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Dr. Amazon will see you now

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  • Opublikowany 28 lut 2023
  • Amazon buys telehealth service One Medical.
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Komentarze • 256

  • impl3x
    impl3x 28 dni temu +320

    As a former Best Buy employee, the primary color is blue. We refer to the sales people as blue shirts, the accent color is yellow.
    Sorry Linus but Luke is right lol. 🤷‍♂

    • simon fish
      simon fish 19 dni temu

      @smush your god dam right got fooled myself

    • smush
      smush 21 dzień temu

      @simon fish Isn't Ikea the same as Best Buy with it's primary color being blue with some yellow used. Like the logo is a blue backgrun, yellow oval and blue text. Their buildings are also blue with thetext Ikea in yellow.

    • simon fish
      simon fish 26 dni temu +8

      Ikea is yellow 🟡 might be confusing the two

  • Superb Fairy
    Superb Fairy  28 dni temu +334

    Companies like Amazon shouldn't be allowed to continually devour everything smaller than them and burrow their way in to every aspect of a country like a parasite. They should have to create their own infrastructure given how big and well funded they are, they shouldn't be allowed to keep acquiring smaller businesses and monopolising

    • Noah Foushee
      Noah Foushee 22 dni temu

      Crazy idea, but maybe there should be serious federal limitations on company acquisition and merging, like once you're big enough, you can't sell, or you have to split up etc.

    • None
      None 25 dni temu

      @Bảo Quốc you got the joke

    • Bảo Quốc
      Bảo Quốc 25 dni temu +1

      @None i don't know if it's sarcasm or not but it's the average American narcissism like it

    • None
      None 26 dni temu +1

      WhAt R u, A cOmMi/SociAl?

    • Cameron Stache
      Cameron Stache 26 dni temu

      Health services are new for Amazon. I wouldn't call it a monopoly. If anything they bought a company with a larger footprint in an industry than them.
      Is it a perfect situation? Give me an example of what is. But defending how healthcare and pharma is already run in this country isn't it. Maybe this will have some positive impact on the expense to consumers on healthcare.
      As for providing their own infrastructure, you act like they didn't start in a garage and build to where they currently are. Hell, the NFL leases Amazon Web Services. That's definitely their own product/infrastructure they designed.

  • Albin M
    Albin M 28 dni temu +539

    US antitrust feels like kind of a joke

      KILO GRAMS 12 dni temu

      @Elijah Theurer name 1 thing reagan did bad personally. Besides the iran contra?

    • Elijah Theurer
      Elijah Theurer 12 dni temu

      Reagan was a very bad president

    • Walker
      Walker 24 dni temu

      Kind of?

      KILO GRAMS 25 dni temu

      @Vortraz FJB

  • Péter Szilvay
    Péter Szilvay 27 dni temu +34

    I love when Linus is wrong and he knows it, it's hilarious. BTW once I accidentally went to a Best Buy in a blue, collared t-shirt and people immediately came up to me for tech advise.

  • Mathew MKC Nutter
    Mathew MKC Nutter 28 dni temu +108

    I use to think turning my home into a smart home would be a good idea, but over the last couple of years I've come to realize that in the end it will be a bad idea.

    • Tiffany the Flower Princess
      Tiffany the Flower Princess 15 dni temu

      It is a good idea, you just have to invest into doing it locally, through something like a Raspberry Pi or Optiplex-based server. Don't pass none of ya shit through the cloud or random brands that do What They Want(TM).

    • Jonieryk2
      Jonieryk2 20 dni temu

      There are smart homes based on raspberry pis that don't need any internet connection I'm pretty sure. Still the best way is just to not have a smart home

    • Mathew MKC Nutter
      Mathew MKC Nutter 27 dni temu +7

      @Everyone's favorite uncle That's true. Honestly I'm getting to the point that I don't want anything smart in my home, but you just cannot get away from certain things.

    • Everyone's favorite uncle
      Everyone's favorite uncle 27 dni temu +5

      To be fair smartphones are just a very smart way to introduce cameras and mics into everyone’s homes

  • Matt ward
    Matt ward 27 dni temu +13

    This is super smart. You could totally increase the amount of Amazon recommendations for high sugar foods to people with a diabetes risk and then get them to buy expensive medication from you.
    I'm going to buy a couple shares. This is great!

    • MM
      MM 22 dni temu


  • The48th Ronin
    The48th Ronin 28 dni temu +43

    So at what point do we start actually enforcing our antitrust laws? Cause this is rapidly approaching the point of no return

    • MythicalGoon
      MythicalGoon 22 dni temu +1

      ​@Scout Trooper Microsoft has been forced to split up before I assume that's coming for Amazon

    • SP
      SP 22 dni temu

      @Scout Trooper Microsoft was already found to be a monopoly at one point, that's probably why there is more pressure on them

    • Andrew Gutierrez
      Andrew Gutierrez 24 dni temu

      They're slowly creeping towards being able to just start their own company towns. They have food & commodity provisions, now healthcare, next is housing & they'll be set.

    • Scout Trooper
      Scout Trooper 26 dni temu +4

      When Microsoft wants to buy a gaming publisher

  • Jason Kim
    Jason Kim 25 dni temu +4

    To address one of the concerns, Amazon can’t use your medical data on their whim as medical data are protected under the HIPAA(Analogous to PHIPA in several Canadian provinces and PIPEDA on the federal level). You can opt in to provide your medical data(and the companies might try to lure you in with benefits) but unless you explicitly consent they can’t do anything even if Amazon owns your primary medical service provider.

    • MobileChaos
      MobileChaos 24 dni temu

      Agreed, I work as DBA for healthcare and there is both HIPAA and HITECH rules and regulations. In a nutshell medically identifiable information is protected. Amazon could remove all medically identifiable information and Datamine common health issues or health trends across all users, but they are not allowed to tie your medical information back to your Amazon account.

  • Scott
    Scott 27 dni temu +8

    I've been a One Medical patient/client for about 10 years. I was blown away when it was announced to us last week. I'm not happy about it. If only Amazon used all this data for good.....

  • The Rogue Wolf
    The Rogue Wolf 28 dni temu +16

    "Amazon is happy to provide a 15% rate discount to One Medical patients who purchase healthy meals from Whole Foods (read: a 15% surcharge on patients who don't)...."

    • Asmosis Yup
      Asmosis Yup 27 dni temu +2

      It's always funny how many people don't realize late payment fees and early payment discounts are the same exact thing.

  • Aerium Four
    Aerium Four 28 dni temu +17

    Never thought someone could one-up Unilever owning both beauty product companies and Ben & Jerry's but here we are.

  • Respectable Username
    Respectable Username 27 dni temu +11

    Man I hate Amazon. But why does AWS have to be so good?! It's the only Amazon service I regularly use (which admittedly is for work, but also it works _really well_ )

    • Calicoma
      Calicoma 27 dni temu +5

      How I feel about a lot of the services I use from Amazon and Google. The price is great and the service is good, making going for alternatives a really bad choice for me despite being unhappy that they're taking over everything

  • [omicron-prsnl]
    [omicron-prsnl] 28 dni temu +13

    We are witnessing the birth of a genuine dystopia.

  • Frex
    Frex 28 dni temu +62

    Best Buy even call their staff blue shirts. 100% blue

    • Knaj
      Knaj 28 dni temu +4

      @Da555nnyNYCT Not in the U.S. but I do specify US because the Canadian Best Buy is a separate entity oddly enough. Also it is Blue. Source: I work at a U.S. Best Buy

    • Da555nnyNYCT
      Da555nnyNYCT 28 dni temu

      Yellow shirts i think are new hires in training.

    • Knaj
      Knaj 28 dni temu +2

      @Josh R Asset Protection people used to be yellow, but in the U.S. they phased out these yellow uniforms

    • Josh R
      Josh R 28 dni temu

      Yellow for some staff, pretty sure the doorman is always yellow in my local best buy

  • Henona
    Henona 28 dni temu +11

    I can't wait for my Amazon prime health insurance, car insurance, and to live in my Amazon home

  • ilikepankakesuk
    ilikepankakesuk 27 dni temu

    Whatever happened to that Amazon self service shop that Linus reviewed a few years ago? Did they do more of them or not?

  • matizbrave
    matizbrave 27 dni temu +1

    You CHOOSE to give them your personal information. If you don't want to - get out of your house and do your shopping or doctor's appointments locally. As large as they are, they don't have a monopoly, yet.

  • J.D.
    J.D. 23 dni temu +2

    Can't wait for my doctor to offer me 40 of the same "gaming chair office chair recliner gamer chair comfortable quality leather breathe ventilation performance stool chair" from 40 different brands that read like someone slammed the keyboard.

  • Miky Schuster
    Miky Schuster 26 dni temu +1

    I love it. In the future when I sneeze my dot's can order some big pharma stuff to make sure I'm healthy. 🤣

  • TJ
    TJ 28 dni temu +6

    It says something that they forgot AWS, which hosts a significant fraction of the internet

  • Daniel Zussman
    Daniel Zussman 28 dni temu +4

    You guys are so dramatic. I love it.

  • Bill Melater
    Bill Melater 28 dni temu +2

    Just a reminder that aside frim the cronyist partnership with politicians, companies get here because people pay for their services instead of someone else.
    If you don't like big business, then don't ignore one of the biggest players in the scene.

  • GameCyborg
    GameCyborg 28 dni temu +2

    Bezos watched Wall-E and just thought "That's a great idea"

  • R3
    R3 26 dni temu

    I didn't know that the yellow tag was the old logo. I have a Best Buy by me and it still has the giant yellow tag on the building.

  • Olie
    Olie 27 dni temu

    Call me a clown but as a kid with aspirations, I wanted to be a competitor against Amazon but solely in the medical field. And now they’ve already gone and done that. Now I don’t know what to have as my future dreams ;-;

  • Francesco Varrato
    Francesco Varrato 28 dni temu +14

    While Amazon is allowed to ship some goods in Switzerland, there's no Swiss Amazon. It was fought strongly, because it was clear to everyone that their mere presence here would have disrupted much more than some online retailers. Societal equilibrium is very delicate. Elephants are not welcome in this crystal shop.

  • Parker
    Parker 27 dni temu

    Good thing about Amazon taking over is more competition vs other similar brands, bad thing is monopoly over life like in Wall-E

  • None
    None 26 dni temu

    Finally, your health, a commodity you get to lose!

  • afjer5106
    afjer5106 26 dni temu

    Does anyone actually buy food on Amazon? It's so much faster to hop over to the store.

  • Kimani Eric
    Kimani Eric 27 dni temu

    WHAT SOFTWARE does DR. Amazon use for neck issues reported by S-oni for using their own controllers and peripherals.

  • Henry Parker
    Henry Parker 28 dni temu +3

    Sounds like the only logical way to stop this (which wont happen..) is to only allow a company or conglomorate to be in one business "sector". I know it would stunt companies trying to do good but for the greater good it needs to segregate.

    • John Samuel
      John Samuel 27 dni temu +2

      Plus conglomerates are called such precisely because they operate in multiple industries

    • John Samuel
      John Samuel 27 dni temu +1

      Horrible idea, then companies like sony, yamaha, seimens etc wont be allowed to exist. The fact that they are heavily diversified is what allows them to continue growing, leverage their strengths and survive if one industry is in a downturn

  • Busybay
    Busybay 27 dni temu

    as a former BestBuy employee, the main color is blue with a yellow accent.

  • Cassian Kennedy
    Cassian Kennedy 27 dni temu

    I'm a big fan of the title for this clip lol. It's cute.

  • Cogginsnuff
    Cogginsnuff 27 dni temu

    I'm kinda jaded by all this late stage capitalism but uhh I'm real invested in is Best Buys primary color blue or yellow.

  • Navin
    Navin 28 dni temu +3

    Amazon also bought Gilroy farms recently.

    • vindicator
      vindicator 28 dni temu +1

      pepperridge farm remembers

  • Chris Evans
    Chris Evans 27 dni temu

    Best Buy Blue for sales
    Yellow for Loss Prevention
    White for Geek Squad.
    Black for Warehouse

  • Mr. Snicks
    Mr. Snicks 26 dni temu

    Anti-trust and privacy legislation is as effective against monopolistic behavior as boosters are against the spread/contraction of the virus.

  • CryOfSolace
    CryOfSolace 27 dni temu

    Amazon saw the old Company Towns and thought ah hell why not do that with the world

  • FrenchyMcToast
    FrenchyMcToast 28 dni temu +18

    Anyone remember company towns? A company will start a business, usually a mine, and basically build a town around the mine for their workers. They would pay their employees with vouchers that they could only use at the store in town, also owned by the company. They owned your house, your tools, your job, and you and you couldn't leave.
    The US is becoming one massive company town.

    • Dewi B-J
      Dewi B-J 26 dni temu

      Jamestown was a tobacco company town
      USA's history is closely related to company town history

    • Zac
      Zac 27 dni temu

      Always has been

  • Ellipsis115
    Ellipsis115 20 dni temu +2

    0:48 Amazing point, honestly didn't think of that.

  • Danny Martial
    Danny Martial 28 dni temu +11

    L Linus. Even their whole website is blue. Yellow is merely their accent color. Similar to how Walmart’s logo is a yellow star thing, but their branding itself is blue.

  • JpaniK
    JpaniK 24 dni temu

    I don't really understand the argument here about Amazon and medical. They already have Amazon pharmacy which has been great even for people with no medical insurance. Corporations already have a hand in most medical business anyway, and that's all any medical or medicine is now anyway, a business.

  • Petresko
    Petresko 28 dni temu +1

    Currently working for a company that works with Amazon.
    These pricks have non-existent customer support and when their shit starts to think, they peddle it over to everyone else around them and have the gull to put other businesses' phone numbers in their automated voice service so that you get transferred elsewhere when you want to talk to them.
    I sincerely hope for a market shift of some sort that does Amazon in so badly they cease to exist as a company.
    I'm sick of this monopoly horse shit.

  • Coolio Ash
    Coolio Ash 27 dni temu +1

    Oh my God this is fucking terrifying.

  • Cupid
    Cupid 28 dni temu

    Luke may have been thinking of the Blockbuster logo instead of Best Buy. I also thought the background was blue.

  • RonnocFroop
    RonnocFroop 27 dni temu

    Maybe the largest colour for Best Buy is blue by volume, but yellow is absolutely the eyecatch colour. That makes Best Buy yellow in my books.

  • Jacob Turpin
    Jacob Turpin 28 dni temu +8

    I think my one disagreement with Linus and Luke is on price. Amazon is more likely to start a “race to the bottom” on healthcare. It will become more accessible and cheaper, but at really low quality. It just accelerates the concept of pay-for-play in the quality of your healthcare (even among those with health insurance).

    • Asdfssdfghgdfy
      Asdfssdfghgdfy 27 dni temu

      @John Samuel people were saying it the early 2000s with ebay lol.

    • Asmosis Yup
      Asmosis Yup 27 dni temu

      run the competition into the ground via anti-competitive practices, then when they're all buried crank prices to the limit of what people will pay. I mean hey, it's only your life on the line after all...

    • John Samuel
      John Samuel 27 dni temu

      @William Brall people have been saying that since I was in college 😅. I been hearing it since 2015. I used to believe that as well. Now I am not sure

    • William Brall
      William Brall 28 dni temu

      @John Samuel It is coming. Right now they are screwing over sellers. Once all of those are dead, prices go up.

    • John Samuel
      John Samuel 28 dni temu


  • Revelmonger
    Revelmonger 27 dni temu

    In the states we call Best buy workers blueshirts.

  • The Ethical Hat
    The Ethical Hat 28 dni temu +6

    I am pro consumer and anti corporate greed, BUT I will say while Amazon has put countless small business owners out of business, or at least LESS business…they have given consumers a very cheap way to buy nearly everything and get it shipped in a matter of days.
    So on one note they suck, and anti trust needs to be stricter. On the other hand they have provided us with the easiest access to products we have ever had for an affordable price.

    • Asdfssdfghgdfy
      Asdfssdfghgdfy 27 dni temu

      Amazon's been amazing in rural Australia. I can now buy things I wouldn't have had a hope getting otherwise. Especially with free postage, it's a win win.

    • A C
      A C 28 dni temu

      Yeah, I don't get the Amazon hate. Not having to buy things from a store is just so convenient. I could never go back.

    • ForOne814
      ForOne814 28 dni temu +1

      @Traplover that's the thing: they might not do so. Because it's not necessarily actually profitable, but it's also illegal. Steam, for example, has been more or less a monopoly for years, and it's the best platform from the standpoint of a consumer. And there are other examples of consumer-friendly monopolies, although most of them are government-owned. But still, the view that monopolies = bad might be outdated. Unregulated monopolies are bad, that's for sure.

    • Traplover
      Traplover 28 dni temu +1

      That's the pathway to monopoly. Underprice your competitor til they close or you buy them out. After being a monopoly, increase the prices

  • Brandon Govreau
    Brandon Govreau 25 dni temu

    can't wait for Elon musk to acquire Walmart

  • Jack
    Jack 27 dni temu

    Best Buy is yellow and blue but Yellow is the colour they're most associated with imho. Blue is just a nice colour that goes well with retail.
    Tbh I think the yellow is just their heritage and as they've evolved over the years they've phased it out.

    • Jack
      Jack 24 dni temu

      @Bảo Quốc makes sense.

    • Bảo Quốc
      Bảo Quốc 25 dni temu +1

      color blue seems have some association with trust

  • Doctor Gears
    Doctor Gears 28 dni temu +6

    I will say, Amazon Pharmacy has been good to me. It's cheaper than my insurance and it arrives pretty quickly.

  • Extra Wubs
    Extra Wubs 28 dni temu +5

    Hippa please save us pff

  • Antonio Franco
    Antonio Franco 28 dni temu +4

    My sister says Amazon doctors are amazing. She slipped off a ladder and they were great to her. According to her the doctors are the best and only reason to work with Amazon.

  • Andy001z
    Andy001z 27 dni temu

    Recently when to Shoreditch in London and saw an Amazon hair salon 😭

  • Google Sux
    Google Sux 28 dni temu

    Too bad Canadians who cannot get a family doctor can't take advantage of this service

  • Marfnl
    Marfnl 27 dni temu

    Now amazone know, if you don't show up and your "sick"

  • Trucking Journeys
    Trucking Journeys 26 dni temu

    Circuit City salespeople were based on commission and their shirts were r red as well

  • Josh
    Josh 27 dni temu

    There color is yellow on the logo.. As the stores have blue carpet, blue employee shirts, and blue signs in the store. So blue is a big part in there brand

  • King Danett
    King Danett 27 dni temu

    Have you guys seen the potential leak where the USB C iPhone will limit charging unless the cord is MFi Certified?

  • Slumpdog
    Slumpdog 28 dni temu +3

    yet microsoft gets pelted by the FTC over the AKB buyout, but amazon can just buy whatever they want

  • Jordan Mackay
    Jordan Mackay 26 dni temu

    It's really quite simple... don't use their service if you don't want too. You know you don't have to have a ring doorbell camera right?

  • Seikojin Sama
    Seikojin Sama 28 dni temu +8

    Dr Bezo's will see you now. :D Also now you will get amazon ads based on your health records to.

  • Casavo M
    Casavo M 27 dni temu

    When I think of best buy it is yellow cause Walmart is blue to me.

  • Chad Schwartz
    Chad Schwartz 28 dni temu

    Best Buy is blue. As an employee there, it's very blue lol

  • Abwbtb
    Abwbtb 28 dni temu +5

    Best buy definitely blue 💙

  • Adam
    Adam 27 dni temu

    The UK have this for free it's called NHS 111

  • DonutCrazy
    DonutCrazy 28 dni temu +2

    Amazon is the new "East India Company"

  • Nick Lim
    Nick Lim 27 dni temu

    Lol Luke, privacy is dead

  • Leon Chubbs
    Leon Chubbs 28 dni temu

    You down with OCP? Yeah you know me

  • Simoxs7
    Simoxs7 27 dni temu

    Yeah were moving closer to the Dystopia of Cyberpunk or Blade runner every day…

  • Austin Sharman
    Austin Sharman 27 dni temu +1

    As a best buy employee of 10 years, it's blue

  • Josep Kim
    Josep Kim 25 dni temu

    Amazon wants to be the Samsung of the US. Or the world.

  • badgamer
    badgamer 27 dni temu

    Best Buy is Blue AND Yellow...

  • Nathan McCabe
    Nathan McCabe 27 dni temu

    I'm Blue baba bee bo do da
    Baba dee bab do baba de da do da
    Thanks guys, now Blue is in my head.

  • Adam S
    Adam S 23 dni temu

    We're heading towards idiocracy but Amazon instead of Costco.

  • Garrett Rinquest
    Garrett Rinquest 28 dni temu +1

    Wait, so the FTC took a close look at this and thought it was fine?!?!? HOW?

  • Thomas
    Thomas 27 dni temu

    Buy n Large, oh they said it

  • A C
    A C 28 dni temu +2

    Don't get the issue. If the service is good then people will use it.

    • Bảo Quốc
      Bảo Quốc 25 dni temu

      no competition is NO good, don't miss the point

  • darkclown443 Kellen443

    America's Tencent

  • Fusion
    Fusion 26 dni temu

    Linus, you’re wrong. The employees are literally called Blue Shirts. The tag is the only thing yellow.

  • lootmaster1337
    lootmaster1337 27 dni temu

    Alexsa please send me depression pills kek

    GH05TYPLAYz 27 dni temu +1

    Tbh, Best Buy is blue with a yellow accent

  • Declan Cunningham
    Declan Cunningham 27 dni temu

    The uniform is blue, the floor is blue, the building is blue. I don’t know. I think it’s blue.

  • LodanSD
    LodanSD 27 dni temu

    The Walmart Title is White, does that mean their color is White?

  • David Worden
    David Worden 28 dni temu +1


  • James
    James 28 dni temu +3

    I would buy my healthcare from Linus

  • Elijah
    Elijah 28 dni temu


  • Frostedminibutss
    Frostedminibutss 28 dni temu

    Tbf to linus the logo is yellow the employees shirts are blue

  • s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    Dr. Jeff.

  • Robb Hays
    Robb Hays 28 dni temu +1

    L for Linus. Best Buy is blue.

  • Jak
    Jak 28 dni temu +2

    The wrong Amazon is burning.

  • Rayzajw
    Rayzajw 27 dni temu

    I wish Bezos bought the Washington Commanders

  • gempir
    gempir 25 dni temu

    You keep petabytes of footage in your hundreds of drives. But you can't record the WAN show in higher quality for PLclip? This looks awful even on 1080p

  • Mathieu P. Corbeil
    Mathieu P. Corbeil 28 dni temu

    Wall-E reference is good and all. But have you seen Idiocracy (2006)? Prophetic.

  • T Bag
    T Bag 26 dni temu

    blue.... the accent color is yellow

  • Tyler Collins
    Tyler Collins 28 dni temu +1

    linus its blue! deal with it

  • Walter Capeling
    Walter Capeling 28 dni temu

    Best Buy is blue

  • Michael L
    Michael L 28 dni temu +1


  • Ian Boyte
    Ian Boyte 28 dni temu +1

    Buy n Large, it's your superstore. It's got all you need and so much more. Happiness is what we sell, that's why everyone loves BnL.