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Linus might start console gaming

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  • Opublikowany 26 lut 2023
  • Note: I flubbed one of the specs of the Quest 2. It has physical IPD adjustments. I was thinking of the Rift S. My bad! - LS
    The PSVR2 has arrived and is a far step beyond its predecessor.
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  • Dj
    Dj 29 dni temu +372

    The irony is that when it comes to modding the PSVR2 for PCVR, the headset has ALREADY been 'cracked'. How? Modders just politely asked Sony for the source code, and they just gave it to them.
    Apparently, it was because of some technicalities in the licensing of something to do with linux, such that they had to provide the source code upon request.

    • kato093
      kato093 7 dni temu +1

      @Absolute Randomness yeah... I give them 1 year to course correct because focusing on PC lost them A TON of money.
      Ever since they started proting everything to PC, their hype for PS5 reduced, their sales of games slowed down drastically, especially those that ere "announced" for PC in leaks, all while the PC sales have been ABYSMAL.
      Like indie game killing abysmall. Like 40$ for a shitty early access game from unknown studio bad sales.
      Lucky to sell 20.000 copies kinda bad.
      If they don't change back to going exclusive, they are gonna lose A LOT of players, especially if Xbox gets activision.

    • Heldermaior
      Heldermaior 19 dni temu +1

      Once they crack it this will likely be my replacement to my OG CV1.

    • Hotcakes
      Hotcakes 23 dni temu +2

      @Absolute Randomness Making a Windows driver for it would require a USB kernel driver alongside it; whatever Sony is sending down that USB cable, it isn't standard USB data. As it is, Windows won't connect to it and reports it as malfunctioning.

    • M. F.
      M. F. 24 dni temu

      @Karl Der Grobe have you tried it?

    • Absolute Randomness
      Absolute Randomness 24 dni temu

      Sony is doubling down on PC-centric stuff anyway, which includes releasing Playstation-exclusive games to PC and offering PC-specific products like monitors and headsets. And with Sony pretty much willing to provide source code for their PSVR2 as part of GPL license, it'll be a matter of time before someone makes a compatible driver for PSVR2 to work with Steam, or yet, Sony (or Valve, or even both) would make the driver for it.
      And besides, it would be too stupid for Sony not to take advantage of PSVR2 and its great features that other VR headsets don't have, and make it become more accessible to everyone, not just PS5 users.

  • Ricco123tube
    Ricco123tube 29 dni temu +55

    Just bought it. It's way better than expected.
    PlayStation has started the year incredibly well.

    • flybriur
      flybriur 26 dni temu +5

      And I really hope someone is able to make it work on PC at some point in the near future. That would be amazing.

  • ArchOfWinter
    ArchOfWinter 29 dni temu +43

    I think if the PSVR2 is better than other PC VR in capabilities, Sony can definitely out compete them if they allow for PC usage. Even if they charge like $100 for an "adaptor" box for PC or $50 for "proprietary" software/drivers for Windows and Linux, they can tap into the PC player base who would otherwise never buy a console in the first place and dominate the VR market.

    • Bingus
      Bingus 11 dni temu

      Yeah you would think AMD would make some form of VR console or headset themselves if their APU hardware is better than a top nvidia card at VR.
      But I guess no one really knows what openXR is here and who is actually doing all of the work to make VR better lmfao.

    • Brotherhood of Steel
      Brotherhood of Steel 11 dni temu +2

      ​@Karl Der GrobeDo you even know the benefits the wire provides? I'll wait

    • Joshua Cook
      Joshua Cook 27 dni temu +3

      ​@Karl Der Grobe AR is overrated and no VR headset under 2k does it well enough to be usable. VR is what you want for experiences like games anyway.

    • Gearóid O' Connell
      Gearóid O' Connell 28 dni temu +1

      @Karl Der Grobe For PSVR 1 I use the TV with 3D sound it very good So I think the no need for headphone.

    • Karl Der Grobe
      Karl Der Grobe 28 dni temu

      Nah, this wired headset is a trash relic of the past. It should completely wireless like the quest. Also how is Sony going to dominate without full color pass-through AR like the quest pro and upcoming quest 3, or even full hand or body tracking?

  • ThreepyOh
    ThreepyOh 29 dni temu +219

    PSVR 2 doesn’t make me sick compared to the first gen. Anyone with a PS5 interested in VR should really jump on board

    • aTooRudePanda
      aTooRudePanda 12 dni temu


    • x?an
      x?an 16 dni temu

      @FireSkydiver7 jobless fs

    • kmd76kmd76
      kmd76kmd76 22 dni temu +1

      Same thing happens to me. Psvr1 made me stop after 5-10 mins of racing. I was sweating ready to puke. The new one I have played gt7 for 1-2 hours and I’m totally fine. Only going over huge bumps in the road or going in reverse make me feel weird but it stops right away. Psvr 1 I would be off for hours afterward.

    • Leang Loav
      Leang Loav 26 dni temu

      Horizon zero got me a motion sickness, but this is my first VR tho.

  • Lord of Dread
    Lord of Dread 29 dni temu +25

    PSVR2 is 100% the right direction for VR HMDs. Mobile/standalone is what you do once the rest of the tech is small enough and power efficient enough that you can get away with it. We are not at that point yet. I want the next index to be wired, and have foveated rendering with eyetracking, and higher resolution to make use of that. It irritates me that 90% of the VR market want worse HMDs just so they can go wireless and play shitty mobile games.

    • Bingus
      Bingus 11 dni temu

      According to a lot of recordings and through the lens videos pancakes actually do look a hell of a lot better.
      I take what linus says with a grain of salt now since he got duped by Mark Cerney and thought that the PS5 was special because of kraken.
      Not forgetting the quest 1 was oled also lmfao.

    • ky56
      ky56 27 dni temu +1

      That's because they want to capture the "mobile games but in VR" market. Chock full of micro transactions and adds. The only way I can visualise Facebooks vision of VR is IOI from Ready Player One the movie.

  • Valorcycle
    Valorcycle 29 dni temu +20

    I bought a ps5 so I could try the VR2. I never had VR and was curious about it for some time. This coming out got me on board and I've been having a blast with it so far!

  • JBP
    JBP 29 dni temu +54

    Linus isn’t the only one, I ran 12V for 4 base stations in my VR room. To be fair I ran it on cable channel not actually in the ceiling, but I’m definitely committed to external base stations for tracking

    • david fernelz
      david fernelz 25 dni temu

      They're SO GOOD.
      I played on the quest 2 and the tracking was solid but still it's not nearly the same as my index and convinced me not to upgrade anytime soon

  • Brent McKnight
    Brent McKnight 29 dni temu +47

    Interesting about turning off the eye tracking. My son has no central vision so he tracks with his peripheral vision. Yet he might not notice the drop in resolution either. I might have to get one just to test that out 😉😉

    • Bingus
      Bingus 11 dni temu

      @Tanoo That's not lower res that's just the lenses. Most games aren't actually using eye tracked foveated rendering, there really isn't much point with Fresnel lenses so its just rendering the sweet spot.

    • Tanoo
      Tanoo 26 dni temu +3

      Yeah, you can turn it off.
      Games still have lower resolution on sides, so you need to move head to keep things in center.

    • Brent McKnight
      Brent McKnight 29 dni temu +16

      @Ryan Lynch Stargardt’s disease

    • Ryan Lynch
      Ryan Lynch 29 dni temu +9

      what's that condition called?

  • Matthew Urella
    Matthew Urella 27 dni temu +7

    I've been playing VR for a couple years and I am quick to motion sickness. I usually have to stick to teleport motion and the like, but it's been a surprisingly pleasant experience playing RE8 and Horizon. Huge fan

    • david fernelz
      david fernelz 25 dni temu +2

      Most people can cure VR motion sickness, I recommend looking into it because I was able to and now I fly around with no man's sky's jetpack without issue.
      Basically just play and as soon as you start to feel sick stop immediately. Then over time you play longer and longer until you're fine. Also reminding myself that I'm playing a game and it isn't real was a huge help.

  • Sam Za
    Sam Za 20 dni temu +4

    One thing he didn't mention is you can play all non vr games but its at 1080p only downside.

  • Earnist Se
    Earnist Se 28 dni temu +3

    Got myself a ps5 at its msrp after seeing the ballooning gpu prices and I really don’t regret a thing. I got ps5 instead of spending so much on upgrading my rig and it runs games to my liking , psvr 2 is also something I’m very much looking forward to getting sometime soon.

  • Sorry NotSorry
    Sorry NotSorry 29 dni temu +46

    I had a Oculus Go back when they were still a thing. Unfortunately things stopped working and it's effectively just a paperweight now. I keep umming and ahing over whether to get a new headset, but VR headsets are advancing so rapidly at the moment, I've just been weighting for something like this. Give it a couple years for the other companies to produce OLED HDR headsets and prices to drop from competition and I think I'll be back to VR.

    • david fernelz
      david fernelz 25 dni temu +1

      ​@Kojin it really was a damn shame and detrimental to the entire industry, although Facebook investing so heavily in it is also convincing other companies to and we get stuff like psvr2.
      So it has had some good impact despite the obvious and numerous detriments.
      It still makes me sad but I at least try to see how it's been good.

    • P I
      P I 27 dni temu +3

      @Larry J it's a niche market because the products are far from perfect and/or expensive (and Facebook owning Oculus doesn't help). PSVR2 looks really good. Once the technology and the content matures enough, almost everybody is going to want it

    • Brandon W.
      Brandon W. 28 dni temu +1

      I love seeing the ways people learned... I guess colloquiallisms? I always knew it as "Himming and hawwing" and have spelled it as Hmmming and Hawwing even though to me, I think in use it sounds more like Hmmm and Huhhh. But I like Umm and Ahh better, that strikes me as more natural "thinking sounds" when I say it out loud.
      Please excuse this tangent, we're back to your regularly scheduled tech talk now!

    • Redkitt3n14
      Redkitt3n14 29 dni temu +3

    • Sorry NotSorry
      Sorry NotSorry 29 dni temu

      @FireSkydiver7 I'm in no rush... VR is just something I'd mess around with. I'd rather know I'm getting great quality at a good price. If one headset has OLED, it's only a matter of time for it to become standard. Same for HDR. When all of that becomes standard, prices become competitive. That's when I'll jump back in and get a headset.

  • Zolartan
    Zolartan 29 dni temu +6

    Quest 2 has physical IPD, but only in as much as physical lens position, the changes are also recognized by the headset software. whats annoying is its 3 position. Not finer than that. Inside Out tracking is great for taking it on the go, or using it in a different room. Outside In needs a fixed room but gives that performance edge.

  • SickRanchezCee137
    SickRanchezCee137 29 dni temu +25

    The headset can be pressed right up to your eyes, you just need to move the back of the headband down lower on the back of your head, like almost to your neck. I had the same problem at first.

    • Pistachio Disguisey
      Pistachio Disguisey 14 dni temu +2

      I had the opposite needing to put it more on the upper back of my head to get it clear against my eyes

  • ET
    ET 26 dni temu +2

    Quest 2 does have physical IPD, but it's incremental and only has 3 steps. Still a lot better than none at all, like Linus said, and completely usable.

  • Cory
    Cory 29 dni temu +5

    As somebody who is still rocking a 2016 Vive I can't fathom how good new headsets look.

  • Alex Schendel
    Alex Schendel 28 dni temu +1

    I really want the next version of the Valve Index. It's what I'm waiting for. I've only had the Quest 2 and between awful software, awful hardware, and awful support teams, I really don't want to use any Meta products anymore ever again. Granted the price point is way different, but having a product that actually works seems like a minimum bar.
    I think I'll look at the Vive XR Elite or the Deckard (next-gen Index)

  • NASA ツ
    NASA ツ 29 dni temu +11

    imagine if we could have something like eye-tracking based rendering on pc.

    • Bingus
      Bingus 11 dni temu

      Yeah its called openXR
      It's what the ps5 is using lmfao.
      Sony didn't actually make any of this stuff, its an industry standard ffs.
      It annoys the shit out of me that the entire group at LMG constantly gets things wrong or misinterprets.
      I know they have fast internet, so they should fucking use it.

    • Guywith Aplan
      Guywith Aplan 25 dni temu

      Man this is like quantum mechanics in a digital universe

    • emilemil1 | Nightcore
      emilemil1 | Nightcore 27 dni temu +1

      Laptop manufacturers should spearhead this, since they can integrate the cameras and always make use of performance tricks.

    • Dj
      Dj 28 dni temu +2

      We can, and we do. They just so happen to be either janky addons or built-in to a mediocre overall package.

  • Douglas DeVicariis
    Douglas DeVicariis 29 dni temu +2

    I too did custom wiring (in the ceiling, proper) for my base stations. I don't like the inside out tracking. If the next iteration of Index comes out with a modern style screen setup... I will be in heaven for a long while.

  • Nick
    Nick 7 dni temu +1

    I pre ordered the ps vr2 and I really like it. It’s my first experience with vr so I’m like it’s good, but because it’s my first VR I don’t see how good it is

  • John Gordon
    John Gordon 27 dni temu +1

    On the subject of VR/AR, I wish someone would do a dive into failure rates of the Hololens 2.... we have a bunch, they've been failing a bunch, only now they're coming off the 1 year warranty... still failing (like 20% maybe less, maybe more, it's stupid even for how many we have).

  • Goran Novakovic
    Goran Novakovic 29 dni temu +22

    Damn didnt realize controllers would be so uncomfortable for someone with bigger hands

      BALAAABOYYYY222 14 dni temu +1

      You must have gigantic hands then. I have quite large hands compared to most and the controllers are not small only wish the face buttons were a tad larger.

    • Earnist Se
      Earnist Se 25 dni temu +2

      @david fernelz I’ve not heard anyone else complain about it in the reviews

    • david fernelz
      david fernelz 25 dni temu

      It's a huge deal breaker TBH

    • tomppeli
      tomppeli 27 dni temu +2

      Finally! A pair of controllers designed for my child-sized hands!
      Honestly quite annoying. Reason why I didn't get more into flight sims and racing games. Good thing at least mice come in different sizes

    • Earnist Se
      Earnist Se 28 dni temu +3

      I guess I have smaller hands because they’re comfortable for me

  • Long Peter
    Long Peter 26 dni temu +3

    Weird seeing Linus genuinely liking a product on the WAN show.

  • Brendan Schoen
    Brendan Schoen 28 dni temu +1

    The Bing chat thing is funny, when you guys had that big talk about it, I was wondering what it would say about how disappointed people were in Bing in general before it came along.

  • Andy Gee 1987
    Andy Gee 1987 22 dni temu +3

    So Glad I waited to play GT7 its the most fun ive ever had in VR and looks great

  • Plaonder
    Plaonder 29 dni temu +14

    If you could combine the Index tracking + audio with the PSVR 2 it would be the perfect headset.
    Add the standalone part and it would be a copium overload

    • Aleksei
      Aleksei 29 dni temu +3

      To be fair, PSVR2 is nothing compared to what's coming on VR market
      It still uses outdated fresnel lenses and low-res pentile OLED
      Upcoming generation of new VR headsets are using much clear pancake lenses, super high resolution μOLED, and wifi7 for fluid wireless streaming
      Next few year will be jawdropping for VR market, and PSVR2 is just last drop of current gen

    • Dj
      Dj 29 dni temu

      It would be a fantastic headset, but perfect? Definitely not.
      Even with the subjectivity of perfection, to say any change whatsoever would always result in a worse product simply isn't true.

    • bonanzabrandon
      bonanzabrandon 29 dni temu +3

      If you are trying to Frankenstein together the perfect VR headset then you might as well throw pancake lenses on there.

  • Doug Stewart
    Doug Stewart 29 dni temu +2

    As someone with a strabismus Luke asked the question I care about most. It's one of the reasons I haven't even bothered getting into VR despite having a pretty high-end PC. It's just not worth it since (1) I have no depth perception anyway and (2) they really don't seem to work well if you have a lazy eye.
    If this one worked with my eye I'd be interested just to try it.

    • Doug Stewart
      Doug Stewart 29 dni temu

      @ADHDad Yeah, at some point I want to try it out. Though it needs to be semi-automatic as a strabismus isn't necessarily the same offset all the time. Maybe this would do that, though.

    • ADHDad
      ADHDad 29 dni temu +2

      From what I've read, fov can be bypassed for people who have eye muscle and vision issues, and the headset is still worth it.

  • Stan110
    Stan110 29 dni temu +2

    It would be nice if the valve next Vr headset had both. Inside out for on-the-go and outside in for speed and accuracy. And you are asking why not just out. Well, I take my VR headset with me to play with friends, and I don't want to tear down my setup all the time.

  • Someone Youdontknow
    Someone Youdontknow 29 dni temu

    This video just reminds me of how great WMR was/is. My Samsung Odyssey has an OLED display, it uses a single cable and has those Index-style headphones that sound great. So sad that the only WMR headset available rn is the HP Reverb G2.

  • Mrblurr
    Mrblurr 29 dni temu +3

    Just got a PS5 and have been thinking about getting into VR. I hear you can use the PSVR2 on PC. Hopefully that's in your review.

    • Joshua Cook
      Joshua Cook 27 dni temu +2

      ​@Earnist Se yep.of course everything has tradeoffs, but there are no HDR PCVR headsets. Nothing oled with a resolution close to that. Nothing with eye tracking less than 1k.

    • Earnist Se
      Earnist Se 28 dni temu +6

      @Karl Der Grobe psvr headset is better than anything on pc lol

    • Karl Der Grobe
      Karl Der Grobe 28 dni temu

      Sony will never let you use the headset on PC, and even if you could, nothing beats using a quest 2 and air link to play PCVR wirelessly anywhere in your dwelling so long as the PC and headset are on the same network.

    • peter mulder
      peter mulder 29 dni temu +5

      Not yet.

    • L. J.
      L. J. 29 dni temu +4

      You can't.

  • Federico Trenton
    Federico Trenton 29 dni temu

    Wish an index2 or whatever they can put on PCVR with this tech, Almost 4 year, a 4090 and still impossible to run games at 144hz, with selective render it would finally make sense to have high referesh rates

  • Nick Worrell
    Nick Worrell 14 dni temu +1

    Psvr2 is a fr game changer! I'm in aw everytime I put it on. Ive never been this excited as an adult to play video games.

  • Vitalijus M
    Vitalijus M 11 dni temu

    Quest 2 without headphones sounds surprisingly good. Few time i forgot to connect my headphones and thought i was hearing headphones while it was sound from quest 2. And my headphones are not bad either. So i do not know why he says it sounds like garbage.

  • Matty Freedom
    Matty Freedom 20 dni temu +1

    Best tech wow moment I have had in many years.

  • Nick Lim
    Nick Lim 26 dni temu +1

    Luke is one of those old man always hard to pleased :3

  • NoLongo
    NoLongo 26 dni temu

    Buy Koss KC75 and bend the ear loop with some pliers to clip them to the halo. It makes an Index-like off-ear hifi audio solution.

  • TheLinkhawkins
    TheLinkhawkins 27 dni temu +1

    $1,050 is steep to get into it. (assuming you have no ps5) I am glad to hear it is a good headset though.

  • Bryn Barker
    Bryn Barker 29 dni temu +3

    My PSVR2 Horizon bundle is in transit. Should arrive tomorrow. Can't wait to check it out.

  • ChunkyLover53
    ChunkyLover53 27 dni temu

    I'm pretty much only getting this headset for Revillage and 4remake... Maybe if they port 7. Hope Mura isn't super annoying like some are saying.

  • Rob Eagle
    Rob Eagle 29 dni temu

    Hi Person with Double Vision here (and a PSVR2) I haven't found an option to turn off the eye tracking but I imagine one does exist (will look a bit deeper in the settings later)
    Personally whilst it does make my eyes do weird things I dont see it (pun not intended) if people see that I have such issues in VR honestly.

    READY PLAYER ZERO 14 dni temu

    Idk why Sony wouldn't have it work on pc. It seems to me they could absolutely patch it to work it they wanted too. And that would also put them in direct competition with meta and valve for the pcvr space and help shift more units.

  • Goran Novakovic
    Goran Novakovic 29 dni temu

    Quest 2 has physical ipd adjust but just 3 presets instead of full adjustment

  • Jason Atkins
    Jason Atkins 29 dni temu +5

    The earbuds are removable. I actually don’t think they’re bad at all but I have the pulse set. I mean bring your own headset… this seems like such a nitpick to be a “deal breaker”

    • GuyOnCouch
      GuyOnCouch 6 dni temu

      Especially when they're excellent in terms of sound quality. There's practically no discernable difference in sound quality between them and my Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro studio headphones. Only downside is that those earbud gels just don't fit everyone, even with the three sizes included

  • Earnist Se
    Earnist Se 28 dni temu

    The psvr2 can be used with different headphones or headsets if you don’t like the earbuds BUT, the earbuds are actually not bad really.

  • D Yeah Go
    D Yeah Go 12 dni temu

    Tbh if this is the vr experience we get, I have no problem with having Sony on top of Msoft. This is really what pushing into the future means

  • Arbitel
    Arbitel 20 dni temu

    If they bring it to pc I'd grab one in a heartbeat

  • The WubWub
    The WubWub 29 dni temu +2

    I fully expect an AI generated WAN show with Chatgpt and AI Voice at some point XD

  • Jerry Sun Music
    Jerry Sun Music 13 dni temu

    Try the Big Screen Headset? super small VR with base station tracking

  • Sapioit
    Sapioit 29 dni temu +1

    FOV-iated Rendering + Async Timewarp Reprojection = VR and PC FPS Boosters games can use to reduce the bandwidth usage. I'm expecting smartphones with 8 el-cheapo cameras facing the screen, for eye tracking, and maybe even have them built into the screen, so people can use their expensive smartphone for VR, too. Sure, the games would need to support FOViated Rendering and Async Timewarp Reprojection, but those two technologies would significantly lower the processing power required to run games well. And the same technology could be used on PC, with 2-3 eye-tracking webcams. And I think after the first 2-3 big games implement it, the other games will rush to implement it, as well. This could lead to games not needing FSR or DLSS, because they render a small/tiny part of the screen at the actual resolution you set the game as, and the rest at 1/8 or less of the actual resolution.
    Imagine this, a 1080p (1920x1080) screen with a sixteenth of it (270p; 480x270, or a 360x360 square) being rendered at full resolution, with the rest of the screen being rendered at a quarter of the resolution (540p; 860x540) or an eight of the resolution (270p; 430x270), or having a sixteenth of the screen (270p; 480x270, or a 360x360 square) at full resolution (1 screen pixel per processed pixel), an eight of the screen (540p; 960x540, or a 720x720 square) being rendered at half the resolution (2x2=4 screen pixels per processed pixel), and the rest of the screen at a quarter of the resolution (4x4=16 screen pixels per processed pixel). Sure, deciding which parts of the screen to be calculated how might use some more processing power, but it will save up a lot more power, but it would significantly cut the processing power needed, to more than make up for that.

  • Voltaic Fire
    Voltaic Fire 29 dni temu

    I've been thinking about getting VR, I shan't buy a PlayStation to get it but there is the Index...

  • Blindfire
    Blindfire 26 dni temu +1

    My only issue with the PSVR 2 and why I probably won't buy it is because the games....if they had more games (or modded current games to ALLOW PSVR2 for free, which I believe they have GT7 and RE8 does, but I'd like more if possible so I can save SOME money lol) or allowed me to use the headset on my PC, I'd absolutely love one, but so far I don't think that the 2nd option is going to happen, and I don't have TOO much faith for Sony to do something like give numerous studios more money to make VR versions of their games inside their current games and would rather just make people buy the same game twice.

    • Sam Za
      Sam Za 20 dni temu +1

      Think modders modded it so it can be used on pc.

  • Donna Jones
    Donna Jones 7 dni temu

    Psvr2 is amazing. GT7 is a stunning experience as resident evil Village. Cant wait for the Resi 4 Remake VR mode which is coming exclusively to psvr2.

  • Stan110
    Stan110 29 dni temu +1

    I would be happy to pay for the PSVR2 if I could use it on a PC with steam

    • Karl Der Grobe
      Karl Der Grobe 28 dni temu +1

      Sony will never let you use the headset on PC, and even if you could, nothing beats using a quest 2 and air link to play PCVR wirelessly anywhere in your dwelling so long as the PC and headset are on the same network.

  • MafinBoy
    MafinBoy 26 dni temu

    Valve needs to bring on the damn Index 2 with an OLED screen and eye tracking!

  • Pistachio Disguisey
    Pistachio Disguisey 14 dni temu

    Psvr2 is just so easy to pick up and use compared to pcvr, especially with gran turismo 7 u can put the headset on or off mid race and it’ll go back to flat mode

  • Emil Kharisov
    Emil Kharisov 28 dni temu +4

    First thing to do when you buy something: READ THE MANUAL. That way you won't have dangling earbuds that can potentially scratch lenses because you read the manual and encountered specification called "Earpiece holder" on both sides of headset. Technology is nice with a lot of potential, just like PS Vita, let's hope for Half-Life Alyx, it definitely needs a system seller. Can't wait for more in-depth coverage from you.

  • Illuminationsfromtheattic

    I actually bought one immediately after watching this segment of the show back when it aired! I'm planning to teach my college age sister how to drive using it + a logitech wheel/pedals/shifter and Grand Turismo 7. I'm also going to learn how to drive a stick shift using this setup.
    That at least is the way I'm justifying the purchase lol!

    • lincolnator
      lincolnator 28 dni temu +1

      @Illuminationsfromtheattic hey man you do you, i cant fault you for wanting to show of the games you like.
      I attempted to do the same with gt sport, I got her confident enough to get round a track. What I didn't realize at the time is i baked in some serious bad habits ( using 100% braking, 540 deg steering lock, you know the major differences between a real car and a race car lol). Moral of the story I needed new brake disc's and tires for my fiesta, that and a change of pants.

    • Illuminationsfromtheattic
      Illuminationsfromtheattic 29 dni temu

      @lincolnator I should clarify that my sister can already drive to some extent, it's more about building confidence. I do plan to also have her play more realistic driving Sims, but I thought GT7 might be a fun experience.

    • SmallbutDeadly
      SmallbutDeadly 29 dni temu +1

      GT7 is much more of a simcade racing game than a full-on sim like Assetto or BeamNG Drive or Dirt Rally 2.0
      I wouldn't recommend learning how to drive on GT7 just due to how unrealistic the driving physics can be

    • lincolnator
      lincolnator 29 dni temu +1

      Having attempted to teach someone to drive using a sim I cannot tell you how bad of an idea that was lol. Especially with gt7.

    • JST TV
      JST TV 29 dni temu +2

      And then you could plug it into a PC and play Assetto Corsa/BeamNG modded, and get the best of both worlds

  • Metalceesie
    Metalceesie 18 dni temu

    only the mura (dirty screen effect) is destroying the image on my psvr2..I see it everywhere(also in bright games).. And the reprojection in some games is way too much(ghosting hands etc when moving)

  • Michael Garrity
    Michael Garrity 29 dni temu +2

    Linus needs to check out the Bigscreen Beyond if he's enjoying that high res OLED. It's micro-OLED and is about as big and bulky as a pair of ski goggles.

  • greatestgamer00
    greatestgamer00 28 dni temu

    Id love to get vr2 but it has no backwards compat. And i am not paying over 40 let alone 70 for vr games

  • JeskidoYT
    JeskidoYT 29 dni temu +16

    He needs to get a PS5 asap. Backlog with PS4, next gen graphics, and now a good VR headset with only one cable. ONLY ONE!!

    • Mindblow
      Mindblow 14 dni temu

      @NoName optmization and ease of use, reason why my gaming PC is gathering dust vs my Mac pro and PS5/Switch

    • MegaManNeo
      MegaManNeo 29 dni temu +5

      @Darkrezta Not gonna lie, I love playing on PC and too have a SteamDeck, but ever since I moved and can comfortably sit on a couch in front of my TV set again, I love just to sit down and play Switch or whatever.

    • Darkrezta
      Darkrezta 29 dni temu +12

      @NoName the exclusive game and pretty much the console experience really. some people just loved to only play a game in front of their tv on their couch, without any other distraction to everything else like computers provided.

    • NoName
      NoName 29 dni temu +1

      what's the point of consoles when they just became computers?

  • Bryan Rotor
    Bryan Rotor 29 dni temu +7

    Luke, wt#... A 3.5 jack is the best you can ask for.. if you don't want that just get a usb headset to slap overtop with 7.1... c'mon man
    Also I don't get why they don't just make controllers that have an adjustable grip like most joysticks etc

    • Big_Bird
      Big_Bird 28 dni temu +1

      @Waisetsubunsho lol same thoughts, tbh i dont really find him to be the smartest of people

    • Waisetsubunsho
      Waisetsubunsho 29 dni temu +5

      Ye, I was thinking "what does this dude want, if 3.5mm jack doesn't meet his expectations?!". Just Bluetooth headphones with dongle to the console or listen from the TV dude.. How many options does he expect.

  • Neng-Fu Yu
    Neng-Fu Yu 29 dni temu

    This thing at this price with all the features
    If it's for PCVR it gonna sell like hot cakes

  • pocketlint82
    pocketlint82 29 dni temu +1

    Ipd adjustment is the main reason I still use my quest 1 and skipped the quest 2

    • Harry OS
      Harry OS 16 dni temu

      Theres ipd adjustment pn the psvr2👍

  • Big_Bird
    Big_Bird 28 dni temu

    my concern is the library and not having the pc and steam

  • Where's my Jessica Alba robot, Elon?!

    that's awesome! Many PC elitists would never admit such high praise for console VR.

  • Azzys Design Works
    Azzys Design Works 28 dni temu

    I got too much in software invested in the quest platform. Buying a PS5 and the headset is a no-go.

  • Pepe
    Pepe 22 dni temu

    TLDR: Linus tries to shove a VR Headset on Luke without consent

  • Eric Pisch
    Eric Pisch 29 dni temu +14

    As a long term pc gamer with a 4090 whose last console was a PS3 I got a PS5 for this VR headset. I played 14 hours of no man’s sky on VR2 over last weekend, never felt sick, it was a brilliant experience. GT7 is just amazing, you can pin point braking zones and apex’s 😅

  • Mr. Judgi
    Mr. Judgi 29 dni temu

    0:40 isnt the first rift also oled?

  • Micheal Haines
    Micheal Haines 17 dni temu

    That man holding that controller was like watching OJ fake that glove didn't fit

  • Ryan
    Ryan 29 dni temu +2

    The only thing I can't get over about the headset is the Mura. It's pretty distracting coming from PCVR

  • Frosty
    Frosty 29 dni temu

    Haven't touched my PSVR or Index since 2020. Waiting for nofio's wireless adapter.

  • KeyLock
    KeyLock 27 dni temu

    how it works sounds close to how the decima engine works.

  • Marek
    Marek 14 dni temu

    I works in cinema mode on pc if you have virtuallink graphic card like rtx2080ti or rx7900

  • Ramschasar
    Ramschasar 17 dni temu

    Im gonna play beatsaber on my rusty quest1 and flatgames like diablo4 (if the monetization does not ruin it) until quest3 is out. Then i compare quest3 vs psvr and whatever is released and expecially compare the games for it before i buy a new vr headset.

  • Odder
    Odder 29 dni temu +1

    Oculus Quest 2 is still better to me simply for more open games/platform, and modding support. And much cheaper overall for those who don't have a ps5

  • Roman's Downtime
    Roman's Downtime 29 dni temu

    Can’t wait to get motion sickness playing Spider-man 2 VR! (Someday…. 😅)

    • Shadowriver
      Shadowriver 29 dni temu +1

      Motion sickness is something you can beat if you use VR for long time, it hard for people who are not as dedicated as people having social lives in VR spading hours daily, like VRChat users. It depends on person, but it matter of your brain getting use to things moving around you without you physically moving

  • Kevin
    Kevin 29 dni temu +6

    Ugh. Linus, I'm trying to stop myself from buying psvr2. You're making is VERY difficult.
    Thank gosh Luke was here to set me straight.

    • infamous
      infamous 29 dni temu +4

      It’s frickin awesome. This is my third VR headset and I’m in love. Yeah it’s in the honeymoon faze. But the eye tracking is so good

  • F22Raptor2006
    F22Raptor2006 24 dni temu

    Please try the varjo aero!

  • FlamingScar
    FlamingScar 29 dni temu +4

    I really hope someone put there is able to get the PSVR 2 working on PC, I know it's a challenge but this is hands down the best headset on the market, I'm just not willing to lock myself down to the Playstation ecosystem, the PS5 just has to small of a VR library

    • L. J.
      L. J. 29 dni temu

      I have a PSVR2 and I wish my HP Reverb G2 with much better clarity hooked up to the PS5... not the other way around.

    • Waisetsubunsho
      Waisetsubunsho 29 dni temu

      Slim chance considering they would also have to provide a library simple enough to convince devs to support Psvr2 in their games for absolute free, maybe even breaching some licensing, to support very liberal approach to tracking that Sony is using in this headset. Much easier to release a game through official means on PS5 with double price tag of that on PC.

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez 26 dni temu

    You are confused, quest 2 DOES have IPD adjustment, its not digital, it has 3 physical positions, PSVR 1 was the one that didn't have any kind of physical IPD adjustment and it relied on a digital solution. Even the Rift CV1 and the quest 1 had an IPD adjustment lever which was better than the quest 2 solution as it granted more range than those 3 positions.

  • Eoin Moran
    Eoin Moran 29 dni temu

    4:54 my understanding of a lazy eye is that you are still seeing out of it, so you wouldn’t want to turn it off

  • Sachin James
    Sachin James 18 dni temu

    Waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 vr mode for Playstation to happen... Someday! 🤞Robocop would be insane in this...

  • Emil Garbanzos
    Emil Garbanzos 29 dni temu +7

    PSVR 2 on Gran Turismo 7 is a GAME CHANGER

    • Sam Za
      Sam Za 20 dni temu +2

      And resident evil village also is insane.

    • Larry J
      Larry J 29 dni temu +2

      VR racing games have been around since 2017.

  • Khaled Assaf
    Khaled Assaf 29 dni temu +10

    I'm mostly a PC gamer, but damn, this makes me want to buy a PS5 just for this. Going to wait for more games to be out first, though. Real shame it can't be used on PC as well, would've loved to save desk space and use one headset for both systems.

    • sectorrclear
      sectorrclear 29 dni temu

      patiently waiting for a PCVR headset just like it 😢

  • Joshua Wilson
    Joshua Wilson 29 dni temu +3

    Luke's comment on the PSVR2 controllers concern me. That'd be a problem for me.

  • Pa Mo
    Pa Mo 29 dni temu +3

    If they sell pc version for double, I would buy

    • Lord of Dread
      Lord of Dread 29 dni temu +1

      @Blackwing Bigscreen beyond doesn't have eyetracking or foveated rendering. As cool as the concept is, its incredibly niche. The only thing that will get someone like me to replace my index is a combination of higher resolution paired with foveated rendering and eye tracking so you can actually run stuff on it without a NASA supercomputer.

    • L. J.
      L. J. 29 dni temu +1

      There are more advanced PC VR headsets. Sony is a good budget solution for Playstation owners. The OLED he is gushing about has, smearing, mura and bad pixel array. All the reasons other headsets went away from them.

    • Blackwing
      Blackwing 29 dni temu

      Bigscreen beyond. It isn't out yet, but it's great

  • Rokas Anonimas
    Rokas Anonimas 29 dni temu

    cool that PlayStation basically single-handedly keeps VR alive while all other big names are starting to drop VR 😀so PSVR2 is great for VR fans or those who are interested in it

    • Taylon
      Taylon 28 dni temu +2

      @Karl Der Grobe you all up and down this thread trying to justify your quest as king lmao. Get an actual good headset and you would realize why people are laughing at you in these comments going so hard for such a cheap toy.

    • Karl Der Grobe
      Karl Der Grobe 28 dni temu

      The actual king of VR the quest 2, would like to say hi.

  • Tiikuri
    Tiikuri 19 dni temu

    Important question. Can you watch "adult stuff" on it?

  • TheSmalHobbit
    TheSmalHobbit 29 dni temu +1

    Still bewildered they didn't make it compat with PCVR. It makes sense knowing Sony, but it's just wasted potential and sales left on the table.

    • L. J.
      L. J. 29 dni temu +1

      Sony needs to make VR games for PC. The headset is just meh for me. I prefer the Reverb G2 at that price point.

    • Emil Rogengell Schwaner
      Emil Rogengell Schwaner 29 dni temu

      We don't know what kind of margin they are selling it at

    • Andreas
      Andreas 29 dni temu

      Wait for modders to get it to work

    • Shadowriver
      Shadowriver 29 dni temu +2

      They would need to make some PC platfrom to make it work, so even if they plan to it understable they relese it first on console when work on PC support + they want to see if it boost PS5 a bit.

  • 𝐇𝐲𝖇𝐫𝖊𝐝 ✪

    The index may not have an OLED display but the display on it is near OLED quality, the blacks are pretty dark. It's a very expensive custom build display, it would've been cheaper for Valve to just buy an OLED panel which they'll probably do next time just for cost

    • L. J.
      L. J. 29 dni temu

      ​@Breaking PLclip Algorithm xd the pixel array oF the OLED PSVR2 is not great coming from the HP Reverb G2. Color is better but it's not nearly as sharp. Hoping the Pimax Crystal is better than both.

    • Breaking Youtube Algorithm xd
      Breaking Youtube Algorithm xd 29 dni temu

      @𝐇𝐲𝖇𝐫𝖊𝐝 ✪ Damn, didn't know lmao was a criteria these days. But to clarify, yes, a spec sheet should. There are basic spec sheets for consumers and detailed spec sheets (usually called technical specifications) for everyone else. These have to detail stuff like dimming zones. If none of the spec sheets that they have, include that, which I highly doubt, they're just bad at making spec sheets.

    • Breaking Youtube Algorithm xd
      Breaking Youtube Algorithm xd 29 dni temu

      @𝐇𝐲𝖇𝐫𝖊𝐝 ✪ lmao, yeah, you're clearly an engineer. Reading of a look up table and using it without confirmation or thinking. Patents don't mean jack shit. Look up the spec sheet. Patents aren't a spec sheet.
      Sincerely, a computer scientist.

    • 𝐇𝐲𝖇𝐫𝖊𝐝 ✪
      𝐇𝐲𝖇𝐫𝖊𝐝 ✪ 29 dni temu +1

      @Brad Ledbetter I've read all the filed Valve patents pertaining to VR, as an engineer I always read patents when I'm interested in something. So whatever I read if it wasn't used in the index then Valve filed it for an upcoming one, but I still don't think the index's contrast looks bad

  • Novur
    Novur 29 dni temu

    Quest 2 IPD digital and fake? Uh. You're physically moving the lenses, I'm not sure where he got that

    • CommanderOOF
      CommanderOOF 29 dni temu +2

      It is fake tho some what
      You are aligning the lenses to your eyes but the actual screens inside dont move until they are fully in 1 of the 3 settings
      You can test it yourself put on a quest 2 and slowly move your thumb up the centre till you see a sudden shift remembering what it looked like
      Then do it in reverse by ramming your fingers to the sides of the lenses and push them inwards till it suddenly moves as well
      You will see the screen only has 3 positions while you can move the lenses basically however you want if you use a bracket to hold them in-place
      I know this because i have an IPD between option 1 and 2 and i have to move them from center outwards for it to look correct, as outside in is all kinds of FKed with the physical screens being top wide apart
      And i had to double check what i was seeing was correct by adjusting the IPD with the headset on, instead of adjusting it with the headset off

    • Sibir Lupus
      Sibir Lupus 29 dni temu

      Yeah, not sure how he meant it’s fake. Yes, the Quest 2 uses a single LCD screen for both eyes but the lenses do move independently. Also, Linus said it’s the best hardware but that’s not true as the PSVR2 lenses are still last gen. Tobii Eye Tracking added a considerable amount to the PSVR2, so they had to cut costs somewhere to keep it somewhat reasonable. Another issue is the 4-5 hour battery life on the PSVR2 controllers.

  • MightyGreen
    MightyGreen 29 dni temu

    I wish this got PC support, I can't really justify buying a PS5 just for this... I would probably pay 750, maybe even 1000 for this

  • Ataraxia
    Ataraxia 13 dni temu

    it is really good but im new to vr so i get sick too much....

  • Enne
    Enne 20 dni temu

    It can see conversations it has had in the future. How far A I has come.

  • MegaManNeo
    MegaManNeo 29 dni temu +2

    It's always refreshing to see someone as famous as Linus talking proudly and with joy about VR.
    Now, if only the PS5 had greater availability this PSVR2 might be worth taking a look at.
    My Skylake, 1070, Vive setup back in 2016 was more expensive than what they are asking for the PlayStation stuff.

    • Highlander77
      Highlander77 28 dni temu +5

      PS5 is easily available now. It has been for a little bit now.

  • QuantumWings
    QuantumWings 27 dni temu

    1st gen headsets where already oled, the big feature that PSVR2 has that nothing else has is HDR.

  • Azzys Design Works
    Azzys Design Works 28 dni temu +1

    Less rotational inerrtia. Its the slowdown that your neck musces have to fight which makes your neck sore, similar to riding a motorcycle with a cheap heavy helmet.

  • Ramschasar
    Ramschasar 17 dni temu

    I reallylike the hardware of the psvr2 but i dont like the games for it xD
    Where are god of war, the last of us (clicker in vr sounds scary) and other games. Damn even getting over it would be a nice addition.