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Why Right to Repair Matters

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  • Opublikowany 13 mar 2023
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Komentarze • 228

  • Maruf Bepary
    Maruf Bepary 15 dni temu +371

    For people who think right to repair is not important, imagine you have a car and the tyre has gone flat, and now imagine you can't take that tyre out yourself and put a new one.

    • Walker Morales
      Walker Morales 5 dni temu +1

      @Danny Martial tires (or wheels) have tire pressure sensors. If it wasn’t for vehicular right to repair it could very well be possible that car manufacturers could use software to restrict the function of the tire pressure sensor, or we could also see the same things we see with apple devices where they use proprietary screws. So the each car manufacturer could have a proprietary way of mounting and dismounting tires.

    • Fantastic Mr Foxbox
      Fantastic Mr Foxbox 8 dni temu +1

      I like to think this instead. You buy a Ford (any model) and get a flat tyer and Ford disabled your car from starting because you replaced the flat OEM tyer with a third party Bridgestone.

    • panzerveps
      panzerveps 9 dni temu

      Because everyone and their grandmother has a tire machine in their garage.

    • Daniel Morelli
      Daniel Morelli 10 dni temu

      Or more specifically, imagine this happened right outside a small mechanic shop that could replace the flat tire for $50. But instead, you have to call a tow truck and get the tire replaced at the dealership for $300 plus the cost of the tow.

    • Lua
      Lua 10 dni temu

      ​@Frédéric Hardy an 8 cent microcontroller, a 6 cent capacitor and maybe 20 cent coil. More expensive to integrate than it would cost, a serial number sensor is.

  • 平和
    平和 15 dni temu +227

    I'm so glad that they actually talk frequently about R2R compared to most other tech channels.

    • Tech Freak
      Tech Freak 22 godzin temu

      @_Sukuratchi add revenue is indeed a significant part of their income, but you're getting that this company will constantly cramp on companies even if they sponsor them. Companies are constantly telling them not to open stuff up, but they do anyway. Look at Gamers Nexus, they still get sponsors and literally all they do is analyze hardware and see what's good and what's bad, regardless of consequences.

    • thenayancat
      thenayancat 14 dni temu +1

      @_Sukuratchi Well they've not exactly gone out of business since they last did a video with Louis, and they talk about R2R regularly, and they talk about companies that have privacy issues and other things very regularly, and yet still they don't seem to be going bankrupt, so I suspect it's not as much of an issue as you think.

    • _Sukuratchi
      _Sukuratchi 14 dni temu

      @thenayancat at the end of the day, still a company. Who knows though, maybe you’re right

    • thenayancat
      thenayancat 14 dni temu +2

      @_Sukuratchi LMG is big enough to still get plenty sponsorship offers from companies that don't mind them talking about stuff like this

    • _Sukuratchi
      _Sukuratchi 14 dni temu

      @thenayancat thing is that at the end of the day, ltt is a company/business. You don’t want to cover something that will loose you possible sponsorships, etc. Meanwhile louis doesn’t care because he already has a different business and youtube is a second thing for him

  • Kellen Walburn
    Kellen Walburn 15 dni temu +241

    I think the question was from someone in the US, because it feels like here in the states, corporate offices make right to repair this big evil movement and basically tell us "you don't want that. It's bad!" And we listen. But then after we purchase something, we believe we should be able to do whatever we want with it, which is part of Right to Repair. Alot of the US supports the idea of Right to Repair, but we've been "brainwashed" to hate the name. Its like walking into the middle of a church service and yelling "SATAN" at the top of your lungs. It already exists with cars, and people support it. So the fact that big tech companies have struck it down for personal devices is really truly sad

    • Tech Freak
      Tech Freak 22 godzin temu

      @David Sh. So here in America, we have these things called lobbyists. What does a lobbyist do? They lobby. But what does that mean? Lobbying just means trying to influence politicians, this is something that technically speaking anyone has the right to do. The issue I am going to refer to right now is corporate lobbyists, basically trying to influence politicians on behalf of a corporation. Usually it's to make them make decisions that would lead to them being able to make more money. The form of lobbying can take many forms, from giving them gifts if they look the other way, to outright lying to their faces. So for instance, let's say that a state is trying to pass a law that would enforce right to repair legislation. Suddenly, the governor of the state will have people from corporations left and right telling them that the reason why they shouldn't pass that is because it could lead to safety issues, or any other number of outright lies. Now here is an example of that leading to something horrific: New York was about to pass a landmark right to repair bill. But then, after getting voted on and passing both the house and the Senate, The law had been modified to say "unless there is there is a perceived safety issue that would arise from allowing the maxes to that part." Boom: the law is completely toothless now. Makes sense?
      And in case you're wondering why that's legal, good question. The government is really hesitant to do anything that would inhibit a corporations ability to make obscene wealth. We even have an entire political party that preaches anything that could actually properly punish corporations would be essentially punishing rich people for being successful, causing them to not even try and therefore ruining the economy. And this party has been reading the same script for the past 50 years. Of course, America also had this thing called the Red scare, which many people who don't live in America might be completely unaware of because, well, it literally had no impact outside of America. But basically it amplified fear of socialism and anything that would help better people's lives at the expense of corporations, and Brett scare talking points have been repeated by that party ever since.

    • Henry Yau
      Henry Yau 13 dni temu +1

      You mean Apple users?

    • Samantha Yeo
      Samantha Yeo 13 dni temu +2

      All brands is trying to train you into thinking you don't own anything you buy. You buy games full price in steam but you only own the right to play the game. You don't own your copy of it and can't just pass your game to your friend.
      Digital books is the same, Movies is the same. What used to be ownership is now just rights that the brands can take away.
      Cars has right to repair cause of older generations and their mentality of ownership. Our current and younger generation don't have that mentality, and thus don't demand ownership. We don't hate the name right to repair, its just that we don't think its our stuff to repair.

    • elusivelectron
      elusivelectron 15 dni temu

      Imagine if you have to take your used car to an official dealership every time you want to replace the air filter or change the oil.

    • Zyo117
      Zyo117 15 dni temu

      I now have an urge to walk into a church on a Sunday and yell 'SATAN' then calmly walk out again...

  • darkdudironaji
    darkdudironaji 14 dni temu +19

    Right to repair is the hard R Linus has been saying so casually.

  • Hannah
    Hannah 15 dni temu +83

    Linus you should do a collab with someone on right to repair for farming industry. John Deere tractors have become so complex that they are completely controlling right to repair and as we know, farmers need full autonomy on repair, they can't be held back or they can't do their jobs. I think it was Vice that did a video on it but right to repair issues are moving into car OEMs now too along with heavy equipment. It's important to discuss.

    • Tech Freak
      Tech Freak 22 godzin temu

      @steelGear It gets better: John Deere insists that the right to repair movement has been demanding access to the source code, which, well, we haven't. However, apparently the code they are using is actually licensed under the GPL license. What does that mean? It means by law, they have to give us access to the source code. Now as far as I know, there's nothing saying that they can't charger prohibitively expensive amount to the source code, but it also says that you can't just hide it. In other words, their software violates the law.

    • Colonel Angus
      Colonel Angus 14 dni temu

      A complete 180 from deere of the 50's

    • steelGear
      steelGear 15 dni temu +7

      the tractors are getting complexer, but according to Louis Rossmann, there can now even be situations, where the farmer has repaired their machine, but a technician has to "allow" you to use the machine again after the repair because of the software in the machine

  • JDragyn
    JDragyn 15 dni temu +67

    To me, it seemed like the questioner was understanding "right to repair" in terms of copyright/trademark/patent infringement. They had fixed their own devices, and didn't understand if they had technically done something illegal. At least that's how it sounded when read out loud.

    • Tech Freak
      Tech Freak 22 godzin temu

      @Cole Hintermeister in fairness, the question was a little confusing. I think there were basically asking if they didn't have the right this whole time, and also were asking what exactly is it that the movement wants to do, which is a fair question. Basically, Apple is under no obligation to allow him to be able to repair his stuff, and the right to repair movement wants that to change legally. Essentially, for anyone reading, this means that the company has to let you buy parts that the certified repair shops are able to buy. And preferably the individual parts too, not whole assemblies. That way if your screen breaks, you don't have to replace the screen, backlight, webcam, the plastic shell around the screen, etc.

    • Tech Freak
      Tech Freak 22 godzin temu

      What I got was that they were basically asking "so, have I like not had the right to repair this whole time that I was repairing stuff?" The answer is no, Apple had no obligation to allow that person to be able to repair their own stuff. There is currently is no obligation, and that's what the movement wants to change.

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    • Cole Hintermeister
      Cole Hintermeister 15 dni temu +7

      It very well could have been a genuine question of legality on second thought. Unfortunately the way Linus inflected, it made it feel way more sarcastic and snotty than they may have intended

    • Giorgos Feloukas
      Giorgos Feloukas 15 dni temu +1


  • Peter Lancton
    Peter Lancton 15 dni temu +97

    As much as Linus messes up on WAN Show now and then, this would be an extremely well put together response even if it wasn't improvised. I couldn't come up with something like that with ample preparation time. Well said!

    • Peter Lancton
      Peter Lancton 11 dni temu

      I don't know why you guys are still arguing here, but yes it's like Frank says. Prepared, Linus' response would've been impressive already, off the cuff, like he did here, even more impressive. Not sure why you're calling it backhanded. Maybe you're confused by the type 2 conditional clause?

    • Frank Playlist
      Frank Playlist 11 dni temu

      @Futil3Fun He said, had Linus written down and prepared this statement, it would've been better than anything he could produce, but it was this good even though he improvised the response. That's praise and nothing else

    • seeibe
      seeibe 15 dni temu +4

      To be fair, that's probably because we have to keep answering the same questions, so we keep refining the way we answer every time. Linus' response was "improvised" but it's not like he invented those thoughts or arguments on the spot.

    • Frank Playlist
      Frank Playlist 15 dni temu +10

      @Futil3Fun Did you even read the comment? You should work on your reading comprehension.

  • Micah Bore
    Micah Bore 13 dni temu +7

    Farmers are currently in a right to repair battle with John Deere because the software on the farm equipment makes replacement parts impossible to install without going through a JD certified dealer. Unlike a car or a phone it costs the farmer money to not tend to his crops, to haul it on a trailer and eventually the repair. There was a court case in Nebraska a couple years back.

  • Nate Aö (fixativeXYZ)

    I'm glad Linus is using his massive platform for an important issue like this. I also wanna point out that if people are unable to fix their electronics etc themselves (for example, they're Disabled), they shouldn't need to pay huge scores of money for that repair.

  • dareddevil6
    dareddevil6 14 dni temu +5

    Yes Linus, there's no room for negotiation on rights, because then it's not a right, it's a privilege, and then it can be taken away at any moment. This is something that the 2A people have been fighting about for a while. The fact that there are companies trying to gaslight people into believing that they don't actually own something that they bought is absurd, and the fact that it's kinda been working threatens to drive me mad.

    ISNT IT AWESOME 14 dni temu +2

    popular content creators like you should make more videos about right to repair.

  • Apex Yao
    Apex Yao 15 dni temu +51

    I had my Apple Watch 6S’s side button having some issues lately, what Apple told me is that I can only get a whole new watch. The right to repair is just so important.

    • David Sh.
      David Sh. 14 dni temu +1

      @Danny Martial bro I've seen you advocate against R2R in every single reply section.
      You sound like a corporate lobbyist that's trying his hardest to defend the atrocities he participated it.

    • David Sh.
      David Sh. 14 dni temu +1

      @ky56 and to add, they are probably preventing their manufacturers from selling any parts. So it IS a rights issue.

    • ky56
      ky56 14 dni temu +10

      @Danny Martial No. That's a "we gave zero fucks about serviceability when designing this product" issue.

    • Danny Martial
      Danny Martial 14 dni temu +2

      That's not a rights issue. That's a "we don't have the ability to repair it, but you can have a crack at it if you want" issue.

  • David Rassam
    David Rassam 12 dni temu +2

    To me it's not just about fixing my own devices but more of freedom of choosing a service provider that will fix my devices.

  • Willy S.
    Willy S. 14 dni temu +1

    Felt like I was yelled at by my dad in the end there, lmao. But yeah, 100% agreed.

  • The Throngler
    The Throngler 15 dni temu +8

    What Linus said here can be applied to soooo many different topic nowadays that it's frankly sad.
    I find it incomprehensible that I do not own the device that I paid for. How can this even be a topic of discussion??? But lobby work makes it so.

  • Darkwater
    Darkwater 12 dni temu

    Right-to-repair also makes it cheaper and gives you more choice to go with a local repair shop that might to a much better job than Apple's repair warehouse in China or whatever, since it not only enables individual users to repair things, but also enables independent repair shops to do business when Apple might otherwise freeze them out of the market.

  • Matt gretty
    Matt gretty 15 dni temu +3

    I had to solder a on/off switch back onto a themorstat recently because one of the leades became desolderied. saved me from buying a new window unit.

  • Konstantinos Chremias
    Konstantinos Chremias 12 dni temu +2

    This is how Linus get mad, but he is polite and hides it.

  • Zyo117
    Zyo117 15 dni temu +6

    Let me put it this way for anyone who's on the fence. Do you have a car? If a light bulb breaks, do you replace it yourself or get a mechanic to do it? Is your mechanic a business separate from the dealership? If there is no right to repair, in this scenario, you would be forced to bring your car to the dealer and get them to change the light bulb, because *nobody sells the light bulbs*. Even if you had a local mechanic in that scenario, in all likelihood they wouldn't be able to get the light bulb either. If you don't have a dealer close by? You're out of luck, you'll have to either find a 'licenced repair service' or make the trip to wherever the closest dealer is.
    Now apply the same concept to a phone. A laptop, a set of headphones, your own house. Not having the right to repair things is enforcing everyone to hire a monopoly or oligopoly to do their work for them instead, even if they're perfectly capable of doing it.
    Like the example I gave before, imagine if you weren't allowed to buy the materials to repair your house? The only ones allowed to do that were the ones who built it? As someone who works in property restoration and who knows MANY small businesses in the field, that idea scares me.

  • Pdid
    Pdid 11 dni temu

    Linus: pushes right to repair for his fans
    Also Linus: pushes nickel and diming for 4K resolution on PLclip from his fans

  • femboy_tzeki
    femboy_tzeki 15 dni temu +4

    "...means you need to sit down, shut your mouth and let everyone else do their thing. That all. Very simple"
    So many societal problems could be solved if people actually did that. But sadly, for a not unsubstantial amount of people that seems to be, in fact, not very simple but rather unfathomable and those people are for some reason very vocal about their inability to do so.

    • Kerazi Koder
      Kerazi Koder 11 dni temu

      That's not how discourse works. Telling someone to sit down and shut your mouth is NOT the way to move a movement forward. I feel that Linus could have more calmly explained that just because someone able to repair an old device, doesn't mean they could still do that on newer devices.

  • Hopelessdecoy
    Hopelessdecoy 11 dni temu

    -Just because you're able to fix one thing doesn't mean things are overall repairable or trending towards repairable.
    -Just because you don't want to fix your stuff doesn't mean you'll now have to or that others shouldn't
    -R2R allows 3rd party businesses to buy parts and repair things affordably making it easier to get repairs but you can always still go to the original vendor/manufacturer
    -manuals and schematics can be used to educate again and inspire future careers in repair and engineering
    -R2R is very positive for the general consumer

  • ewrooney
    ewrooney 15 dni temu +10

    “If you disagree than you’re just wrong and you need to educate yourself.” Hahahaha

  • Vr. Govex
    Vr. Govex 15 dni temu +1

    Well said . Right to the point.👌

    FLG NEO 15 dni temu +1

    I like having full control of the products I buy so I will not buy evs or any modern car made after 2018. The car companies have far too much control on evs and the newer models including reporting you to the police for speeding

  • VebrenTheDeadman
    VebrenTheDeadman 14 dni temu +1

    For the less tech savvy folk think about it this way: if you want your oil changed in your car you cant do that yourself, instead you have to send your car to the manufacture or authorized shop to have it done for you.

  • Studio23 Media
    Studio23 Media 15 dni temu

    Apple already restricts access to parts. Lots of Apple repair parts either fall off the back of a truck or are salvaged.

  • Trevtao
    Trevtao 14 dni temu +1

    I have no idea how to repair any sort of electronic device. But I should still be able to take it to whoever I want to to get it fixed without there being any hindrance from any entity

  • speedwaynutt
    speedwaynutt 14 dni temu

    Right to repair matters due to it cutting down waste world wide. With right to repair you or somebody can fix the thing instead of having to throw out an item that could be fixed.

    • Matthew Way
      Matthew Way 12 dni temu

      That is a small fringe benefit. Private property is the real concrete issue being discussed.
      Do you or do you not own the device you paid for.

  • Luis Enrique Esteve
    Luis Enrique Esteve 15 dni temu +3

    Thanks Linus for saying it!!! Most of the people I know that don't agree about "Right to Repair" have the crazy believe that if this gets wide reception first party repair shops and parts will go away. Another argument I've heared is that "We the consumers should not be tinckering with technology we don't understand" But again that assumes no one outside of the corporation that created the product does not understand it. And again it is MY choice if I want to try and fix it and break it I will take responsibility and buy a new one.

    • Danny Martial
      Danny Martial 14 dni temu +1

      The problem is when right-to-repair-advocates campaign for companies to make devices uglier by having exposed screwed, less water resistance by using less glue, thicker chassis to hold removable parts rather than soldered in parts, less security by allowing third-party bio-authentication sensors, etc...
      Saying that people who disagree are wrong is just narrow-minded. Right-to-repair doesn't come without a cost. And that cost is impeding on people who prefer to use locked down devices.

  • Will Drunkenstein
    Will Drunkenstein 15 dni temu

    Individuals should be able to attempt repairing their own devices. However, if at any point afterwards the device requires repair by manufacturer, and if the repair is not possible without swapping out the replaced components, the company should have the right to reject repair request

    • Will Drunkenstein
      Will Drunkenstein 14 dni temu

      @Doppler Effect Absolutely. That's what i meant in the first part

    • Doppler Effect
      Doppler Effect 15 dni temu +1

      Every company ALREADY has the right to reject a repair request. Right to repair isn't about "forcing companies to repair your devices if you ask." It's about making it illegal for companies to blockade ANYBODY from repairing the device.

  • Tree Kicker
    Tree Kicker 15 dni temu +16

    Imagine cracking your cars windshield, And you're told that only license dealerships are authorized to replace it instead of third-party shops like we have now. Then you're also told that since because the car is an older model they don't carry that specific windshield anymore and you need to buy a new one.

  • Cole Hintermeister
    Cole Hintermeister 15 dni temu

    Dude really just went “CAN you? Or did you mean ‘MAY I’?” and thought it was a valid point lol

  • Samantha Yeo
    Samantha Yeo 13 dni temu +1

    Most people think the right to repair is not important cause they could get spare parts from salvage or non brands.
    The issue for right to repair is not the spare parts, its the barriers that brands set to ensure that the spare parts you get is useless unless its in their own hands even though its perfectly good parts.
    The sad part is that everyone is used to the fact that they dont own what they have. Games is rental from steam, subscriptions to programs, digital books that rental too, effectively, my generation of people don't believe that they own the copy of stuff that they own. The phones that they have, they brought the right to use the phone but not ownership, books they brought the right to read but not own the copy that they brought. THE PROBLEM is that they argue in favor of non-ownership.

  • Ellipsis115
    Ellipsis115 14 dni temu

    1:38 - 2:48 Well said.

  • Suisse
    Suisse 14 dni temu

    For peoples not sure about right to repair, we kinda have it (but we are loosing it) with the car industry. You can buy pieces from lot of places and independant garage can service/repair your car. You can even go straight to the car dealer to get pieces. If we go with the current state with electronic, your car must be serviced/repaired by the car dealer. You need to change oil? Go to your dealer. The light is burned? Go to your dealer. Major break? Go to your dealer. (Also, car dealers don't want you to use your old car so they will just stop to service you at a point, if they even "allow" you to service it in the first place). No pieces are available for sale and they add DRM on as much pieces as they can so there could be no 2nd market for pieces. The first stage of that right to repair would be to allow somebody, not releated to your car dealer (eg. an independant garage or maybe you), to buy pieces.

  • Justin Leahy
    Justin Leahy 15 dni temu +2

    Even though I’ll probably never use it, I’ll always support right to repair

    • Kerazi Koder
      Kerazi Koder 11 dni temu

      R2R also includes the ability of a local shop to make a simple/cheap repair on your behalf instead of having to do a much larger expensive and largely unnecessary repair like replacing an entire assembly.

  • SomeGuy
    SomeGuy 14 dni temu

    Does right to repair apply to things like - say - tools?
    Because lttstore doesn't seem to think so

    • Rara Cool
      Rara Cool 11 dni temu

      @SomeGuy Okay while I personally disagree with that stance on right to repair, there are some technical aspects that I can slightly empathise with if they are the case.
      1. Linus, LMG or Creator Warehouse do not own the patent for the ratcheting design. It may be that they simply cannot provide documentation or spare parts in that regard. You can maybe make the argument that that is something they should have considered when looking for a prefabbed design, however since we don’t know what their contract is I find it hard to argue over that.
      2. This was a claim made by customer support, not Linus. It is clear that Linus’ views are far opposed to that. Again, the argument could be made that Linus could be more “tuned in” to the customer support team, and in fact, in the WAN show from yesterday he did mention that he is working on familiarising himself a lot more with different employees and processes. I’m not sure if that would change their stance on RTR as a company, however.
      3. From a consumer friendliness perspective, which is 50% of the goals of RTR, Creator Warehouse checks all of the boxes. Their return policy and surprisingly their “Trust Me Bro” Warranty has been quite praised. There is a definite point to be made on the environmental costs of shipping out a whole new screwdriver for every defect, and a simple replacement policy is nowhere near what it needs to be for right to repair friendliness.
      Each of my 3 points have benefits and downsides. Me personally, I am not going to cast stones at Creator Warehouse or Linus because for how small of a company they are compared to the behemoths of the tech and farming industry, they are doing quite well for the consumer.

    • SomeGuy
      SomeGuy 12 dni temu

      @Rara Cool "Our screwdrivers aren't intended to be user serviceable."
      "Our right to repair isn't technical meant to portray that our items can be repaired easily, but rather that if something that shouldn't happen occurs that we will have it repaired/replaced for you."
      From an email with support

    • Rara Cool
      Rara Cool 13 dni temu

      What do you mean?

  • Tina Andro
    Tina Andro 10 dni temu

    In my opinion he right to repair will be more important as time goes by with the big push towards electric cars.If this is not established by the time a majority will own electric cars then I Imagine people will feel the same annoyance as the farmers with the John Deere equipment. While I think electric cars will actually help a lot with air and noise pollution if the drawbacks aren't handled properly then the average consumer will be screwed to Sunday in costs. Companies will always chase profit so the Goverment should pass legislation like Right to repair though I have little faith. in them,

  • Bad Motivator
    Bad Motivator 9 dni temu

    My iphone battery is dying. Do i trade it in (at a huge loss) for a new one- still costing me hundreds? Or do I get the battery replaced and use it until 2027 when support will likely end, and then what if i can't trade it in and it won't run the apps I need? I'm stuck. It's not fair

  • thelostone
    thelostone 15 dni temu

    is linus still working with (or invested in) Frameworks?

    • Dog
      Dog 5 dni temu

      @RunMeerkat legislation vs Actual Object

    • RunMeerkat
      RunMeerkat 5 dni temu

      ​​@Dog ridiculous. Now Elon Musk can't say how great EVs are because he has a conflict of interest in them too.

    • Dog
      Dog 14 dni temu

      This whole topic is a conflict of interest for him. Idk why he’s still commenting on it

    • Rocha
      Rocha 14 dni temu


  • Major Fallacy
    Major Fallacy 15 dni temu +1

    right to repair is nice but first we really gotta talk about right to actually own your devices while they're still working. Fuck locked down systems that go obsolete while the hardware is still fully functional.

  • GameChip
    GameChip 15 dni temu +4

    Those company executives are hard r's

  • Vladdamir DK
    Vladdamir DK 9 dni temu

    Get em Linus!

  • The Canadian Pulse
    The Canadian Pulse 14 dni temu

    Oh shoot he snapped. 😮

  • Dmitry Romanenko
    Dmitry Romanenko 10 dni temu

    This is all great until they change agreement from ownership to perpetual lease of device. Then all these arguments regarding "right to repair of device you bought" are redundant, as you don't own the device. This is what happens with streaming services and digital content you buy. It may just poof because you don't own the content, you own a license to content and that license is not perpetual.
    Its coming.

  • Badd Badger
    Badd Badger 15 dni temu +4

    I am not criticising, i love everyone here. I just feel like Linus has slightly misunderstood the person asking this question. I totally agree with everything he says here, i just don't think that the person asking this question was arguing against right to repair either. I just feel like he or she was asking for some clarification is all. But then again, maybe i got something wrong, which is totally possible.

    • Matthew Way
      Matthew Way 12 dni temu

      ​@Israel Lai - Composer no, linus understood it perfectly. The guy asking the question didn't understand the issue because his specific device has mostly been taken care of.

    • Israel Lai - Composer
      Israel Lai - Composer 14 dni temu

      ​@primadonna2312he did say he didn't understand the question, but he proceeded to give a generic response to any RTR questions 😂

    • primadonna2312
      primadonna2312 15 dni temu +1

      You didn't, Linus misunderstood the question.

  • Jerry Yao
    Jerry Yao 15 dni temu +2

    that's the hard R, isn't it?

  • Sylkis89
    Sylkis89 14 dni temu

    people against the right to repair don't understand the difference between property and possession, that it's a right to actually own the devices you possess as opposed to just leasing them. And that it does not negate your right to lease devices either, it gives you choice and does not take away any.
    It's like when some people spew nonsense about distinguishing personal property and private property, saying that the difference is in how the property rights are being used, not realising they're just talking about the difference between posession and ownership and the rights to lease.

  • Dan Heckman
    Dan Heckman 15 dni temu

    Linus likes dropping hard rs. Lmao

  • aullik
    aullik 15 dni temu +1

    "Educate yourself" is such a bad dead-end non-argument. I absolutely agree with your statement about right to repair tho.

  • Illegal Opinions
    Illegal Opinions 14 dni temu

    "Right to repair" misses the point. We need to be talking about "property right". The entire move to things as a "live service" where manufacturers effectively rent you things has to be stopped. It stops when people assert that _they own the product they purchased._ The manufacturer has no say on what happens to that item once the money has been exchanged for ownership.
    Until people absolutely hammer them on this point people are just wasting their own time and energy.

  • Cerebralassazin
    Cerebralassazin 14 dni temu

    It’s amazing how people don’t understand it, boggles my mind.

    • Tosh
      Tosh 13 dni temu

      Not everyone understands everything. Its why we ask question and gather data to gain knowledge and understanding, just like the person who asked the question did.

  • flint
    flint 15 dni temu

    I think Linus got the question really wrong, it wasn't about "I don't need this right", the question was from my understanding if this guy did something illegal by repairing his phone before there was a right to repair.
    To also give the answer: No, it wasn't, but there was nothing forcing a device manufacturer to build a phone in a way that you could repair it. They could built their device however they want, and if they didn't want to sell spare parts, they didn't have to. You were just lucky that you were able to fix your phone. Now you have the right to repair it, in the way that the manufacturer must build the device so that you can repair it and they are forced to sell (at least certain) spare parts.

  • Lolin
    Lolin 15 dni temu

    Companies like apple who try to remove repairability from devices are trying to make a monopoly on repair services for their products. The demand for repair of their products stays the same, but because no one else can do it they can charge whatever they want for it as there’s no competition. Right to repair fights against that. If you think that companies having monopolies like this is a good thing for consumers, you are sorely mistaken

  • gaming_hippie
    gaming_hippie 15 dni temu

    I don't understand the people lobbying against it. Most say it's a safety risk but my freaking 240v dryer has a schematic, my hot water tank also has a schematic, I think my furnace also has one... then some bs about the environment, but I can get freon for my car at autozone, and if parts where force to be sold other would also keep devices out of the landfill

  • Tazdingo
    Tazdingo 13 dni temu

    Didn't 25% of people living in Massachusetts were against a right to repair bill? It shows how utterly and willfully ignorant some people are, and how people always find a way to vote against their best interests at every turn.

  • detaart
    detaart 14 dni temu +1

    Frankly, i don't understand why this is even still up for dicussion. I should have the right to repair and even modify anything i own. It is my property.

  • Trivalent Clan - Mizar

    All for right to repair, just as long as someone can not steal my device and buy the parts needed to recover my data from the device and use that data to break into my bank account. Seems to mostly be a manufacturer design issue, unless legislations require the ability to repair device bricked when stolen/seized, now who would ask for that, i will let you guess.

  • Tristan Kordek
    Tristan Kordek 15 dni temu


  • David Sh.
    David Sh. 15 dni temu

    it was nice to see Linus stand this firmly on his opinion that R2R's goals are important and that it's none negotiable, especially since it's coming from someone who doesn't really conform to the mob even of his peers and community until he's actually convinced of the merit of the arguments.

  • DigiFrogMage
    DigiFrogMage 15 dni temu +20

    Dude's question was "What are people fighting for, don't we already have this right?" and Linus went on to lambast him for things he didn't say in his question. This would have been a good opportunity to mention all the malicious practices companies have implemented to make it harder/impossible for owners to control their own devices.

    • Dog
      Dog 14 dni temu

      His Framework investment is talking

    • Xeonerable
      Xeonerable 14 dni temu +2

      Seemed more out of touch for me, he was able to get parts for a really old phone. Must have not seen anything new recently..!

    • Tree's Company
      Tree's Company 14 dni temu +3

      It was worded similarly to how someone might sarcastically heckle him, so I can understand both the presumed intent and the way Linus received it

    • Frog with Sunglasses
      Frog with Sunglasses 14 dni temu +5

      Question was structured poorly, I think

    • primadonna2312
      primadonna2312 15 dni temu


  • Matt
    Matt 15 dni temu +1

    People who make this argument are honestly just dumb. They don't understand the basics of language or the restrictions manufacturers are trying to put into place. They need to shut up, take a back seat, and let others make decisions for them.

  • Zaph Enath
    Zaph Enath 15 dni temu +9

    ok, woah, easy there! anyway, i'm going to start up a smartphone company that makes 100% sealed phones with no buttons or ports of any kind, and every part on the inside is going to be completely proprietary and actually hand-made by skilled artisans. any attempts at disassembly will BY DESIGN result in the phone basically self-destructing. i welcome you feedback on that, linus

    • Doppler Effect
      Doppler Effect 15 dni temu +1

      Sounds to me like a Onewheel battery pack except in phone form.

    • Zaph Enath
      Zaph Enath 15 dni temu +2

      @Scaven666 it's ONLY going to be for sale in places where it would be illegal. and everywhere else too. and we'll make deals with the gov'ts to MANDATE that the citizens have to buy only this phone each time a new version comes out. which will be every three months.

    • Scaven666
      Scaven666 15 dni temu

      @Hann Plays: Life wrong game... can it run Crysis?

    • Scaven666
      Scaven666 15 dni temu +6

      so would this phone only be sold in the US? cause it would never get approved to sell on the EU market thats for sure

    • Hann Plays: Life
      Hann Plays: Life 15 dni temu +4

      but can it run skyrim?

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee 15 dni temu

    But You do void the warranty if You want to repair it yourself so? but if out of warranty then of coarse fix Yourself is best

    • Bruce Lee
      Bruce Lee 15 dni temu

      @Doppler Effect when I asked for replacement they gave new phone and I kept my broken one so I had 2 theoretically even though it was broken so really had 1 working one

    • Bruce Lee
      Bruce Lee 15 dni temu

      They have always repaired or replaced the device for me even out of warranty and still helped which was awesome so I’ve never had that problem yet

    • Bruce Lee
      Bruce Lee 15 dni temu

      @Doppler Effect never had that problem happen to me ever

    • Doppler Effect
      Doppler Effect 15 dni temu

      And companies still have the right to reject a repair request if your attempt caused it to fail. That's literally NOT what right to repair is trying to stop. It's trying to stop companies from intentionally making it difficult or impossible for people to either repair their devices themselves or getting them repaired by a third party.

  • Keiyano
    Keiyano 11 dni temu

    People who actively say that RIght to Repair is not important are the ones that do not work in a technical profession where repairing is done. If repairing your own device/machine/car/etc is illegal , it would mean that businesses cannot repair anything themselves, and they would need to buy new stuff everytime something breaks down. Now imagine having to buy a new car everytime something goes wrong with your car. And also less wealthy countries live on items that 2nd hand items that have been repaired because it is cheaper. Like for example Generators for electric grinds, Power Transformers used in power distribution grind etc. Most of the items sold on ebay would be gone if Right ot Repair was denied.
    Like if you dont know about the topic then you shouldn't blindly say that its not important.

  • C Stout
    C Stout 14 dni temu

    "Right to Repair" is a good marketing term that rolls off the tongue well, but it's kind of a misnomer. A more apt term would be "Right to Ownership". Companies are trying to make it so that you don't truly _own_ the things you buy, you just _lease_ them as long as they say you can. The R2R movement seeks to preserve _true ownership,_ which includes the ability to choose who repairs your things and for how long.

  • Lumpy
    Lumpy 14 dni temu

    Bring back Jack

  • Lewis Henshaw
    Lewis Henshaw 15 dni temu

    I feel like what a good middle ground on right to repair for company's and consumers is you should be able to get any part of a product you buy down to the chips on the motherboard and buy them as long as the mark up of all the parts added togther does not breach past the products msrp. This allows company's to still have a mark up on parts. While not charging consumers outrageous costs. I'd accept if it voided a warranty if you got a chip from a 3rd party but the repair from a 3rd party (using genuine parts) should maintain the warranty.
    The issue about not having right to repair I think that gets missed out alot is also the amount of 3rd party replacement parts that are used and actually causes issues. I remember a phone battery I got years ago that I paid for didn't last anywhere near what my original one did and when I decided to do the repair myself I seen it was a knock off battery.
    What's everyone else's thoughts?

  • Colonel Angus
    Colonel Angus 14 dni temu

  • Wooksley
    Wooksley 11 dni temu

    Sure there is room for disagreement. It’s a positive right and so I’m against it in principle. You don’t have freedoms to, only freedoms from. So you don’t get to force other people to do what they don’t want to do, even if those people are working at Apple, or some other corporation. Just don’t buy their stuff if you don’t like it, no one is forcing you to buy it.

    • Keiyano
      Keiyano 11 dni temu

      @Wooksley going by what you say why do you get to say what government should and should not do? Your view might look unbiased but its very biased in nature. Its governments responsibility to help their people not make it worst for them. These big companies do not care about costumers. Governement have the right to impose regulations and laws as long as it benefits the people. Going by what you said you shouldnt have a problem with my opinion nor the R2R law because it doesnt affect you Lol.

    • Wooksley
      Wooksley 11 dni temu

      @Keiyano well, don’t buy Apple’s products then, what’s your problem? Just don’t buy hard to repair electronics. What you don’t get to do is to use the force of government, so basically violence, to enforce your preferences onto onto others. Maybe some people don’t care if their electronics is easy to repair, maybe they would in fact prefer hard-to-repair stuff for some other reason like idk, it looks prettier or costs less or something else entirely. Why do you get to dictate what other people buy?

    • Keiyano
      Keiyano 11 dni temu

      @Wooksley You can make products repairable without decreasing quality. Quality, Security , etc is all excuses big companies make for not doing something. Like how apple didn't allow third party app stores and payment systems because security. Its the same as apple not including a type C port because they care about environment. But if they cared about environment they would let ppl repair their devices and keep it out of a landfield. Electronics arent getting cheaper so the answer is not to buy new optimal stuff but to repair existing

    • Wooksley
      Wooksley 11 dni temu

      @KeiyanoI think you don’t get it. I’m not against consumers repairing their own stuff, I do that myself. What I don’t like is the very concept of a positive right. You are not owed anything just because you exist and you should not be able to force other people to do what you want them to do by force. By all means, buy gadgets that are easy to repair and repair them. That’s not what the right to repair is, what it means is that it is illegal to make gadgets that are not easy to repair, and it is illegal not to supply spare parts for the gadgets that you’re producing. Why should that be? Why can’t companies just make whatever they want and consumers can’t just buy whatever they deem optimal for them to buy? In general, who are you to tell me what to do? And besides that can be abused in a million different ways and increase costs, decrease quality and have other unforeseen consequences that are not necessarily positive.

    • Keiyano
      Keiyano 11 dni temu

      Having R2R denied can easily put people who work in profession that deal with repairs out of business. Like seriously idk why people think this is about apple only. Sure if you wanna be an apple fan by all means do so but it doesn't give you any right to deny other people of their rights as a consumer. If someone as a consumer wants to fix their stuff they should have the right to do so because after you pay for the product it is no longer the companies property.

  • NeutralGuyDoubleZero
    NeutralGuyDoubleZero 15 dni temu

    Opening with some goober taking the question of right to repair in bad faith and asking a dumbass question.
    Gotta love it

  • Nick Cisterna
    Nick Cisterna 14 dni temu

    Tesla and John Deere are the worst for going against this

  • ArthropodSpidey
    ArthropodSpidey 15 dni temu

    And Linus still has no idea to communicate things properly. Moving along

  • Someone
    Someone 13 dni temu +1

    TracktoR2R won

  • François Ménard
    François Ménard 15 dni temu +1

    May be the person does understand and is against it because they are a big share holder of a company that profits from the lack of repairability.

  • DriveAndMaintain
    DriveAndMaintain 15 dni temu +1

    The goal of right to repair (and ability to repair) is to put an end to the black hole sucking consumers into a win-less situation where you are required to spend $500 or $5000 for a repair that actually only costs $50 in parts and labor. If you don't have the RIGHT and ABILITY to do the repair yourself, you're being funnelled into that black hole of consumer extortion. Companies know that these repairs are cheap but know that it's easy to turn this into a big cash cow by locking down DIY access and using "intellectual property protection" as their legal excuse. This type of situation is unnecessary, anti-consumer and serves no purpose other than squeezing every last dollar out of the consumer across the entire lifecycle of ownership.

  • Definitely a harmless MC-kun

    Like phones that you no longer have easy access to their battery, bitch buying a new battery and replacing it is easy and I don't need technical knowledge of it.

  • Leif Neland
    Leif Neland 14 dni temu +1

    "you don't want to repair your phone - then don't repair your phone, but let other repair their phone if they want"
    Equivalent to "I'm against abortions - then don't get an abortion"
    "I'm against same-sex marriages - then don't marry same sex"
    "I'm against meat/milk - then don't eat meat/drink milk"
    Stop fighting what you don't like, just don't do it yourself.

  • pandora50
    pandora50 6 dni temu

    The right to repair is the right to feel entitled which it isn't end of story and that's the trouble with your generation you feel its your right? According to whom Linus and don't say the consumer because that's a cop out. They make the products like phones and tablets so deal with it.

  • Sheppy
    Sheppy 15 dni temu +1

    I feel like this questioner was just trying to be pedantic about the word "right" being used in a certain way, wanting to sound so very smart and ending up sounding ignorant at best. The particular phrasing of "Honest question..." often comes before an ass-backwards take on something. Person could have *easily* looked it up to understand it further, and probably knows more than they let on.
    But at the same time I won't deny any opportunity to talk about R2R.

    • R3
      R3 15 dni temu +2

      The term "Honest question" is used when someone wants to ask a question that they perceive the answer to be fundamentally understood by others but doesn't make any sense to themself. They clarify the question as being "honest" because it might be so outlandish that other people might just assume them to be trolling with it.
      In other words, they are trying to deflect the brain-dead _"hur-dur how do you not know that?"_ responses that come with the territory of asking questions about fundamentals. I do it all the time.

  • ASBESTOS Fibers
    ASBESTOS Fibers 14 dni temu

    I disagree with you saying this isn't up for negotiation.
    That is a disgusting argument.
    If you were in industrial and medical mechanical service and repair you would understand.
    It applies to everything, and shouldn't apply to that.

    • Dog
      Dog 14 dni temu

      This whole issue is a conflict of interest with his Framework investment.

    • ASBESTOS Fibers
      ASBESTOS Fibers 14 dni temu

      However the "public" may not be purchasing this equipment.
      The maintenance men are the "public"
      Ass for the consumer electronics market however. There Is no argument against right to repair.
      I just hate that it's applied to everything with blind logic and no insight as to why it might be a thing other than greed.

  • Illuminati
    Illuminati 15 dni temu +1

    I think some people don't understand what a "right" is. It is not an obligation. You do not have to use any of your rights, but you can if you want.

  • Dog
    Dog 14 dni temu +1

    Linus’ Framework investment is talking rather than his brain. R2R is such an overblown topic. Only hardcore tech geeks care about it. The overwhelming majority of manufacturers give access to spare parts to repair your device. Linus’ opinion is just a conflict of interest and shouldn’t be taken seriously at all.

    • Rara Cool
      Rara Cool 13 dni temu +1

      Linus has been talking about R2R long before his investment.

  • ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂
    ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂ 15 dni temu +3

    2:08 well that's the thing about rights. They're not ever negotiable, they just are

    • Danny Martial
      Danny Martial 14 dni temu +2

      The problem is the "Right to Repair" title is completely misunderstanding how rights work... You already have the right to take your phone to a third party. You have that right. You won't be arrested, fined, or punished in any way. You'll just have a shitty experience because the third party repairer isn't skilled enough to fix your device without breaking it.

  • Dr. Ryan
    Dr. Ryan 15 dni temu +1

    I am a zookeeper in chicago and I regularly feed the hippos day old sausages so they have a taste of their home. I put strings on the sausages and swing them around the hippos they get so mad at me and scream but it's an obsession sometimes the hippos try and break out of their cages but I keep swinging those hotdogs in wide circles over their heads. Luckily my boss doesn't know I do this or my coworkers

  • cxyntus
    cxyntus 14 dni temu

    Right-to-repair: Yes.
    But maybe exception for devices that kill/harm you or others when repaired improperly?

    • Rara Cool
      Rara Cool 13 dni temu +1

      Repairing a wall outlet could kill you if done improperly. Are we going to ban individuals from repairing their own wall outlets?

    • cxyntus
      cxyntus 14 dni temu

      My concern is customers who don't do proper (or any) research.

    • cxyntus
      cxyntus 14 dni temu

      @Ruben De
      Well... If you put it like that... ;)
      I should have sad 'in highly exceptional cases', and 'kill/permanently disfigure'. I also think it should not be up to the companies to determine when something is an exception.

    • Ruben De
      Ruben De 14 dni temu +1

      So that "exception" would then include... everything?! Like imagine companies trying to say "oh but you can cut yourself trying to undo the unnecessarily agressive glue of our phone screen, therefore you should not be able to repair it by yourself only our trained professionals can do so"...
      Put a safety warning in the manual if you so desire and let people repair their shit.

    • Sidotre
      Sidotre 14 dni temu +1

      It's on customers to do proper research before attemping to repair their device.

  • CameronZ28
    CameronZ28 15 dni temu +1

    Ultra-based linus

  • Danny Martial
    Danny Martial 14 dni temu +1

    The problem is when right-to-repair-advocates campaign for companies to make devices uglier by having exposed screwed, less water resistance by using less glue, thicker chassis to hold removable parts rather than soldered in parts, less security by allowing third-party bio-authentication sensors, etc...
    Saying that people who disagree are wrong is just narrow-minded. Right-to-repair doesn't come without a cost. And that cost is impeding on people who prefer to use locked down devices.

    • Rara Cool
      Rara Cool 13 dni temu

      The reason Linus invested in Framework is because they demonstrated that you can make a no compromises repairable laptop.

    • Ruben De
      Ruben De 14 dni temu

      No. While it would be nice to have everything repairable, no right-to-repair advocate is asking for an uglier phone or less functionality on existing products. There are phones for that specific purpose like the fairphone. But what they want is to not intentionally lock down part supplies and software and hide behind the safety or user experience argument. If you don't want to you can still bring it to the manifacturer for repair just liie before. But say i don't like the apple logo and would rather replace it with a banana, the hardware part is easy as i could just use a case but software is restricted by apple even though they claim it is "my device". (And yes this is a stupid example but after software updates end it is critical in order to reduce waste)

  • James Epp
    James Epp 15 dni temu

    I understand RTR perfectly well and it's bullshit.

    • James Epp
      James Epp 13 dni temu

      @Rara Cool The absolute TL;DR is libertarianism.
      You have the right (notwithstanding any legal contracts you have entered into or infringing on another's rights) to do whatever you want with your own property. That includes repair. So you already have the right to repair - it's an unenumerated right.
      No one is bound (notwithstanding any legal contracts you have entered into) to help you repair your property. The creation of legislation that forces any person, company, or organization to help you repair your property is fundamentally authoritarian and unethical.

    • Rara Cool
      Rara Cool 13 dni temu


  • Khalmoon
    Khalmoon 15 dni temu +1

    I've always been weirded out about Right to Repair because its been spear headed by an Apple Repair guy, which its obviously in his best interest for more Macs to be more repairable.
    The angle needs to be hit from a different angle because right now the only people that care about it are tech people like myself or people who blanket hate watch apple. Especially when it comes to phones. The vast majority in the US are subsidized and in other countries the iPhone is not exactly #1.
    Unfortunately the entire conversation usually ends with Apple bad, and the people that need to hear it are Apple people such as myself. Personally I have only broken Apple products 3 times in my life and each time I was able to go to an apple store and they either fixed or replaced it. Broken Screen, broken touch id and a cracked frame on my old devices.
    I could never do something like that with Samsung, each time Ive brought my device or a family members device to samsung support attention they basically told me to cough up money or kick rocks.
    The Apple direction won't really get people other than Apple Haters on board, which isn't quite enough.

    • Spliced Bread
      Spliced Bread 15 dni temu

      @Idiocy dont worry, ths Khalmoon dude is really sounding like an apple fanboy by slightly mentioning things to discredit the ability to repair, such as "I only ever broke my apple products 3 times" and only replied to the 4th comment, ignoring the earlier comments that have way more information and a point to it. Khalmoon is just a salty shill.

    • Idiocy
      Idiocy 15 dni temu +2

      So you're against right to repair just because you don't like some dude making a profit off of repairing products he doesn't use? You think he's more of a problem than the companies that are 99% anti-consumer? And you mentioned Samsung wasn't able to repair or replace your devices but that's more of a service issue than a right to repair issue. Apple and Samsung devices are currently "repairable" but at the cost of what? Just like Linus said and let people repair their devices without companies making it harder to do it.

    • Khalmoon
      Khalmoon 15 dni temu

      @Von Potatostein That is good for the environment but I would argue it's significantly worse that companies like samsung produce ewaste phones at 50-100 dollars that get tossed every year. I worked in retail I've seen it happen. Every year new trash products rather than repackaging the old stuff.

    • Khalmoon
      Khalmoon 15 dni temu

      @R3 Let's be real here it spans to other topics but obviously the Apple Repair guy is going to lobby heavily to make things better for him and his company. Which isn't a bad thing. But in my opinion I would suggest that if its such a problem, just stop buying apple products. Most people in this comment section don't own Apple products anyway. Once it becomes an inconvenience then it will be an issue.
      Yes I'm aware the issue spans more than apple but no one can open their mouth about it without mentioning it

    • R3
      R3 15 dni temu +4

      I'm sorry but this is an ignorant take.
      The Right to Repair movement covers far more than just Apple. Louis, the guy you're obviously talking about, frequently talks about other companies besides Apple, such as Samsung. Most recently about how Samsung is trying to exclude the importing of *_all_* OLED screens into the country because of some BS patent dispute (And that includes ones they have no patents on as well!). He also frequently talks about farming equipment and medical equipment and the automotive industry. It's not just Apple. In fact, most of the times this stuff comes up in the public it isn't even about Apple.
      Plus, he isn't "spear heading" anything. He's just one guy who is a major figure. There are other people who are larger and have more influence.
      You're entire perspective, as I can surmise from your comment, is based on your very narrow exposure to the people talking about the subject.

  • Jaxx 1999
    Jaxx 1999 15 dni temu

    Linus=BasedAf??? Every single word Linus just said as his argument for right to repair can directly translate to the 2nd amendment and I love it. We the people will enjoy our right and the rest of you who disagree can sit down and shut up😂

  • LittleTimmyTheFifth
    LittleTimmyTheFifth 7 dni temu

    Here at 48,810 views.

  • Mark Materum
    Mark Materum 15 dni temu


    • Horseponyhybrid
      Horseponyhybrid 15 dni temu

      Cool story bro, you want a cookie for it? how about, if you dont have anything to say about a video, just dont say anything...
      You should be given a keyboard without the letters "f,i,r,s,t"

  • Im_Domin_
    Im_Domin_ 15 dni temu


    FLG NEO 15 dni temu +5

    Right to repair: exists
    Car manufacturers: we've made evs that you can't fix without bringing it to us and sell you on a lie that it produces less carbon so you can brag to your friends

    • BonJarno
      BonJarno 15 dni temu +2

      @Neojhun Yes, in theory EV's should be easier to maintain. However, in practice the car industry has been pivoting to a anti-RTR stance for years and EV's have been a big push to reach their goal. EV's are even easier to restrict with hardware DRM's. Many modern cars, especially cars with "smart" technology like most EV's, have DRM's, (software)backdoors and software-locked features baked in. Just check Rich Rebuilds' experiences with Tesla. Cars that are hard to get repaired for a reasonable price will get replaced, meaning more cars need to got produced, which is terrible for the environment.
      I love the idea of EV's and I'm sure there are some good options for EV's, but I think it's naive to think that EV's that are sold are all good for repair-ability.

    • FLG NEO
      FLG NEO 15 dni temu +1

      @Neojhun it's much more dangerous to self service evs compared to ICE cars due to the high voltages of the battery packs and depending on the repairs needed. Secondly I wouldn't advocate for any ICE car made after 2018 from most manufacturers since they can and do reset the tune to the ecu if you change it for more power like the way GM has in some of its cars like certain models of the corvette. So I would outright avoid those ICE cars entirely if you aren't able to replace it with a standalone ecu.
      Also what's to stop a manufacturer from saying "we don't like your opinions or that you state facts that offend certain people so you can't drive the car you bought from us so we're disabling it" because last I checked companies like pre Elon Twitter and current Facebook etc did that at their pleasure so why wouldn't a car manufacturer be able to do that if they wanted to. Hence why I never advise anyone to buy cars with networked ecus.
      Maybe also look up how vw refused to track a hijacked car that had the owners child in it unless the owner paid for their tracking subscription. This is something we will see more of in the future so why not have a system you actually control instead of letting a corporation put a price tag on helping you get your child back in a situation like that

    • Neojhun
      Neojhun 15 dni temu

      Insane Nonsense. BEVs are EASIER to repair than modern ICE cars. To the point you can do major work like Motor and Battery Swaps with much less specialized tools in a modest private work shop. You are just spamming Political Rumors about Technical Reality.

  • Travis Stamper
    Travis Stamper 15 dni temu

    First time I have ever agreed with Linus