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My Biggest Regret

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  • Opublikowany 29 mar 2023
  • Linus answers a Merch Message about his biggest Regret.
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Komentarze • 607

  • Adam Robert
    Adam Robert 22 dni temu +2330

    The funniest possible answer would have been “hiring Colton.”

    • Jasper
      Jasper 2 dni temu

      Bra can you imagine

    • Tim Seguine
      Tim Seguine 20 dni temu

      @Custos Pretty much every inside joke is some variant of "memba this?"

    • Custos
      Custos 20 dni temu

      @I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages so like 99% of inside jokes on the internet, the reason behind it is really stupid

    • I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages
      I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages 20 dni temu +2

      @Custos Colton at one point got the channel copyright striked. Twice. Linus angrily told him that he's fired and it's been an inside joke ever since.

    • Cristian Tatu
      Cristian Tatu 20 dni temu

      Can someone explain context?

  • Bryan B.
    Bryan B. 22 dni temu +1989

    Linus getting offered 275,000,000 for LMG and turning it down is such a baller move tbh

    • chuckles de clown
      chuckles de clown 5 dni temu

      HOLY SHIT, that's a lot of money to turn down.

    • HappyQuails
      HappyQuails 6 dni temu

      If he gets involved with an Freedom based OS he will be worth billions!

    • RandoWis
      RandoWis 12 dni temu

      @Yohann Karolczak not one that i worked for did.

    • RandoWis
      RandoWis 12 dni temu

      @Mark Roszko this. i was gonna say all these people are nuts because ive done exactly this lol

    • Mascleta
      Mascleta 13 dni temu

      He would basically be accepting a slow death for everything he build of the last 2 decades. He would have sold his integrity and the integrity of the company. If he truly values what he build, which he obviously does, there is no amount of money that he would accept.

  • Coreflake !
    Coreflake ! 21 dzień temu +348

    From paying Luke 5 bucks per video to being offered 9 figures for LTT. What a journey it has been!

    • Yakuzaka1412
      Yakuzaka1412 17 dni temu +2

      And NOT taking it...

    • Not Taibo
      Not Taibo 18 dni temu +3

      Little known fact! He still para Luke 5 dollars, but now there usd instead on Canadian dollars!

    • Ashish Barthwal
      Ashish Barthwal 18 dni temu +18

      Finally, now he'd be able to pay him 6$ per video.

  • StruggleSnuggle
    StruggleSnuggle 22 dni temu +454

    My biggest regret is that Linus didn't find Dan sooner.
    We will never get those years back that we watched LTT without Dan

    • Alex Hiatt
      Alex Hiatt 2 dni temu +1


    • Kyle_116
      Kyle_116 19 dni temu +1

      @NineEyeRon Hey I'm Dan, I'm also Dan- Daaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

    • NineEyeRon
      NineEyeRon 21 dzień temu +7

      Dan Dan Daaaaaaaaahhhhhnnnn

  • Parker
    Parker 22 dni temu +1097

    If someone offered 9 figures for LMG?? Assuming the people that offered actually had some idea as to LMGs true value, what is their annual revenue and profits?

    • Doggo Willink
      Doggo Willink 12 dni temu

      Probably upwards of 25 million.

    • Ted Adams
      Ted Adams 14 dni temu

      @vatito7 To go along with all this, when companies are sold, the rule of thumb is the sale price is usually equal to 10 years of net profit using whatever previous time for your calculation. I.E. Last 5 years average of net profit times 10 would be the purchase price of company XYZ.

    • Leo Nize
      Leo Nize 15 dni temu

      @jgal So 14 times earnings?

    • Jasper Schwinghammer
      Jasper Schwinghammer 16 dni temu

      ​@D C why? If the company makes currently 3-5 Million in profits and has the potential to grow, which it obviously has, then that is pretty well possible. LTT is not a 1 man show but a pretty big company which makes it way more valuable than other youtubers business.

    • D C
      D C 18 dni temu +1

      there is zero chance he was offered $100M. but its good marketing.

  • Bonezmi16
    Bonezmi16 22 dni temu +148

    Can we all just take a minute to thank him for not selling up! What LTT and LMG is worth to us mere mortals is not measurable! Thank you Linus!

    • ZesPak
      ZesPak 8 dni temu

      I think the best way of showing appreciation is buying some merch. I was holding back on the screwdriver but going to order it now.
      Linus has stuck to his values time and time again.

  • xXBeefyDjXx
    xXBeefyDjXx 22 dni temu +245

    I'm glad that throughout the rollercoaster, LTT has remained true to it's core values and is in the place it is today. It is a real example of sticking to your passions and the gamble paying off, in itself the dangers of such has always been made clear though. It's a very delicate balance!
    Also, long time viewer here but I had completely missed the Christmas Album, I don't use the forums as much as I have an account there, wild to see that it's on bandcamp for a dollar, spotify, then still on LTT Forums for $3 😂😂

    • sidda Gaming
      sidda Gaming 22 dni temu

      plclip.com/video/QnyFlb70DuI/wideo.html part 2

  • Adahop
    Adahop 22 dni temu +627

    HOLY CRAP that's a fat stack. From experience, that is absolute light years ahead of the value of most PLclip channels.

    • TheInsomniaddict
      TheInsomniaddict 19 dni temu

      @Mobius Flammel Sure although that 9 figure offer was only last year. Even just sticking with the "media company" part of LTT they have a massive infrastructure on the back end to encode and publish videos with a lot of internal knowledge spread across multiple employees on how to do it. Even just selling LMG's expertise to other YTers and media companies would likely make a good profit.

    • Purple Lord
      Purple Lord 21 dzień temu

      that's all of his youtube channels, I believe

    • Mobius Flammel
      Mobius Flammel 21 dzień temu +2

      @Abraxas There are tens of millions of PLclip Channels and 99.99% of them are not worth anywhere even close to a million dollars. When you look at it in that context, 9 figures is fairly insane. Yes that's because of what you're saying with them having an actual company and all, but the bulk of the company itself was built around PLclip. Granted that is absolutely changing over time, but that really wasn't until fairly recently.

    • Quinten
      Quinten 21 dzień temu

      Mr Beast was'nt even offered 10milli

    • Ke Man
      Ke Man 22 dni temu +1

      omg hi Ada!

  • Kofi Amankwah
    Kofi Amankwah 21 dzień temu +50

    From garage WAN shows to 9 figure offers. You guys are the reason I work in IT. It's so crazy to see the growth

  • ItsVirus MP
    ItsVirus MP 22 dni temu +193

    Honestly 9 figures isn't even surprising for the entirety of Linus Media Group and all associated channels. That seems about right considering Mr. Beast's channels are valued at right around 1.5B.
    There's no real world in which LMG can really be sold due to the huge amount of intellectual property, and LMG being tied directly to Linus, Yvonne, Luke, and other founders.
    The value is in all the people who built the channels to what they are, and unless you could guarantee the staff would stay on, it doesn't make sense to most buyers.

    • Gilad Barlev
      Gilad Barlev 19 dni temu +1

      ​@Pete Rutherford (unpopular opinion: the Harris, LeBlanc and *Reid* years were better than any season with the Three Amigos)

    • Chiron
      Chiron 20 dni temu

      It's surprising considering LTT immediately loses a ton of what makes it valuable by losing their independence

    • ItsVirus MP
      ItsVirus MP 21 dzień temu

      @Sai the issue is that while LMG has products that clearly do well and make them money (backpack, screwdriver) they also carry extraordinarily high operating costs and continue to fund projects they know are loss leaders.
      LMG isn't treated like a buisness in many senses where they have taken financial risks for internal improvements in their brand.
      Those improvements increase market cap and overall value of the brand, yes, but from a valuation perspective, the bottom line is the leading factor. LMG will never be able to operate at huge margins, so it's valuation will "suffer" for it.

    • Sai
      Sai 21 dzień temu

      @Iuri Grangeiro MrBeast's channel really can't get any bigger than it already is without significantly pivoting and diversifying in terms of the content, merchandise, and audience. The valuation for his channel is actually probably overblown a little bit, all things considered. LMG's appeal to a potential buyer is that they are still relatively NOT mainstream yet. The planned updates to Labs, Floatplane, and the newer products like the screwdriver and backpack only make them even more attractive to investors in the long run, which is why their true valuation now is probably a lot closer to 10x EBITDA.

    • Iuri Grangeiro
      Iuri Grangeiro 21 dzień temu

      @Sai That doesn't sound right to me. "non-tangibles" only add to the valuation to the extent that they increase profits, and while they do increase profits, I'd be very surprised if they increased profits enough to the point that LMG is more profitable than Mr. Beast.
      As a matter of fact, the most recent revenue split LMG disclosed, PLclip adsense still accounted for 18% of the revenue, so these intangibles probably can't do much more than raise the valuation by 5x, which doesn't sound like enough for LMG to pass Mr. Beast. Especially considering that Mr. Beast also has such multiplier with his merch, burgers, and non PLclip ads, albeit it's likely less than 5x.

  • Riley Mannion
    Riley Mannion 21 dzień temu +28

    Man Luke is the real mvp, he went through hell, glad he's getting what he deserves now

  • T€§
    T€§ 22 dni temu +37

    Linus, I've been watching you and Luke since you guys were still sitting on the couch in the living room. One of the things that always attracted me to your Channel was that you were so open and honest about what it was you were doing. As you grew and grew that attitude never changed. There is an integrity in the two of you, and as a result, those around you as well. You've been unapologetically honest in your reviews, as far as I can tell, and when you're put between a rock and a hard place, you let us know what's going on. Your fan base will never leave you if you maintain that integrity.
    You keep that Integrity going, and you hang on to that company privately until you are absolutely 100% certain that you can walk away from it.

  • Daniel Boelke
    Daniel Boelke 22 dni temu +56

    Somebody offered at the minimum 100 million for lmg? Of course pretty much everybody in the community that follows Linus long term, knows he would have never taken the deal because he wants to do his own fun things that aren't necessarily profitable long term. Keeping the business private and to himself allows him to do stuff like labs that won't have huge profitability long term but is a necessity for the larger community of those in the technology space and those that want to get into the technology space.

    • Andrew Neal
      Andrew Neal 21 dzień temu +1

      The lab is probably profitable in the long term, as they only have to buy the equipment once, maintain it indefinitely, and pump out videos utilizing it, which will make them money. Short term, they're in the hole; but long term, they'll break even at the very least, as long as things keep going well for the company.

    • Uğur
      Uğur 21 dzień temu +1

      Sennheiser got sold for 200 millions. I'm really surprised LTT worths minimum 100 millions.

    • Emily35
      Emily35 21 dzień temu +18

      ​@desertuser no, almost ALL sales of this nature come with a "no compete" clause in the contract.
      Meaning, he legally wouldn't be allowed to start over for a set period, say 10 years.

    • desertuser
      desertuser 21 dzień temu +1

      Linus could have taken the money and built it all up again, I think he enjoys the grind.

    • Jimbob
      Jimbob 21 dzień temu

      If any of his employees have equity they won't see this potentially multimillion dollar payout though.

  • ButterStubs
    ButterStubs 21 dzień temu +22

    Luke's unfettered laugh fills my heart.

  • bhblais
    bhblais 18 dni temu +4

    Such a fantastic video! Thanks for your transparency Linus. That is one of (if not "THE") quality that makes us want to come back again and again. Also, your description of the moats (barriers to entry) shows that you truly *are* a savvy businessman... on top of everything else.

  • Eric Epperson
    Eric Epperson 21 dzień temu +10

    Seriously hoping the LTT Labs investment pays off huge. The in depth analysis that they are setting themselves up to do could be invaluable to the community. I wonder if this offer came in about the same time Linus posted his 'retiring' rant. Right at that point it felt like he'd gone even more and more into DGAF about pressure from manufacturers for positive press.

  • Tristan Gates
    Tristan Gates 22 dni temu +21

    While as someone who works in production I can see the huge amount of work Linus puts in to his channel both in front and behind the camera, as well as the obvious value he's bringing as the "face" of things... that is an insane amount of money for one person to solely be the beneficiary of when so many other people put in work behind it.
    It would also put the people still on board basically "in the hole" on all the hard work they did themselves as the new owners tried to squeeze that value back out.

  • Plain Fitness
    Plain Fitness 22 dni temu +25

    Listening to your stories of the past struggles.. make a video on this! It's motivating to hear where yall came from.. been apart of the journey for almost half of my life watching since I first saw you unbox this sexy nzxt case back in 2013..

  • Amphibax
    Amphibax 22 dni temu +9

    When you look at how far LMG has come other the last years, I've been here watching them grow for a few nears now, a 9 figure number isn't that crazy.
    Lets not forget Linus said a few times he doesn't have to work anymore and still life a really comfortable live

  • Carnet Geek
    Carnet Geek 22 dni temu +38

    This is, IMO, one of the best clips I've seen in a really long time, if not forever!

    • jetbot33
      jetbot33 22 dni temu

      Really? I had to skip through out of boredom

  • fe3bal
    fe3bal 21 dzień temu +7

    You know, it's just nice to hear from someone who is financially head and shoulders above me and my peers, be so humble and honest. But also, have done it through sheer hard work and what would seem little exploitation.

  • Jeff Dunham
    Jeff Dunham 22 dni temu +390

    I had a dream a couple weeks ago I worked at LMG. Please send me my check for the hours I worked when I was asleep.

    • Exilum
      Exilum 21 dzień temu

      Happened to me several times. Except I was surprisingly assertive in my dream and I directly contacted LMG to get to work in my field but for LTT.

    • Midas
      Midas 22 dni temu +1

      Four hours in a dream is only 5 minutes IRL

    • Ayaan K
      Ayaan K 22 dni temu


    • Benjamin Franklin
      Benjamin Franklin 22 dni temu +7

      Me too. That's OUR check.

    • xXBeefyDjXx
      xXBeefyDjXx 22 dni temu +8

      Dude for real I've had dreams like this too, I once had a dream where for some reason despite LTT being a pretty sizable company with departments now, Linus was showing me around and training me 😂

  • Coalition Gaming
    Coalition Gaming 22 dni temu +10

    This clip makes me feel like I'm doomed for having pivoted to become a tech channel in 2016, instead of 2008-2010 when some people, and family members, suggested I do "tech reviews online" but I had just gotten my degree and wanted to explore job opportunities related to that. 😮‍💨

    • Gabi Taso
      Gabi Taso 20 dni temu +5

      Starting in 2016 is thousands of times better than starting in 2017, let alone 2023. You’re good bro

  • Jameson Hardcastle
    Jameson Hardcastle 21 dzień temu

    You too are truly awesome people, keep on doing you. And we'll keep being happy and proud.

  • HAL
    HAL 21 dzień temu +3

    I love the fact Linus is a force for good as there are too few people holding corporates to account which is why the Lab is a great idea.

  • Harry
    Harry 22 dni temu +23

    We need more people like linus that are in it with their hart and principles

    • lvsy
      lvsy 21 dzień temu +6

      Hey leave Kevin Hart outta this

    • Matt
      Matt 21 dzień temu +6

      Heart would be good too

  • Kaleb Bruwer
    Kaleb Bruwer 19 dni temu +5

    "I've got unfinished business"
    Yeah, I think that's it. Linus, the kind of guy who builds a large company from the ground up would not want to sit idle for the rest of his life. If he had an idea for an alternative venture he'd absolutely take the money and pursue that idea instead, but LMG is his thing.

  • Maximus Mullet
    Maximus Mullet 21 dzień temu +1

    Years and years ago when I was still into the tech field I disliked Linus but I've grown to like him over the time and I'm glad his channel has grown to the extent that it has and I'm genuinely happy he decided to keep his channel and not take the money and run. Some things are worth more than money and having something you'd like to do with life is one of them

  • Matthew Bartlett
    Matthew Bartlett 22 dni temu +3

    I am glad you DIDN'T sell and kept it in your own hands. I LOVE that you're independent and entirely your own thing.

  • William YT
    William YT 22 dni temu +13

    Also, $5 a video is WILD. Seeing as Luke was filming, that'd be like $10/hr, not even. Including commuting, that'd be like $3/hr, below min wage

  • Bill Angelos
    Bill Angelos 22 dni temu +6

    Always great to hear companies actually reinvesting profits back into the company so they have long term growth, and not just just worried about what the quarter looks like. This is why companies that pander to shareholders and their short term wants end up getting edged out by new companies all the time.

  • Mindstab Thrull
    Mindstab Thrull 21 dzień temu +2

    The problem with regrets and "do I wish this never happened?" is a lot of the time, you get growth out of it, whether that means personal, a better understanding of why not to do things, or anything else. Some people hear "don't do X" and even if it's explained to them why, they don't really understand it until the fallout from doing X happens - and then they really understand it.

  • Brandon Charley
    Brandon Charley 21 dzień temu +3

    I love hearing "youtubers" talk about the business. I know full well that Linus outclasses me 1000 fold in tech knowledge, but hearing him flex his business acumen makes him so much more impressive.

  • The Raven
    The Raven 21 dzień temu +1

    What I like about LMG and their channels is they are honest & entertaining.

  • Philip Saunders
    Philip Saunders 19 dni temu +1

    I love old company history videos look forward to more.

  • Szabó Bence
    Szabó Bence 22 dni temu +1

    I love those funny old stories, especially with Luke losing it multiple times :D

  • Jacob James
    Jacob James 21 dzień temu

    Linus and Luke are really lucky to find one another.

  • Aidan Chan
    Aidan Chan 15 dni temu

    Oh I remember watching Linus' videos back in 2014. I'm so glad he didn't take the offer; keep this train moving.

  • Doug Stewart
    Doug Stewart 22 dni temu

    The great thing about an LTT is that you can not care that it's down if the reason is aggressive reinvestment into the business. You're making a bet and you're happy about it.

  • Trithis
    Trithis 22 dni temu +51

    "By the way, Dan, I _do_ monitor the floatplane chat."
    "NO YOU DON'T!"

  • Brendan Keyport
    Brendan Keyport 22 dni temu +28

    I would love to see the invoice from Luke to Linus.

  • Kisai Yuki
    Kisai Yuki 22 dni temu +6

    Ultimately, what would have happened if LTT was sold, is that you'd see a re-do of what happened with things like Efront with Penny Arcade webcomic. Where this new company would just run LTT into the ground (like what happened with many other tech sites like toms hardware and CNET) and no longer be relevant.
    Given all the fraud in the crypto landscape right now, it would also not surprise me if "the offer" came from these crypto people.

  • Firalia
    Firalia 20 dni temu

    I never knew they made a Christmas album... Time to buy it, the preview video is hilarious 🤣

  • ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂
    ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂ 22 dni temu +7

    Yeah you definitely DIDNT tell us it was upwards of 9 figures lmao I'm pretty sure I remember you talking about it, and I was under the impression that it was somewhere in the 8 figure range this whole time

  • P I
    P I 22 dni temu

    I'm pretty sure that having your own successful business where you do what you love does not have a price. He would regret sitting on all that money at the price of his purpose in LTT

  • Alvin Dela Cruz
    Alvin Dela Cruz 21 dzień temu +1

    Congratulations guys you’ve made it👏👏👏

  • Blue
    Blue 21 dzień temu

    Linus is so rich already, I don't think the money would have changed much for him or even his kids and grand kids
    Linus probably just enjoys running LMG, and if I were him, I'd probably also just run the company as long as I'd be alive

  • Philip
    Philip 21 dzień temu

    LMG is what you get when you stay true to yourself and big companies have no idea how to do that that’s why they always try to buy this value elsewhere and eventually destroy it because they don’t get the concept of not taking shortcuts.

  • PK5Dloks
    PK5Dloks 21 dzień temu

    Please don't ever sell out, the last thing we need is another soulless, generic corporate drone that drives for endless profit and never dares do anything remotely unique or interesting.
    LTT is one of the last great tech news outlets, while other sites have been bought out and ground down to the same miserable drivel. Don't you guys ever change ♥️
    Nobody else does content quite like you guys.

    • Chiron
      Chiron 20 dni temu

      Yeah the thing about LTT is that it's only so valuable _because_ it's LTT.

  • diotough
    diotough 17 dni temu +1

    Considering that LTT is now diversifying with the lab offering probably the best testing infrastructure for electronics that are not run by the manufacturers themselves it just means LTT is establishing itself probably well beyond the video production part itself. Floatplane is another thing - the platform runs itself without LTT on it and there's a lot of potential in there. Sure, producing videos both for the public and for internal use for clients will probably be the biggest revenue source for a while but eventualls floatplane and the value of in depth testing and review capabilities might eventually grow beyond the video division. At that point LMG could be sold without revenue tanking and a massive brain/creativity drain. At that point however the price tag will probably high 9 to low 10 figures.

  • TopHatPenguin
    TopHatPenguin 21 dzień temu

    Honestly I’d weirdly like to see the strange cost sinks running lmg has like what’s their power bill?? I can’t imagine it’s cheap I helped do the bills for a woman who ran a building in dc and it’s made me always interested in the small but important things. People think it’s gear or products that are a cost sink but I’ve found it’s always the dumb stuff

  • Oscar Flores
    Oscar Flores 21 dzień temu +3

    Not sure if this has been said before, but LMG has become the most recognizable, most popular tech company (PLclip channel) in the world. When I think of where I get my tech news, I honestly think back to TechTV (Screensavers and such) and now it's LMG. Linus and Ivonne have brought the LTT conglomerate to be an empire. So selling it would be hard to put a price on. Good on you Linus. Lots of love for LMG.

  • Christian Galloway
    Christian Galloway 21 dzień temu

    Talking about getting paid 5$ per video, brings me back to my early college days broke as hell. The struggle made us who we are today.

  • Trevor's Mailbox
    Trevor's Mailbox 22 dni temu +51

    $420,691,337. Final offer. Take it or leave it.

    • Trevor's Mailbox
      Trevor's Mailbox 22 dni temu +3

      @Droger Flav Done. 🤝. Congratulations on your purchase of LMG. Please clear a room for Tivy, he'll be at your home in 30 minutes.

    • Droger Flav
      Droger Flav 22 dni temu +5

      Double it because he’s canadian he would only get half

  • ReaperOfHarts
    ReaperOfHarts 22 dni temu

    In all honesty id love to work with you guys, unfotanitly i am a Feild support tech in the us but id drop everything to come work with ya'll

    • Matt
      Matt 21 dzień temu

      I would work on your spelling first

  • Service To Society
    Service To Society 21 dzień temu +8

    I love Linus’s transparency, didn’t take the bag. He truly understands that’s the journey is worth more then the destination.

  • Tiggy Bits
    Tiggy Bits 21 dzień temu +1

    I love when Luke loses it. His laugh makes me laugh.

  • FlamingPhoenix40
    FlamingPhoenix40 21 dzień temu +1

    I love that Linus has a button on the Stream Deck that put's a camera pointed to Dan on the screen hahaha

  • wielku
    wielku 21 dzień temu

    I love how he didn't really answer the question but called out facebook 🤣

  • Red
    Red 22 dni temu

    Something I've always tried to remember, if I regret my past then I don't like where I'm at. And I love where I'm at.

  • Richard Servello
    Richard Servello 19 dni temu

    I bought a screwdriver and I've used it SO MUCH. Best tool ever!

  • VoxelFusion
    VoxelFusion 21 dzień temu +1

    Motes is a nice way to say "pulling up the ladder". it's what all companies do, either by being good, or shadily by lobbying regulation, to crush any upcoming competitors.

  • Josh Lewis
    Josh Lewis 21 dzień temu

    When you're doing what you love, not even 9 figures can pull you from it. Because if they boughg the group out, everyone in that group would bs searching to do the same exact thing, so why get bought out in the first place?

  • Robert
    Robert 13 dni temu

    I think Linus' biggest regret subconsciously lead the discussion towards the Christmas album.

  • ShuhDonk
    ShuhDonk 21 dzień temu

    Curious if any other staff members have become millionaires besides Linus, any of the early employees have any points in the company?

  • Yocobicus
    Yocobicus 15 dni temu

    Even though the whole Intel tour was censored almost everywhere. I still say that was the best tour I have ever seen.

  • Eric Fixalot
    Eric Fixalot 20 dni temu +1

    Could’ve sworn Linus would say the biggest regret was going threadripper

  • SgtSeth
    SgtSeth 22 dni temu +1

    I would really like to know, for the LTT OGs employees, what they are making today? I know Luke has got to be one of the higher paid employees, just curious waht kind of ball park we are talking about.

  • Grymyrk
    Grymyrk 21 dzień temu

    I once logged into my email that was provided by my mobile carrier and I ended up receiving all the emails of what looked liked a server admin.

  • JElkk03
    JElkk03 21 dzień temu

    "You're not going to have a version, Dan, we've been through this" - Dad Linus talking to his oldest child.

  • Rafael | Jour
    Rafael | Jour 13 dni temu

    His laugh is wonderful. 😂

  • Kyle Kreates
    Kyle Kreates 6 dni temu

    I bought 2 screwdrivers, 1 for field work, 1 for my desk and day to day stuff. Gonna get a backpack soon.

  • paul robert Smith
    paul robert Smith 13 dni temu


  • DOOMsage
    DOOMsage 21 dzień temu

    Were I not on benefits and had any disposable income at all, man I'd have so many LTT screwdrivers

  • Mik Wind
    Mik Wind 22 dni temu +1

    Luke is the real trooper here

  • Tomasz Korytkowski
    Tomasz Korytkowski 22 dni temu

    I was asking myself why why microphones are EQed weirdly.
    Today I calibrated my speakers with a smartphone and Spectroid app. Wow, huge difference. However, The eq app I am using (Realtek) is limiting.
    If anyone knows a better more precice one I'd love to know it.

  • bonanzabrandon
    bonanzabrandon 22 dni temu +1

    If I was Linus I would have taken the buyout, but also I'm not Linus.

  • Yes Hello
    Yes Hello 21 dzień temu

    as someone that that has paid for float plane and follows WAN show and LTT and short circuit, I had no idea LMG Clips existed,

  • T A
    T A 20 dni temu +1

    Linus, would you do a share option for fans, viewers?

  • Topottsel
    Topottsel 21 dzień temu +3

    The Xmas album is fire! I demand the Dan Remix/Remaster!

  • clint Miller
    clint Miller 22 dni temu

    A 1 million dollar investment into the screw driver turned into a 50 million studio that will generate 250 million in revenue over time.

  • krunked
    krunked 4 dni temu

    while i sit here watching this. i feel like success is luck... if i knew linus. or linus knew me. i know id be rich. but we'll never cross paths; he'll never see my worth. and ill just have to be a bystander.

  • PhsycoRed
    PhsycoRed 19 dni temu

    Soooo can't wait for Dan's version 😉

  • Funlu
    Funlu 22 dni temu

    Linus IS a business, man

  • Guilherme sampaio de oliveira

    Not gonna lie, a millionth of this value is life changing already.

  • Piece of Schmidt Gamer

    My biggest regret was not watching Linus drop more truly expensive stuff.

  • Will Live
    Will Live 19 dni temu

    This why I’m glad you guys aren’t public, you guys are able to grow and invest in the company freely and are able to take less every few years in order to benefit the company overall.
    With investors you aren’t allowed to do that because they just expect you to make more and more money every year.

  • Basileos Alexios
    Basileos Alexios 22 dni temu +5

    "I shouldn't have sent those two to my house unaccompanied right after I had finished reflooring it" would've been a acceptable way of moving on :V

  • X99Zero
    X99Zero 22 dni temu

    he blushed. without taking a few people for a ride it's difficult to get the business off the ground.

  • ody vinty*
    ody vinty* 17 dni temu

    woah listening to luke talk about the early days is actually kinda heavy.

  • Max Zett
    Max Zett 22 dni temu +36

    Tbh i would've sold for 9 figures.
    That evaluation seems outrageous high.

    • Fábio Santos
      Fábio Santos 19 dni temu

      @yeet gaming 69 December last year I think

    • yeet gaming 69
      yeet gaming 69 21 dzień temu

      @Fábio Santos when did mat pat sell game theory

    • Mr Embeh
      Mr Embeh 22 dni temu

      There are 100 People Wirkung there.. Hiring 100 People Already Costa you…

    • Fábio Santos
      Fábio Santos 22 dni temu +1

      They probably make between 50-100 million a year.
      Mr Beast was offered 1 billion dollars
      Mattpat sold game theory recently

    • Max Zett
      Max Zett 22 dni temu +3

      @Josiah Humber but that's revenue. Not profit

  • Gabbo
    Gabbo 22 dni temu

    I want buy stuff from the store just the import and shipping just make it hard for me to justify for me sadly :C

  • Gundam08thMSteam
    Gundam08thMSteam 22 dni temu +3

    Give Dan his Christmas album!

  • thecianinator
    thecianinator 20 dni temu

    You're already making money from the screwdriver? God damn, good going guys!

  • Vilmar Alves
    Vilmar Alves 22 dni temu +2

    Dan is not giving up on the xmas album 😂

  • AzzaDutt
    AzzaDutt 20 dni temu

    Hahah I'd happily remaster this for free if Dan doesn't have the time (mastering is my day job)

  • Matthias Knutzen
    Matthias Knutzen 22 dni temu +53

    What? Someone offered 100 000 000 for lmg, that seems crazy

      CYJANEK 22 dni temu

      @Rfreaky as PewDiePie years ago said about sponsorships - if someone says 6 figures it always mean 1 million, nothing more.
      I doubt it was significantly over 100M because even Linus needed to think about those 8 figures

    • fix0the0spade
      fix0the0spade 22 dni temu +5

      Roughly 25million subscribers across channels, plus a testing lab, consumer goods brand, Floatplane and industry connections. I can easily see LMG fetching $100m+ from a venture capital group. I can also see it being the death of LMG since the buyers would be all about profitability and growth over sustainability, so the brand would either explode or crater in a couple of years. Plus a buyout would inevitably mean the sidelining of Linus/Luke/Yvonne and the more technical presenters like Anthony, investment groups don't like the original leaders staying in place.

    • Kimberly 🏳️‍🌈
      Kimberly 🏳️‍🌈 22 dni temu

      Seems kinda low tbh

    • Taylor
      Taylor 22 dni temu +1

      I'd say it was probably in the 250million range.

    • Hugh Green
      Hugh Green 22 dni temu +10

      Not that crazy LMG as a whole includes a 10M+ following youtube channel built and runs a dedicated streaming service with paid monthly users several big buildings and a lot of expensive tech/equipment and a merch store before you even before you factor in the turnover that's already looking expensive

  • Droger Flav
    Droger Flav 22 dni temu +4

    Seeing how donut went down in quality in 2021 after the buy out i love the fact linus said no

  • vinstaal0
    vinstaal0 21 dzień temu

    When people do a taxation of companies they look at EBIDA yes, but the cashflow is even more important. The cashflow which is already taking a hit due to the investments. However that could actually turn out better in the long run.

  • Mike
    Mike 17 dni temu

    Not to diminish Linus's decision to turn down $100 million in the slightest, I'm pretty sure he and Yvonne have made sure that regardless of what happens to the company from here on in, they won't be putting their family's future in jeopardy, even if it all comes crashing down.