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He Exposed the Truth and Got Hacked

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  • Opublikowany 12 mar 2023
  • A third update on the Tarkov Cheating Situation - G0at’s computer suffers retributive malware attack.
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Komentarze • 820

  • Doctor Gears
    Doctor Gears 16 dni temu +2342

    Pro tip for people doing research: don't install shady software on your computer, use a virtual machine.

    • Undead Munchies
      Undead Munchies 2 dni temu

      In most cases, sure. But in this case it likely would not have helped. People who know computers well enough to root kit your system and fry your drives can tell if youre on a VM.

    • Ellipsis115
      Ellipsis115 2 dni temu

      I mean I guess will do but Isn't a virtual machine still able to access your actual computer? It has to in order for you to interact with it? So I take it it's just safer but not airtight by any means?

    • Czekaj
      Czekaj 3 dni temu

      Alternative is to buy a shitty throwaway pc probably one from eBay that can play stuff on low settings. Then use your router to isolate the device from other items on the network.

    • orodimus prime
      orodimus prime 6 dni temu +3

      They could have used this advice today

    • Mr. Juice Himself
      Mr. Juice Himself 6 dni temu

      Idk how they did this without calling SOG or someone from L1 Techs first

  • R3
    R3 15 dni temu +471

    If there's only one thing that people should take out of this whole situation is that by installing cheat software, you're essentially handing over the keys to your PC to whomever made the software.

    • Tech Freak
      Tech Freak 23 godzin temu

      @Gramini well it's not the game developers faults that cheaters use custom kernels. I know it's invasive, but what choice do they have? They don't have to waste money on developing anti-cheat solutions for consoles, so you either spend millions on server side anti-cheat for only one platform like an idiot or you spend a few thousand on user side anti-cheat and be done with it. Which makes more economical sense? The fact that you have to have some form of anti-cheat on only one platform is already pretty stupid.

    • Pierre roulier
      Pierre roulier 10 dni temu

      I remember one time.
      Like 4/5 years ago, I tried to launch a mod menu for GTA online (my main use of it was to make flying cars.).
      And windows defender deleted all files of it as soon as I executed it, even the compressed file it was into.

    • vangledosh
      vangledosh 11 dni temu

      No sympathy for these people.

    • Imglad Notu
      Imglad Notu 11 dni temu

      @Blahorga Slisk i mean linux is a pretty safe bet imho, considering they banned UMN for pulling the shit that they did.
      but honestly at this point in our society, at least we can commend transparency more than vague promises that companies make on a daily basis.

    • Sup3rman1c
      Sup3rman1c 12 dni temu +1

      @Gramini Well no, there are truly no different layers of privileges to a software you install on your computer. Most always the software requires administrator privileges at point of installation. Pwnd. If it doesn't it probably exploits some known bug in windows to elevate those privileges. There is a million ways to get/cheat/scam elevated privileges, and as far as I'm concerned a semi-compromised system is a compromised system.

  • Valerie Gill
    Valerie Gill 16 dni temu +836

    If he still has those drives, it might be a neat idea to have the lab take a look at them.

    • Declan Cunningham
      Declan Cunningham 3 dni temu


    • 3nertia
      3nertia 6 dni temu

      @Operator 801 You mean like Dan? :D

    • 3nertia
      3nertia 6 dni temu

      Replying to up this idea!

    • Eric
      Eric 7 dni temu

      They are fried lol, there is not much to take a look at; I think thats the point...

    • wolarts
      wolarts 13 dni temu +1

      @EFDB Jon that's nice but not everything is about you bud

  • RuinFox
    RuinFox 15 dni temu +513

    i like how all this happened right, the guys that made the cheats nukes the guy who exposed thems drives, this doesnt help the cheat company, now everyone who downloaded their cheats officially and 100% knows that at any time the folk who made the cheat can fry the drives of anyone using their cheat software, thats gonna lose them a lot of customers lol.

    • ͔
      ͔ 6 dni temu

      open source cheats 😎

    • 3nertia
      3nertia 6 dni temu

      As long as it feeds the end-user's ego and their wallets, nothing will ever change ...

    • I Am Explosion
      I Am Explosion 13 dni temu

      @Baptiste M sure, in the realm of possibilities it is not impossible, but it is very, highly unlikely, that he would even *need* to do it much less want to.
      as for everyone that downloads cheats, it isn't going to stop them from downloading cheats from a fishy website because they probably got the game from a fishy website at the same cost.

    • This Juan
      This Juan 14 dni temu +1

      You'd think this was gonna lose them a lot of customers, but remember. Most of those customers are young gamers, who already put up with a lot of nonsense from the legitimate part of the gaming market. I mean, we've now come to a point where games being unfinished out of the gate and taking months (or sometimes even longer, or never) to get properly fixed, loot boxes, pay to win, endless DLCs that add little to the game, your game no longer working when the company decides to shut down their servers, with no option to run your own servers, etc... etc... etc... have all been normalised.
      Let's face it. Gamers have been taking it up the exhaust vent for years now, and most of them no longer care about whose rod is inserted, nor what they're doing back there,, as long as they get their promised free ice cream at the end.

  • Jón Frímann
    Jón Frímann 16 dni temu +573

    Always use a separate computer on its own VLAN that is separate from your local lan. Better, set up its own special internet connection, not connected to your home internet. Security is everything in this type of investigations.

    • dra6o0n
      dra6o0n 14 dni temu

      If You are talking about the dark net, keep a loaded gun and a non-internet surveillance system around your property.

    • Phasma
      Phasma 15 dni temu

      @LordRomasona exactly, any abstraction can be sufficiently exploited.

    • Phasma
      Phasma 15 dni temu +2

      99% of you don't know what you're talking about, ask a professional.

    • Phasma
      Phasma 15 dni temu +1

      A VLAN nor a second internet connection will not save you in this instance, it is trivial to get past that level of separation. Once a system is made vulnerable, and targeted, the only thing that will help is virtualisation, a hardware firewall and a completely physically separated network aka air-gap. Even then, with access to hardware, you are still screwed.

    • LordRomasona
      LordRomasona 15 dni temu

      You can still get past that in Net Security. Same with VPN and VMs.
      I’ve worked in the field for several years now, and I’m a server admin, we have extra precautions even for that sorta stuff, because you can disrupt a server that a VM is running on

  • igotnothingbetter
    igotnothingbetter 15 dni temu +232

    Happened to be in a group call by accident with some cheat devs years ago, can confirm that "narcissistic sociopath" would be a kind description of the type of person it takes.

    • 3nertia
      3nertia 6 dni temu

      @Owen Tuck Sarcasm duly noted ... and ignored :p

    • Owen Tuck
      Owen Tuck 6 dni temu +1

      @3nertia thank you for enlightening me with your incredible knowledge. I feel like I really learnt something today 😁

    • 3nertia
      3nertia 6 dni temu

      @Owen Tuck Did you know that you can be confident without being a maniacal egomaniac/narcissist? 😱

    • 3nertia
      3nertia 6 dni temu

      Welcome to capitalism which encourages such personality traits heh

    • Survivor-0101
      Survivor-0101 8 dni temu +1

      Some of them for sure, but lots of cheat devs just want money and the users want to compete in a world where everyone cheats (or they want to bot accounts to a high level and then sell the account)

  • Peeves
    Peeves 16 dni temu +301

    Bless Linus for the "We have to get people up to speed."
    Really appreciate the overview!

  • VirtuallyMichael
    VirtuallyMichael 6 dni temu +21

    This is Ironic
    They talk about it then it happens BAD

  • sortacasual
    sortacasual 16 dni temu +191

    My favorite part of this talk was where they almost got hacked.

    • Vivek Joshi
      Vivek Joshi 5 dni temu

      If only you had waited for a week 😅

    • Zerotian
      Zerotian 5 dni temu

      Haaqh.. ha

    • Edel Gerardo Macías Muñoz
      Edel Gerardo Macías Muñoz 6 dni temu +1

      Now they were the ones being hacked lol

    • Jurb417
      Jurb417 13 dni temu

      ​@RuinFoxno. The point of the video is to talk about the person who was hacked, you clearly can't read.

    • RuinFox
      RuinFox 14 dni temu

      @sortacasual its like saying you like the coffee in Costa. no shit.

  • Mike Trieu
    Mike Trieu 5 dni temu +8

    Speaking of getting hacked, this video aged well 😏

  • xmine08
    xmine08 15 dni temu +27

    The cheat devs probably uploaded some kind of virus that (among other things) wiped the firmware of the drives. There are these kind of programs out there that you commonly don't come across - I mean, nowadays virus development is commercialized with all that cryptoware non-sense. Also remember that this cheat had all permissions, and was likely acting from the Kernel, thus it having free access to internal interfaces.

    • xmine08
      xmine08 11 dni temu

      @the bog I'm pretty sure (without proof) that the firmwares of drives have other kind of bugs, glitches or debug features (All undocumented, or even unknown to the manufacturer) that may put the drive into a bricked state. I'd wager that such a drive could be recovered through a professional data recovery service. Or if recoverable through software means, then not using a program that's publicly available.
      However, I'd guess that the manufacturer of goats drives may be interested to take a look.

    • the bog
      the bog 12 dni temu

      That’s not how that works though. SSDs require signed firmware binaries, even if they had kernel access it’s not like that gives you full control over the SSD. More than likely the cheat devs just trimmed his SSD to death, although that would take days off time at m.2 write speeds

  • TwinShards
    TwinShards 15 dni temu +59

    Maybe you guys could ask g0at for his "nuke" nvme,ssd,hdd and take a look at them? It would be interesting to know if the nuke was only software related or if it was a hardware related

    • Domanda
      Domanda 15 dni temu +6

      They would need to make sure when they looked into this nvme (if they get it) or other components that it is air gapped and use hardware they are willing to lose.

    ANASPAN 16 dni temu +245

    Meanwhile, Team Fortress 2 has been openly assaulted by cheaters non stop for over three years and about as much is being done...

    • Alex
      Alex 14 dni temu +1

      @1sMiku VAC absolutely doesn't work fine. The approach of an almost solely signature-based anticheat in this day and age is ridiculous. You can automate actions on any operating system as well, it's not Linux specific.

    • Alex
      Alex 15 dni temu

      @1sMiku tons use windows as well. No anticheat will ever be fully effective on linux anyway. Valve has put little to no effort into detecting linux cheats for both csgo and tf2. There’s plenty of shitty free cheats for linux that havent been detected in 3+ years.

    • 1sMiku
      1sMiku 15 dni temu +1

      @Imglad Notu the only reason Linux has anything to do with this is because the bot clients run on Linux since that's how people have figured out how to control them automatically (and with good performance I assume), the standalone cheats work great on Windows too
      Oh and don't question VAC either, most people have no idea what the fuck VAC was even made for

    • Imglad Notu
      Imglad Notu 15 dni temu +1

      @John Marston don't fault an entire kernel that is developed by volunteers, and is also the same kernel being used as the backbone for the very same servers that allow you to play with other goymers, just because valve didn't do their due dilligence and remove the production version and only have it available for the dedicated hosting software for the game.

  • Harold Fong
    Harold Fong 16 dni temu +101

    I believe if you cheat or make cheat in China on Tencent games there's a good chance of getting arrested. However cheats for game like Apex Legends are blatently sold online with no covers. There's even people advertising aimbots on certain video platforms.
    So I very much doubt whether the arrests there are related to Tarkov.

    • Geep Fish
      Geep Fish 15 dni temu

      @Cpt Otis Atleast for PUBG mobile that's a nope, owned by Tencent

    • Sunmaker
      Sunmaker 15 dni temu +1

      Back in the wild west of Apex, you'd get bots blasting shit in chinese. Translated, these were apparently ads for hacks.

    • TwinShards
      TwinShards 15 dni temu +1

      "There's even people advertising aimbots on certain video platforms."
      Yeah let's allow Pitch advertising

    • Cpt Otis
      Cpt Otis 15 dni temu

      ​@Sterling Archer its a korean game

  • Michael Gunderson
    Michael Gunderson 6 dni temu +13

    This aged well

  • AnuClitz
    AnuClitz 6 dni temu +15

    This is the peak of irony

  • 3V0
    3V0 15 dni temu +2

    I am glad that I have never downloaded cheats. I never wanted or needed to cheat ever, but I did figure people would put root kits in their software. Its the most sensible thing to do if you want to ensure people dont get information if there is any communication to their own servers.

  • Proudyfoot
    Proudyfoot 15 dni temu +20

    Hopefully all the people who bought this cheat software now realize their computer/info is now extremely vulnerable.

  • HardManbow
    HardManbow 14 dni temu

    The only thing that will ever totally get rid of cheating is to get rid of its benefits, and that'll never happen. For many people, the feeling of getting as much of what they want as they can and circumventing anything that gets in their way gives them a huge dopamine rush.

  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee 16 dni temu +72

    The arrested person was likely also doing more than just selling cheats

    • Ethan Bartlett
      Ethan Bartlett 15 dni temu +13

      @Osmosis Jones -100000000 social credit

    • Osmosis Jones
      Osmosis Jones 15 dni temu +19

      @Frietje Oorlog Informing young people on the incident that didn't happen in Tianmen.

    • Frietje Oorlog
      Frietje Oorlog 16 dni temu +34

      Watching Winnie the Pooh.

  • Dext Morgan
    Dext Morgan 11 dni temu

    i love watching this PodCast i always end up feeling stupid by the end lol

  • VladimirDelToro
    VladimirDelToro 15 dni temu +15

    The gaming community is an insane monster. The sheer foothold it has on things is severely underestimated in many ways and its moments like this one or the d&d thing that bring it into the light

    • 3nertia
      3nertia 6 dni temu

      Welcome to capitalism!

  • Bryan Bolin
    Bryan Bolin 6 dni temu +9

    I'll just say I found this after searching LTT hacked.

  • ミートローフLv 154
    ミートローフLv 154 15 dni temu +23

    I stopped playing mp games because you cannot escape cheaters. Especially at higher ranks. If you start winning they get butthurt and turn on their instakill aimbots and teleport all over the map

    • ミートローフLv 154
      ミートローフLv 154 14 dni temu +3

      @r3mxd in a fair fight? Yes ill accept defeat. But when people literally teleport all over the map and just hold down the trigger and everyone dies in like 5 seconds when previously you were winning, no thats some bullshit

    • r3mxd
      r3mxd 14 dni temu

      sounds like skill issue.

    • DynamicAlteration
      DynamicAlteration 15 dni temu +3

      I just want good singleplayer video games with custom player content creation tools like Halo, Garry's Mod, DOOM (1990s), etc

  • Martin Holmes
    Martin Holmes 6 dni temu +15

    This clip didn’t age well😂

  • FiecyLick
    FiecyLick 16 dni temu +36

    A lot of games ban users who use VM in general these days which is weird. So I recommend a dump PC on the side that is cheap to test on with stuff like this. Installing software known for cheating games has its backdoors or other things that people don't know about so he ate the cake at this point.

    • FiecyLick
      FiecyLick 14 dni temu

      @KabusThePotato Jesus.... Not just Intel ME. I wanna cry my eyes out.

    • KabusThePotato
      KabusThePotato 14 dni temu

      @FiecyLick amd PSP

    • FiecyLick
      FiecyLick 14 dni temu

      @Phasma I mean yeah you don't want to use the same disks of course. Second chip for uefi does sound new to me so I'm learning something knew out of that. I do know Intel creates these backdoors in general for the motherboards for the Government to access. Some say conspiracy when its been looked into. I haven't seen anything like that on AMD products yet as far as I know but I know I've always preferred AMD hardware since Open-source and easier to use their Drivers and setups for my Arch Linux systems.

    • Phasma
      Phasma 15 dni temu

      You are right. However the only hardware I would consider needing replacement are the disk's and if possible a second chip for uefi.

    • griddo
      griddo 16 dni temu +5

      problem is tarkov is pretty intensive, so your "dump pc" can't just be your grampa's old office rig, you're gonna actually have to invest some money in it. i do agree that a whole seperate system is the best way to do it, its just not easy

  • mattymerr701
    mattymerr701 15 dni temu +1

    The HDR standards are well defined. The problem is that the manufacturers don't certify their products well enough or give specs more than necessary.

  • Manraj Singh
    Manraj Singh 6 dni temu +11

    What a irony..now they are hacked

  • Andrew Ekleberry
    Andrew Ekleberry 14 dni temu

    This is why if you are going to do something crazy, you should use a virtual machine. When you install a rootkit on a SSD that doesn't actually exist, the damage is less severe.

  • theDevCat
    theDevCat 15 dni temu +6

    Linus, do a video on how to diagnoase/fix your system after a hacker attack.

  • Marko Júda
    Marko Júda 3 dni temu

    I mean, just as you said, people developing cheats ate not the most trustworthy persons, so their alleged arrest doesn't even need to be due to cheating itself. There is high possibility they also did other black-hat stuff, did any number of other illegal things, or simply just didn't report their taxes and tried to hide income...

  • The Spaced Pirate
    The Spaced Pirate 16 dni temu

    I had someone on reddit try arguing with me that installing cheats wasn't outright infecting your system with malware.

  • e
    e 6 dni temu +7

    little did we know that 9 days later you would be hacked :(

  • Vendetta
    Vendetta 15 dni temu +6

    Wish there was a possibility for people to make a bot like the dogebot mod from attack on titan tribute game by fenglee, the bot literally looked for certain criteria (and did it VERY well) and then would ban the person accordingly, and it takes note of their ID's to keep them banned if the bot is still running.

    • Vendetta
      Vendetta 15 dni temu

      And aottg was unity based too, so there's that

  • MHanak
    MHanak 6 dni temu +12

    Well, this aged poorly

  • AztecaYT
    AztecaYT 15 dni temu +4

    you guys should do more videos about how viruses work, its really interesting

  • Block Busterz
    Block Busterz 15 dni temu +9

    I'm pretty sure in the social credit system cheating in games was a way to lose them

  • Aryaman Manish Joshi - Composer

    This did NOT age well.....

  • Raija
    Raija 15 dni temu

    I'm glad Goat got new equipment for his computer shame he got retributive attacked

  • TheMuffinMan
    TheMuffinMan 16 dni temu +27

    Then you have EngineOwning who just gets a 3 million dollar lawsuit and still gets to sell cheats

  • no
    no 16 dni temu +59

    Selling cheats is major cringe. Creating cheats for personal use on the other hand, it is an incredibly valuable resource for understanding core programming principles. As long as you do it for yourself and aren't ruining the fun of others like a jerk: personal games, you are entirely fine in my book.

    • no
      no 5 dni temu

      @R07 The main point of my comment is not about the people who buy cheats. It's about the value of understanding how they work. Buying cheats to ruin other people's fun is cringe-worthy behavior. Buying cheats in general is also cringe-worthy, but it can be valuable in the context of g0at's video. I don't understand why you're trying to derail the conversation by presenting statistics that you blatantly made up.

    • R07
      R07 6 dni temu

      99% of cheaters buy cheats. More than like you’re not going to find people that even know how to program in the first place

    • no
      no 11 dni temu

      @Imglad Notu yea.

    • Imglad Notu
      Imglad Notu 11 dni temu

      @no no.

    • Baptiste M
      Baptiste M 15 dni temu

      0.1% cheaters are fitting this description.

  • SniperGirlX_
    SniperGirlX_ Dzień temu

    I love listening to this in the background while working on videos or stream stuff ✨

  • Artemis152
    Artemis152 15 dni temu +1

    Imagine installing a cheat software not expecting those lowlifes won't install backdoor alongside it.

  • VicarBrador
    VicarBrador 6 dni temu +11

    Maximum irony with that title after today’s events.

  • HimikoWerckmeister
    HimikoWerckmeister 15 dni temu +11

    Linus just for future vods concerning videogame cheaters in China, apparently esports is an industry there. So of course there are laws that punish cheating in games severely.

  • exciting-burp
    exciting-burp 15 dni temu

    When the cheat developers punish a user, only proving that it's unsafe to install cheats on your machine.

  • neferiusnexus
    neferiusnexus 11 dni temu

    @Linus please make a celebrity PC build for this man. You and Luke kinda stoked the fire on this one... and it'd be good publicity for you.

  • Wzrd
    Wzrd 12 dni temu

    Sick. If cheats are off the game I will actually play it again.

  • AZM Sharar Sazid
    AZM Sharar Sazid 16 dni temu +27

    Damn. LMG clips is blowing up. I remember sometime ago this channel had 200k sub. Now it has 500k+

    • Devastator0
      Devastator0 15 dni temu +5

      It’s just so handy for getting a much more condensed version of WAN Show and in a way more digestible format. I legit don’t have the time to sit through a live WAN Show or watch an entire vod of it.

  • Deadly_M
    Deadly_M 13 dni temu

    Well guys, you know what kind of content you need to focus more on now!

  • Everlasting Media
    Everlasting Media 15 dni temu +1

    Honestly, it was worth it, if you ask me. The cost of a new PC to expose the pervasive nature of cheating and the unethical nature of cheat-developers, much less getting them hemmed up for the additional crimes of destroying his hardware with a rootkit.
    When the goons who did this get hemmed up it's all going to stack.
    Long-term, crime does not pay.

  • butterballs250
    butterballs250 6 dni temu +7

    He exposed the truth and got hacked^(squared). Big oof moment 9 days later.

  • Brandon Freeman
    Brandon Freeman 15 dni temu

    Now you have to do a custom build for him in the lab!

  • SimplySquamb
    SimplySquamb 6 dni temu +11

    That title sure aged well

  • Cmon Meow
    Cmon Meow 15 dni temu +5

    They likely deleted the gpt/mbr, windows has undocumented functions in their dll's that can be called from user level, if you run any shady software, they have more than just the option to block you

    • Swerving Lemon
      Swerving Lemon 6 dni temu +1

      ​@Spiker985 Studios Indeed. I also wish they'd respect that boundary the other direction, and quit putting "system" areas in my user directories.
      The folder tree in explorer needs an option to just show the damned disks by default.

    • Spiker985 Studios
      Spiker985 Studios 14 dni temu +1

      I feel like Windows has so many User Space accessible APIs which should *never* exist, because that's the entire point of having a distinction of User Space and Kernel Space

  • Phillip Gilligan
    Phillip Gilligan 15 dni temu +8

    On the nvme drive thing, if you use a secure wipe method (google secure flash wipe arch) that isn’t supported, it will brick your nvme. So you have to know what you’re doing if you’re doing a secure wipe of an nvme. Inversely if you know what you’re doing and or are ignorant of how to do it properly you can accidentally or purposely use an unsupported method with the nvme. Completely jacks the drive up and bricks it.

    • Phillip Gilligan
      Phillip Gilligan 12 dni temu +1

      @the bog If you force an unsupported method, or if its connected to a raid controller, you can def brick your drive. Not only have I done it before, but others have before as well by accident, that's why there are warnings listed in the documentation. Go face palm yourself my dude. You can make it to where the controller doesn't recognize the storage at all. This effectively bricks the drive. Particularly with the nvme-cli tool. ESPECIALLY if you use the nvme sanitize command and reboot during it. The drive will no longer be usable until it completes. ADDITIONALLY Certain Lenovo BIOS when you set a secure password and reboot fuck up the drive to where the drive won't be recognized on reboot, thus bricking it for your system. There are plenty of ways to brick an NVME, all documented with warnings. I NEVER said doing a simple secure erase would do it by itself, only that using the tools improperly, or if intentionally doing something improperly, you CAN and WILL brick your NVME.

    • the bog
      the bog 12 dni temu

      🤦‍♂️ it’s not going to brick your NVME a wipe is only accessing and overwriting blocks of storage, the SSDs controller and onboard memory isn’t affected by a secure wipe

  • David
    David 6 dni temu +13

    guess who also got hacked 😂

  • CalgarGTX
    CalgarGTX 13 dni temu +1

    Yeah I would say the reason those guys get arrested is probably not because they make cheats, but because they monetize them and don't pay their taxes on it. You can't escape taxes.

  • David Brooks
    David Brooks 6 dni temu +9

    And now you've been hacked!

  • pimplyface64
    pimplyface64 6 dni temu

    It's actually really fun to cheat 🙃 . A machine you created to play for you is cool and interesting to watch.

  • Adrián Buenfil
    Adrián Buenfil 5 dni temu +3

    Linus should have taken his own advice XD

  • Tarick
    Tarick 15 dni temu

    they probably used something like hdparm to overwrite parts of the firmware in the drive. could be fixed but that takes a bit of effort

  • Yayo.chan
    Yayo.chan 15 dni temu +8

    Sounds like taking goat's PC and making a video about it would make great content

    • Swerving Lemon
      Swerving Lemon 6 dni temu

      Yeah, except maybe by a channel that:
      1. Is actually qualified to do computer forensics and, 2. Didn't literally just get pwned as well.

  • San Gatsu
    San Gatsu 5 dni temu

    When I watched this Live, I had the feeling that LMG will be hacked now that they talked about it.😐

  • Robert Peters
    Robert Peters 16 dni temu +10

    You guys should hook him up with some gear :-)

  • Scott M.
    Scott M. 15 dni temu +2

    Linus, you should do a forensic analysis of his dead machine.

  • spidermann5000
    spidermann5000 15 dni temu

    Not sure if its the cheating part that gets them busted but i would guess since they run an operation like that they wuld also evade taxes...

  • Colton Spears
    Colton Spears 16 dni temu +5

    I'm sure it's probably just coincidental timing but I had my boot NVMe drive nuked during a Windows green screen while updating Radeon drivers. It was broke to the point of not being able to boot into Windows recovery and was no longer recognized in the BIOS.

    • Colton Spears
      Colton Spears 15 dni temu +1

      @Z Mine was a 1TB Sabrant Rocket.

    • Z
      Z 16 dni temu

      980 pro 2tb?

  • eternia reginleif
    eternia reginleif 14 dni temu +1

    According to my friend who lived in china, Cheating in online video game is illegal there, you will get fined or arrested if you get caught doing so.

  • ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂
    ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂ 15 dni temu +3

    If all they did was burn his drives, he honestly got off really easy lol

  • Lunaversity
    Lunaversity 10 dni temu

    very surprised he never did this cheat stuff in a sandbox/virtual machine - cheat software has always been shady to me but after being in discord with the devs who made a very popular paid cheat for gmod they would just brag about how they had access to so many peoples computers because their cheat had a rat in it so they could mess with people they really don't like

  • MrRez
    MrRez 15 dni temu +1

    You should look into how world of tanks handles cheating. It’s posts monthly updates listing the amount and names of every cheater. They demand that battle replays are turned on in competitions.

  • Panzer Vor1
    Panzer Vor1 13 dni temu

    Reminds me of when I installed hacks for World of Tanks (Username is from when I was obsessed) to develop anti cheat tactics. Haven't played in years, but last I played, it was so bad that major clans REQUIRED hacks to join their team and the developers didn't care that people were advertising their hacks IN THE TOURNAMENTS MID MATCH. It was really fun for a bit though, sending a rabbit to set off player detection systems in the wrong direction, allowing for embarrassing flanks and ambushes, but it stopped being worth it when they started introducing pay to win tanks.

  • Flakenut
    Flakenut 14 dni temu

    If the software they released has malware it could give reason for the arrest.

  • Tjark
    Tjark 10 dni temu

    I feel like he got lucky that they only fried his stuff instead of stealing sensitive data.

  • Borgey
    Borgey 15 dni temu

    I've never understood how these people have fun "not" playing the game.

  • Rederino
    Rederino 15 dni temu

    Wear protection and use VMs before downloading shady software

  • Daniel Jensen
    Daniel Jensen 13 dni temu +1

    Doubt it was the drivers or controller or anything like that, they probably just reformatted the drives to a non-windows filesystem.

  • Sand Bucket
    Sand Bucket 6 dni temu +2

    This aged nicely

  • Miss Jibb
    Miss Jibb 13 dni temu

    Ten dollars a day! Dam that’s crazy , I feel all poor now haha takes me forever just to get certain parts for my pc, paying bills and regular life necessities like food lol
    maybe it’s like a drug addiction though and they are poor buying cheats. All I do is die trying to fight other players in Tarkov for the past months. Sometimes I’ve gotten lucky, crazy to think those people don’t know what that feeling is like when you finally win after dying nonstop for days. That’s the most satisfying addiction to a game like Tarkov. Little engine that could moment of luck you get.

  • Simon Curtis
    Simon Curtis 15 dni temu

    In a world where AI is becoming so prevelent I cannot see why you couldn't have AI watch the player(s) screens and try to detect the likelihood of a player cheating

    • Dillbeet
      Dillbeet 14 dni temu +1

      This is changes from a hard coded war to an AI learning war of AI cheats vs AI anti cheat. The AI cheat already exists

    • Baptiste M
      Baptiste M 15 dni temu +3

      It's coming don't worry. Step by step.

  • infiniti649
    infiniti649 6 dni temu +8

    Anyone here after the LTT hack?

  • Inf3rnalis
    Inf3rnalis 13 dni temu

    A km switch for that 3d printer aimbot would work pretty well, just switch over when you want the aimbot going

  • Matt The Latios (BoredGar)

    They had me for 4:32, not gonna lie, and then they hit me with the Aussie

  • halorule
    halorule 12 dni temu

    Have they looked at the Bungie lawsuits against cheaters? I know Bungie just recently won a case on it

  • Tilman Baumann
    Tilman Baumann 15 dni temu +1

    NVME have firmware. You can Fritz that. Theoretically.
    But they probably just messed with his bios settings

  • ADHD Gaming
    ADHD Gaming  16 dni temu

    he probably could use recovery software.

  • fyrestorme123
    fyrestorme123 4 dni temu +1

    Let me clue all of you uninitiated in on a little something. The amount of cheating that is in Tarkov is pretty much representative of any modern AAA FPS (except a very select few that are mostly asian-based with some really nasty ring 0 type "anti-cheat" .. basically malware.. attached)
    And the type of cheating that goes on in all of these AAA FPS games is as nuanced and varied as that found in Tarkov

  • Asinglevid
    Asinglevid 16 dni temu

    how goofy of him to not only install on his local drive but then not even do a wipe, man

  • Alexander Grushevsky
    Alexander Grushevsky 13 dni temu

    More EFT drama!
    fking LOVE it lmao

  • James Mills
    James Mills 15 dni temu

    yeah i made the mistake of installing some work stuff on my personal pc, and i tried to remove it without authorization, had to format my drive, and after i formatted it my m.2 drive was fried

  • sactorius
    sactorius 12 dni temu

    The game developers he talked about is the cycle, which is space tarkov light. A fun game which is like Tarkov meets fortnite with not building stuff.
    Im switching back to that game because tarkov is even for me now too invested with cheater now everybody is leaving. I also left the cycle after 2 weeks last summer because i got into high elo and cheaters were very very very rampant on high elo.

  • 麻王AlanStryman
    麻王AlanStryman 15 dni temu

    about chinese cheating thing
    there is a law that state "you can not make altercation on other's computer/electronic device without the owner's consent"
    cheating in video game kinda falls under this law as it is altering the game's server and the game program in some way
    and CCP can just arrest you for whatever the reason is so its prob just some guy reported those cheat devs to the CCP and then that's it
    side note, there's a very big allegation about almost all tarkov sherpa in china was cheating and ruining the game in some other way for new player so prob the arrest is a result of that

  • 50 Shades of Beige
    50 Shades of Beige 16 dni temu +15

    Can we just go back to the days when cheats were fun and didn't hurt anyone else's experience? NHL 98 has some fantastic cheats.

    • Todders
      Todders 12 dni temu

      And miss out on forcing users to pay for dlcs that essentially do the same thing as cheats? naaaaah

    • 50 Shades of Beige
      50 Shades of Beige 14 dni temu

      @Honkinator 22 agreed

    • Honkinator 22
      Honkinator 22 15 dni temu +2

      some cheats are for fun in single player games but MP games should be cheat free.

  • Kleeb Gaming
    Kleeb Gaming 14 dni temu

    @7:52 re: "undetectable cheats using robot arms"
    You can record client actions server-side and use a neural network that has been trained to recognize cheaty behavior. The training data is the totality of "Overwatch" cases.
    This method doesn't care what the client is doing re: software, 2-PC setups, packet sniffers, etc. because It's not trying to detect the cause of the illness, it's trying to detect the symptoms.

  • NatsMinecraft Tips
    NatsMinecraft Tips 6 dni temu +2

    Well Linus exposed him and got HACKED

  • KAY B 14
    KAY B 14 15 dni temu +1

    pretty much don't care about tarkov
    but that exposing video was very interesting anyways.
    and it has luke in an interview at the end.

  • g b
    g b 14 dni temu

    Those cheats back available. On alternative places. And they were the largest but several are just as big and still readily available

  • Pot Man
    Pot Man 15 dni temu

    Can't wait for them to upload the hard-r video.

  • ブブ
    ブブ 16 dni temu +8

    Most nvme drives have firmware update capability, which could be easily corrupted.

    • Richard Smith
      Richard Smith 14 dni temu +1

      I can confirm that 100% of this is correct. Most drives have firmware flashing capability because it is required for Microsoft certification, so you would almost have to find one that cannot be flashed on purpose. However, you can usually lock the firmware as well, IN THE FIRMWARE, meaning you can prevent such an attack if you really wanted, but also, attackers can brick drives as well, if they wanted, and would require a desolder of the chip to reflash working firmware.
      It's pretty scary that even the most paranoid of people wouldn't even think to lock down their drive's reflashing feature, even if they had the tools available to do it.

    • ブブ
      ブブ 15 dni temu +2

      @Cecil You would have to desolder the chip and use an external flasher if it is adequately nuked.

    • Cecil
      Cecil 15 dni temu

      And just as easliy be re-flashed with stock firmware to recover...?