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We (Accidentally) Destroyed Tarkov

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  • Opublikowany 5 mar 2023
  • Luke and Linus discuss the fallout from G0at’s video exposing cheating in Tarkov.
    G0at video here: • The Wiggle That K...
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Komentarze • 2 077

  • Emulation Emperor
    Emulation Emperor 23 dni temu +2697

    I don't care about Tarkov. Never got into it. But because of Luke's explanation of what the video was and describing the story and Journey g0at went on, I went and watched the 40 minute video

    • ArkaneHC
      ArkaneHC 2 dni temu

      @ClannerA01 This frame of mind you have is the reason Dev's don't implement the correct anti hacks to fix online play.

    • ArkaneHC
      ArkaneHC 2 dni temu

      @Travis Dring This is probably the hardest and most difficult game I've ever played. Add in Cheaters that can see your gear level etc.. is a huge turn off for any new player.

    • Kas S
      Kas S 3 dni temu


    • Mittens FastPaw
      Mittens FastPaw 14 dni temu

      Pretty much.

    • Brad MacAulay
      Brad MacAulay 15 dni temu

      @Siim I think all the players that bought the game and have been playing for years would disagree.

  • Alexander Grushevsky
    Alexander Grushevsky 21 dzień temu +545

    You'r not killing EFT
    You'r helping the whole industry of gaming
    Tarkov is an amazing game dyuing out of the cheating tech in whole

    • Alexander Grushevsky
      Alexander Grushevsky 16 godzin temu

      My apologies to everyone for 'r
      Im from Mordor... if it can be an excuse lol

    • oak
      oak 16 godzin temu

      you’r bothers me so much lol

    • Satanic Chocobo
      Satanic Chocobo 2 dni temu

      @ArkaneHC cheaters killed it

    • ArkaneHC
      ArkaneHC 2 dni temu

      No. It killed EFT

    • Satanic Chocobo
      Satanic Chocobo 7 dni temu +2

      @Kudo Dont need the e if you kno wht te sntnce is witout

  • WreklessTV
    WreklessTV 20 dni temu +229

    The problem with Tarkov is its SO TIME CONSUMING. You didn't "destroy" Tarkov. You helped people realize dumping hours on hours into a very difficult / time consuming game that's plagued with cheaters is a terrible idea. I was almost about to get back into Tarkov too before all of this. Not anymore, BSG needs to do their part and fix the issue...

    • McFiddles
      McFiddles Dzień temu


    • Outis
      Outis 2 dni temu

      lol you think this will be fixed? cod gta tarkov etc the devs for these tools where do you think they et the source code from? and how are they able to have them up and running some get detected some dont but if a game is in open beta and already these programs are being tested or are even dont b4 the games code is even able to be combed through...there's a simple and sad reason why cheaters are so prevalent especially big aaa online games and comp fps

    • buggoly bug
      buggoly bug 3 dni temu

      @Larry7 ???

    • Larry7
      Larry7 5 dni temu

      ​@Kaaqo 🤡🤡🤡

    • farhad aa
      farhad aa 14 dni temu +1

      And here I am wondering why I kept dying so early in a raid when loaded with high grade gear and weapons and high reward mission keys, literally getting shot between the eyes from across the map, thank god I didn't buy EoD version of the game, not worth it if cheating is such a big thing.

  • jasonjavelin
    jasonjavelin 22 dni temu +271

    2k+ hours in the game. Cheaters have gotten extremely worse and obvious in the last two wipes. I was not super hype for his video at first but after watching it all the way through and his interview on the Pogcast it was clearly a perfect storm and he said what needed to be heard for all the players. It needed to happen the the LMG pickup was crucial imo. I didn’t even know Luke played before recently so it’s cool to see he is as passionate about it as a lot of us are.

    • 5 bags of popcorn and 5 sodas
      5 bags of popcorn and 5 sodas 18 dni temu

      Last scav raid I spawned in with a labs card. A player scav walked up to me and demanded I hand over the lab card. After refusing he killed me.
      Haven't touched the game since.

    • LongTimeAgo
      LongTimeAgo 19 dni temu

      It has always been a problem. Even before the last 2 wipes.
      I stopped playing this game 2 years ago due to encountering people flying, having godmode and just killing everyone one by one from across the map. Every 2nd match I encountered shady shit.
      I think, out of frustration, people just started cheating together with all the cheaters.

    • Laurentius DS
      Laurentius DS 19 dni temu

      @RugDoc97 you playing on eu or US?

    • RugDoc97
      RugDoc97 19 dni temu +3

      ​@J C everytime I use lvl 5-6 me and my buddy get targeted and killed instantly head eyes 30 seconds after spawning

    • J C
      J C 20 dni temu +5

      1.2k+ hours here, confirming everything you said. Cheating in Tarkov has only gotten worse, entering a raid with any worthwhile gear is a tangible risk of painting yourself as a target, sometimes within 1 minute of spawning. It's that bad.
      Glad to see these guys cover this.

  • ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂
    ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂ 22 dni temu +175

    I love that their response to being censored, was basically to blitzkrieg the information onto the sub faster than it could be deleted lmao the way Luke phrased it is great "they were trying to SHOVE it in there while the mods tried to stop it"

  • Kuratse
    Kuratse 22 dni temu +26

    Whoa. A single video exposing cheaters ended up becoming a whole investigation and outrage over the cheating conspiracy. I didn't know games could be this realistic to even bring in conspiracies and corruption within the community.

    • luvlost
      luvlost 18 dni temu +1

      Forget VR!
      Tarkov is breaking the 4th wall lol

  • Tristan Holley
    Tristan Holley 22 dni temu +1466

    Nobody from this channel destroyed anything. BSG destroyed Tarkov by allowing this to happen.

    • Laurentius DS
      Laurentius DS 3 dni temu

      @Lonely Hacker post that money hack for current version oh almighty well of knowledge, also last time I'm sure that cheater clapped my cheeks was when Labs were released.

    • Lonely Hacker
      Lonely Hacker 3 dni temu

      @Laurentius DS prove it.

    • Lonely Hacker
      Lonely Hacker 3 dni temu

      @Nick Myers Tell me, how would you know if someone is using a unlimited money cheat and that it wasn't just found in raid?

    • Lonely Hacker
      Lonely Hacker 3 dni temu

      Looking at the video time stamp it was 2018 to be exact

    • Lonely Hacker
      Lonely Hacker 3 dni temu

      @Laurentius DS yes really, I my self have a money cheat posted for the game and they had free wall hacks , but yes go on and speak about something you know so much about.

  • Gustavo
    Gustavo 19 dni temu +20

    I've been playing Tarkov since 2018 and this cheaters issue just got worse over the years to the point that it's unplayable now. We tried to tell BSG but they didn't cared, they destroyed their own game because they didn't wanted to stop the cash income flow from the cheating problem.

  • Ian Fitz
    Ian Fitz 21 dzień temu +60

    Had contemplated getting into tarkov over the past month with some friends. This video couldn’t have come out at a better time, saved me from wasting my time and money so big thanks to goat for that lol

    • wolfman21
      wolfman21 16 dni temu

      @Cruel sun Survival Rate doesn't really paint the full picture of how cheaters ruin the game. You looking for a specific, really needed item? Its possible(likely?) that a cheater spawned into your raid and made it to that point well before you because they know the item is where it is and they know you are where you are. They can get there, get it and get out without you ever even seeing them because they know exactly where you are and where the loot is. Not to mention some of the kills you've gotten may have been cheaters just wanting to tank their K/D.

    • Rock Fire
      Rock Fire 16 dni temu

      @Cruel sun there’s nothing wrong with the game. There is something wrong with developers choosing to not do anything about cheaters.

    • Rock Fire
      Rock Fire 16 dni temu


    • Donetski
      Donetski 18 dni temu

      I've played tarkov since it's public Launch, bout 4k hours in. Just don't man

    • Ian Fitz
      Ian Fitz 19 dni temu

      @Mongoose (ASC) while that would be fun it feels antithetical to what is so attractive and intriguing about the game.

  • AngryOlive
    AngryOlive 20 dni temu +4

    I think we’re all so frustrated on the level of cheating across all games not just Tarkov. We know it’s happening but didn’t have the way to expose it like Luke did. Even if there were servers dedicated to cheaters where anything goes, the cheaters wouldn’t want to play on those servers. They want to have a secret advantage in a server meanwhile a significant number of people want to play legitimately

  • Bob Semple
    Bob Semple 22 dni temu +24

    I respect how careful Linus and Luke are about topics. They phrase things in a thoughtful way and think about what they have to say.
    Its very mature and quite different from a usual PLclip behaviour. I respect that. Keep it up

    • J0hn Dobile
      J0hn Dobile 20 dni temu +1

      1. They are being methodical for serious reasons.
      2. They aren't trying to get canned for "airing" evidence and factual truth.
      3. They're grown ass business men not personalities like "PLcliprs".
      4. They sympathize with the consumer/viewer because they aren't detached from reality.(unlike some)
      5.I bet your wifu is trash and mine is better.

  • HappyQuails
    HappyQuails 6 dni temu

    I really liked your idea of being able to see the accurate results of gameplay sessions to disambiguate what happened as a kind of built in cheat resistance or notification. If player names are connected with actions this will place some needed teeth in it.

  • SeraphX2
    SeraphX2 22 dni temu +1481

    if a moderator is deleting videos that are calling out a problem but deleting content due to a technicality, it makes me believe they are part of the problem.
    If you're a creator and try to downplay a problem, you are part of the problem. How could you EVER defend cheating.

    • riley kopinski
      riley kopinski 13 dni temu

      @soju69jinro it’s possible but they’d need to do a good job hiding funds to avoid laws similar to racketeering. I doubt the government will take withheld taxes from them lightly especially rn.

    • SeraphX2
      SeraphX2 19 dni temu

      @Mario Marques if you're banking your whole streaming career you're definitely doing it wrong. lol these people gotta know games come and go, right?
      and yeah. if cheating is tanking it, might wanna find a new game anyway

    • Mario Marques
      Mario Marques 19 dni temu

      One of the biggest streamers literally made a video saying "you have to understand some of these ppl do this to feed their families". What kind of idiot says that when it's literally killing the game.

    • Drengr
      Drengr 19 dni temu

      @No time for creative names just for games Russian is not a race. American is not a race. You're whining about someone criticizing a country.

  • Faf
    Faf 20 dni temu +3

    I reassure you, you helped the community more than you think. They are still cheaters out there, but thing is that we can already feel the game working better.... and i love it so much :D

  • Monolith
    Monolith 21 dzień temu +3

    i have 600 hours and climbing in tarkov i joined kinda late to the party so i knew what i was getting into with it it’s pretty hard to miss the technically assisted players especially on certain maps

  • Bob Sentell
    Bob Sentell 22 dni temu +3

    It was a good video. I never heard of Tarkov until this situation, but it was very enlightening.

  • Leo Larsen
    Leo Larsen 18 dni temu +1

    I was gonna give it another shot after many multiple endgame, filthy rich and lvl 60+ wipes, but thanks to this I realized it has to be abandoned by all the legit players to such an extent where there is only cheaters left and they are forced to actually deal with it. So grateful this turned out the way it did and I won't touch the game until I see improvement. I encourage everyone else to do the same!

  • TheAshenOne
    TheAshenOne 20 dni temu +2

    The issue with tarkov cheating is I have absolutely no way of knowing if it was a mistake that I made, or if the dude was staring at me through a wall 10 minutes before an engagement even happened. End of match spectate mode would eliminate most of the issues for me.

  • Oraceon
    Oraceon 22 dni temu +916

    I was a very dedicated Tarkov player, and I put in hundreds of hours per wipe, but since learning that there are cheaters in more than 60% of games and possibly even more than that, I quit Tarkov altogether until something is done. Anticheat in the game right now is just an absolute joke. Tarkov takes a lot of dedication and time to make any progress. Dying can legitimately set you back several more hours for just a single death. Death matters in that game. Its not as simple as die and respawn. You're risking gear and precious time and resources. I'm not willing to risk my time playing a game where I have to question every raid whether or not I got killed by a cheater.

    • impendio
      impendio 15 dni temu

      Imagine playing videogames…

    • The Irresponsible Ghost
      The Irresponsible Ghost 19 dni temu +1

      ​@Boring_Jesse "playing since alpha, but never experienced it" I call complete and utter bullshit on that my guy

    • RugDoc97
      RugDoc97 19 dni temu

      ​@indefinity I get no reward from killing bots I need competition from other people

    • H4F
      H4F 20 dni temu

      It works out to maybe 5 or 6 percent of players, and that is based on less than complete evidence. If you also listened to Goat, you'd know that very few of these cheaters go and kill people - they try to avoid them if they can help it, so you dying to a cheater is simply very unlikely regardless. While it obviously is a serious issue, people are blowing this out of proportion. Your raids are much more often affected by the sound being bad or by desync than the odds of maybe, just maybe running into a cheater that decided to plink you in the head - something you are almost never able to tell with certainty.

    • Filthy_Franco
      Filthy_Franco 20 dni temu

      same. I love the game but not being able to tell whether it was a great shot or a Wiggle Man is enough for me to finally say bye bye after 5 years of applying damage to my brain playing this game.

  • SOPMOD97
    SOPMOD97 20 dni temu +1

    As someone who had played tarkov nonstop through collage and up until today I'm a little sad at how things have become in terms of the cheating epidemic. Cheating was always there but it wasn't as big as it is today. I uninstalled the game after 4 years of playing and I've loved every second of it. I'm glad that the cheating problem had been brought to the forefront by goat and others trying to shed light on how the game has become.

  • Olive
    Olive 21 dzień temu +3

    You guys should discuss the ongoing bot crisis and lack of response from Valve on Team Fortress 2. I was shocked when Luke mentioned it at all without any kind of acknowledgement of what we’ve been going through since right before the pandemic started.

    • Chupika64
      Chupika64 19 dni temu

      Didn't valve release an official post somewhere(s) that said theyre doing a big content update and focusing in on the bots? I couldve sworn they said it was slated for this month. Dont get me wrong it was very overdue but they did end up saying something.

  • Frank A
    Frank A 22 dni temu +16

    I care a lot about Tarkov. It has brought a lot to me, positivity, especially through the past few years. Maybe it's an age thing but I just wish for a proper progression-based single player version. Where did it become so expected for us all to play in a collaborative world? I just want to play computer games, on my own, against increasingly advanced AI technology. A return to this, even just as an option, would surely increase player numbers.

    • 3nertia
      3nertia 6 dni temu

      The problem is that game devs *tried* to make realistic AI and the dumb players (which outnumber us greatly, look up "Dunning-Kruger") complained that it was "too hard" and that was when realistic enemy AI died out then and there

    • smogphotochimique
      smogphotochimique 17 dni temu

      @Jaune Arc I think I saw a mod on spt letting you decide how much bots or pmc can spawn, let me check.
      I think it was
      "MOAR CONFIG OPTIONS FOR BETTERSPAWNSPLUS 1.0.3" but currently it's for SPT 3.5.0, I'd advise waiting for update
      didn't try it but it states you can modify the pmc/scav numbers

    • Jaune Arc
      Jaune Arc 17 dni temu +1

      I'd love a cooperative experience y'know? Or hell, just less PMC's on the map even.

    • Sicwidit808
      Sicwidit808 19 dni temu +1

      @Frank A yeah it’s a process but the website Spt has a guide and if a bot like me could do it you can too. Once you have it downloaded you can play anytime no matter internet or not. You basically redownloading game on separate folder from online Tarkov and it’s modded with active flea market pmcs. You can do everything in Tarkov without other players.

    • Highly Erogenous Banana-man
      Highly Erogenous Banana-man 20 dni temu +1

      @Frank A I struggled with it a bit because I sail the seven seas and that was more complicated. But there is an in-depth guide and plenty more like it all around you can find

  • Ju5t_1ce
    Ju5t_1ce 19 dni temu +1

    I have put at least 500 hours in tarkov which isn't a huge amount but way before goats video I quit playing it because of the obvious cheating problem. I love that goats video actually brought a lot of the issues to the surface. Now maybe companies will push harder to remove a lot of cheaters.

  • Bruno Sol
    Bruno Sol 22 dni temu +168

    Just reminding… yes he cheated but he only observed and didn’t kill anyone. He didn’t spoil anyone’s fun. Not even the cheaters 😊

    • Quack
      Quack 8 dni temu

      @EbonySeraphim remember the guy he let die out was a cheater

    • EbonySeraphim
      EbonySeraphim 14 dni temu +1

      Yup, Goat didn't kill anyone. The worst he did was NOT save a guy who was a cheaper, and he claimed he would save/heal but let the guy die out. The guy mostly died out on his own though because the situation was one that Goat didn't want to push forward with.

    • TheRealPhatPappy
      TheRealPhatPappy 16 dni temu

      @carb har harb car thissssssssss

    • carb har harb car
      carb har harb car 20 dni temu +36

      yeah if anyone genuinely brings up that he cheated as a point against him they're insane. cheating is literally only as bad as its malicious intent. micspamming could be considered a greater crime than what he did

  • Seth Dean
    Seth Dean 21 dzień temu +3

    Love how Linus just ends the podcast when he damn well pleases

  • Isaac Graff
    Isaac Graff 19 dni temu +1

    So, you will occasionally get equipment from "the system" for lack of a better term, there was a point where matches were crashing on completion a few years back and people would loose their gear and loot upon finishing a raid and I remember that they gave out a package with a few weapons, armor and some cash attached to a message that said "sorry, here's some help" or something to that effect, so the packs (to my knowledge) were intended to help with the rough game state at the time. I have gotten one or two recently when I started playing after this story broke, and it's just been some mid tier loot, an ak and some body armor, etc,...

  • Sin Shadowed
    Sin Shadowed 21 dzień temu +1

    on the topic of Defending the game,
    I love the game. its become one of my most played game in recent years, but seeing the video and understanding how bad it actually is, it opened my eyes to how bad i was defending it myself. "cheating is not as bad as they say it is" "i just got unlucky" "I really suck this wipe"
    it was hard for me to admit it and to finally step away from the game in its current state. I really hope it can turn itself around with how bad it is

  • Daniel
    Daniel 22 dni temu

    Retrospectives about different old tech would actually be really cool if they made it

  • Secret Ninja
    Secret Ninja 20 dni temu

    Very glad the video was released, I hope more people realize the regular player is the content for the hackers and BSG is making more off of the hackers.

  • WartimeFriction
    WartimeFriction 22 dni temu +420

    Cheaters have made me let go of all competitive multiplayer shooters over the past few years, including tarkov. It's really quite a shame, but I'm at a point in my life where I'd rather just hang out and chat with my friends while we all play our own interests.

    • TheClassiestFox
      TheClassiestFox 9 dni temu

      @Raxis Well, I'm not shit at video games so I don't need to cheat and 2. The last time I played Tarkov was when it was first available and I realized at that moment that it was, aside from the gunplay which was/is amazing, a shit game.
      I'm more just tired of everyone bitching about cheaters when it really isn't as big of a problem in most games. Yes, Tarkov's cheating is incredibly high and yes so is the original CoD Warzone (not sure about Warzone 2 but MW2 multiplayer doesn't have many cheaters from my experience) but they are exceptions and both lacked a basic anti-cheat. Like using ESEA or FaceIt for CSGO as an example, since it was mentioned, was never to get away from cheaters (since the cheater influx happened once the game was Free to play), it was to get away from Valve's shit matchmaking and bad rank system.
      Most people scream "He's Hacking!" or "He's Cheating!" because they lost, not because the person actually is. Like, how many people would report Shroud for being good at games in 2023 if he wasn't a big streamer? Literally everyone because in 2023 gamers (people in general really) can no longer handle taking losses and attempt to improve, they'd rather find a scapegoat to blame.
      Also to your other comment since I work as a SysAdmin, Windows Admin permissions are not the same as the Kernel Level permissions Riot's Vanguard gets. Windows "Run as Admin" are User level permissions and those permissions cannot override Kernel Level permissions, the difference is that User Mode is what you basically run everything in, run as admin etc etc. while Kernel Mode is what basically only Windows and a handful of drivers (some drivers run in User Mode funnily enough) run in. Big difference. It's no different from how everyone was (and still is) mad about Windows 10/11 being spyware. Difference with that is that I can disable the spyware in Windows, I can't do that with Riot's Vanguard. And if I'm being honest, I'd trust Microsoft before I trust Tencent...I mean Riot.

    • Nemesis33
      Nemesis33 17 dni temu

      @adam cooper yes exactly, ofc that risk is like less than 5% chance to be possible (i mean find one person with that knowledge that with go for you and only you will be ultra unlucky) but it's still a big risk.
      Like a similar thing happens with GTA and Black ops 3, the community warns people if they play online because some hackers can go in your PC and you are done. GTA is know to have a potential hacker even in solo it's crazy.
      That's why having a game that have access to your kernel level 0 is risky and i won't take that chance lol. To each their own

    • Jason Brewer
      Jason Brewer 20 dni temu

      ​@TheClassiestFox ratioed

    • Everyone1lies D
      Everyone1lies D 20 dni temu

      I cut off apex legends because of that and now I'd rather play chill games like Fallout 76 or No man sky with friends

    • adam cooper
      adam cooper 20 dni temu +1

      @maidenmadness1 The thing about rootkit isn't what riot is willing to do with it. They are a trusted public company who would see severe repercussions if they abused it. The issue is anyone with any background knowledge can get into the rootkit and take it over(like a viral infection) and suddenly they have full permissions on the PC, anything you've typed, saved, viewed. Your' banking info, your tax info, all of that is easily accessible with that level of infiltration, and it only takes one time for them to get in and suddenly they are on thousands of PC's

  • CthulhuClause
    CthulhuClause 21 dzień temu +3

    The problem with a reporting system based on replays is that those will have to be manually reviewed. Games like League of Legends and Overwatch show how many people just falsly accuse people of cheating or just spam report people for no reason other then being mad they lost. I don't think as long as people can access game files or make 3rd party tools access game files the cheating problem will get better, especially for ftp titles, because cheaters have nothing to lose in that case.

    • Quack
      Quack 8 dni temu

      Not really Overwatch pretty much just bans you if you get reported enough, and then it will only be manually reviewed if you appeal

  • Uplift Actual
    Uplift Actual 21 dzień temu +1

    Tarkov was by far my most favorite game ever made into existence. Its a game some people either really love, or REALLY hate. DIdn't like it at first because of its complexity but then LOVED IT because of its complexity....and having a group of friends get into the game so youre not raiding by yourself makes it even more fun. One of my friends is a Tarkov beast. When you got into a gun fight? You wanted him around you. YOu wanted him to command who should be where and how to go about fighting this group. But there were way too many times our entire squad was wiped out, alot of times by a single player, to include my friend. My friend would be able to point out exactly how we died and why, and what we need to do next time to avoid it - but there were times he just had zero understanding of how we died. There was no way we were seen. There was no way they heard or saw us move locations and yet grenades were following us and landing by us like they could see through the walls. Well, I guess it was because they were seeing us through the walls. If my friend ever said "that dude was cheating" - believe it. They probably were. IF we ever called out someone was cheating but our friend could point out where they werent with reason? Then they werent - we just sucked lol. But it started to feel a bit too overwhelming that many, many, many raids started to feel like I had no way out. I started to go from having a decent amount of extractions to almost none at all. I started to think because of how long the game has been out, that people just got really "pro" at the game - but I have been playing since it came out. I played it every day. and about 6-7 months ago? I said "I am done with this game". And so did the rest of us. We moved onto games like Ready or Not where its not even PvP, SQUAD which IS and is probably the most realistic war game I played in my life, and some other games too. We havent touched Tarkov in more than half a year becausee we felt there really was cheating/hacking on a MASSIVE scale after a while. Well, G0ATs video proved it. Its bad - and worse than WE even thought. And we played this game EVERY...SINGLE...DAY. Hours on end, lost sleep over raids and doing challenges/quests and finding items for them. We loved the game so much. But this? This is how you ruin a game. We had speculations BSG would not implement any hardware bans or anything like that because the more a cheater was caught? The more copies of a game was sold. And it made a TON of sense to us. I thought "If I was a business man, would I do the same thing?" Hell yea I would - but I dont make games, so I wouldn't do that. Im just putting myself in the developers shoes. Maybe well let this go on for a while until weve made more money to improve the game even more, then eventually implement a good anti-cheat system and the game is good! Well if that was BSGs business model, G0AT destroyed that in less than 1 hour. Because thats what we really felt their business model at BSG was. Let the cheaters keep cheating, theyll just buy the game again, makes us more money, more money means more developlement for a better game, THEN we address cheating. The cheaters are in-turn helping make this a better game. No, it destroyed the game. It backfired. Ill be off Tarkov for a while.
    As far as cheating goes - maybe somoene can school me on how "hacking/cheating" works. But can't game developers just AES encrypt game files and servers? That way you have literally no way of cracking any encryption of the game and how it works to hack/cheat? IDK, just a thought of mine. I dont know how it works. Maybe someone can school me on it

  • Game Dev'n
    Game Dev'n 22 dni temu

    Specifically with Tarkovsky, I think the best anti cheat is dedicated staff using tools in actual matches to quickly spot cheaters.

  • Corelious C
    Corelious C 20 dni temu +2

    The news about the perks some folks get from BSG is the story they're willing to take heat on as a means to try and prevent folks from pushing on the subject of them sponsoring actual cheater streamers to make money.

  • Noah Walker
    Noah Walker 22 dni temu +1

    If you guys like had the people/production/whatever capabilities that you did with that “framerate with pros vs casuals”, and wanted to bring some groundswell to the multiplayer cheating problem, a video like like “how many cheats do you need to have to beat a pro player” or like “how much do cheats help” could be an interesting topic.

  • HempKnight2112
    HempKnight2112 23 dni temu +741

    Linus throwing Luke under a giant bus.

    • McTaminus
      McTaminus 22 dni temu

      @SHA THAAN I was returning your favour sweetie couldn't you tell?

      SHA THAAN 22 dni temu

      @McTaminus the best you can come up with is "cry about it"? You fell proud about that one?

    • McTaminus
      McTaminus 22 dni temu

      @SHA THAAN that the best you can come up with? "Cry about it" some more 😘

      SHA THAAN 22 dni temu

      @McTaminus tell me you are a 12yo without telling me you are a 12yo

    • McTaminus
      McTaminus 22 dni temu

      @SHA THAAN "cry about it" baited.

  • testing2488
    testing2488 21 dzień temu +2

    I’ve been meaning to get Tarkov after I upgraded my gaming setup, but I guess I’ll put this on the back burners cause of the massive number of cheaters

  • nighthawk475
    nighthawk475 22 dni temu

    Same for me, I have never played tarkov at all, but I'd been interested in the genre and some spinoffs and I'd been debating trying out the original game. Wan shot got me to watch the entire g0at video, and g0at's video has guaranteed I will not touch tarkov any time soon. Unfortunately though, this is a very common problem in modern online multiplayer games :c
    Valorant seems to be the industry leader in anti cheat, and while theirs isn't perfect is certainly seems to be much more effective. However, the separate-computer running a radar cheat over the network is something that I don't believe any anti-cheat program could ever detect, and it will be a plague on competitive multiplayer games for forever now. The most that devs can do is use proper information controls between servers and clients so that client computers are never even passed any information about objects which are out of sight / out of distance. Then there'd be nothing to sniff off of the network until it's at least much closer to the player.
    I wish the broader gaming community would drop games which didn't have developers who cared about and competently tackled anti-cheating measures. Cheat makers and game devs are locked in this eternal arms race, and any game which doesn't have sufficient fuel constantly poured into fighting the good fight will eventually become a place where legitimate players are left with doubts about many of their opponent's behaviors and abilities, and where the playerbase is slowly being taken over by "scum of the earth" cheaters.

  • Np X
    Np X 22 dni temu +2

    Man so many people in the community thought i was crazy/gaslit me for quitting because of rampant hackers, now this video comes out and they all look goofy 😂

  • Jean-Luc Doucet
    Jean-Luc Doucet 21 dzień temu +1

    I've been considering buying EFT for a while and was seriously looking into it until I saw the video. Now I'm really glad I didn't waste the 60 dollars.

  • BOF007
    BOF007 22 dni temu +1

    the cheater compensation thing that luke is talking about, is what The Cycle did to help the cheater issue, while they were heavily working on resolving the main cheater issue. So it can be done

  • petrolhead1987
    petrolhead1987 22 dni temu +267

    If you do decide to do a laser disc retrospective, you should do it with a visit from Technology Connections.
    Not only does he have all the stuff you would need to make the video, he is also hugely well informed on the history and workings of Laser Disc throughout its life.

    • Nikola Stojsic Enne
      Nikola Stojsic Enne 19 dni temu

      Omg Technology Connections collab would be amazing!

    • Tihruytssgjjvsavcxtbvhj
      Tihruytssgjjvsavcxtbvhj 21 dzień temu +2

      Technology Connections is my single favorite YT channel 😊

    • Jakuzziful
      Jakuzziful 22 dni temu +3

      LTT, Technology Connections AND Techmoan would be my PLclip Tech-Bluechip Dream.

    • Grue Turtle
      Grue Turtle 22 dni temu +2

      @Fate MacCutcheon THE TRIFECTA!

    • King Macrophage
      King Macrophage 22 dni temu +3

      The crossover we NEED

  • Trev Or
    Trev Or 19 dni temu

    Yes please a laserdisc retrospective. Very interested to know more about

  • CynderKat
    CynderKat 15 dni temu

    The best idea for a reply system, is to have the reply returned to you at insurance point so it can't be used to affect a live raid

  • Fiercesoulking
    Fiercesoulking 22 dni temu

    Thx this gives me a lot of content to talk about while it also takes a bit away what I also wanted to talk about on my main channel . Wanted to make a series about not just cheating but also about fake items and the future about this,

  • Mike Mestnik
    Mike Mestnik 22 dni temu +3

    Also consider the game devs can sell the cheats, because it's not unusual for a hacker to try and hide their ident so all the game company has todo is make a shell company that looks like a hacker.

    • Net Bandit
      Net Bandit 20 dni temu

      bingo. this is the rust business model.

  • Todd Overholt
    Todd Overholt 22 dni temu +1

    also on the cheating thing in other video games, they often have much stronger anticheat and also community servers that are independently moderated. You brought up TF2, and while Valve official servers are overrun by cheaters there's also vote to kick for cheaters and then community servers that have no cheaters because of the active moderation team that handles cheaters

  • Supes
    Supes 22 dni temu +1

    Never would have heard of G0at or this all happening if it wasn't for the"leak". Super glad to hear about both. Not glad it is happening, but this is important to get out there because it is happening.

  • David Davis
    David Davis 22 dni temu +316

    You guys helped his video spread massively so no need to blame anyone for an early leak.

  • LanEye
    LanEye 22 dni temu

    What about PVE multi-player? I feel like that's a really lovely middle ground cause it combines the cool aspects of PvP and story games

  • Raliegh White
    Raliegh White 22 dni temu +2

    I have definitely been shifting to single player and PVE experiences lately because of the cheating in mp games.

  • Matt C
    Matt C 19 dni temu

    to be fair, your talk brought awareness to me (not been a tarkov player since shit launch) to then not only watch goat's video but share it with other known tarkov players.
    You created more awareness and marketing: for free.
    What is the issue here if it only leads to more people outside of GOAT's audience finding it and potentially even subscribing?
    This is how legends are born sometimes online!

  • Oliver Douglas
    Oliver Douglas 22 dni temu

    The channel People Make Games did an excellent video on the Valve skin selling situation, would strongly recommend it as a watch if you're interested in this stuff. Great channel, too, lots of good quality journalism over there

  • R.E.X
    R.E.X 23 dni temu +320

    Luke really blessed us with some Saucy G0at content.

  • Drico Irving
    Drico Irving 20 dni temu +1

    I stopped playin tarkov 2 years ago but still watch and track news for it. This year I started playing SPT (modded single player Tarkov) which I love!

  • Corelious C
    Corelious C 20 dni temu

    Also replay system post game is needed. And then gear restoration if you're killed by a cheater or desync issues.

  • Stevethepirate8973
    Stevethepirate8973 22 dni temu

    Question for LTT and the community that knows more about this stuff than me, is it harder to cheat or impossible to cheat if some or many or all of the game is rendered server side? As we move more toward the viability of cloud based games maybe ALL competitive online games need to be all cloud based. Nothing running natively. I get we're not there now, but would/could it be a viable solution. This would level the playing field of hardware based advantages too, everyone locked at the same frame rates, etc.

  • Gickels McDoogle
    Gickels McDoogle 20 dni temu

    dev kits and streamer loot used to be a bigger thing a few years ago when the game was still new-ish.
    there IS the new years EOD pacakage from the account menu on the site.

  • alias unknown
    alias unknown 20 dni temu +10

    I'm a vet and was super into Tarkov when it first dropped for multiple wipes. A friend of mine began cheating on labs, being banned daily and just would buy new accounts. It was pretty cool to watch his streams. I never played Tarkov again after watching the last one, that was some 3-4years ago.

  • Richard Blom
    Richard Blom 22 dni temu +132

    I think that the combination of more multiplayer cheating and more compettive play type has made gameing less fun.

    • matrix3509
      matrix3509 21 dzień temu

      Yes, anything that emphasizes competitive play over all else is going to attract more cheaters than other games by its very nature. Of course, its possible to design your game so that any possible cheats only marginally help the cheater.
      For example, its next to impossible to cheat with any real change in your winrate in a fighting game because of how the genre works. The most you can do is just install a bot that plays the game completely on its own, in which case, most cheaters won't even bother because its just a glorified screen saver at that point.
      Cheating in Starcraft is also largely pointless. You might automate a build order, but again you're not even playing the game at that point. The most common cheat in Starcraft is maphacking to give yourself vision of your opponent, but maphacking gets less and less useful the higher up the skill ladder you go.

    • Richard Blom
      Richard Blom 22 dni temu +1

      I don't expect everyone to want what I want. I just want variety

    • namelesschnitzel
      namelesschnitzel 22 dni temu

      People either optimize all fun out of games, or if they can´t do that, they cheat the fun out of it for everyone else

    • Kitted Axolotl
      Kitted Axolotl 22 dni temu +1

      Imagine expecting everyone to play like an old geriatric man.

    • Robyn O'Donnell
      Robyn O'Donnell 22 dni temu

      I've never been that into competitive gaming, but I've always had more fun playing with people I know and being part of a medium sized discord gaming group. Public lobbies for most games just suck, people are much less likely to cheat if there are social repercussions. Also while I understand where Linus is coming from when he talks about AAA single player games being increasingly rare, there are just so many interesting indy games you've barely heard of or played, gaming is in a good place.

  • Jdbye
    Jdbye 20 dni temu

    I need to see this video. Never cared about the game, but cheating as a more general topic is interesting.

  • Riot Gaymes
    Riot Gaymes 7 dni temu

    Tarkov was my favorite game for 3 years.
    I have more then 3k hours in it.
    The last 1 and a half year except for early wipe it was awful to play especially after midnight.
    Thank you Luke for ending our all suffering and creating hope for a better tarkov in the future.

  • Chase Hamilton
    Chase Hamilton 22 dni temu

    Fun thing, I missed that WAN show and had no clue about any of it.
    I'm guessing thanks to the big number of LTT viewers going to watch that video, it just randomly showed up in my suggested feed (great video, btw, did in fact watch the whole thing).

  • Tony Gibson
    Tony Gibson 11 dni temu

    For a lot of folks who were on the fence it just confirmed our worst suspicions. " how did he know I was here??" how did they know??" That after it just broke my confidence in the game. Haven't played since 😕. Might hop on next wipe

  • Momoto
    Momoto 9 dni temu

    you guys have a point there. One solar flare and all youtubers and many more are out of a job. This is not a question of IF, but when.

  • LargosGaming
    LargosGaming 22 dni temu +66

    As someone that was a server operator (glorified term for head admin) for a large FPS game I've spent a lot of time watching and trying to identify cheaters. With the number of ways you can get around anti-cheat software it cannot be the only line of defense, no matter how good it is. You will need the classic form we have now that tries to detect cheat software, then you will need machine learning identifying suspicious behavior, like the waldo project. After those two you will need community policing.
    Many games include programs for dedicated players to aid in development and receive rewards, for example I am in a program that tests new content under NDA prior to release to help understand its game balance. If a game offered a similar program to experienced and vetted players to review reports of hacking it would take a lot of workload off the developer. There will still be false positives the developer has to review but those are minimal.
    The current strategy of just having cheat detecting software and minimal developer intervention is like locking your car and then leaving the window rolled all the way down and expecting nobody to get in and if they do you expect a cop to be coincidentally walking by at that moment to stop them.

    • Mario Marques
      Mario Marques 19 dni temu

      I've been saying this for years because of how rust admins work. They have actual humans overwatching the sus ppl

    • Bungo Dunko
      Bungo Dunko 20 dni temu +2

      @Protocol Savage read what just a goose said your correct if a system like that is just peer reviewed then it doesnt have a great effect. Multiple reports from the players reviewing the footage all have to match up and be checked by an algorithm. The meeting of criteria in game is also essential and not being able to choose whose clip you review.

    • Protocol Savage
      Protocol Savage 21 dzień temu +1

      Furthermore, there is so much room for error in guide programs. Imagine all the people incorrectly banned from playing their favorite game cause some dumb mod was having a bad day and assumed someone was cheating off a clean flick.

    • Protocol Savage
      Protocol Savage 21 dzień temu +1

      Peer review doesn’t work, goat talked about this. Go ask literally anyone whose played warframe what they think of the “lotus” program. Dumb basement dwellers will always abuse their power and guide programs are NOT the answer to solving cheating. It only causes more problems because people playing the game shouldn’t be the same people policing the game. Otherwise things get too personal. Also just cause u got access to wave 3 ptu in star citizen doesn’t give you some kind of insight into how to fix cheating. Leave it to successful game devs with experience like riot and their vanguard system.

    • Jari
      Jari 21 dzień temu

      one could also have funtcion one could send the replaydata to devs if thye expected cheats to be rewieved but that requires people or an ai at least but i guess games has some or if not all already

  • Zachary Russell
    Zachary Russell 15 dni temu

    One of the best games i have ever played, but stopped playing months ago because of the cheating issue.

  • Koyakami
    Koyakami 14 dni temu

    Replay system should be possible AFTER the raid has finished. The replay should show the whole raid, you can see all players, top down view and can zoom in etc. so you can see everyones movements, their aiming, who killed who etc. And the replay wouldn't impact anyone else in the raid (if you're in a squad, having replay available instantly would give the rest of the squad the information of where that enemy was/may still be rather than the killer being a sneaky guy.)
    It would also allow people to create cool videos of Tarkov as more footage would be possible and get some cool positions for video footage / screenshots. (I guess similar to spectating on CSGO)
    It would need more resources by Battlestate Games Servers and functionality but it would be a huge thing.
    You would get a notification of when the replay of that raid on DD/MM HH:MM:SS until HH:MM:SS - available for say 24 hours. Then the replay would be deleted from the system. A report system can be implemented within the replay so you can report multiple users which the replay and details would be issued to Battle State Games to review.

  • xX_Spook_Boi_Xx
    xX_Spook_Boi_Xx 19 dni temu

    the only community ive personally seen that went on fire to such an extent was the Railroads Online discord and community as a whole. it was so bad that the fire was extinguished, then later on another fire lit up because one person on the team threw another under the bus for something that wasnt even the 2nd persons fault, then the bus ran him over, and other unrelated things kept fueling that fire. it was the definition of a fustercluck.

  • UnderLoK
    UnderLoK 21 dzień temu

    Back in the day we worked with a cheating group to create an image with an extra payload that your UT client would download from our server when you joined it. That extra bit of code would cause your UT client to dump all your key bindings to the server... If you had keys bound for a bot, you were hit. We had to resort to this because none of the anti-cheats could stop these guys and honestly we didn't care if people cheated, but if you were competing in what was supposed to be a legit match, we did...

  • X Æ A-12
    X Æ A-12 22 dni temu

    Oh man, i loved tarkov and put so many hours into the game..

  • IlDeimos
    IlDeimos 22 dni temu +60

    They need to have a raid replay system. But you can only watch the replay AFTER the raid timer has ended. That way you can't watch it right away and tell your team the enemies location. So its fair.

    • Young Trick
      Young Trick 19 dni temu +1

      ​@sm0akhonestly agreeing here with you because siege has a replay system and it's utter dogshit and makes watching back replays a pain, if the desync isn't fixed the replays will look like the dumbest and buggest shit ever

    • Skyler Smith
      Skyler Smith 20 dni temu

      @sm0ak It would help to both catch cheaters and also for content creators to make content. You have a lot more you can do if you had this system, such as determining whether you died from deyncing or from cheating since you can see it from the perspective of other players. If they do the system correctly the replay should be the same as what other players actually see.

    • sm0ak
      sm0ak 22 dni temu +3

      A replay system is a complete waste of time and resources until they get rid of the horrendous desync. Go and watch clips of people dying to a streamer where on their screen, they got killed by thin air or killed by someone not even looking at them. There are far more important investments that need to be made beforehand.

    CRUSADER-J 22 dni temu

    I've had tarkov since release, good to know I finally have closure on this situation. good to know that I was right in alot of these situations.
    People just "got good" out of nowhere and my stats started plummeting, as of a result of this situation.. I am not playing Tarkov for a single minute more until they fix this. this is why I'm starting to get back into only playing single player games as its so rampant you can even tell if someone is a legit player or a bozo cheater.

  • Ben Rieland
    Ben Rieland 21 dzień temu

    maybe they're laying low but so far the past few days have been relatively cheater free in my experience. they removed barter trades from the flea, thereby killing almost all the RMT avenues aside from full blown raid by raid carries. theyre still there, but they arent as prevalent and seem to want to "scare us off" rather than just instantly head-eyes

  • Not Aboutit
    Not Aboutit 22 dni temu +3

    I just play the SPT mod, have for a couple years. It’s easily the best decision I ever made with that game cuz I’ve absolutely gotten my moneys worth by being able to play alone. It’s a much better game when you’re not getting head;eyes from across the map by some dude named BubbleButt while sitting in D2…

    • saltydog47
      saltydog47 16 dni temu

      Yes, I agree and did the same thing, but I don't play much multiplayer anyway. I'm surprised SPTarkov has no gotten more attention as an option during all this cheating stuff.

  • connor kimrey
    connor kimrey 21 dzień temu +1

    BSG let this happen and its really a shame, ive been playing since "release" and this last wipe between the cracked AI and cheaters made me fully uninstall.... god what a shame.

  • AuraChanneler
    AuraChanneler 22 dni temu +1

    Personally, I feel like I've been gravitating much more towards single player, local multiplayer, or online multiplayer with known friends lately much more than online with random players. I'm just not finding as much enjoyment anymore from playing against random people with no communication.

  • Maxwell
    Maxwell 23 dni temu +293

    9:12 SO in terms of very high level players having direct access to the developers in order to try and encourage changes, this generally *sounds* like a reall good idea, listen to the community, make changes people want to see. HOWEVER, generally, it actually is a particularly piss poor way to get community feed back and make the game better for any one but the top maybe 5% of players. Players who spend a LOT of time playing the game (and I assume a Tarkov creators probably made playing the game his career) are going to be having a VASTLY different experience from the other 95% of players who play maybe 1-2 hours a week night and 8-9 hours each weekend. A lot of indie devs have ruined their games by listening ONLY to the feed back of the loudest, most vocal tryhard players, and not the majority of the audience. This usually lead to: over tuning difficulty, Creating newer content instead of refining older content, and creating grind to slow those tryhards down.

    • Easy Katka
      Easy Katka 13 dni temu

      Still a bit upset pestily got the mosin nerfed

    • Zachary Hentzell
      Zachary Hentzell 21 dzień temu +1

      Exact same thing happened to WoW, they listened to only the top and it was literally pushing out everyone else. They were only retaining the super sweats and even then they too were leaving. Game devs really need to start listening to the COMMUNITY, including both top 1% and the other 99%.

    • Jed Sorrilla
      Jed Sorrilla 21 dzień temu +2

      @Maxwell nailed it.. a lot of games are balanced with the most regard to 'sweaty' players, not the casuals.. which is kind of sad to see because some of these games usually start out genuinely fun (in the state where everyone is on the same boat learning the ropes of the game)
      When it becomes evident that a certain 'meta' forms and players start abusing the same strat this is where most games usually spiral and forms a divide in communities (casual from sweaty players), all the while devs keep implementing changes to please the loudest or stop caring about the game altogether

    • Maxwell
      Maxwell 22 dni temu +2

      @Kosmikme Feed back from your players is important, but too many devs fall into the trap of ONLY listening to the loudest, most active player and ignore casuals all together. By doing this they make the game worst for casual players , which leads to a game that's only fun for the very best players. Or at least its fun until all the casual players leave because the game keeps getting worse for them.

    • P_ Lavv
      P_ Lavv 22 dni temu +2

      @Kosmikme "Imagine if they changed how cars are made based on input from drivers." uhh... thats exactly how its done, why do you think every car is a 5 door rear seat folding SUV monstrosity. Majority of drivers of "new" cars are parents who only care about going a-b in as little effort as possible, hence why we have no interesting cars left.

  • SleepingAgent
    SleepingAgent 20 dni temu

    I've always thought that the day people heard about cheating, online competitive gaming was ruined, to a large degree. Any time you play a pvp game, there is always that seed of doubt in the back of your mind when you are killed by a good player. It's almost unavoidable, as you can basically never know for sure.
    I've played with people who I later found out were cheating and it really sucks to know. Hell, I've played a coop game with a friend where I guessed that he cheated to get items and was correct and now I question it whenever I play with that friend "Is he spawning items?", "Is he using other cheats?". Sad.

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith 19 dni temu

    As someone who plays every day, once goats video came out, I have gotten more PMC kills than I ever have and died less. So it could just be me but I think there are less hackers. But still not convinced this issue has been addressed. We need more aggressive measures for anti cheat.

  • regi grenski
    regi grenski 21 dzień temu

    22:40 my biggest issue with this is how do you know you have taken stuff that is from a cheater? if they get the loot from killing people with wall hacks and other stuff then can just drop it to you later without you knowing, you have effectively just killed a form a player interaction in the game wholesale.

  • Deivids Heinrihs Vācietis

    Hopefully there will be more incentive that someone will finally develop better anti cheat tech and not be greedy about it.

  • Derek D
    Derek D 22 dni temu

    I always assumed people who claimed cheaters where just skeptical but now i'm not too sure.

  • spring6meow
    spring6meow 22 dni temu +33

    I've been thinking about this topic a lot lately, re: creators protecting their honey pots and throwbacks from companies. I'm glad you guys brought it up for discussion.

  • Ikith
    Ikith 16 dni temu

    One big question is, is there a way to do better with anti-cheat without compromising your consumers PCs (Ring 0 Anti-cheat)?

  • DarcexVaderYT
    DarcexVaderYT 21 dzień temu

    Not trying to sound like a schmuck, but the whole wiggle video made me feel amazing about myself lol. I have known hacking was an issue like this for a while. While simultaneously I’ve had 22raid survival streaks, this wipe alone. I’m further in the wipe than what I’ve ever been before. And this is my 6th wipe.

  • sixspeeddeath
    sixspeeddeath 18 dni temu

    Honestly, I'm glad g0at landed this video.
    I'm not a Tarkov player, but if we get a GOOD anti-cheat movement out of all of this, I'd be elated.
    I'm in the top 10 of a lot of rounds in Battlefield games, and I'd love to see where I sit when everyone has to play fair.
    I have no idea how good 2042's anti cheat is, but I 100% have experienced situations where the reaction to my covered position was too fast and perfect to have been, "Oh, I saw you prone behind loads of cover, aimed my crosshairs on your head and unloaded"
    I'll take a death where someone outsmarts me in stride, but cheaters are basically playing at my expense. They're talentless annoying little insects you have to deal with when trying to unwind.

  • Arghya B
    Arghya B 19 dni temu

    Haven't played any FPS in over a decade. PLclip recommended the video to me. Cheaters can make you quit any game, no matter how great the concept is, and how much you like it. It must be frustrating for the honest Tarkov players.

  • Jeffrey Morris
    Jeffrey Morris 22 dni temu

    Replay systems are very storage intensive, but these days that means less than it used to. It solves a lot of problems.

  • Christopher Peart
    Christopher Peart 22 dni temu +67

    I have ~2400 hours in tarkov and put upwards of 1000 hours in a single 6 months into the game at my most hooked. I quit tarkov earlier this wipe before his video since the problem was so bad and it was so obvious. I messaged and talked with someone who cheats and they said that 70% of their raids had a cheater. The issue is insane

    • brad chambers
      brad chambers 22 dni temu

      Back before there was any anti cheat and the flea, there were multiple cheaters in every game. It has always been an issue

    • NOT here
      NOT here 22 dni temu

      I did the same man. I hate to see it too, I love the game, but the raids were just not fun anymore. I'd just log on to do inv mgmt and then log off. Eventually just uninstalled it like 2 weeks into raid... Shame

    • James Collins
      James Collins 22 dni temu +1

      Yeah, I don't understand why it took a video to wake the community up. It's been abundantly clear for years now and is a problem that affects the whole gaming industry.

    • bdubyah
      bdubyah 22 dni temu +6

      @Ryan I was gonna say. Lol. If they are a cheater and in a raid, there is a cheater in 100% of their raids. Haha.

  • Propurty
    Propurty 19 dni temu

    Tarkov is my favorite shooter. By a huge margin. I didn't play this patch though and I guess I'm glad I skipped it. I just really hope bsg redeems themselves with proper ways to fight these cheats. I love the game and plan to play next wipe. This certainly should shake things up.

  • Jaune Arc
    Jaune Arc 17 dni temu

    1600 hours in Tarkov.
    Still love this game regardless of anything, there's nothing like it and I'll stick with it through thick and thin. I'm ass at the game though so if I died to cheaters I just thought they were cracked and I'm unlucky.

  • MikeH3853
    MikeH3853 20 dni temu +2

    BSG the type of company to do a ban wave and then immediately put the game on sale.

  • Fynnx
    Fynnx 20 dni temu +1

    I quit the game last month. I'm so happy to see that this problem escalate more and more.

  • Jotham Hanz
    Jotham Hanz 21 dzień temu

    Tarkov is one of the most realistic games I have played, I have a defibrillator implant and thought it went off after I got shot. I literally had to go to the hospital to get checked but it did not go off. but i have ran into to many cheaters and stopped playing. in 2019 most cheaters where in labs and woods so staying in reserves I usually would have fair games but lately all maps have been bad.

  • NSXtacy
    NSXtacy 22 dni temu +30

    I learned everything I needed to know about how Linus plays games after watching him play Star Citizen with Luke and Morph 😂

  • Richie
    Richie 6 dni temu

    Looks like today we're watching "The Tarkov hackers strike back".

  • Georgi Vantov
    Georgi Vantov 21 dzień temu +4

    The problem with recognizing cheating in Tarkov comes from that as you say that some cheats can show all the time positions of other players and where are they looking. This way cheating person will stalk his targets and ambush them with his own skills. Which makes cheating impossible to be recognised

  • Revan 7even
    Revan 7even 22 dni temu

    Haven't played, but I think the best way to implement replay would be post-match, not kill-cam replays like some people may be thinking.

  • user936
    user936 21 dzień temu

    3:25 *that is a hilariously large water bottle*
    It looks like you've shorted the FOV on your camera and its actually much closer than it is 🔍😄