
    Chase Dooley 8 dni temu

    I ate at a Perkin's Restaurant the other day that had a MrBeast Burger order waiting to be picked up (I seen the sticker when I checked in). That order was still there when I left, probably 40 minutes

  • cvr24
    cvr24 14 dni temu +7

    How about selling some USB-C cables that don't suck?

    BCJDM 14 dni temu +3

    Creatine and pre workout are not the same btw. But a lot of pre workouts do have creatine in it but taking creatine before workout makes no difference to performance in the gym. Creatine can be taken at anytime

  • NotStrategic
    NotStrategic 14 dni temu +2

    A very level-headed take from Linus and Luke here. Gotta be SUPER careful when it comes to selling food.

  • Innocent_Bystander
    Innocent_Bystander 13 dni temu

    Gotta be careful with cbd, it can have weird reactions with regular meds, such as deactivating birth control.

  • E the real Blue
    E the real Blue 13 dni temu

    You should host game sales from LTT store.

  • Michael Ma
    Michael Ma 14 dni temu +11

    I'd visit an LTT dispensary

  • Cocoa Koifish 錦鯉
    Cocoa Koifish 錦鯉 14 dni temu

    Cbd is absolutely amazing, I smoke it too by avida its the only healthiest brand you won't die from cause some put vitamin E in theirs....
    But cbd and gummies would be a yes

  • Kno Buddy
    Kno Buddy 14 dni temu

    I mean it’s not illegal to do it and my state is one of a number that allows medicinal use and it can help a lot of people. You certainly do need to be extra cautious with finding suppliers. One of my friends lives in upstate New York and I know what these are called, but I’m not even going to attempt to spell it knowing I’m going to butcher it, but they have this product that is basically a chocolate bar made with butter made from shrooms (magic mushrooms). They are meant to help with things like anxiety, depression, etc. and are sold in marijuana dispensaries and you don’t even need a card to buy them, but they’re like $40 a bar.

    • Skunk2spec
      Skunk2spec 14 dni temu

      @Kno Buddy No, that's your opinion, but it's medically legal across the US.

    • Skunk2spec
      Skunk2spec 14 dni temu +1

      @Kno Buddy All medically legal states. Once again, your opinion does not change facts.

    • Kno Buddy
      Kno Buddy 14 dni temu

      @Skunk2spec Alabama, Idaho, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wyoming. There are six that don’t recognize medicinal marijuana as legal and it’s still illegal under federal laws. This just means state and local law enforcement in states that legalized it won’t prosecute or assist federal law enforcement in arresting you, but if the federal government chooses to go after you then they can still arrest and prosecute you for it even though you’re in a legal state and have all of the necessary legal documentation and follow all of the rules. Biden did sign a bill to forgive federal offenses for marijuana use and possession, but it doesn’t work proactively, only retroactively meaning it doesn’t effect new convictions after the signing, but completely wipes out older convictions and only at the federal level.

    • Skunk2spec
      Skunk2spec 14 dni temu +1

      @Kno Buddy no, no there's no states where it's medically illegal lol. You can believe what you want, but your opinions don't change facts.

  • Kyle Ruggles
    Kyle Ruggles 14 dni temu

    I'm sure they will sell well in Canada!

  • SkaR [The Noname]
    SkaR [The Noname] 13 dni temu

    Honestly, LTT CBD gummies sounds like something I'd 100% buy xDDD

  • Croozerdog •-•
    Croozerdog •-• 14 dni temu

    I take cbd oil to help me sleep, my mom takes it against rheumatic pain. the stuff rocks and doesn't give the well known annoying side effects you get from taking a thc and cbd combo

  • Eugene Bebs
    Eugene Bebs 14 dni temu +102

    "It's just gamer gummies," Andy thought. "The more I eat, the faster my reaction time is gonna be."
    Andy Schmoo is a 16 year old male, ☝presenting to the emergency room☝

    • Kieran Brown
      Kieran Brown 9 dni temu

      His fault for not reading the big label on it I guess?
      If you're referring to the fact it's CBD.... It's CBD. Do some more research. There's a reason that even Britain allows it.

    • Kent
      Kent 14 dni temu +6

      ChubbyEmu boss music plays

    • Rex
      Rex 14 dni temu +1

      good one.

  • YOEL _44
    YOEL _44 14 dni temu

    Ah yeah, edibles from Canada all the way down to Spain, greatest idea ever!!

  • Taurent
    Taurent 14 dni temu

    One time a group I was hanging out with were passing around “gamer” poppers. Should look into that.

  • Wet Flannel
    Wet Flannel 14 dni temu

    Linus needs to try THC gummies for sleep 🤣

  • Vinez
    Vinez 14 dni temu +2

    Your "censoring beep" is very funny, because you don't mute the voice channel while it plays we can still hear what you say !

  • Solkre
    Solkre 14 dni temu +1

    Linus' two rules now. Don't kill a customer with bad food, don't admit to Hard R's on live streams.

  • Jesse Crespo
    Jesse Crespo 14 dni temu

    "Linus Tech Drips" for the CBD tinctures, please!

  • Tiro Mandal
    Tiro Mandal 13 dni temu

    The last sentence is damn true! Your whole empire would crumble if something happens to just one person.

  • Stan Lee
    Stan Lee 14 dni temu

    Well do they sell OTHER food/snacks?
    I mean, if there's ALREADY like an 'LTT ENERGY DRINK' then I say sure, why not CBD gummies too!
    And do they sell LTT Branded COFFEE?

    • Stan Lee
      Stan Lee 14 dni temu

      @CompilationHUB Probably HIGHER than 100% CBD gummies, which are the ones that aren't supposed to contain any of the mind altering THC compound.
      They're like caffeine free coffee ;)

    • CompilationHUB
      CompilationHUB 14 dni temu

      Do those energy drinks get them high? 🤡

  • random
    random 10 dni temu

    im not interested in CBD gummies at all, but if linus started making THC products in oregon I would try the brand out at least.

  • joebear80
    joebear80 12 dni temu

    Whey powder (purest form) has DOUBLED in price since late 2020. I wonder if that is because of increased manufacturing costs or have they just raised their margins?

  • Shani Ace
    Shani Ace 13 dni temu

    You could sell THC gummies in Canada, the overlap between gamers and potheads has always been huge.

  • HarpowTV
    HarpowTV 14 dni temu +1

    Can we get some LTT branded herion please? Always wanted to support my favorite media group!

  • Svpracer98
    Svpracer98 13 dni temu

    I'd be very careful of it, if only because it's a controlled substance (like alcohol) and I could only imagine the tangle of legal paperwork and precautions associated.

    • J
      J 11 dni temu

      CBD is not a controlled substance. There is no "high"

  • A Guy
    A Guy 13 dni temu

    Linus made a great point about "anything you can ingest" and the concern around beast burgers.

    • Stan Lee
      Stan Lee 13 dni temu

      Yeah, that's why the FIRST thing I asked is if LTT is ALREADY selling any type of food or beverage. Like I DO remember the Coffee thing, but I thought that was more just being an ADVERTISING partner. Though it seemed like LTT might be a good candidate to release some sort of 'Energy Drink' or 'Energy Bar', so figured if they're already selling 'food' items, then why not promote some 'GAMER VITAMIN' Supplements. Including a special blend of 100% organically extracted 'GAMER CBD BLEND'. ;)
      And yeah, I hope Beast is making some decent cash from the Burger business. It seems like a HUGE hassle to be responsible for shipping his 'standardized ingredients' to 100s of 'Ghost Kitchen/Franchises' and being responsible? that his branded food is always properly cooked/presented...
      Unless there are 'restaurant companies' that can pull off establishing one of these 'celebrity/influencer' 'restaurants', and the person just needs to put their logo on the package and promote the 'brand' to their MILLIONS of social media followers?

  • Basti EiseNKrafT
    Basti EiseNKrafT 14 dni temu +3

    As long as they got enough THC to turn myself into Woodstock, then I'm on board

    • Basti EiseNKrafT
      Basti EiseNKrafT 10 dni temu

      @NonsensicalVids then why can't I buy edibles at my local supermarket in Sweden then?

    • NonsensicalVids
      NonsensicalVids 10 dni temu

      @Basti EiseNKrafT those are called edibles and already exist thats not new lol

    • Basti EiseNKrafT
      Basti EiseNKrafT 12 dni temu

      @femboy_tzeki well it should if you ask me

    • femboy_tzeki
      femboy_tzeki 12 dni temu

      CBD stuff has no THC in it at all

    • NonsensicalVids
      NonsensicalVids 14 dni temu

      CBD gummies

  • Sage Technology
    Sage Technology 14 dni temu

    I want to try the LTT store brand crack cocaine. Plus the margins are probably huge for $20 pieces.

  • Equilibrium
    Equilibrium 14 dni temu

    Even better, you should sell THC gummy bears! Linus THC gummies would sell like mad! 💯

    • General Nickles
      General Nickles 14 dni temu

      Yeah, in the 4 countries you can actually sell such things, and there primary demographic is not one of those.

  • Jaykstah
    Jaykstah 11 dni temu +1

    One step further: caffeinated cbd gummies so they can be called gamer gummies

  • WallFork
    WallFork 14 dni temu

    Idk about margin on protein powder. It isn’t cheap, but neither is hydrated dairy. I think the main reason is because it’s arguably the most useful supplement since anyone looking to lift could use extra protein, but not everyone takes it seriously enough to justify creatine, pre, beta-alanine, etc

  • Kieran Brown
    Kieran Brown 9 dni temu

    CBD gummies? I keep forgetting outside of the UK people can just door dash weed.
    (I know CBD gummies are very different, tell that to my home country please)

  • Struck
    Struck 14 dni temu

    Hey, your description is for a different video! Linus does not in fact almost get cancelled in this video, and the topic is about selling food on lttstore, not about youtube's profanity policy

  • JoshyPoo
    JoshyPoo 14 dni temu

    I'd unironically buy Linus meme face shaped Delta 8 gummies

  • Ultra
    Ultra 14 dni temu +1

    Prob will begin to have more issues with payment processors if you do

  • AlmostAnEngineer
    AlmostAnEngineer 14 dni temu +1

    You could always do a KSI trick and bring out an energy drink targeted at children, keep the supply low, the hype high and make millions of supermarket workers and parents lives a nightmare 🤔

  • Josh Knight
    Josh Knight 14 dni temu

    I think that is smart Linus, stay away from that food game. 👍

  • D8Distro
    D8Distro 10 dni temu

    I’m in the D8/CBD industry, if you want a unofficial brand but where you collect most of the revenue. I can always make that happen

  • Michael Jastrzebski
    Michael Jastrzebski 14 dni temu +2

    I think CBD gummies would sell. Maybe mix them with other things like CBN.
    Can you sell Delta 9 gummies/edibles/drink/distillate? Legal to buy (USA), it's made from hemp but still works. Helps when gaming with friends. Shrooms would be nice for others but not sure about legality. It's sad that this stuff (regular weed, shrooms) that can help people, be illegal for political/government money gains. I would love to order some and get it shipped to the US since I live there.

    • Mastez
      Mastez 14 dni temu

      @Cameron Hayford 0.3% of a products weight can be if I’m not mistaken

    • Nikita Zoshchuk
      Nikita Zoshchuk 14 dni temu

      Can't wait for spice and hеrоin to be sold on LTT store 🙌

    • Cameron Hayford
      Cameron Hayford 14 dni temu

      @BoronTV you can have a certain amount of delta 9 per weight which makes edibles able to be shipped in the us

    • BoronTV
      BoronTV 14 dni temu

      Delta 9 THC is the naturally abundant THC. Delta 8 is the one that's synthesized from hemp/CBD

  • Eduardo Sanchez
    Eduardo Sanchez 14 dni temu

    damn imagine the local plug having some LTT gummies and delivers in a pink lambo

  • Martin Moores
    Martin Moores 14 dni temu +22

    If the pricing wouldn't be crazy I'd be on board
    I smoke alot and use cbd when the pain is overwhelming hard to find good priced stuff sometimes
    Some of yall weird why would I hide using weed for pain it works nothing else does who the hell cares

    • Tiemen van der Bijl
      Tiemen van der Bijl 14 dni temu

      @Martin Moores Thank you, I wasnt actually talking about weed or judging you at all. I was saying you are sharing alot of your person without alot of context on a public place where people are not known for being understanding and open minded. And I see you took that as me judging you. That is not on me. I wish you a good day

    • Martin Moores
      Martin Moores 14 dni temu +1

      @Tiemen van der Bijl you just have a close minded view maybe you should research the good that weed and cbd can do for people

    • Tiemen van der Bijl
      Tiemen van der Bijl 14 dni temu

      @Martin Moores well in that case, you seem like you either want that kind of attention or need it. so good luck with that

    • Paul Serdiuk
      Paul Serdiuk 14 dni temu

      I mean, if you buy stuff in a pharmacy, it's legal, you use it under medical supervision, and it doesn't feel "fun", it's just necessary, why wouldn't you be open about it. Whatever it is, weed, Adderall, psylocybin, etc.

    • Ben Knight
      Ben Knight 14 dni temu

      I love how it’s like the weed is ah whatever but when you have a real bad time boom need those strong cbd gummies haha

  • John West
    John West 14 dni temu

    As long as they have genuine CBD in it, and actually work

  • Travis ( Do not suscribe go to tjstwocents)

    The LTT store is getting too crazy being nostalgic items sure well underwear sweaters and just random crap you can most likely buy that looks the same at Walmart

  • Andrew Meyer
    Andrew Meyer 14 dni temu +2

    Everything you said, Linus and Luke, I totally agree with, and it's a very valid point to be concerned about what you ingest, I smoke weed because it helps me with my depression, it helps me relax, if it's a certain type it can help you sleep, and if you are not a fan of smoking it, there's gummies, it's very versatile.

  • Dj Mccullough
    Dj Mccullough 13 dni temu

    yes! And you must name them "Linus Tech Treats"

  • blargg
    blargg 13 dni temu

    Gummies are a good idea because they can be dropped without breaking them.

  • William Bryant
    William Bryant 14 dni temu

    "Rat's patoot" is pretty strong language. That's what the BEEP is for, Linus.

  • Ozzie
    Ozzie 11 dni temu

    is “more milk per milk” a mythical kitchen reference?

  • L. Scott Music
    L. Scott Music 13 dni temu

    Specialize in food completely or stay out totally. The liability is too great to risk all the other things LTT is. AND because LLT is large and successful people will attempt to attack a vulnerability and a food product would be the easiest thing to exploit with litigation.

  • zachariahzeno
    zachariahzeno 14 dni temu

    Watching this as I doze off on CBD Gummies.

  • Build On Sound
    Build On Sound 14 dni temu

    Just sell thc version and make everybody very happy while gaming and being less toxic too eachother 😂

  • TFiPW
    TFiPW 10 dni temu

    We gotta bring back Madrinas coffee

  • TheElly750
    TheElly750 14 dni temu

    Yes I do want more milk in my milk.

  • watercannons collaboration

    Imagine the RussianBadger and LTT team up with Gamersupps, it makes no sense but it just sounds funny

  • Strider_245
    Strider_245 13 dni temu

    If I even habe cbd gummies I still be in pain and wont go sleep

  • brandon holt
    brandon holt 14 dni temu

    I think if Linus went on vacation for a month. He would sleep like a baby for a month. then come back to working everyday, ofc you ain't gonna sleep like a baby anymore. your body hurts. it wakes you up.

    • brandon holt
      brandon holt 14 dni temu

      Linus body is still more nerd than athlete.

  • Lycan Battlevortex
    Lycan Battlevortex 11 dni temu

    I agree with Linus' comments regarding trust of the product, but I would trust it if he put his name to a product

  • BOB Marley
    BOB Marley 13 dni temu

    Gummies in the shape of members of the team with their chosen colours and flavours

  • Paul Carmi
    Paul Carmi 14 dni temu

    Uh Linus, if sleep comes that hard, one bowl will do it. You don’t have to go Willy Nelson with it, or even tell us about it.

  • Riley Mannion
    Riley Mannion 14 dni temu

    Honestly linus shaped cbd gummies would be funny

  • NoLoseJustLearn
    NoLoseJustLearn 14 dni temu +3

    You should sell some sort of gamer preworkout (Derek from MPMD partnership?)

    • Leon
      Leon 14 dni temu

      they're both Canadian, so I can already imagine the supraphysiological amounts of clicks per second that result from the incoming partnership

    • aspergerio 🇦🇺
      aspergerio 🇦🇺 14 dni temu

      lock n load baby

  • MrNateSPF
    MrNateSPF 14 dni temu +4

    Does Linus understand that Mr Beast Burger is licensed through a separate food service company, not directly with a PLclip channel? Like if someone got sick from Wonka candy they would have sued Nestle, not Johnny Depp.

    • Lobo Tomisé
      Lobo Tomisé 19 godzin temu

      @MrNateSPF Forget it, you don't understand how simple people can be when it come down to hating stuff and people associated with it...
      It's the reverse but why do you think so many companies dissociated themselves from a bad celebrity endorsement even if say companies did nothing wrong? Because they lose $$$$$$$$$$... So if a companies can lose billions of $ from a endorsement bad choice of tweet you think that the reverse can be true (the part of receiving backlash for an endorsement)? Keep dreaming...
      Don't believed how petty people can be? try being a celebrity and have some private talk about some topic exposed and see what happen... or your political choice and see how many people start calling for your cancellation... or go read some comment about Linus moving house and using some of the LMG employee for it... I am pretty sure a bunch of people stopped watching after that even if it was a scripted video... That is how petty some people can be...

    • MrNateSPF
      MrNateSPF Dzień temu

      @Lobo Tomisé You are crazy and you missed the point that the brand is licensed to regulated food service establishments. "Oh man I ordered an over priced officially licensed Mr Beast burger and found the quality sub par. Now I no longer find Mr Beast videos entertaining and I am going to tell everyone on the internet to stop watching." You're just too much dude.

    • Lobo Tomisé
      Lobo Tomisé Dzień temu

      @MrNateSPF I didn't missed the point but you missed the part about normal people not caring about all of this. The only thing they will remember is that you associated yourself with a shitty companies or that our endorsed some shit stuff. The rest, the oh it was licensed and bla bla bla does not matter to them...
      It's like the same people who like to drag the father of a 23 years old adult who did some shitty thing because that say father is a public figure like it happened recently... If that person father had being an ordinary person probably no one would have dragged him in there but since he was well know people could not resist it...
      You might say it's not the same thing and yes you are correct in a way but also wrong at the same time... See people talked like it was a little child who did some shitty thing and that child could not discern between right and wrong and ignored the fact that he is 23 year old and his action are his own, not his father action...

    • MrNateSPF
      MrNateSPF 2 dni temu

      @Lobo Tomisé and you missed the point that the brand is licensed to regulated food service establishments. "Oh man I ordered an over priced officially licensed Mr Beast burger and found the quality sub par. Now I no longer find Mr Beast videos entertaining and I am going to tell everyone on the internet to stop watching." You're just too much dude.

  • LadyHaley
    LadyHaley 14 dni temu

    Im going to ingest an LTT Screwdriver :)

  • rock schnakenberg
    rock schnakenberg 14 dni temu

    In California, the FDA regulates and taxes our cannabis. You can buy pot at literally any gas station or liquor store these days.

  • hope4TG
    hope4TG 14 dni temu

    Ah yes, LTT gamer weed

  • Panoptic Emu
    Panoptic Emu 13 dni temu

    CBD is still illegal in many countries, especially since most forms of CBD also contain the THC that makes you high, so yeah, probably a good idea to not touch them

  • Rohan Saini
    Rohan Saini 13 dni temu

    Creatine does do something. With helping retain water and giving fullness.
    It’s just on a person by person basis.

  • Yugi Miller
    Yugi Miller 13 dni temu

    That's like using milk with powdered milk. 😆

  • Søren Walther
    Søren Walther 14 dni temu

    How about an EU based outlet so potential customers aren't hit by the weird and wonderful ways import tax for individuals seems to work?

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business 2 dni temu

    CBD gummies? Those have lost popularity since the delta 8 gummies came out.

  • primusX
    primusX 14 dni temu

    Lets be honest. Linus just doesn't want to hire food people :D