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HP Shouldn’t Get Away with this

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  • Opublikowany 29 mar 2023
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Komentarze • 652

  • DarkRoe The Nin-Bot
    DarkRoe The Nin-Bot 14 dni temu +460

    Fines need to be based on a percentage that will actually be a scary penalty for any company engaging in this kind of terrible behavior

    • Xogroroth666
      Xogroroth666 8 dni temu +1

      @Patrick Schmalstig Hammer neutering.
      Darn it.

    • Patrick Schmalstig
      Patrick Schmalstig 8 dni temu

      Agreed... percentage of one's net worth.

    • itsmyfirstday
      itsmyfirstday 9 dni temu

      Percentage of what they report to investors not the government.

    • Erkin Alp Güney
      Erkin Alp Güney 10 dni temu +1

      Going even further, fines of repeat offences (2nd time or further per offender) should include a mandatory reporting of steps taken towards actually correcting the behaviour, and not only paying the money.

  • Xypod
    Xypod 14 dni temu +508

    I fully agree that companies aren't fined enough when they do something like this. It doesn't make a dent in them when it absolutely should. They need to crank the amount WAY up for the size of what some of these companies operate at.

    • Tom Pike
      Tom Pike 13 dni temu

      It needs to be a multiple of the estimated profit from the illegal behavior. That number should be a matter of court record if the company either pled guilty or was found guilty.

    • Karnage Gaming
      Karnage Gaming 13 dni temu

      Exactly. Having it high wont send them out of business. Having it high will make them not want to ever have to pay it so theyll be responcible.

    • Mia Nova
      Mia Nova 13 dni temu +1

      Fine amount: full sales price times units sold. All revenue from illegal practices are illegally gained, and should never have been in the company's account. Simply remove the money retroactively, and put any ceo, cfo and coo unable to fork up the cash on community service. They get to work off their debt.

    • SeanFromPVD
      SeanFromPVD 14 dni temu

      Let's assume they were fined $10B. They would just pass that cost on to the consumer somehow.

    • Mashburn Edits
      Mashburn Edits 14 dni temu

      It really is a matter of being rich enough that the consequences mean so little it might as well be legal for you.

  • MrDeaf
    MrDeaf 14 dni temu +596

    "The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread."
    - Anatole France

    • Leon
      Leon 10 dni temu +1

      @Sam Wallace I could be really condescending here just like yourself and it would probably be better, but I will explain it succinctly just in case: nobody here compared homelessness to ink cartridge DRM. We compared the way the law treats both of them, namely that the law will allow the city/printer maker to deny you the ability to sleep in a free location/get cheap ink, which are solely poor people issues that the rich wouldn't understand.

    • Sam Wallace
      Sam Wallace 10 dni temu

      @Leon Ok, so the point of the "quote", and of your comment here, is that homelessness and buying printer ink are explicitly comparable, then.

    • giorgos nikitopoulos
      giorgos nikitopoulos 10 dni temu

      @Leon taking quotes to the letter is plain stupid. they seem just, but they are always from a certain point of view. also, if you are close to starving, i don't think that buying ink is in your list of necessities, stop with that bs.

    • Leon
      Leon 12 dni temu +1

      @Sam Wallace The point of the quote is that many laws only target behaviour that you would only have if you were poor. It has nothing to do about homelessness, except for the simple fact that if you are rich you can just buy a house.
      If you are rich, you will never even consider sleeping under a bridge, but it is your best choice if you cannot afford a roof. Similarly, you will just buy first party ink if you are rich because it's nothing to you, whereas the money a poor person may save on ink could mean one less day spent starving.

    • Sam Wallace
      Sam Wallace 12 dni temu

      @BrandonDog5K Yeah, and what in the video proves my point wrong?

  • Scott Grammer
    Scott Grammer 14 dni temu +136

    For over 20 years, when someone asked for tech support on an HP printer, my first question would be, "do you still have the box it came in?" If they did, I told them to return it. When they asked what kind to buy, I said, "not HP."

    • Bert Geens
      Bert Geens 11 dni temu +5

      @Scott Grammer Brother laser printers are pretty damng great too (again, office, not home user)

    • Scott Grammer
      Scott Grammer 13 dni temu +13

      @haloharry97 If you can avoid using a printer, do so. If you must have one, I suggest a Canon office (not home) laser printer. That's just my opinion, and it's worth exactly what you paid for it.

    • haloharry97
      haloharry97 13 dni temu

      Do you recommend one?

  • Alexander The Average
    Alexander The Average 14 dni temu +268

    I thought this was already a thing. My HP printer that I just replaced wouldn't let me use other ink cartridges. It would even refuse to print sometimes because the ink in the official cartridges were "low" at half full. Just replaced it with an Epson Ecotank because it is not ink cartridge based.

    • GL1TCH3D
      GL1TCH3D 13 dni temu +1

      I remember I had 2 very similar HP printers in the office. Each had a different cartridge number but anytime I was replacing it (which was basically weekly because of how inefficient inkjet is along with these cartridges having nothing in them) I would notice that they look identical. Turns out that there's a tiny plastic cutout like a key at the end of the cartridge, and each printer had a different "key hole". If you shaved off this plastic bitting the cartridges would be IDENTICAL in appearance and I can guarantee that the ink inside is probably the same. All to stop people from reusing ink cartridges from one printer on another.

    • Paul Serdiuk
      Paul Serdiuk 13 dni temu

      @thexkey That is exactly what I use.

    • Hunter Bear
      Hunter Bear 13 dni temu

      mine is a older model all it does is warn me ith voids the warrentry that is already gone past its due date

    • thexkey
      thexkey 14 dni temu +1

      @Paul Serdiuk Changing pads will not automatically reset the counter. Only printers with user-replacable pads (like a ink absorber cartridge) will reset when replaced. Otherwise you'll have to use hacking tools or stolen OEM repair tools to reset the non replaceable pad counter.

  • Ahdok
    Ahdok 14 dni temu +16

    Important note: That quote from Final Fantasy Tactics is a meme photoshop, it was never in the game. But it's still great.
    I complained about this BS behaviour from HP to you a year ago.
    My old HP printer/scanner died a couple years ago. I loved it - really good quality scans at 600dpi, passable printing. As an artist that's what I cared about. Naturally, the first thing I did was go look at new HP printers.
    HP were running their "instant ink subscription service" - first month for free! - but then I can only print (n) pages per month, and it'll stop printing if I go over that... So I have to guess in advance how many pages per month I need, and "subscribe" to print that many pages. If I need to print fewer pages, I'm throwing money away, and if I need more pages I can't without paying more. It's a grift in both directions.
    HP say in their documentation that it's okay, you don't HAVE to subscribe to the instant ink subscription, and you can use 3rd party cartridges, BUT... if you use 3rd party cartridges, your printer will refuse to run a print job without FIRST printing an advert for the instant ink subscription service. A full page glossy colour print. Every time you want to print anything - so you can use 3rd party ink, but it's *even more* expensive as you're forced to use most of your printer ink to print out adverts for the BS subscription service you already declined.
    So I bought a Canon printer.

  • B127
    B127 14 dni temu +169

    Laser printers are the best thing ever. I use mine via USB and it doesnt use ink while sitting there, so it just works. Highly recommended.

    • Sig Urther
      Sig Urther 11 dni temu

      I have a laser printer that was inherited from a friend in 2010 who got it from his grandmother - it was probably at least 2 years old then. Dell 1815dn, I think.
      It's still using the same toner cartridge.
      I have a replacement bookmarked on Amazon, but at this point, I may just replace it with a color laser printer. As little as I print, the savings in ink cartridges alone is probably the same value as a whole new printer. Conversely, there was point at which I was using inkjet printers where it was cheaper to buy a new printer that CAME with both cartridges than it was to buy new cartridges. Like, $32 for a new printer at wal-mart versus almost $85 for new cartridges. Never mind that I've never owned an inkjet printer that didn't suffer alignment issues. No picture or label could ever be printed that came out perfect.

    • Ari Barra
      Ari Barra 13 dni temu

      @thomasfjen where did you get white toner? i ran out on mine and cant find a replacement

    • PilsPlease
      PilsPlease 14 dni temu

      The issue is the stuff you print fades very quickly inkjet inks are superior for longevity

    • houserhythm
      houserhythm 14 dni temu

      @B127 fine isn't good enough for me.
      I'm an amateur photographer and I like to print all my best photos, it makes me see them in a different light, both literally and figuratively. Sometimes (very rarely) I even sell a print here and there. I print A2 or A1 size (~16x23" or ~23x33"). My photo printer paid for itself in about half a year, when compared to what I'd have had to pay print shops for these sizes on top notch photo paper.
      I know this isn't most people... just saying IF you want high quality photos, laser isn't an option.

    • B127
      B127 14 dni temu +12

      @houserhythm photos will look fine on a color laser. If you need more than fine, you might as well go to a print shop, because the inkjet probably won't give you much better either.

  • cyrilio
    cyrilio 14 dni temu +34

    I used to work for a small business selling printer ink and toner. Epson used to be the WORST when it came to accepting off brand cartridges. HP use to be 'okay'. Canon used to be the easiest to use cheap replacements.
    Off brand cartridges usually are of lesser quality. Meaning, they print less color accurate and fade much quicker. I think it should be up to the consumer to decide what kind of quality ink they use, not the printer manufacturer.

    • nrtolv
      nrtolv 11 dni temu

      @Alexander Long Well that depends, if it's print quality you want ink is the best, just make sure to print something every 1 or 2 weeks to keep it from drying completely. I know HP have printhead cleaing programs built in as well that you can run.
      But if you want a reliable printer mostly for documents and stuff laser is a no brainer.

    • Alexander Long
      Alexander Long 11 dni temu +1

      Brother inkjet are very good as well, lots of their inkjets don't even have chips on at all, so it is really easy just refill the cartridges. The printers measure the ink level by pressure sensor.
      however, inkjet do have issue with print head dry out issue. So I would recommend a laser/LED printer whenever people ask for a advice on printers, and same brother or Canon small office would fit most home/office need.

    • Nicholas Vinen
      Nicholas Vinen 13 dni temu

      ​@Mátyás Szombathythat's what my Epson printers do. So far no problems using genetic cartridges in any of them (4 different models) for the last 8+ years.

    • Mátyás Szombathy
      Mátyás Szombathy 14 dni temu +9

      @SignalRaptor The printer could still say at the start that "you have a non-HP ink, you're quality might suffer" or something. Warning is fine, its even a good thing.
      PREVENTING the use of an ink you already bought because "it wont be as good" is the problem.

    • Doppler Effect
      Doppler Effect 14 dni temu +16

      @SignalRaptor Then put an alert on the user's screen that print quality may suffer, but continue to print if they hit okay. *Like HP used to do before the firmware update that stopped allowing it outright.*

  • aullik
    aullik 14 dni temu +120

    In Switzerland they have fines that scale with your income / wealth. So if a rich person gets a speeding ticket, it might very well be CHF 20000 where I would pay CHF 100.

    • re syntax
      re syntax 11 dni temu

      @+Tec you don't even need to speed. Just go on the autobahn

    • Zoopa
      Zoopa 13 dni temu +1

      @ktfjulien How would you resolve the issue? Unless you don't believe there is a problem with the current system? Also, didn't call it a "great" system. It's just less bad.

    • Frag-ile
      Frag-ile 13 dni temu +1

      @Theshrimpification You've never heard of the concept of "dagsböter" not all fines uses the concept but many do and it sets the fine to a number of work days and how much the person in question would earn for such a duration.

    • Theshrimpification
      Theshrimpification 13 dni temu

      @Frag-ile wait, we don't have that in Sweden? A rich driver gets the same tickets I get and I live in Sweden...

    • ktfjulien
      ktfjulien 13 dni temu

      Awful system

  • Jonathan Kayne
    Jonathan Kayne 14 dni temu +18

    Back in college I had an HP printer and the only way I got away with using 3rd party ink was that I never hooked it up to the network.
    It was genuinely more difficult to get it hooked up to the network than it was to simply plug my laptop in via USB and print

  • nthmn 🇺🇦
    nthmn 🇺🇦 14 dni temu +56

    Another huge story about cartridge prices and that it is sometimes cheaper to buy new printer that comes with cartridges

    • Антоша Пушкин
      Антоша Пушкин 14 dni temu +2

      The sad thing is that manufactures started to put a special "first" cartridge when you buy a printer that has much less ink in it and pretty soon you'll need to replace it

    • PeTTs0n88
      PeTTs0n88 14 dni temu +11

      Remember that the cartridges included with a printer generally only contain a half (or less) of a normal sized ink cartridge. All to get you to purchase the overpriced bs from them as soon as possible.

    • Ricky Buhl
      Ricky Buhl 14 dni temu +4

      With the printer often being the same as a console - that'd be spot on. Think I've bought new ink maybe 5 times in my life, I'm 42. Retailers have to take the e-waste, so just dump off the old printer and grab the next one for less than the cost of the ink it comes with (at the entry levels at least). My old business we bought a dozen of the same printer on sale - left 10 of them in the store, took out the coupons and ink.

  • Mac Gyver
    Mac Gyver 14 dni temu +40

    I originally got a laser printer because i was tired of inkjet not working when I needed it. 7 years later and all i have EVER needed to do is top off the toner. not bad for a $35 printer. Pantum 2502w.

    • Mac Gyver
      Mac Gyver 13 dni temu +1

      @Joel they are, but they've doubled in price. now it's $80 on amazon.

    • Joel
      Joel 13 dni temu

      Yo that's awesome, I assume those aren't in production anymore though right?

  • a Dog
    a Dog 14 dni temu +15

    When I was buying my laserjet, I had the choice between HP and Brother. I bought Brother because HP has never given me anything but issues, and I am very happy with it.

    • Emmanuel Garcia
      Emmanuel Garcia 12 dni temu +1

      Can confirm. We have an HP printer at home and a Brother one at work.
      With the HP, which has no display btw, they want you to use their app and make an account just to get it set up, which can be worked around but is still a hassle. And since our mesh router doesn't have WPS, that leaves switching to the slower router or using direct connect, which doesn't even want to work on Windows because it asks for an 8-digit PIN rather than the 12-digit Wi-Fi passcode spit out by the printer.
      With the Brother, you log into the Wi-Fi network using the display, connect your device to the same network, and print. No app, no account, no driver installations, no BS. Whenever it's time to get my own printer, I know where to go.

    • SeanFromPVD
      SeanFromPVD 14 dni temu +2

      My brother printer is about 15 years old and still works. They're real troopers.

  • Freddy Piotti
    Freddy Piotti 13 dni temu +3

    I use 3rd party ink on an old school hp printer(lacks a bs chip). I can get like 24 cartridges for the cost of 2 oem ones on Amazon, who in their right mind wouldn't do that. Those 3rd party cartridges have lasted me like 5 years for a whopping $50; my employer does the same thing as well. The parking ticket is spot on, perfect analogy. I commute to the city relatively often, costs about $5 an hour to park, a ticket is $35, on a 8 hour wayday you're saving $5. I might get a ticket 2/10 times I don't pay for parking, if I'm unlucky that week. I've gone about 2 months without receiving a parking ticket, thats literally $1500 work of savings.

  • Hayden Maines
    Hayden Maines 13 dni temu +3

    In one of the Nordic countries (can't remember which) there was a speeding ticket that came out to something like $22,000 --- because the speeding tickets there were based on yearly income - specifically I think it worked out to a half-day of work. The person who was speeding was a CEO of something.
    Anyways that's how they should fine businesses --- percentage of revenue or whatever.

  • Maygol
    Maygol 14 dni temu +18

    I currently work at hp and donate to Louis Rossman's right to repair lobbying efforts. The best part is that they always match the donation lol

  • Bullitt
    Bullitt 14 dni temu +14

    I have an HP MFP M479fnw at work & after an update, I can confirm the only ink that works is HP at £275 per cartridge until I found Xerox, which although finicky and sometimes problematic works, still £109 but cheaper than HP. In an effort to cut costs we have tried cheaper alternatives but they just do not seem to work.

    • nrtolv
      nrtolv 11 dni temu

      So that printer is a commercial product, and as you say, it's a laserjet. So it uses toner and not ink. And the original standard cartridge costs like $110 here and lasts 2400 pages. The XL toner costs $220 and lasts up to 7000 pages. If this is something you're trying to cut costs at as a business I would look for ways to print less.

  • SnowyPup
    SnowyPup 13 dni temu +2

    Fun fact, HP also does this same thing with their enterprise switches and the sfp ports on them. Most companies do this, but you can just re-program the sfp transceivers to be any brand, however, HP transceivers have a special chip in them that doesn't allow that, thus making the 3rd party transceivers cost more for HPe switches.

  • Lezlie Newlands
    Lezlie Newlands 13 dni temu +5

    Totally agree with scaling the fine to something that actually sends a stiff message.
    If you allow these companies to just pay these wimpy little fines that aren't a significant amount of what the company makes then what's the point? They pay it and move on without giving a single thought.
    They're not going to change unless they are forced to change.

  • madmatt2024
    madmatt2024 13 dni temu +2

    I got tired of the whole ink cartridge thing so when my HP printer died, I bought an Epson ink tank printer. The ink comes in HUGE bottles that are bigger than any ink cartridge, they don't cost very much, and if you want, you can just unscrew the tops and put whatever ink you want in the bottles. It's been two years and the black ink is around 50%, the others are 75%.

    • Mauricio Plaza
      Mauricio Plaza 13 dni temu +1

      HP has also printers like that, called Smart Tank. i though that people was switching for those, there is no point to use a ink cartrige printer anymore.

  • Arnie's Tech
    Arnie's Tech 11 dni temu +1

    I really love tinkering around with HP Hardware. Especially old business laptops. Glad that I got one here for review 😎

  • Snake2208x
    Snake2208x 5 dni temu

    Also: if you are a home costumer and want to use the app (HP SMART or whatever) and do anything other than printing documents like photos or scanning, you need to make an HP account to use the functions you already paid for and surrender your privacy (even if your printer is old, I have not got the non HP ink killer update...)

  • Nate Beck
    Nate Beck 6 dni temu +1

    As a former HP support tech I'd love to talk to you about some of this stuff as well as their computer business.

  • steve austin
    steve austin 14 dni temu +2

    The only conclusion of my long experience in the computer market: never again HP! 'Cause only trouble awaits you along the way and it'll keep you company till the end

  • TheKinnaj lp
    TheKinnaj lp 14 dni temu +1

    It is not even only HP I know for a fact, that epson does it aswell and they all use colors when printing black and White, for a "blacker black". They also tell you that an ink cardridge is empty before it is empty. We had to change the cardridge sometimes every three weeks because the printer told us it had no ink...

  • Ryan Mayerhofer
    Ryan Mayerhofer 13 dni temu +2

    I had a HP printer that stopped working and HP’s forums suggested a factory reset after which I was met with a message saying the printer couldn’t set itself up without verified ink (even though the ink in it was verified). HP then insisted that the only way to fix the problem was to pay them to service it. I will never anything but laser printers or ecotanks again.

  • spellsupport
    spellsupport 14 dni temu +3

    HP got to the point where they're disabling original HP cartridges, if at some point you've made the mistake of enlisting in their HP Plus scam.

  • Will Drunkenstein
    Will Drunkenstein 14 dni temu +2

    I can imagine someone dripping ink into a toner cartridge, and then file a customer complaint that their printer is broken

  • Iguana Bits
    Iguana Bits 13 dni temu +1

    Hp did this before about 7-8 years ago but reverted after backlash (many angry calls) so I am surprised they did it again.

  • Striker.Cosplay
    Striker.Cosplay 14 dni temu +1

    Parents had a hp printer for a good amount of years but started getting real annoyed of the cost the cartridges. Use to go to Costco for refills to save money instead of buying a whole new cartridge but costco stopped doing it. So they switched to Epson which is tank based and haven’t looked back.

  • Mátyás Szombathy
    Mátyás Szombathy 14 dni temu +1

    I've updated my officejet 6950 around Christmas and it dropped me this error with the ink in it!
    Not that I've changed anything, a simple FW update basically broke my printer (and I already had like 2 more cartridge on a shelf).
    Thankfully I was able to revert it back to an old FW with some magic (probably russian) site, via USB, for like the 6th try.
    Since then I disabled the updates (which you have to do in two or three places hidden in advanced menus).
    I love HP

  • MTR
    MTR 14 dni temu +2

    My biggest problem with hp is that they just removed keyboard replacement for a known issue on business pro books. Keys just pop off and hp is like 400 euro to replace it. It is not in warranty anymore.

  • Hop-Skip-Ouch
    Hop-Skip-Ouch 13 dni temu

    When I was in college, the cheap printing shops that everyone used had giant bottles strapped to the back of the printer in which they poured "unauthorised" ink manually. Probably entirely bootleg jerryrigging and they charged a fifth or less than that the fancy printer shops.

  • SeanFromPVD
    SeanFromPVD 14 dni temu +1

    I use Brother printers. I've not had a problem with them. They just work with everything and they don't complain about anything. I think my current basic B&W laser printer is like 15 years old and still works. It doesn't care what I put into it for toner.

  • Sgt Lin
    Sgt Lin 13 dni temu

    Dymo label makers now does the same thing with their new label maker lines. You have to use their labels that has a NFC chip in the core in order for the label maker to accept the label rolls.

  • M4yd1e
    M4yd1e 13 dni temu

    Epson did this as well. Both of my Epson printers have been screaming for firmware updates for quite some time now. When I looked up what they were for, it was for exactly this. Screw you epson, I'll keep using my half priced third party cartridges that work just fine.

  • thephantom1492
    thephantom1492 13 dni temu +1

    HP did that multiple times in the past and got some fines, but the fines are so small that they don't care at all.
    They implemented some logic bomb that brick your printer if you use third party cartridges, and activated it about 6 months after the firmware upgrade, so nobody knew and updated their firmware, and only a few months later the printer bricked.

  • kenny lam
    kenny lam 14 dni temu

    Wow, literally just ordered 300 bucks worth of third party ink yesterday and this video coincidentally comes out. I too have an an a1 format hp printer so let's hope I didn't get screwed.

  • Alexandru
    Alexandru 14 dni temu

    I love my Samsung M2675. I’ve had it for almost 7-8 years. I modded this bad boy so it could always show 100% toner levels. Even without the mod, the cartridges are refillable ❤

  • Michael K
    Michael K 14 dni temu

    I have that Samsung ML2010 laser printer too. Print hundreds of pages per day. It works better than my Canon or Brother all in one. Love it. Cost almost nothing to get the ink cartridge replaced ($30). I've replaced my ink three times and I bought that printer over 10 years ago. Also great bonus that I never have a problem printing on Linux, even Arch. Best printer I have ever bought, the thing is the Nokia phone of printers.

  • Fear the Penguin Productions / edneddy2

    During the lockdown when supply chains were strangled, companies were explaining workarounds for 1st party inks because they didn't have the resources to chip each of their ink cartridges.

  • Landan Hughes
    Landan Hughes 14 dni temu +2

    They will even lock out their OWN INK if it is too old. I bought a Costco pack of ink, 2 black cartridges. I don't print much. I went to use the second ink cartridge and the printer listed it as unsupported by the updated firmware on my printer. Even though the Ink I had JUST run out of was from the SAME package.

  • Lewis Massie
    Lewis Massie 14 dni temu +45

    The ink syringe thing is great. Yes I will spend more time and money just to not pay for your ink just because it still costs me less than just caving
    And on the parking ticket thing, in London they had such an issue with this that there are many places with double red lines. Double yellows means a fine. Double reds mean you get towed.

    • Acb Thr
      Acb Thr 14 dni temu +6

      @houserhythm on the other hand a towed car is not very useful for driving home from where you parked

    • houserhythm
      houserhythm 14 dni temu +2

      Even if they get towed, it's still just a (somewhat larger) fine to get the car back, which means nothing to some.

  • Kyon
    Kyon 11 dni temu

    I love the advent of printers with integrated ink tanks. Just put in whatever ink you want. However, 40$ to fully refill my printer that will last me a couple thousand pages... for me it's just not worth it to buy off brand ink, although you could.

  • Yu Jay
    Yu Jay 13 dni temu +3

    Proprietary Ink cartridges are literally illegal in the UK. It was made illegal back in the 90s for ink competition to keep consumer prices down. (Though Epson got caught doing something making third-party inks run out faster.) Like Apple's "MFi" Thunderbolt and USB-C cables also fall under this law. For a little while we had Dishwashers that tried to make Proprietary Soup refills, but they quickly changed to refillables with the option to buy first party. Not sure what Proprietary things like this is like in the rest of the EU.

    • Nicholas Vinen
      Nicholas Vinen 13 dni temu

      I prefer to put soap in my dishwasher rather than soup 😂

  • PhunkBustA
    PhunkBustA 13 dni temu

    idk if it can still be done, but not too long ago i knew someone was using a syringe to refill the oem cartridges, and it worked perfectly for *years*

  • spooky pokey
    spooky pokey 14 dni temu +1

    I used a hand saw to cut off 70% off my printer and the scanner (didn't use it) to fit the printer with way bigger ink cartridges than it should fit

  • YouTube2021-FM
    YouTube2021-FM 10 dni temu

    I have a HP laser from 2011, in 2018 it had on and off error issues so I tried to update to the latest firmware… which had been out for years with a bug which meant it bricked the printer. Convinced this was intentional, I replaced the main board rather than buy a new printer, and just last year I replaced the rollers. Still costs less than a new one and the toner is cheap third party. Never upgrading if I can avoid it. Turns out the error was just because the printer needed more RAM, so I added that and it’s been great.

  • Rice Quackers
    Rice Quackers 13 dni temu +2

    Forget fines, the courts should order them to cease and desist from these practices. The great thing about a court order then is that ignoring or violating it is contempt of court, which is one of the fastest "go to jail" routes. Judges *really* hate people who flout court orders, and corporate executives *really* hate going to prison.

  • idan678
    idan678 14 dni temu +18

    such a HP move.. i got hp omen and the trackpad doing tons of problems and it turns out to be a very common problem and they just don't care they basically selling faulty products with a huge f u sign

    • nrtolv
      nrtolv 10 dni temu

      Any big corporation selling thousands and millions of units will have products with common problems. Just use your warranty..

    • Milkyy
      Milkyy 14 dni temu

      @Sean They aren’t the only ones with good trackpads, but you can always expect them to have good trackpads, since they only sell high end laptops.

    • Sean
      Sean 14 dni temu

      @Fabian SIs it still Microsoft and Apple the only ones making good touchpads or have others finally stepped up?

    • Fabian S
      Fabian S 14 dni temu +2

      @Gustavo Marin buy a new laptop, that is what they want you to do at least

    • Gustavo Marin
      Gustavo Marin 14 dni temu +5

      Holy, I thought it was me, my Omen 16 trackpad goes crazy to the point I have to turn it off. How am I supposed to use my laptop when I don't have a mouse.

  • Can Arat
    Can Arat 13 dni temu

    I like that linus didn't even reacted to what luke said because linus might be one of those people who dont care when they get a park ticket.

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams 14 dni temu +1

    Dymo has done the same with their new label printers. My work uses custom labels for pricing and we tried a new 550 and the DRM in the printer won’t allow it to print! So it’s been relegated to be used on my paint tinting computer since we use genuine Dymo labels.

  • Chris Clarke
    Chris Clarke 14 dni temu +1

    My HP printer started sending me error codes claiming I was using third party ink cartridges, but it was the original ink cartridges that the printer shipped with

  • Zelda's Fox
    Zelda's Fox 14 dni temu

    I am 99% sure this is what happened with my old printer. It one day just stopped working and because of how old it was AND the size of it, I just got rid of it. If I ever need something printed, I'll just have it printed at office depot or walgreens. Did you know walgreens still prints pictures?

  • al.kaloid
    al.kaloid 11 dni temu

    I absolutely detest HP and similar corporations for these ultimate anti-consumer practices. That being said, at least for my OfficeJet Pro 6970 it's possible to downgrade the firmware to re-enable third party support (gotta disable auto-updates ofc). Sucks to need a workaround, happy there at least is one.

  • Cooljosh3k
    Cooljosh3k 13 dni temu +2

    One might argue that one reason they bought the printer was because they could freely use third-party ink.
    It worked when Sony took Linux support away from their PlayStation.

  • compaq deskpro
    compaq deskpro 9 dni temu

    Over Covid my workplace had a stockpile of toner and master rolls for several Riso copiers. For a year or more they did not get touched. When everyone came back, we find out the chips had expired. The master roll is shrink wrapped dry wax paper, and the chip is embedded in the cardboard center, like toilet paper. There is nothing here that would deteriorate, but we still dumped everything and bought more supplies with new chips. Make no mistake, money corrupts everything and every company that relies on printing is going to keep pushing this envelope. That means your beloved EcoTanks or no chip no questions Brothers too. They see this as an environmental tax so it is acceptable.

  • Christian Denney
    Christian Denney 14 dni temu +1

    Brother did the same thing last year. I had a functioning 3rd party toner cartridge, then a firmware update got pushed that I was not given the option to accept/reject and suddenly I had a non functinal printer.

    • something like that
      something like that 14 dni temu

      All printer companies are shit. It's only the depth that varies.

  • John Wyatt
    John Wyatt 14 dni temu

    Similar issues with hp warranty, they agree I need a new drum & thst it is covered under warranty but they don't currently have one they can ship me (but having looked it is in stock in their own online retail store) - going to be interesting call from a manager tomorrow , assuming that they call as promised.

    • nrtolv
      nrtolv 10 dni temu

      HP Store and the support side are two entirely different entities so it isn't that weird that the support side might be out of parts at the moment while the store have them.

  • PhunkBustA
    PhunkBustA 13 dni temu

    gotta keep those revenue charts on the up an up, no matter the cost

  • Edward Zero
    Edward Zero 14 dni temu +4

    Exactly! I have an HP 3-in-1 F335 LaserJet Printer. I bought it brand new a year it came out, so it's about 13-14 years old. I have kept it good condition and it worked perfectly! However, I was unable to find the disc for it but it still printed just fine. Though, the black ink was dying. So, I spent the (at the time) $46 for the combo ink. Put them in...it refused to work. I trouble shoot it, I switched out the new into the old and back again, and I even did the power pull when installing the new ink, thinking that "trick" might work. Sadly, nothing did. So I contact HP. All I ever got from them was links to brand new printers that were WAAAY out of my price range and links to their stupid monthly ink subscription. "Oh, you'll save way more money doing this..." 'Ma'am...I don't want that...I want what I have to work.' After well over 6 different people, community forum responses of "you are doing it wrong"...I gave up. It's been sitting in the closet now for awhile now. It urks me right off because I have been nothing but loyal HP fan for a very very long time...almost all my life. Our first computer was a Hewlett-Packard Bell, our first printer was Hp, everything from keyboards to mice, even our old monitor was HP. Finally found a forum post of them saying that the new inks come with "Expiration dates" if it is older then x-years depending on the printer...the ink Won't Even Work Even If It's Brand Spanking NEW!

    • Edward Zero
      Edward Zero 14 dni temu

      @Frog with Sunglasses Haha! We use to have an Apollo printer once. Wow! Did that ever print beautifully! Even with photos the quality was great! It was fast too! Kind of wish I could get ink for it too!
      Exactly! A lot of people are loyal to one brand but shame on us for thinking we count.

    • Frog with Sunglasses
      Frog with Sunglasses 14 dni temu +3

      Man, that completely sucks... Our previous printer was an HP, total wastage of ink cartridges. The new one is a CANON and I always feel like a tiger tamer around it, waiting for when it's gonna pounce on us
      And these companies can't even see that brand loyalty could be much better cultivated if there was some limited speck of support on older devices, but no.... Buy the new one, cuz the cartridges just won't work with your ancient machine, WE'LL MAKE SURE OF IT!

  • James Garrard
    James Garrard 7 dni temu

    I will always recommend Epson Ecotank printers. You fill those things full of ink.

  • Marco Sala
    Marco Sala 9 dni temu

    I've got this problem after trying to use Hp printer with official Hp inks due to their horrible ever malfunctioning SW.

  • waldojim42
    waldojim42 14 dni temu

    I have a canon laser now, but even with their inkjets I never had that problem.

  • matty292
    matty292 14 dni temu

    can't wait for the LTT printer release!

  • Jenozie
    Jenozie 14 dni temu

    In germany there is the concept of „Tagessätze“ wich is in essence a fine based on you average daily income. It’s more applied for actual crimes rather than parking tickets but it’s a good concept non the less. As an example if you have to pay 30 „Tagessätze“ you pay one months income as the fine, regardless if it’s 2k or 20k

  • M. Junaid Mahmood
    M. Junaid Mahmood 10 dni temu

    I am still using my canon lbp810 laser printer since 2004 with the original cartridge by refilling it. Never fails.

  • mormantu
    mormantu 14 dni temu

    I don't know how it works on the other side of the pond. But if I'm not mistaken, here in the EU the fines start relatively small. But if for example, HP keeps doing this, well then the fine amount keeps increasing.

  • Rocky Rosios
    Rocky Rosios 14 dni temu

    This is why i still have my 2 decade old HP Printer/Scanner with refillable cartridges.. 😂

  • Slavstralian
    Slavstralian 14 dni temu

    Also a fine system can work for everyone, however it needs to be % of gross income (and yes there are ways around this too)
    A speeding fine should not just be $300 it should be 5%(made up figure obviously) of a persons gross remuneration including the value of stocks and bonds based on their employment contract.

  • Martin Drizhal
    Martin Drizhal 14 dni temu +1

    Any PR is a PR, even a bad one. Good Job HP

  • Sean Jarrell
    Sean Jarrell 14 dni temu

    Won't lie, the first time I bought ink, only for it to be physically identical but technically for a different printer, I tossed my ink printer out and got a laser one.

  • Tim
    Tim 14 dni temu

    Canon's been doing this forever, and there are plenty of 3rd party ink suppliers with cartridges that work just fine.

  • Kasutajanimi85
    Kasutajanimi85 14 dni temu

    Lexmark does the same. Your analog toner might work first, but after firmware update not anymore and starts demanding genuine toner.

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez 13 dni temu +1

    During the chip shortage didn't they allowed non-HP ink for a bit

  • Hoa Pham
    Hoa Pham 14 dni temu

    out here in finland, fines are sometimes given by salary days, for example for speeding you might get 10 days worth of salary fine, some rich dude drove over the speed limit and he was fined 100k. I'm loving this system.

  • Matthew Tratz
    Matthew Tratz 12 dni temu +1

    It's not just HP. All companies do this with their printers especially inkjets.
    I had an all in one that would not scan unless it had a ink cartridge. Which for me was users since the ink jet part was non operational.

    KOVU CZ 13 dni temu +1

    I was so close to buying an HP, thank god I got a Cannon Pixma

  • Burn Lit
    Burn Lit 14 dni temu

    Why I got myself an Epson Ecotank years ago. All the extra ink I had before went into it and didn't have any problems with it. The pictures still look amazing and good, just not professional. I have not have to buy any expensive ink since then.
    Actually I only had to buy a set of printer ink just last year for 25$. It's been over 4 years of home usage when I ran out of the ink from the Espon and from my extra stash. And this is just from general home use, where we used it for our school work for 3 people.

  • KaZé creative
    KaZé creative 13 dni temu

    thus is why i always send my customers to a bottle refill printer.

  • Savage Maelstrom
    Savage Maelstrom 14 dni temu

    Loving the FFT knowledge drop.

  • Kuldar Joel Künnapas
    Kuldar Joel Künnapas 14 dni temu

    I had a basically perfect old HP ink printer, everything worked well, and the quality was great, but I didn't need it for a few years and when I finally did, I decided to switch out the old ink, it was 100€, I mean like what the h*ll, so I bought some 3rd party ink from amazon, it worked once and then never again, this made me get an ecotank and just throw away my old perfectly working printer.

  • nAlvaradoProductions
    nAlvaradoProductions 13 dni temu

    My ML-2010 is still going strong. Got tired of seeing the old dell xp I had it hooked up to for 15 years so she's purring along hooked to a pi zero w now.

  • ericneo2
    ericneo2 12 dni temu +1

    Yeah we said no more to inkjets and went Brother laser all the way. We've not had printing issues for years now.

  • Edison York
    Edison York 14 dni temu

    I'm so close to buying an OkiData Microline dot matrix printer with continuous feed paper... Waaaaay cheaper to run

  • A.S
    A.S 14 dni temu

    We literally had one of those stupid HP Printers in one office - it first refused to work with 3rd party inc at all, then HP released an updated firmware which removed the lock. We also set the printer to never update again at all. After a while somehow despite reporting the same firmware it updated something in the background and then refused to work with 3rd party inc again. Got HP Support on the line and after what felt like forever got a new firmware for that printer, which worked... for 10 seconds, after printing one document it refused to work again, this time claiming some error code which basically told us that the inc is bad and had damaged the printer. We then threw that one in the trash.

  • CMDR Sweeper
    CMDR Sweeper 14 dni temu

    Easy fix, just put me in charge of writing the fines...
    I would also implement a "bidding" system where for each complaint they have, you increase the fine and ask if they want to keep bidding or pay up :D

  • Thomas
    Thomas 14 dni temu +1

    That’s why I’m switching to printers with ink tanks! (EcoTank from Epson)

    • nrtolv
      nrtolv 10 dni temu

      Or Smart Tank from HP, for example.

  • Daniel Ade
    Daniel Ade 14 dni temu +1

    Well they should Stella finding them only a couple Mill they should take you to 50 Mill to 100 Mill and see that gets through to their thickhead in HP!

  • Elder Noob
    Elder Noob 14 dni temu +2

    Allegedly, they've walked the ink thing back last year if not before. I haven't tried 3rd party since the original planned obsolescence FW update, however.

  • Cynic
    Cynic 13 dni temu

    i stopped using HP printers and i just use Brother printers now. my printing experience became a LOT less hair-pullingly annoying since

  • Sean W
    Sean W 14 dni temu

    Didn't expect Linus to quote from FFT, but I love it. He's super cool now

  • nrtolv
    nrtolv 11 dni temu

    It's only if you use the HP+ service you need HP genuine cartridges. If you don't use HP+ or HP Instant Ink you can use whatever cartridges you want. At least on the consumer side.

  • Daniel Ade
    Daniel Ade 14 dni temu

    It'll be like finding people for racketeering instead of putting him in jail!

  • Dolph Flodhest
    Dolph Flodhest 13 dni temu

    My parents have had the same Samsung laser printer for 15+ years, still works

  • Nelyntu
    Nelyntu 12 dni temu +1

    In mexico city they passed a law where, if you got a speeding ticket, you have to do hours community service instead of just paying it off, so it something that costs the same (or probably even more) to the wealthy than to normal people

  • limawrittenwithL
    limawrittenwithL 14 dni temu +1

    i'm so done with printers. i bought myself a canon mp630 and also one for my parents, back in the day. both died on the same reason, in a distance of a few month. i tried to repair mine without any result, so i told my parents to not to try.
    i bought them a second hand b/w laser printer from ebay and i'm printing at work.

  • Siddhant Deep
    Siddhant Deep 13 dni temu

    I was ready to throw my hp printer out of the window after they mandated logging in for using their hp application, but I am not sure which printer I can even switch to.

    • nrtolv
      nrtolv 10 dni temu

      If you're that against logging in to the application that you obviously want to use, why not use any other third party application?

  • Fabian S
    Fabian S 14 dni temu

    My equivalent of "the cost of parking" is the fast driving tax. I drive about 15 km/h too fast a bunch of the time, which is still a bit under any significant penalty for me, and whenever I get a speeding ticket I just pay that as the price. It only happens once every quarter of a year so it's not that bad where I live.

    • Smoothbrain detainer
      Smoothbrain detainer 14 dni temu

      Where do you live that you get 4 speeding tickets a year for only going 15 (9mph) over the limit? That's like standard cruising speed, even considered slow on many roads.

  • lb8068
    lb8068 14 dni temu +3

    That's why i went to Brother for printers and never looked back. Their printers accept 3rd party laserjet ink just fine, as far as my experience goes anyway.

    • Christian Denney
      Christian Denney 14 dni temu +1

      Brother literally did this exact thing last year.

    • Fabian S
      Fabian S 14 dni temu +1

      My mother got a Brother printer, and while it does allow the use of third party int cartridges (for now) it is still a printer and has all the terrible design still associated with it...