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Insurance Money isn't Free

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  • Opublikowany 21 lut 2023
  • Linus and Luke talk the opportunity cost of security and the reality of insurance and business write-offs.
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Komentarze • 363

  • Scott Olson
    Scott Olson Miesiąc temu +543

    I am Canadian and I swear I have heard more about business on this show than in all my years in school.

    • Sebastian S.
      Sebastian S. 14 dni temu

      ​@Scott Olson you're just being edgy, not smart. And you have a very limited understanding of the world kiddo

    • Akalion
      Akalion 24 dni temu

      Maybe you should've actually payed attention in school

    • Jordan Hales
      Jordan Hales 26 dni temu +1

      LINUS BUSINESS TIPS??? 🤷🏼‍♂️😂😂👌🏻

    • Jonathan Patry
      Jonathan Patry 26 dni temu

      Canadian here too. School never even thought me how to pay a bill. Talk about failing to create a system that is supposed to teach you the basics. But hey I know the Pythagorean theorem! xD

    • Marscars
      Marscars 26 dni temu +1

      ​@Sunbleached Angel just have too find good professor, sometimes shitty schools have that one dude who gives 100% into the program and actually delivers a good education but it's kinda dumb luck and a lot of effort to find

  • MowseChao
    MowseChao Miesiąc temu +305

    I find that the real shady tax write-offs are stuff like... donating fine art.
    Like, a rich person buys a rare painting for 100k, then donates it to some museum and it's valued at 250k by someone, so they can get away with saying they donated something worth 250k.
    At least, that's what I've heard has happened in the past. I dunno if people get away with that anymore.

    • Robie Hillier
      Robie Hillier Miesiąc temu

      @Asmosis Yup I mean yeah, your nationality effects where you pay taxes. Offshore accounts are one thing and you can disagree with the laws of other parts of the world, but it doesn’t change how the tax system works in North America (which is where this channel is based)

    • Asmosis Yup
      Asmosis Yup Miesiąc temu

      @Robie Hillier that'll depend on the "country" where the "purchase" takes place

    • Robie Hillier
      Robie Hillier Miesiąc temu +3

      @cheeseisgreat24 I don’t think you have a proper understanding of this. It’s impossible to inflate value while also dodging taxes because in order to inflate the value of the art you need to have a taxable event causing a capital gain.

  • Bryan Bolin
    Bryan Bolin Miesiąc temu +129

    Locks and security are to keep honest people honest, bad actors will find ways around stuff.

    • Smiley
      Smiley Miesiąc temu +1

      It’s about playing the odds, and outrunning your neighbor.

    • Sheepless Knight
      Sheepless Knight Miesiąc temu +4

      Ya, most peoples threat vectors are low, anything can be broken, but the more secure the fewer there are that can break it

    • The Rogue Wolf
      The Rogue Wolf Miesiąc temu +23

      They're to make yourself a less-attractive target than someone else.

  • Eric Laporte
    Eric Laporte Miesiąc temu +45

    One thing to keep in mind about billionaire making donations is that they sometimes create the charity. Those charity can be used to influence the public and the control of the charity can rest with people in the circle of the billionaire donating the money.
    Once you reach a certain amount of wealth everything is taken care of for the most part. You can always find ways to spend that money but influence is very valuable and tax free in these cases.

    • Budo Bašović
      Budo Bašović Miesiąc temu +7

      Yeah, this is why people misunderstand taxes: it's never about the ways things SHOULD work - as Linus explained - but the way things ARE DONE, where it's all used to find ways to pay less OR NOTHING in taxes the richer the rich are.

  • Bruno
    Bruno Miesiąc temu +316

    People are just so bad at understanding taxes, it hurts so much.

    • Yung Thick
      Yung Thick 19 dni temu

      It’s intentionally convoluted

    • Obi-Wan Kenobi
      Obi-Wan Kenobi 21 dzień temu

      what, you expect everyone to read the 75,000 pages that make up the United states tax code? the length is pretty stupid but implying people are stupid because they don't understand it is a bit hypocritical as well.

    • TheInfectous
      TheInfectous 24 dni temu

      @Her Imperious Condescension I mean if they wanna talk about it yes of course I can and will blame them? If you care enough about something to talk about it you should care enough to go read about it, it's not like that's hard these days. Otherwise you're being worse than useless by best case contributing noise and worse case someone listens to you.

    • Jonathan Patry
      Jonathan Patry 26 dni temu

      That is the problem of the education system. Things like taxes and paying bills should absolutely be thought in school and not knowledge you should have to seek. It's the basics on how to live in modern society.

    • Stealthzi
      Stealthzi 29 dni temu

      That's cause it's soo f boring.. But important

  • ChromAB
    ChromAB Miesiąc temu +44

    That whole story about people breaking into cars sounds so fantastic to me, like where I live I cannot do that because if they find out I have nothing to steal, they will just take the car or my tires at the very least...and if I'm close by I will just get hit in the face for not having stuff for them to steal and then lose my car. So it is cheaper locking my car and having to replace a window than having to replace a car.

    • SphinxKingStone
      SphinxKingStone Miesiąc temu


    • Nocare
      Nocare Miesiąc temu +3

      @AnAngryGiant20 at no point did I say they aren't.
      If you read my post you would see I used nuance.
      I specified that is model specific exploits.
      I specified that it takes extra capabilities. (Skills and equipment)
      On top of this the newer the car the more work it is to either chop it or resell it under forged papers.
      It's not that you can't do it. Thousands of keyless cars are stolen each day.
      It's that your average thief can't do it.

    • AnAngryGiant20
      AnAngryGiant20 Miesiąc temu

      @Nocarekeyfobs are pretty unsecure

    • Nocare
      Nocare Miesiąc temu +5

      The window thing is generally only a problem in high income areas. Thiefs stopped stealing the cars there because they are all newer models with much better security and your average thief just doesn't have the resources to deal with it.
      Some still do obviously but push start cars are very hard to steal without a well know unfixable exploit.
      However this means the value of stuff left in the car also tends to increase. It's a 200 dollar headset not a 50 dollar one kind of thing.
      So hit a large enough number of cars each day and it becomes just as profitable with far less expertise or effort required.

  • liorean
    liorean Miesiąc temu +31

    There's some industries that are worse off than others. There was an uproar here in Sweden in the seventies driven by one of our most beloved authors of childrens books where she ended up in a situation where her tax ended up at 102% of her gross income that year because of particulars of how value of her works were counted as a self employed writer versus actual income. So she wrote a parody childrens tale about it, including metaphorical critique against tax system allowing the finance minister to enter his full income into the lowest tax bracket by buying real estate with debt, and when he replied that she couldn't count that well, and shouldn't be expected to as a childrens book writer and woman, she replied that he surely couldn't have counted that well, but her numbers came from the Swedish tax agency, and surely they would not have counted wrong. This was a major cause of the social democratic party losing the election for the first time in 44 years. (Author's name is Astrid Lindgren, her childrens story/letter to one of the largest newspapers in Sweden was called Pomperipossa i Monismanien, and it's a funny read for a Swede born way after it.)

    • John Galt Line
      John Galt Line Miesiąc temu

      Pippi has made it in to pop culture about the world, at least. Astrid also gets some nice mentions in Stieg Larsson's novels, known state side as "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" series.

    • ayo
      ayo Miesiąc temu

      @liorean Huge! Law and justice is slow but gets it right

    • liorean
      liorean Miesiąc temu +2

      @ayo It did. Through, as I said, costing the entrenched ruling party their first election in over forty years. The new governing coalition of course enacted a changed tax code, as they always do.

    • ayo
      ayo Miesiąc temu

      Did it get fixed?
      Theres no world in which this is right and just

  • Tom Camp
    Tom Camp Miesiąc temu +44

    insurance adjuster of over 21 yrs here, there are so many misconceptions and misunderstandings regarding claims - and what may be true in Canada is not true everywhere else. Here in California, if you have several claims, then you may see an increase in premiums - but one or two non-liable claims shouldn't have an effect on your premiums if you go through a good carrier.

    • Tom Camp
      Tom Camp Miesiąc temu

      @dalanoyo you're not wrong. or the people that think they can have their deductible waived (when they are clearly liable for the loss) because they have been paying premiums for X amount of years

    • dalanoyo
      dalanoyo Miesiąc temu +1

      I'm an insurance adjuster too and it's astounding how many people have no clue and get so angry thinking they know how it works. People need to stop thinking about it as an investment strategy that you put money into and one day they're going to owe you for all the money you put in, regardless of the legitimacy of the claim.

    • Drew Walton
      Drew Walton Miesiąc temu +3

      ​@poof USAA is literally better than any other insurance company. I love them so much.

    • poof
      poof Miesiąc temu +4

      Yep. I wonder if maybe laws up there are more company friendly. My usaa insurance paid for the replaced glass, paid for food after a hurricane outage, and 2 tows. Never had increases.

    • Tom Camp
      Tom Camp Miesiąc temu +1

      @Digby_Dooright I can see that if there are a lot of claims in a short period, they may consider you a high-risk driver...

  • Bill Melater
    Bill Melater 27 dni temu +4

    I remember a time when people kept telling people not to worry about businesses being damaged "because they have insurance" as it it really were just free money, even if that type of damage was covered.

  • K S
    K S Miesiąc temu +28

    Maybe it’s different in Canada, but it’s common in the US for glass coverage to have no deductible and is unlikely to affect your premiums.

    • John Galt Line
      John Galt Line Miesiąc temu +2

      @John Gedeborg On the flood insurance, it's not so much that insurance companies wouldn't want to sell flood insurance, it's that current government regulations don't allow the companies to base premiums off of the likelihood of a flood. If you offer flood insurance, you have to offer it at the same rate without consideration as to how likely it is a claim will be made. The US government is the biggest provider because no one else is dumb enough to actively encourage people to live in placed their home is likely to be destroyed. Mush of the same holds true for fire insurance in places where wildfires are common. Artificially low insurance premiums encourage people to live places that are not great to live in, and with the US government footing the bill to constantly rebuild homes that are ruined over and over again it's really everyone paying taxes that is subsidizing housing in places that it's stupid to build housing.

    • K S
      K S Miesiąc temu

      @John Gedeborg the difference is that unlike flood insurance that is often not required, car insurance often is, and glass coverage is one component of many car insurance policies

    • John Gedeborg
      John Gedeborg Miesiąc temu +3

      @K S I guess my point is more of the availability of insurance. Insurance companies will stop offering insurance in areas or make it so expensive that it isn’t worth while. Flood insurance is a great example. Most large insurance companies do not offer flood insurance as it is pretty much a whole home wipe out with 1 flood. That is why the government tends to be the largest flood insurance provider.
      Some people can’t afford high car insurance coverage in urban areas as the cost is much higher. They are basically priced out of good coverage. So while window insurance is good, the company still needs to make money otherwise they won’t offer it. If there too many claims on general, they won’t offer the policy or make it so high no one will pay for it.
      So while I won’t be the deciding factor, too many claims will result in insurance companies not wanting to provide the coverage.

    • K S
      K S Miesiąc temu

      @John Gedeborg they will know about it regardless of whether you file a claim though. You are not going to be personally responsible for rates rising in a given community. Your one claim isn’t going to move the needle either way
      If thousands of other people file claims, even if you don’t file one, your rates will rise.

    • John Gedeborg
      John Gedeborg Miesiąc temu +3

      This works, as long as you don’t live in a location where this happens a lot. If the insurance company can’t earn a profit because too many cars get the windows broken, they will raise the premiums until it is more cost effective to not have the insurance.

  • Kevin S
    Kevin S Miesiąc temu +39

    I argued to my family about tax bracket and how taxes work ( I’m in the same province as Linus) it is crazy how much they argued and didn’t believe me. I mentioned that taxes work like Linus said. Also my wife had medical insurance at work. We paid $1200 a year in insurance and it only covered one dental visit a year that cost $600 before insurance. Let me not pay insurance and put that $100 a month I save into a separate account for my dental visit in the long run I save money.

    • Kevin S
      Kevin S Miesiąc temu

      @JustCallMeNoah I looked it up and it seems they are.

    • YeHoSays
      YeHoSays Miesiąc temu +1

      @Jason I forgot to mention that its actually worse because these people I know delayed their major surgeries until the beginning of the next year to reap the out of pocket benefits. So basically because they can't afford the copays of taking their children to the doctor regularly, they opt in to a life of pain and misery to get healthcare for their children.

    • Jason
      Jason Miesiąc temu +1

      @YeHoSays that’s so lame that it works like that though :/

    • YeHoSays
      YeHoSays Miesiąc temu

      @Jason that's where the out of pocket maximum comes in, I know a couple of people that have hit that max and then they go on a doctor appointment spree.

    • JustCallMeNoah
      JustCallMeNoah Miesiąc temu +1

      @Tomasz Cheda I was gonna say I remember learning about HSAs and other insurance plans in the context of the US health insurance system, but as a Canadian I'd never heard the term used here. Thank you for clarifying!

  • Solarbonite
    Solarbonite Miesiąc temu +3

    Warning: when it comes to amortized taxes or cases where governments give rebates for items, read the fine print.
    My parents ran into a case where they had a car for 6 years but didn't realize we had to keep it for 7 years.
    Then, a random tax inspection occurred, they went back further than the 7 year maximum, (never allow them to do that... ever) found the evidence of the sale and promptly charged my parents for the entire "rebate" + interest and if I'm not mistaken a penalty too.
    Always read the fine print, and never "cooperate" with the tax guys more than what's required, even if they seem nice.

  • The48th Ronin
    The48th Ronin Miesiąc temu

    The amortization conversation gave me flashbacks to the massive end of year project in my mine econ class, where we created a massive spreadsheet with hundreds of lines of equipment and their amortizations and costs and tax values and government subsidies for each one.

  • Keith Böhler
    Keith Böhler Miesiąc temu +4

    I really like the ideas of IoT, but due to the fact that you cannot self host as an option and things requiring internet for their basic function makes them a deal breaker.

  • Shane Plumb-Saumure
    Shane Plumb-Saumure Miesiąc temu +5

    On the topic of tax write-offs and donations... Usually, when used as tax avoidance, the donation will be made in the form of material goods written-off at original MSRP, which is so much higher than the real payed-from-accounts cost of the donated product that it's less than the cost of paying the income tax on the MSRP, hopefully to the point of making a "profit" in the form of a 0$ tax bill.
    If they're any good at their job, your "flipper" will suggest donating your older computers and parts to schools and non-profits with a charity receipt for the full retail prices of said computers and parts (ideally struggling entities that don't get many donations and won't argue about how much of their charity-receipt quota goes to your write-offs).

  • Doppler Effect
    Doppler Effect Miesiąc temu +8

    For some insurance policies (like my own), the glass coverage adds cost onto the premium, and you can make X amount of claims per calendar year (I think mine is 2). However, the flip side of it on the insurance policy is that glass claims don't raise the premium after a claim. So while yes, it's not free money for my glass coverage, I am getting back the money I paid to the insurance company up front. Paying, say, 200 a year more, is a lot easier to stomach than a 400 dollar window out of pocket. It's especially helpful in Alaska where thrown rocks and tire studs are extremely common, and defroster cracks that span the whole windshield in the winter make a replacement yearly almost a foregone conclusion. Paying 30ish dollars a month is far easier to budget for.
    Granted, this all comes down to how your insurance policy is written out, so make sure to read over the entire thing. But not all insurance policies work the same.

    • Paul Morgan
      Paul Morgan Miesiąc temu +1

      So... what you're saying is that they already raised your rates. :D Just throw $30 in the bank every month. It's the same thing, minus the insurance company's expected profit.

    • Chubbysumo
      Chubbysumo Miesiąc temu +1

      Don't forget, there is a actual cost associated with professionally removing and replacing a door window or a windshield. My wife's windshield recently broke, it cost me nothing out-of-pocket replace it. coverage on my insurance policy cost me an additional $100 a year. The cost of the windshield alone was around $900. Then there was three and a half hours of Labor to put it in. It would have cost me around $1,500 to replace that windshield out of pocket. You aren't purchasing insurance because it's free money, you're purchasing Insurance to ensure that you don't have to spend that money later.

  • Robin Deurloo
    Robin Deurloo 29 dni temu

    Having your own business does make all the insurance and tax stuff a lot clearer. Income tax, VAT and all sorts of other deductibles. Actually pretty fun when you understand it all (yeah I'm nuts)

  • Big Dawg
    Big Dawg Miesiąc temu +6

    When people refer to donations as tax write offs cuz millionaires give exchanging donations to each other’s foundations, which pay a salary to family members often and are just a tax free vanity project…

  • Marco2G
    Marco2G Miesiąc temu +14

    In Switzerland, if you "own" (as in owe the bank) the house or apartment you live in, you get a virtual amount you COULD make if you rented it out, which you're obviously not, added to your income.
    So not only do you get to pay taxes on a good 10k income you never had, the percentage also rises as the tax is progressive. We don't deal with brackets... the percentage is just steadily rising with your income.
    So yeah, owning the property you live in not only gets you taxed more, it also gets you taxed more on the actual income.
    Granted, you can deduct the mortgage interest but obviously that NEVER amounts to anywhere near that virtual income... It has also led to Swiss people telling you, with a straight face, it's a good idea to not completely pay off your mortgage so you can save on tax.
    Problem is, you save a few hundred bucks on tax but you pay a few hundred bucks a MONTH to the bank in interest. There are enough people that go into retirement with only one third of their property paid off and they then have to sell it because they can't afford the tax on it. I shit you not.

  • Somnorila
    Somnorila Miesiąc temu +1

    I think there are examples from some investigations around donations made to shy away from paying taxes where there are entire webs of fiscal bodies, so the money given is one side, the money received the other side. From a broader perspective is like moving own money from one pocket to another. Like even i fit's not coming all back, the part that doesn't goes to pay for some of your desired expenses. I think i saw a documentary some time ago about the web build by the Koch brothers where a big chunk of the would be donations are really spend for lobbying style focused directions that do come back to support the donors through other channels, type of taxes, policies and such.

  • Alexander Hill
    Alexander Hill Miesiąc temu +11

    Regarding tax write-offs, afaik there have been some historic systems that have been used by rich people to actually profit from tax write-offs in the US, usually involving donating high value assets to non-profit organisations that are owned by trusts they control, and which still allow the original owner access to the asset. I'm not sure if the loopholes that enabled these things have been fixed, or to what extent it was ever a large scale practice, but that may be where people get the idea from.

    • Patrick Johnson
      Patrick Johnson Miesiąc temu

      Yes! The profit comes from the art being valued higher than the purchase price. So you buy for $1M, 'donate' it to your charitable trust, at a $3m valuation (from a generous appraiser) and the trust loans it to MOMA.
      Let's say you paid 40% tax on the income you bought the painting for $1m. You then get back $1.2M in tax benefits to offset against recent income. All of a sudden the govt paid you $200k to buy the painting, which you still fully control.

    • Hayden Maines
      Hayden Maines Miesiąc temu +3

      Hah, now I'm picturing a billionaire donating their artwork to their charity, and their charity comes up with an innovative system for helping cover operating costs by taking the artwork in their back catalog and renting it out to private individuals, so the billionaire rents back his artwork. It never leaves the wall in his mansion, and now there's a constant expense being paid to one of his charities

  • Luminescent Lion
    Luminescent Lion Miesiąc temu +2

    On tax write offs it's not like you're not purchasing anything. When you donate to a tax deductable charity you either get influence and power over a certain area(especially with political action charities) or you get PR.

  • Asmosis Yup
    Asmosis Yup Miesiąc temu

    Get a fancy lock/alarm for the insurance deductions, then leave the window open so burglars don't break your fancy lock.

  • Calvin Haselman
    Calvin Haselman 24 dni temu

    Linus spot on with insurance everyone could learn from this.

  • Diegomaeggo
    Diegomaeggo Miesiąc temu +3

    You get a tax break in later years though, it often works out better that way. You can only reduce your tax basis to 0 in any given year, so depending on your other financials you might not be able to fully realize the tax savings. Over the course of two years you're going to pay more total tax if you make $0 in year 1 and $500k in year 2 than if you just made 250k each year.

  • Aniket Basak
    Aniket Basak Miesiąc temu +1

    Amortization only applies to intangible assets, it'll be called depreciation in the case of the camera. Also depreciation over the life of an asset is very appropriate, they don't want to give you the benefit of a capital expenditure in the year of the expenditure because the asset will be enjoyed over its lifetime.

  • RupertMDoc
    RupertMDoc Miesiąc temu

    I was visiting Florida a few weeks ago and every other billboard had advertisements for "were you in an accident" lawyers. This is in addition to plentiful local TV advertisements. If you think about it, those advertisements are paid for buying suing car insurance companies, who get their money from drivers paying for car insurance. Insurance companies aren't going to lose money to operate in state, so the drivers in Florida (or at least those driving legally with insurance) are the ones paying for lawyers to just advertise. And yes, Florida does have higher car insurance premiums than most states.

    • orangy57
      orangy57 23 dni temu

      the bump in insurance costs makes sense, just moved to Florida from up north and it's like there's absolutely no rules on the roads here. so far I've seen dozens of squatted trucks, cars with all-white brake lights, and a couple of trucks with lift kits so shitty and wobbly that they look like they'll flip over if they turn. People will regularly cut you off at lights with no turn signals all the time just to get a car or two ahead. 2 of my buddies have already gotten into accidents in the 6 months that I've been here the Florida Man stuff is real

  • Paraboemba
    Paraboemba 16 godzin temu

    Linus saying he is bad with security stuff, aged very very well..

  • Justin Bouchard 💜
    Justin Bouchard 💜 11 dni temu

    when i pay my car insurance for a year and don't get in an accident the insurance company is certainly taking free money when they don't give it back to me.

  • blargg
    blargg Miesiąc temu

    Funny, I just got a $50 payout from my credit card's accidental damage protection (no annual fee) on a new item I bought and broke some glass on within the first week. No deductible. Pretty amazing actually.

  • Isaac F
    Isaac F Miesiąc temu

    Some insurance company’s offer a free glass replacement once a year, you don’t pay excess and it doesn’t count as a claim. Mine does here in aus :)

    • Kerryn Offord
      Kerryn Offord 24 dni temu

      Is that for a windscreen? or a small side window? Lots will do a windscreen (stone etc breakage) not so sure about side windows...

  • RandomTech
    RandomTech 21 dzień temu

    I have glass insurance on my vehicle. $3/per mo. and they do not require you to pay the deductible nor does it affect the premiums. I had to use it once, they came out same day and replaced it in the parking lot while i was at work. So, In some cases, Glass insurance is not necessarily a bad thing if you get the right rate from the right insurance company.

  • Greg Oughton
    Greg Oughton Miesiąc temu

    Stuff about media production taxation is pretty interesting, much simpler for manufacturing where you're just taxed on profit from goods sold. Still amortize capital expenditure deductions, which I'm told is why vehicles and other equipment is leased.

    • John Gedeborg
      John Gedeborg Miesiąc temu

      Ah unless you are a large enough company that you deal with UNICAP and have to capitalize into inventory the wages of the people building the projects, plus overhead, etc. Each industry lives in their own version of accounting pains.

  • WITC Designs
    WITC Designs Miesiąc temu +1

    1:34 Aren't American and possibly Canadian houses normally built completely out of wood and drywall, or is it just internal walls? I always laugh when I see locks on doors in a drywall house on HGTV.

  • SphinxKingStone
    SphinxKingStone Miesiąc temu

    Car insurance thing sounds strange to me. Here in Russia you just pay every year and if insurances covers type of damage and it’s not super expensive they just fix it for free

  • D Jaquith
    D Jaquith Miesiąc temu +8

    Our auto insurance policy has a $1,000 deductible. Even if you're 100% not at fault, they absolutely will increase your policy cost when you use your own insurance.

  • Ahdok
    Ahdok Miesiąc temu

    I remember the last time Musk donated money to charity it was to himself, so he did sort of get free money.

  • squarebrain
    squarebrain 29 dni temu

    That amortization of labour is insanity lmao

  • Arashmickey
    Arashmickey Miesiąc temu +1

    Does the law separately mention your final video and the copy uploaded to youtube? Are they the same thing for tax purposes, or is one your asset while the copy is owned by youtube, and they figure into your and their respective taxes separately or something?

  • clint Miller
    clint Miller Miesiąc temu

    Glass insurance is different … it’s usually a 10-50 deductible and is a rider on your regular policy it’s not the same as a comprehensive or a accident claim

  • Karl Svazas
    Karl Svazas Miesiąc temu

    "Do you even know what a write-off is?"
    "No...but they do! And they're the ones writing it off!"

  • andrew lurvey
    andrew lurvey Miesiąc temu

    I guess insurance if can is a little bit different cuz I can tell you almost every major Auto insurer in the US factors and having to replace windows every couple of years when you get the quote they're expecting to have to replace your windshield every two years they don't care whether you do it or you don't do it it's so gets Auto factored into your quote

  • EnbyCatboyGF
    EnbyCatboyGF Miesiąc temu

    I had someone at a convention where i was hanging out with big content creators of the time try and tell me that one content creator wasn't being nice getting everyone Pizza because it was going to be a "Business Right Off" I just sat there and thought "They still just spent almost 200 dollars on pizza dude, I don't give a fuck."

    • Kerryn Offord
      Kerryn Offord 24 dni temu

      $200 at the current US company tax rate attracts something like $42 in tax... The person has expended something like $158

  • Zayne Ytem
    Zayne Ytem Miesiąc temu +1

    This is honestly why I hate TikTok with every fiber of my being. The amount of misinformation they spread and the know-it-alls that think they understand the concept of taxation after watching a 30-second video is just too much.
    Literally got into an argument with a family member that "did their research," aka watch 3-5 TikToks, over how marginalized taxation works. Bro literally told me I don't know anything when I work for a law firm that specializes in taxation and have dozens of close friends who are accountants. This is a clown world. 🤡

  • Solarbonite
    Solarbonite Miesiąc temu +1

    Wait, you spent a thousand dollars on a desk? But isn't it a tax writeoff?

  • JG
    JG Miesiąc temu

    Sadly they will STILL break the windows without checking the door. If you’re fed up, leave a window down or the back hatch or a door open.

  • LuigiGamingLP
    LuigiGamingLP Miesiąc temu

    My car is always unlocked as well.
    I think noone would assume i have anything of value in my messy car (the car has scratches/dents, and everything but the front two seats is always full of stuff like jackets and whatever)

  • Farhan
    Farhan Miesiąc temu +1

    There are all these Finance TikTok influencers that think you earn less if you earn above an income band so they advise you to NOT get a pay increase and to stay in your income band...they don't realise how the marginal system works...

  • Luke
    Luke Miesiąc temu +3

    It's a huge issue that massive corporations can create clever tax structures to dramatically lower their tax in a way small businesses never could. It's absurd how little tax Amazon pay in most countries they operate in compared to their smaller competitors.

    • Trap Johnson
      Trap Johnson Miesiąc temu

      @JC that's easy, they have the money to pay the accountants to comply with the hoops that the up an comers cannot afford.

    • JC
      JC Miesiąc temu

      @Trap Johnson who knows if they pay the law makers to write laws in a way they can get away with it

    • Trap Johnson
      Trap Johnson Miesiąc temu

      That's what happens every time "we" try to write in a new tax against the rich.
      Simplify the code so that they don't have those games available to play, and you will receive more taxation from them AND the small businesses will be shafted less.

  • Leroy
    Leroy Miesiąc temu

    I had my car lock chiseled out to open my unlocked door. My first step as a non thief try the handle first.

  • Chubbysumo
    Chubbysumo Miesiąc temu

    glass coverage doesn't raise the cost of Eeyore Collision or comprehensive policies very much, that's why it's a specific policy just for glass. Also, a windshield for a newer car can be thousands of dollars.

  • Aimero
    Aimero Miesiąc temu

    In Germany we have something called "Teilkasko" and they will pay for everything that isn't caused by regular traffic and it won't raise your Premium

  • Julmara
    Julmara Miesiąc temu

    had my bike stolen a few years ago and got 200 euros
    however with taxes and stuff that went down to about 160 if i remember right but it only took a few days till the money was on my account

  • GGWP
    GGWP 12 dni temu

    What people fail to understand is that for 99% of cases, a "tax write off" means if you don't have a good accountant to spot that edgecase situation, you'd either pay taxes twice over an operation or you'd pay taxes on money you didn't make. It's not a "I avoided paying taxes", but a "I avoided paying more taxes than I legally should".

  • HootMaRoot
    HootMaRoot Miesiąc temu

    Every car insurance policy I have ever had, would cover glass/keys and won't affect the price of your insurance

  • ଳ
     Miesiąc temu

    Pizza shop problem. Only takes X amount of people for peak efficiency. The security guys don't cut into the main product on a proper team. For an indie one guy, though, different story.

  • Robb Hays
    Robb Hays Miesiąc temu +5

    Mandatory personal finance classes in school are long overdue.

  • james phillips
    james phillips Miesiąc temu

    We would be the like "Independence Day" aliens: where a single virus uploaded from a single laptop was able to shut down their entire network.

  • Pedro Fernandes
    Pedro Fernandes Miesiąc temu

    I see what he means about the insurance, BUT a lot of insurances (at least here) have a special clause specifically just for windows that allow for a certain amount of glass replacements per agreed upon time frame with no deductible and no increase to the premium. I pay 25 euros a year for that.

  • Felix Lankhorst
    Felix Lankhorst Miesiąc temu

    In europe (Netherlands) i even report damage of 70 euros as it has no negative effect.

  • Raunchy Santa
    Raunchy Santa 25 dni temu +1

    Here in the U.S. you can donate random stuff to goodwill for a tax writeoff, but you basically get to decide how much the writeoff is worth. Obviously you have to be somewhat reasonable or else you're committing fraud.

    • Kerryn Offord
      Kerryn Offord 24 dni temu

      But chances of being caught are low.. .. stories of people donating old shirts etc that they claim are worth say $30 each, and the charity shop sells for a couple of dollars

  • blargg
    blargg Miesiąc temu +1

    Re: insurance deductible. THE point of insurance is to cover things you expect to NOT happen, that would wipe you out if you had to pay out of pocket. It works because the total premiums for the pool of people are more than the occasional large payout. If it's something you're fairly sure will happen, then the insurance company will need to charge at least that much to stay solvent. So for regular things you should just save the money up to pay for it.

    • Jacob Falardeau
      Jacob Falardeau 28 dni temu +1

      I work for an insurance company, this is a big part of why we have deductibles. The other reason is because there's a cost associated with processing claims other than the money we need to actually fix something, we have to pay somebody to answer the phone when you call to make the claim, we have to pay someone to investigate and approve the claim, etc. If there was no deductible, you'd have people making claims for $50 that cost the company, say, $250 to actually process which runs up the cost of premiums over time.

  • melogranohifi
    melogranohifi Miesiąc temu

    Genuine curiosity, what’s the assumed useful life on your content assets? I understand that accounting rules might force you to amortize, but given the behavior of PLclip views you could probably argue that the useful life is very short, meaning from an accounting and tax standpoint your financial statements would look identical except for a few million bucks moving from SG&A to D&A. Does Canada have annoying rules where they force you to assume a crazy long useful life for no good reason?

  • Stefan Nilsson
    Stefan Nilsson 23 dni temu

    No idea if this is true. I read it somewhere else on the internet a long time ago so it may very well not be true:
    The best way to do a donation tax deduction would be to give a modern artist 10k $ to make a piece of art. Have your qualified art expert friend value the painting at 100k $ and then donate it to a museum or something.

  • LanK111er
    LanK111er Miesiąc temu

    In America amortization is typically a choice and it's usually advantageous if used properly to minimize taxes in the future.

  • PaulSD
    PaulSD Miesiąc temu

    And then there's LockPickingLawyer that shows that both dumb and smart locks are too easy to break into. Might as well just bolt the door at this rate.

  • Laro Den
    Laro Den Miesiąc temu +11

    Oh linus, you don’t know the charity and donation shenanigans around donating but keeping full control on the donation money and on top of it, donation can be used to invest in your own company or company you are interested.

    • Ryan
      Ryan Miesiąc temu

      That sounds like fraud

    • Sunbleached Angel
      Sunbleached Angel Miesiąc temu +3

      Yeah, that's a whole nother can of worms

  • OddGuyAmaar
    OddGuyAmaar Miesiąc temu

    I think he meant Capital Allowence by amortization

  • DanceBruce
    DanceBruce Miesiąc temu

    Insurance agent here. Canada might be different but a class claim with most American companies will not raise your insurance premiums. If you file to many comprehensive claims aka glass claims you could be put in a different tier that could raise your premiums. I will agree with you that people dont understand insurance what so ever. If you have a big loss and the insurance company pays for it... you become a much higher risk and that loss stays with you for 3-5 years so your rates will increase for that amount of time. Always have an agent to talk to before filing a claim!

  • iain mcilwain
    iain mcilwain Miesiąc temu

    Bro…what how is there not accelerated depreciation for content creators?
    I’d be interested in hearing more about this and what NAICS code or whatever you guys got into. Labs is setup as it’s own legal entity right?
    Anyways sounds like there’s legit room for some lobbying to be done. I would follow that the hell out such a lobby on Twitter.

  • Fat Vegan Liberator
    Fat Vegan Liberator Miesiąc temu

    Okay, I'm not sure how it works in Canada, but I'm sure there's different ways of doing your taxes where you can write stuff off all in one go?
    If it's the same in the UK, then I guess it would depend if you want to take advantage of depreciation etc. Maybe if you do simplified accounting you could do it; but you may lose certain benefits of your current accounting method.
    Although I am a sole-trader, so it's likely very different for yourselves.

    • Fat Vegan Liberator
      Fat Vegan Liberator 23 dni temu

      @Kerryn Offord that's definitely an interesting way to look at it; I'm lucky in the fact that being a sole trader and my earnings not being over a certain amount I'm able to take advantage of simple accounting.
      So I can just turn around and say this was my income, this was my expenses and this is my profit.
      Honestly; it seems silly to do it any other way; sure there's benefits to it. But at the same time I just think to myself "Why complicate something, why do I need to over complicate my taxes, when it really should just be about what you've earned after expenses".
      But like I say I'm not earning huge amounts of money; so for now I can continue to be simple :)

    • Kerryn Offord
      Kerryn Offord 24 dni temu

      It is a long time since I did tax work in NZ (H&R Block 1986-87) but different items depreciate at different rates and over different time periods. they also can depreciate in different formats.. Diminishing value and capital value.. A car has (had?) a 20% depreciation rate.
      On CV, you right off the full capital cost in 5 years at 20% per year. On DV (which is what was used for cars), you right off 20% of the diminishing value.. 20@ of 100% year one..Year 2 = 20% of 80%, year three = 20% of 64%... even after 20 years you still haven't written off the full purchase cost.
      Computers and monitor etc had a 2 year CV depreciation rate. Buildings were like 1.5- 2% (depending on construction type) CV (IIRC)
      You could totally write off purchases/ costs of under $250 (again, this was 1986-87, so that wasn't too bad ....
      And, of course, stock is deductible as a straight expense (100% from moment of payment).. it is only tools etc that stayed in "your possession" that you could only write off (claim depreciation)

  • John Gedeborg
    John Gedeborg Miesiąc temu

    Yup taxes suck. That is why people like me have jobs in the US. To Linus’s last point about labor being included, that happens in my company as well. We primarily manufacture inventory. In the US you are required to determine how much of the cost of labor is in the inventory and are only allowed a deduction when you earn the income by selling the inventory. This concept is being applied to PLclip videos. They are trying to force you to determine how much income the video will generate and then you can take that portion of development cost when you recognize the income. Now here is the biggest reason why taxes are complicated: CASH INCOME and TAXABLE INCOME are not the same thing. Most of Linus’s complaints are you paid the cash today (paid wages, produced a video, bought equipment, etc.). So you lost that cash income and you don’t get an equal deduction on book income you pay taxes on. So while you get the full deduction of what you spent eventually, you are still without the cash you had. The flip side is if you were in the magazine subscription business and you had all customers pay up front. You get cash income immediately. But you don’t have to recognize and pay taxes on that income until you produce the magazine and ship it out. Some businesses benefit from the cash concept where others don’t. Linus unfortunately is in the camp of having more cash go out before getting the tax expense than having cash come in before recognizing the income.
    Small companies and individuals in the US don’t deal with this as much as they are Cash Taxpayers. When you get cash, you earn it. When you spend cash, you typically get the expense (some restrictions, so consult your accountant). So Linus’s situation isn’t shared by individual typically unless they actually deal with their company’s taxes (or have a spouse that talks about it constantly).

  • NerdyJ
    NerdyJ 25 dni temu

    I'd leave my car unlocked if I didn't have all my tools for work in it which is worth more than the car itself

  • Chad Krause
    Chad Krause Miesiąc temu +1

    No bad actors would probably not be better. Bad actors makes our technology more robust, so less accidents happen and better design happens

  • aKai
    aKai Miesiąc temu

    How is a media company employee any different from, say, an antivirus developer then? The product is going to be out there making money over time.

  • Orilio
    Orilio 12 dni temu

    I think Linus overshot his joke at 1:35
    Should have said: "if they want to get in they'll just break your Windows" (so it's both actual windows and the OS lol)

  • Richard
    Richard Miesiąc temu

    Wait Canadian company's don't have an annual investment allowance? In the UK you can claim 100% of equipment costs up to £300,000 (increased to £1,000,000 temporarily) provided it's equipment. Buildings are different though

    • Connor Murphy
      Connor Murphy Miesiąc temu

      We have that in the US as well but the rules are slightly different.

  • Simon Bauer
    Simon Bauer Miesiąc temu

    if there where no "bad" actors not only in infotech we wouldnt have space travel among many other things.

  • Brian Burke
    Brian Burke Miesiąc temu

    The question is actually where they donate to, normally billionaires are donating to their own foundation, so they still have control and direction over all that money.

  • Zainullah Khan
    Zainullah Khan Miesiąc temu

    Found out today linus only knows 4 first world countries 😂

  • KingOli02
    KingOli02 27 dni temu

    Fyi, in insurance pricing, it is generally understood that the first 2 accident, liable or no, are not good predictors of loss and should not affect premiums. Same logic applies to glass.

  • Joshua Plantan
    Joshua Plantan Miesiąc temu +1

    Insurance is free money if your the one that gets hit and the other party is responsible and you don't care to fix your car, but still even then it technically isn't free because of the fact that the car now is worth less because it's been in an accident and that effects resale value

  • George Humphreys
    George Humphreys Miesiąc temu +1

    LTX/CSF idea:
    What can you steal from Linus' car in 5 minutes

    • George Humphreys
      George Humphreys Miesiąc temu

      Bonus points if you get the hand vac out while you're at it

  • The Rogue Wolf
    The Rogue Wolf Miesiąc temu +1

    I've found that a great many people who say "Well, you can just do X" have never actually done X.

  • Zyphera
    Zyphera 28 dni temu

    Is it even worth having insurance then?

  • Tree's Company
    Tree's Company Miesiąc temu

    As far as Gen Z goes anyways, I blame Mors Mutual Insurance for the misconceptions

  • Ymi_Yugy
    Ymi_Yugy Miesiąc temu

    Isn't LMG some form of LLC or why does Linus pay income tax instead of corporate tax on revenue?

  • Chase Messer
    Chase Messer Miesiąc temu

    Sysadmin here, not afraid of IoT devices like thermostats.

  • Kyorisu
    Kyorisu 28 dni temu

    I have unlimited glass repair for my vehicle with no excess to pay and I choose my own repairer so there is zero delay. My premium after several glass replacements is still cheaper than competitors. This is of course an exception and all my other insurance policies for home and such are garbage.

  • Cashington
    Cashington Miesiąc temu

    "Fuck it, just break my window and take it" lmao. Spoken like a guy who's wife has a boyfriend

  • joepie91
    joepie91 Miesiąc temu

    The thing with "what if we didn't have to spend all that time and effort [and money] on security" is that... that's not just a hypothetical, it's something that's actually achievable. Most crime is rooted in people's needs not being met in some way or another, and so it can be massively reduced just by making sure that good care is taken of everybody. The US (for example) does the opposite of that, with its harsh and strictly punitive legal system and total lack of socioeconomic safety nets, and so it's not a surprise that crime is a much worse problem there than in countries that actually take care of their citizens - leading to much higher individual/personal security expenses.
    And this is really pretty logical when you think about it: treat people poorly, and they will treat others poorly in response.

  • Nick Stone
    Nick Stone Miesiąc temu

    Kinda like EVs and gov credits. Is it enough of a credit for anyone not already on the edge of or already able to afford an EV? No? Why would I care then! Unless it's so important or valuable to me that it doesnt matter if they even have the credits, at all or at any level.

  • Stonebubble Privat
    Stonebubble Privat Miesiąc temu

    Not in germany. Here you can save money by donation money

  • Sk1ppeR
    Sk1ppeR Miesiąc temu

    Bro, I can't even think in non-bad actor way. Thinking about SQL injects, CSRF, hijacks, sanitization, input types and shit like that is what I base my code structure at. Although I don't agree with the video's message. There's no free lunch? It's not like insurance comes by default like warranty. You actually pay for that shit ?!?

  • Ilya Tarasov
    Ilya Tarasov 5 dni temu +3

    1:43 > You're notoriosly bad about a lot of security stuff.
    Oh well

  • NIlS T
    NIlS T Miesiąc temu

    wait that’s how american tax works this is awesome in my country your whole income gets taxed depending on your total income so the more you earn the more tax you pay so actually with a normal salary you only get half your income after tax and compulsory deductions 😅

    • Connor Murphy
      Connor Murphy Miesiąc temu

      In the us and it sounds like canada every bracket only gets taxed within that bracket. So for example, you might pay 10% of the first 10k, then 15% of the next 15k, then 20% of the next 20k. Total income 45k. Total tax 7250, or roughly 16% of your income.
      Those aren’t real numbers but it made the math easy.
      If the brackets aren’t additive there are certainly gaps. Someone making just a few dollars more than a coworker could take hundreds or even thousands of dollars less home per year.

  • thephantom1492
    thephantom1492 Miesiąc temu

    Bro is a home inspector and is covered by an insurance in case he get sued. That sadly happen on a semi regular basis. Why? People sue the home owner, and bring in the inspector too.
    Short story, he is covered. But with the deductible and the insurance raise over the few years, he made the math: it cost 10000$ per claims.
    It is like the loto. It may be as simple as sending a letter from a lawyer (something like a 400$ case), as it can be a full blown lawsuit (easilly over 50k + damages). Having a group of lawyers often cause the other party to drop the case or modify it to exclude him, while if he get a single lawyer it's a full blown one.. So it does cost less for the insurance compagny (they are scary) than if he would take the case (he's a nobody).

  • Erfan Tari
    Erfan Tari Miesiąc temu

    What if you give money to your own charity?

  • Kurt Wagner
    Kurt Wagner Miesiąc temu

    in Germany, if you have a partially comprehensive car insurance and you get a crack in your windscreen or hit a animal on the road, it is more or less free for you. you don`t get rated higher for those things. In most contracts you have to pay 150€ excess for the damage but the rest gets covered or in some cases you have to pay nothing additionaly.

    • Kurt Wagner
      Kurt Wagner 24 dni temu

      @Kerryn Offord jup

    • Kerryn Offord
      Kerryn Offord 24 dni temu

      But someone breaking into your car usually breaks a (preferably small) side window... not the windscreen. Are side windows covered?

  • ChasingZero
    ChasingZero Miesiąc temu

    You can get a $0 comprehensive deductible for generally not much more added to your premium. To the point of going through the insurance will result in higher premiums, once the claim has been resolved if your premium increases then switch carriers. I have had insurance companies raise rates after payouts and I move to someone else. Generally the other company, absent it being a claim related to your safety as a driver, won't penalize you as they weren't the one that had to pay out. Play the game. You have insurance for a reason. If you're going to keep paying things out of pocket out of the fear of a rate increase then you are doing exactly what your insurance company wants.

    • skifree
      skifree Miesiąc temu

      At least here in Canada, whichever company you remarket to will 100% know your claims history...It's literally one of the very first things they are required to pull when taking on new business.
      And also at least here in canada, number of claims is 100% a factor in your premiums...Insurance companies don't care about your "safety" they care about the probability of you making a claim while under their policy...You can be the saftest driver in the world with zero collisions, and no tickets, but if you make a glass claim every 6 months, there is almost no chance your premiums are going to stay the same.